Chapter 218: You’ll Never Escape

Xia Zi could sort of make a guess at why the usually direct Luo Qiqi seemed a little unwilling to tell her the truth, but she never expected for Mo Suqing to actually be in The Dark Night.

“How did you know?”

Luo Qiqi did not answer the question directly. “Wait for me? I’ll tell you all that happened in the past five years after I’m in A City, okay?”

Xia Zi did not press her further and replied, “Okay, I’ll wait!”


Right after Luo Qiqi saw Xia Zi’s reply, she felt someone standing right in front of her, blocking the light.

She looked up in disbelief only to see Su Jincheng’s charming face. He smirked at her, as if to say, You’ll never be able to escape. This exasperated Luo Qiqi.

How did he even locate me? I thought I was being super careful!

Luo Qiqi closed her laptop and looked at Su Jincheng.

“Big Brother Su, Old Master Su, what do you want from me? Could you please stop following me around? I’m sorry that I used to chase after you, but I thought Xia Zi went missing because of you since you were the one who shot her, and I mistook Mo Suqing for Xia Zi as well when I saw her with you. I had my reasons for whatever I did, and it was definitely my fault. Could you stop following me around like that? I’m busy!”

Luo Qiqi waited for Su Jincheng’s answer after she said her piece.

But instead of answering, Su Jincheng simply looked at her with his brows raised. It looked like he was telling her, So, what does all that have to do with me?

Luo Qiqi was vexed. This man had no reaction to what I just said!

“You...” She pointed at Su Jincheng, glaring at him angrily.

He continued looking at her innocently. I didn’t say anything, so how could I have upset her?

Luo Qiqi was rendered absolutely speechless. She did not know what to do when faced with gangsters like this man. She did not know how to get Su Jincheng to stop following her around either. She had apologized and explained herself, but this man was being so insistent, and it was extremely difficult to shake him off.

“What about me?” Su Jincheng’s spirits rose as he watched Luo Qiqi in her exasperation.

She was nonplussed at his reaction.

The more annoyed I am, the more excited he gets. Su Jincheng, you sick man.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down and forced herself to smile at him.

“Why are you bugging me?”

“Well!” Su Jincheng laughed. “You forgot that you’re my girlfriend!”

Luo Qiqi was instantly reminded of the incident that happened on the streets of Munich a few months ago. The man told passersby that she was his girlfriend, and he even carried her on the street.

She really wanted to beat Su Jincheng up, but she knew it would not be an easy fight if she were to really take him on. She thus gave up on the idea.

There was no real need for her to make enemies out of Su Jincheng either.

“Can you leave? I get dizzy whenever I see you!”

Su Jincheng glanced at her before sitting on the seat next to her.

“It’s the departure lounge here right? Or is this a place where only you’re allowed in?”

Luo Qiqi stared at that face. This man was shameless!

“Fine!” She spoke through gritted teeth, “If you’re not leaving, I am!”

Luo Qiqi took her laptop with her and turned to leave.

She heard Su Jincheng’s voice behind her. “Fine, you can always leave. It’s not like I won’t be able to locate you after that!”

Luo Qiqi’s eyebrows twitched in irritation. Threatening me now? She knew how skillful the intelligence team in The Dark Night was with how fast Su Jincheng could locate her. Wherever she went, he would literally appear within five meters of her within 24 hours, causing her to almost go insane.

Someone please make him go away, I’ll be prepared to do charity for the rest of my life just to repay anyone who could do that for me.

Luo Qiqi stopped in her tracks and gave a vicious laugh. She stared at Su Jincheng. “Since you love following me around so much, I’ll see if you can follow me for the rest of my life!”

“How did you know I wanted to do that? I guess you secretly wish to spend the rest of your life with me too. Am I not aggressive enough for you?”

Luo Qiqi fumed. “Su Jincheng, how can you be so shameless? You’re so thick-skinned. Please wake up. You’re a terrorist, I’m Interpol, we’re supposed to be at odds with each other. Do you think that this is a good idea?”

Su Jincheng watched her calmly, as if he was not affected by what she just said at all.

“That’s all in the past. Do you think Interpol will still recognize you, the red rose, as one of them now?”

“That’s all your fault!” Luo Qiqi was infuriated now. “If you didn’t hurt A’zi five years ago, and if she didn’t go missing, I would never have left the organization. You have the gall to mention this when you practically caused everything!”

Su Jincheng raised his palms in mock defeat. “Fine, I confess. You can capture me and take me back to get a promotion then. I promise I wouldn’t resist capture!”

Su Jincheng looked very serious when he said this.

Luo Qiqi’s blood boiled. Is he so daring because he knows I wouldn’t do that to him?

Though she had quit the organization five years ago, it would not be too difficult for her to join it again since she did not have any sort of a criminal record. How could Su Jincheng be so sure that I wouldn’t return to them ever again?

Or did he think that I would give up such a possibility because of him?

Luo Qiqi’s expression dimmed. She did not want to waste anymore time with Su Jincheng, seeing that it was almost time for the plane to take off.

Before she could say anything however, Su Jincheng’s mobile phone rang.

Su Jincheng’s expression turned dreadful after he answered the call.

He looked at Luo Qiqi and said, “I’ll look for you when I take care of this. Luo Qiqi, you’ll never be able to escape me!”

He then left immediately after.

Luo Qiqi’s heart skipped a beat. She thought to herself, Crazy man! 

She wondered if anything major happened as she thought about how anxious he looked when he answered the call earlier. It was rare to see him so anxious and flustered.

When the announcement sounded for the passengers to start boarding the plane, she shook her head to try to clear her mind of his image.

Su Jincheng is the big boss of The Dark Night, so why should I worry about him? He can do whatever he wants!

Before she boarded the plane, she turned back to give a cursory glance behind her. She would be missing the bustling New York City.


Xia Zi arrived at the Shallow Sea Area early in the morning of the next day. Since she knew Xiaoliu and A’jiu were living there, and Luo Qiqi was also coming to town, she went to villa number 6 to do some cleaning up before she checked out of the hotel and moved in.

She received Ye Zhongjue’s call almost immediately after she arrived.

“Are you coming over today? Xiaoliu misses you a lot...”

A gentle smile appeared on Xia Zi’s face as she thought of that adorable little girl and the tiny gentleman.

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

She quickly changed and made her way to villa number 8.

Ye Zhongjue did not expect her to arrive so quickly, literally just minutes after they ended their call.

Seeing his surprised look, Xia Zi pointed towards villa number 6. “Qiqi and I bought villa number 6. I was thinking it’s better that I stay closer to you guys, and Qiqi needs a place to stay when she arrives too. It’s easier for me to visit Xiaoliu and A’jiu if I move in there.”

Ye Zhongjue then nodded at her explanation.

Hearing her dad and her aunt’s voices, Xiaoliu got so excited that she dashed out of her room.


Xia Zi smiled lovingly and reached out to carry the girl in her arms.

“Good girl, Xiaoliu!”

Ye Yanchen followed closely behind, scoffing at his sister’s lack of grace. He greeted Xia Zi politely, “Hi, Auntie!”

Xia Zi smiled and nodded at him. Afraid that she would scare the children, she was all smiles when they were around.

Ye Yanchen watched as Xia Zi carried Xiaoliu into the house, recalling what he learnt about twins when he did some research last night.

If it was a boy and a girl, they were fraternal twins, just like him and Xiaoliu. He knew that his mum and aunt were identical twins, since they looked the same. He also found out that there was a third possibility, that two babies could be conceived from two separate eggs even if they were both of the same sex, and that would result in fraternal twins as well.

Though he knew that his aunt and his mum looked alike, the fact that he met his aunt before meeting his mum seemed to gnaw on him.

As for Xia Zi, she never thought she was the type to like children. However, she felt even closer to them when she realized that these children could very well be her niece and nephew.

Xiaoliu loved to be with her, while A’jiu seemed a little distant. Even so, Xia Zi did not mind it.

She acted similarly as a child, always keeping her distance from others.

She did that to protect herself. When she was younger, she had always thought that she had been abandoned by her family, and it was only when she grew up that she slowly got over this.

Xia Zi was putting together a puzzle with Xiaoliu while A’jiu was reading a book some distance away. He had a look of slight contempt, but there was also a trace of envy in his eyes.

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