Chapter 215: Luo Qiqi Comes Online

Ye Zhongjue’s gaze turned sharp when he heard Xia Zi say she had scars that looked like she had given birth.

“You did that on purpose!”

Xia Zi shook her head. She knew there was no point in keeping up with the act now that he knew she was lying.

“You’ve overthinking. I’ve not stooped so low to create scars on myself on purpose just to pretend to be someone else. Everything was simply a coincidence. I just happened to go for an operation for appendicitis five years ago before everything happened. I saw that Mo Suqing looked exactly like me, and something in me told me that I had to save her. How did you think she was able to keep the babies when Jian Jie was attacking her at the time?”

“I was shot by Su Jincheng, and my facial prosthetics were torn off by Jian Jie in our fight. At the time, Su Jincheng had already carried Mo Suqing away for treatment, and Jian Jie and I were the only ones left at the scene. It was Guan Zixuan who rescued me, but he thought that the scar from my appendicitis operation was from a cesarean delivery. Of course, I don’t expect a grown man to be able to tell the difference, but I had lost my memory after that, causing me to think that I was the very person Guan Zixuan was initially looking for. I regained my memories only a short while ago, and that was when I realized that everything was in a mess.”

“I’m not planning anything by approaching you. I just want to find out why I look like Mo Suqing and why I felt so close to A’jiu and Xiaoliu when I first saw them...”

Ye Zhongjue frowned at what Xia Zi just said.

If Xia Zi was telling the truth, then she would be related to Mo Suqing in some way, otherwise, it was impossible for two people to look so alike.

“Have you ever done any sort of facial reconstruction surgery?” Ye Zhongjue wanted to ask if she had undergone any cosmetic procedures.

Xia Zi understood the meaning in his question and glared at him. “Do I even need to do that?”

She put on facial prosthetics most of the time while she was in Interpol in order to disguise herself, and there were very few who knew how she really looked like. So, there was almost no need for her to go through such a procedure!

Ye Zhongjue could tell that Xia Zi was a little irritated at his question, so he decided to take a gentler approach since this lady could very well be related to Mo Suqing.

“Then why did you use facial prosthetics?”

Xia Zi thought about what she said and realized that she just told him about the facial prosthetics which were torn off by Jian Jie, and that led to Guan Zixuan mistaking her for Mo Suqing.

She knew who Ye Zhongjue was, so she decided not to beat around the bush and answer him truthfully. “I’m part of Interpol, my name is Xia Zi. Criminals nowadays are extremely cunning, so I used facial prosthetics as a disguise.”

Ye Zhongjue was surprised when he heard her name. Xia Zi, was it the same Xia Zi that partnered Luo Qiqi? The white and red roses?

Ye Zhongjue sniggered inwardly at the current situation. He was one of those criminals that she was talking about, the one at the very top of Sin Eliminators. Right now, he was chatting with someone from Interpol. The entire scene seemed rather out of place to him.

Ye Zhongjue answered after a while. “I believe you now. You’re the legendary white rose right? Your partner is the red rose, Luo Qiqi.”

Xia Zi was nonplussed. Though she knew this was how their team of two was known to many others, it was the first time someone actually said it to her so directly.

She then nodded. “Mm, I’m telling you about my identity to show that I don’t have a hidden agenda. I just want to find out who I really am. I was kidnapped by human traffickers when I was two, and I don’t know what happened before that. All this time, I’ve never thought of looking for my family since I know such a task would be close to impossible. But I was quite shaken up when I saw Mo Suqing, because we all know that there’s only one reason that two individuals will look so alike.”

“Mm, twins. I know that!” Ye Zhongjue answered.

“Can you tell me now how you found out I was lying? I thought I covered my tracks perfectly!”

Ye Zhongjue smirked. “Of course, having been with Interpol, you were perfect in covering your tracks. Firstly, I’ve been with Suqing for so long, and I just don’t feel like you were her at all. You also appeared at an inopportune time, because I happened to receive news about her a few days ago. She’s with The Dark Night now, and she isn’t suffering from amnesia either. So even if your cover was perfect, you would still end up being busted!”

Xia Zi nodded at this.

Ye Zhongjue thought about the events five years ago and realized that Mo Suqing might not forgive him even if she really returned.

He said, “I can help you look into your birth circumstances and find out how you and Suqing are related, but if Suqing returns, you have to help me out. We have a little misunderstanding...”

Xia Zi looked at him. “Is this a condition?”

“No!” Ye Zhongjue shook his head. “It’s a request. I’m asking for your help to repair things between us. Treat it as a favor for Xiaoliu and A’jiu. They really miss their mummy.”

Seeing the sincerity in Ye Zhongjue, Xia Zi nodded in agreement.

“Okay! I’ll help you out as long as she returns. Also, may I ask how you plan to start in terms of looking into my birth circumstances?”

Ye Zhongjue said, “That’s easy. I’ll take you to the Mo family home tonight. My guess is that Mo Zhenfeng will know the truth!”

“Mo Zhenfeng?” Xia Zi’s brows furrowed. “Who’s that?”

Ye Zhongjue answered after a moment of contemplation. “He’s Mo Suqing’s father. If my prediction is accurate, he would be your father too. He’s not on good terms with Suqing, because he remarried soon after Suqing’s mother passed away eight years ago in a car accident. Suqing was then often ostracized at home. After he learnt that she was with me, he even tried to make use of Suqing and wanted me to help the Mo Group. I’m guessing that there isn’t much love left between them now!”

Xia Zi frowned at this. She did not expect for Mo Suqing to have such a background. She felt rather sorry for Mo Suqing. Although she grew up in an orphanage, Luo Qiqi had always been by her side. She knew for a fact that Luo Qiqi would never choose to abandon her, and they treated each other as a real family would.

“Okay! Let’s go in the evening!” Xia Zi agreed quickly.

Ye Zhongjue nodded. Xia Zi then asked, “Oh, where’s A’jiu and Xiaoliu?”

Ye Zhongjue said, “I sent them away earlier because I was afraid that you had some sort of hidden agenda.”

She gave a deadpan expression at his direct answer. “Come over to the hotel in the evening and we’ll head over together. I need to go back to do something.”

Ye Zhongjue then nodded. “No problem!”


Ye Zhongjue’s words kept repeating themselves in Xia Zi’s mind. She realized that Mo Suqing’s life was not a bed of roses either.

If they were really twins, she would feel so bad for not finding her sooner. If she had returned earlier to look for her, she would have tried her best to protect her!

It was about six in the evening when Xia Zi picked out a violet dress from her suitcase and let her hair down instead of tying it up.

She was about to leave since Ye Zhongjue called to tell her that he was arriving soon.

However, she glanced at her laptop on the desk and decided to log in to that online communication platform to check if Luo Qiqi had replied.

She did not hope for much, but to her surprise, two notifications popped up when she logged in. Emotion overwhelmed Xia Zi.

She clicked to open the notifications and saw Luo Qiqi’s messages.

“A’zi, are you really back? I’m going to A City to meet you now!”

“A’zi, there’s so much I have to tell you. I’m a little busy these few days so I haven’t been online. I never thought you’d contact me here! Woww! I’m super excited and super happy!”

Xia Zi smiled upon reading the messages. Qiqi, you silly girl!

She thought for a moment before she started typing a reply.

“I’m in A City now. Come to Room 2115 of Tianyu Hotel to look for me. My number is 157…...8579. I think I’m about to find out who I really am. I’ll tell you more when you arrive!”

After she typed her reply, Xia Zi looked at the screen in satisfaction before turning to leave.

Ye Zhongjue could tell that Xia Zi was in a very good mood when he saw her.

He thus asked after she entered the car, “Any good news? You’re so happy!”

Xia Zi smiled mischievously. “It’s good news for sure. I heard that Qiqi had been searching for me for the past five years, and I’ve been trying to get in touch with her recently. I wasn’t successful, so I’m here in A City to look for her actually. I didn’t expect for her to reply to my previous messages. Qiqi said she’ll be coming over to A City in a couple of days...”

Her usual icy facade was now replaced by an expression of happiness, showing how important Luo Qiqi was to her.

Ye Zhongjue pondered over this. Xia Zi is someone very loyal. If she had appeared earlier, she might have been able to help out with everything that had happened since she was probably biological sisters with Mo Suqing.

Guilt assailed Ye Zhongjue as he was once again reminded of how Mo Suqing was left all alone after Xia Yanran passed away. If I didn’t cause that accident, Xia Yanran would not have died and Mo Suqing wouldn’t have lost her mother...

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