Chapter 219: Dainty Little Lady

Xia Zi’s mobile phone rang after she fixed one of the puzzle pieces.

Mo Yanxi looked up at her with sparkly eyes as if trying to tell her, Auntie, your phone is ringing.

Xia Zi’s heart melted at that adorable face of hers.

She nodded at the girl and answered the call.

“A’zi, I’ve just arrived in A City’s airport. I saw your message, so I’m going straight to Shallow Sea!”

Emotion welled up in Xia Zi. Qiqi is finally here.

She wondered if Qiqi had changed in the past five years.

“I’ll come pick you up!”

Luo Qiqi answered immediately.

“I’m not some dainty little lady who can’t even carry her own suitcase. It’s just a notebook and some clothes inside it, so I’ll just take a cab there. You don’t have to come pick me up. See you soon!”

Luo Qiqi ended the call right after.

Xia Zi shook her head at this. This girl was always rushing everywhere, I guess she didn’t change at all.

Having been apart for the past five years, Xia Zi was a little nervous knowing that they were finally going to meet soon.

Guan Zixuan took care of her for five years after she lost her memories while Luo Qiqi almost went insane trying to look for her. Though Luo Qiqi sounded loud on the phone, she knew that Luo Qiqi must be feeling very emotional right now. She knew that Luo Qiqi was trying to suppress the overwhelming emotion that was inside her by acting like that, since they were both individuals who did not show their feelings to others easily.

She would still have a poker face on even if there was a storm in her heart, while in Luo Qiqi’s case, she would be laughing as if it were nothing.

Mo Yanxi observed Xia Zi, instantly forgetting about the puzzle she was working on.

“Auntie, is it Mummy?”

Xia Zi was caught unawares by her question. Mummy? This little girl thought I was talking to her Mummy!

She wanted to meet Mo Suqing as well, since she was her sister, but there are some things that they were unable to do at this point.

Ye Zhongjue had spent the past five years searching for her to no avail, so it was impossible to find her overnight!

Seeing Mo Yanxi’s heartfelt gaze, she really could not bear to tell her that it was not their mum on the phone earlier.

But she had to tell her the truth even if it hurt, because disappointment would only upset her more.

She shook her head slowly as she answered. “Xiaoliu, Auntie will help you look for Mummy. The person who is coming over later is not your Mummy but a good friend of your Auntie’s! You can call her Aunt Qiqi.”

Obvious disappointment flashed across Mo Yanxi’s eyes when she heard that it was not her mum, and Xia Zi could only hug her to comfort her.

She did not realize that Ye Yanchen, who was sitting behind her, was listening in to their conversation very carefully. Disappointment flashed in his eyes after he heard what Xia Zi said.

When Luo Qiqi called a second time, she was already in the Shallow Sea Area.

Xia Zi went to the study to say goodbye to Ye Zhongjue.

“Ye Zhongjue, Qiqi is here. I’m heading back first, keep an eye on Xiaoliu and A’jiu.”

Before Ye Zhongjue could answer, Mo Yanxi appeared in the room out of nowhere.

“Daddy, I want to go out and play with Auntie!”

Xia Zi did not expect for Mo Yanxi to follow her. The little girl looked so excited, as if she was about to go on a big adventure.

Ye Zhongjue glanced at Xia Zi before nodding. “Take her with you since she wants to go.”

Xia Zi nodded and reached out to take Mo Yanxi’s pudgy little hand. The little girl broke into a big smile.

She saw Ye Yanchen looking at her when she turned around. His face was devoid of emotion, and she could hardly tell what was going on in his mind.

Xia Zi pondered for a moment. She then asked, “Does A’jiu want to come along too?”

Ye Yanchen’s expression turned slightly glum. He wanted to say that it was too childish if he played with girls, but Mo Yanxi was the one who answered for him.

“Older Brother is coming too! Older Brother said he would protect Xiaoliu!”

Seeing how excited his sister was, Ye Yanchen decided not to say anything. Fine, since this little pixie wants me to come along, I will. I may even be able to find some clues about Mummy if I go.

No one knew how obsessed Ye Yanchen was about looking for his mum.

Ye Zhongjue received a call right after Xia Zi left with A’jiu and Xiaoliu. He put on a jacket and left the house immediately after.

He called Lin Ran on the way out and asked him to book a flight to New York for him!

Luo Qiqi was lazing on the couch when Xia Zi arrived with Mo Yanxi and Ye Yanchen at villa number 6. One of her legs was resting on the coffee table and she looked like a king. Xia Zi burst out in laughter when she saw her.

She didn’t change at all.

Luo Qiqi looked up in surprise only to see Xia Zi walking in with two little children.

She practically flew towards Xia Zi when she saw her.

She cried out, “A’zi!”

Xia Zi smirked at her reaction. Qiqi’s movements were so huge and she was being so dramatic that it was as if she created a mini earthquake in the house.

Just as Luo Qiqi got up from the couch, A’jiu instinctively pulled Xiaoliu towards him as if he already predicted her next move.

He watched the two ladies hug each other and thought to himself, Luckily I’m smart, or else Xiaoliu might have been crushed in between these two crazy ladies.

Was that Aunt Qiqi? Why do I feel that she should be called Mad Qiqi instead?

Luo Qiqi hugged Xia Zi and began to tell her about how pitiful she had been in the time they were separated. Xia Zi knew how she felt, especially so when she had never given up searching for her all these years.

She tried to console Luo Qiqi as best as she could.

After letting off some steam, Luo Qiqi seemed to finally notice the two children at the corner.

When she saw them, her eyes sparkled like a predator who just locked onto its prey.

She literally looked mad with hunger!

A’jiu pulled Xiaoliu closer to him and backed away from her, finding this woman terrifying. She looked like a hungry wolf which saw fresh meat right before it. Xiaoliu and I aren’t meat! 

Luo Qiqi got even more excited as they started backing away.

Xiaoliu did not seem to understand what was happening as she continued staring at Luo Qiqi with a curious look.

Luo Qiqi asked Xia Zi, “A’zi, I think I looked a lot like her when I was younger, right? Do you remember?”

Xia Zi scoffed at her. She could not remember what the younger Luo Qiqi looked like at all especially when her image of Luo Qiqi was that of her current look.

She thought Luo Qiqi was just joking and said it simply because Xiaoliu looked too adorable.

She laughed and said, “Yes, you look so alike! Everyone likes you and flowers bloom when you pass them, happy now?”

Luo Qiqi answered quickly, “Of course! I know I must have been super cute when I was younger!”

She then narrowed her eyes at Xia Zi. “But, if you didn’t say the words happy now at the end, I’d be even more satisfied!”

Xia Zi smirked. “Your reaction is pretty slow huh!”

Luo Qiqi rolled her eyes. “Don’t you know that my reaction time is the slowest in the world?”

Xia Zi laughed. This woman was hilarious!

Luo Qiqi was closing in on the children while she continued her banter with Xia Zi.

She smiled mischievously. “Tiny tots, big sister is coming!”

A’jiu shivered. Tiny tots? I just felt goosebumps all over me!

He looked at Xia Zi as if trying to send her a complaint through telepathy. Auntie, why is your friend so abnormal?

Xia Zi turned away from him, pretending not to have noticed his gaze. Dear A’jiu, don’t blame Auntie for this, I can’t do anything about it either!

Luo Qiqi stood in front of the children. She then suddenly reached out to pinch A’jiu’s face.

“What an interesting little guy. A’zi, where did you get them? Let’s go steal some more!”

Xia Zi deadpanned. Steal? I can’t believe Luo Qiqi could think of something like that. How about you go snatch one then?

A’jiu’s expression darkened when he heard it. Was this lady really okay? Why did it feel like she just escaped from a mental institution!

Xiaoliu saw her brother’s serious face before turning to glance at the smiling Luo Qiqi.

She suddenly cried out. She bypassed Luo Qiqi and ran towards Xia Zi to hug her leg as she sniffed.

“Auntie, save Older Brother. That weird Auntie is so scary! Wuuu...”

A’jiu, Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi were all shocked by what Xiaoliu just said.

It took a while for Luo Qiqi to come back to her senses. She stopped pinching A’jiu’s face and pointed at Xiaoliu in disbelief.

“Little girl, how dare you accuse me!”

Xiaoliu started crying for real this time. She turned to Xia Zi as she sobbed.

“Auntie, that weird Auntie is threatening me!”

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