Chapter 22: Enter Guan Zixuan

Mo Suqing walked into the office, grabbed her bag and camera, then left for the international airport.

According to a reliable source, she and Leng Xiyao were told Guan Zixuan had been abroad for an award ceremony these last two days. The official announcement was that he would come back to A City tomorrow afternoon, while the informant had told them he would actually be back a day earlier with his mysterious girlfriend.

On the way to the airport, Mo Suqing kept urging the taxi driver to drive faster. It had been a little late when she had left the office, so she was worried she would miss Guan Zixuan’s arrival.

If she could be the one to expose this story today, all the hard work she and Leng Xiyao had done would pay off.

The moment the taxi arrived at the airport, Mo Suqing got off and ran towards the entrance.

Suddenly, she experienced some discomfort in her lower abdomen. She stopped dead in her tracks and the awful truth dawned on her.

No way! How could her period come during such a critical time!

Mo Suqing found herself in a predicament. She looked at her white suit and immediately regretted sending Leng Xiyao home. What should she do now?

Mo Suqing hurriedly walked towards the restroom; she couldn’t deal with anything else right now.

She rushed inside the restroom and immediately heard a weird sound coming from one of the cubicles. It was a suppressive moan that sounded like either excitement or pain.

Mo Suqing was a little taken aback. Is someone sick?

She asked tentatively, “Is anyone there?”

The sound came to a sudden stop. The restroom became so quiet that it was as if no one – or nothing – had made any noise at all.

Mo Suqing was puzzled. Had it been but an illusion? She got a creepy feeling all of a sudden.

“Hello? Is someone in there? Answer me!”

Mo Suqing didn’t know what to do. She could feel the blood was flowing freely out of her private area. If she backed out, people would stare at her like she was a rare creature or something.

Mo Suqing plucked up her courage and called out again, “Who is there in the cubicle? I… I… I am not afraid of you!”

In the cubicle, Guan Zixuan’s expression darkened even more. What a stupid woman, walking into the wrong restroom in the first place and now talking by herself! Does she think she is an actress?

He was on the brink of exploding with desire and rage. He had ordered his assistant, Yuan, to keep watch outside. How did the woman come inside?

Guan Zixuan took a deep breath. He could surely yell at someone this second. The woman kneeling in front of him had a pair of seductive almond eyes, all misty and blurry.

Guan Zixuan could stop himself from crying out, but the woman’s self-control was apparently weaker than his because a small moaning sound was spilling from the corner of her mouth.

Which made Mo Suqing even more confident that someone was in there.

She realized that this person could be having an asthma attack or something and was in need of help. Thinking of this, Mo Suqing forgot all about her own trouble and quickly walked over, trying to open the door to the cubicle.

“Are you sick in there? Don’t panic. I’m going to find someone now!”

Mo Suqing opened the door to the restroom. Guan Zixuan’s heart was in his throat. The woman is insane!

What is she calling someone for? To watch his live porn?

He contained his anger, gritted his teeth and said in a deep husky voice, “Hey, woman! I think you walked into the wrong restroom!”

Mo Suqing stopped her progress. A man?

Had I gone into the wrong restroom?

She wavered between staying and leaving. Then, it hit her that there was something not quite right in the man’s voice. What if he really was sick, and he was too proud to ask for help? She would never forgive herself if she just walked away and something happened to him.

So, our virtuous Ms. Mo walked up to the door to the cubicle and spoke saintly, “Don’t worry. I won’t laugh at you or tell anyone about this. I will help you. I believe you are too weak to open the door right now. Please step aside; I will try to knock the door open.”

Guan Zixuan’s handsome face was now twisted into something unrecognizable. The woman is crazy. Who the hell needs her help?

He felt sick. What if more people came because of her meddling?

He also felt regretful about trying to seek adventure by doing it in a restroom cubicle. Thinking of it, he promptly made a decision. He pushed away the woman in front of him and clothed himself.

The woman, who had been half-naked until now, immediately understood what Guan Zixuan meant and started to cover herself up too.

Right when Mo Suqing was about to knock down the door.

Guan Zixuan spoke again, “Don’t damage the door. I can come out by myself.”

Then, he opened the door.

Mo Suqing was shocked to see Guan Zixuan.

She would have recognized the face that drove countless fans nuts every time it appeared even if it were covered in cuts and bruises. To uncover his love life, she and Leng Xiyao had been doing a lot of research.

Not conscious of what she was doing, Mo Suqing pointed her camera at Guan Zixuan and snapped away.

Guan Zixuan had never expected his luck to be this bad. The woman outside the cubicle was no other than a gossip columnist, who was the last person he wanted to encounter!

Guan Zixuan was too caught off guard to fend off the camera until Mo Suqing had taken several photos. He quickly blocked his face with a hand.

But, he knew it was too late.

Mo Suqing’s mood had plummeted and soared in a matter of a few minutes like a roller coaster. She had thought she would go back to the magazine HQ empty-handed because of her untimely period.

However, she ended up having everything she had come for without any difficulty!

Guan Zixuan showed up himself. What could she possibly do other than taking the advantage of the situation?

The woman with him was not properly dressed. Their background was a restroom cubicle. She guaranteed that once the photos made their way in the magazine, they would cause an uproar!

Anyone who had eyes could guess what had happened in the cubicle!

Needless to say, the woman next to Guan Zixuan was his mysterious girlfriend. Mo Suqing was so excited that she completely cleared her menstrual misery out of her mind.

The moment Guan Zixuan had realized what was happening, he pounded on Mo Suqing to snatch the camera out of her hand.

It was not the first day Mo Suqing had become a gossip columnist. She had expected this, and she dodged.

Guan Zixuan made a second attempt, but Mo Suqing spoke quickly, “Mr. Guan, you have your image to consider. This is a restroom at the airport, a public space. If you keep acting like this, I’m going to shout for help. Let’s see who gets the short end of the stick then!”

Mo Suqing knew she had the upper hand as she looked at Guan Zixuan. She was sure he wouldn’t dare come near again. If she screamed, people would come. Then, even if she hadn’t taken any pictures, the headlines on tomorrow’s paper would still be: Actor Guan Zixuan’s Rendezvous with Mysterious Girlfriend in Airport Restroom.

Mo Suqing became more and more gleeful as she thought about it.

Guan Zixuan glared at Mo Suqing as if he would love to swallow her raw and whole. He knew that with Mu Ling’er by his side, people would only reach one conclusion.

He dropped Mu Ling’er, who had been standing there helplessly, a hint with his eyes. Mu Linger nodded knowingly and quickly retreated.

Guan Zixuan looked at Mo Suqing and said, “What do you want? Spit it out!”

An idea hit Mo Suqing.

“Well, I can delete all the photos. I’m just an ordinary traveler who happens to have a camera with me and happens to recognize you…”

Mo Suqing hesitated a second before placing a price, “If you buy me some sanitary pads, I’ll delete the photos! What do you say?”

Upon hearing the words sanitary pads, Guan Zixuan’s handsome face darkened in an instant.

He was not a pervert, okay! He was a normal guy who did not buy sanitary pads. He was filled with rage that he couldn’t vent.

“Think of something else!” he hissed, his voice strained.

Mo Suqing thought about the photos and became even bolder. “You don’t get to bargain!”

Guan Zixuan looked at her hatefully. “Can’t you think of anything else? I really can’t bring myself to buy sanitary pads. It’s just too humiliating!”

Mo Suqing sneered threateningly. “Maybe once you see your pictures in the restroom with your girlfriend on tomorrow’s headlines, you will find buying sanitary pads not humiliating at all.”

“You…” Guan Zixuan pointed at Mo Suqing as if he could kill her. “Just you wait! I will remember you.”

Mo Suqing raised her eyebrows. “Good! I’m not afraid of you remembering me. You have no idea how much I love it to watch people trying to get rid of me but are not able to. I will remember you too, Mr. Guan. Aren’t you afraid if someone shows up while you are doing it in the cubicle and your penis gets so frightened it will shrink away and never want to come out again?”

Guan Zixuan almost couldn’t stop himself from choking Mo Suqing to death. How could there be such a vicious woman!!!

“Okay okay okay!” he said in quick succession. “I’ll get the pads. I hope you are true to your words!”

Guan Zixuan took out a black mask from his pocket and put it on, then walked out of the restroom expressionlessly.

Mo Suqing hurried over to close the door behind him. This was the men’s room. The last thing she wanted was for some guy to walk in and found her there. It would be so embarrassing.

This reminded her of the other night when she, being very drunk, had also entered the wrong restroom, which had resulted in her having sex and getting married with Ye Zhongjue.

Mo Suqing wanted to give herself a good slap. What is wrong with me lately? Why do I keep walking into the wrong restroom? Is there an invisible thread pulling me to the men’s room or something?

After a long time, someone knocked on the door to the restroom. Mo Suqing put her ears against the door, listening intently to the movement outside.

Guan Zixuan said in a low voice, “It’s me. Open the door!”

Recognizing his voice, Mo Suqing slowly cracked open the door. A man in his twenties was also there. Mo Suqing gave Guan Zixuan a puzzled look.

Guan Zixuan answered her unsaid question, rolling his eyes, “This is my assistant, not a random guy.”

Reassured, Mo Suqing opened the door fully.

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