Chapter 214: Ye Zhongjue Carefully Exposing a Lie

Xia Zi did not look up, but she could feel Ye Zhongjue’s burning gaze on her.

She took a deep breath before looking back up at him. “They… They should be my children right? Or else, I wouldn’t have felt that sense of familiarity with them...”

Though Ye Zhongjue chatted with Xia Zi for a while, he was still unable to confirm if the woman before him was indeed Mo Suqing.

He knew that the Mo Suqing of the past was not as harsh, nor did she pay this much attention to detail.

Ye Zhongjue sent Xia Zi back to the hotel. He stood at the door before leaving.

“The kids and I are staying at villa number 8 in the Shallow Sea Area. You can come over anytime if you want to see them!”

Ye Zhongjue then turned to leave immediately.

Xia Zi’s gaze deepened as she watched Ye Zhongjue leave. Her instinct told her that he was already suspecting her, but she decided to continue with the ruse. She was determined to find out who she actually was.

In the past, she was able to put this on the back burner, but now, with the truth seemingly just in sight, she was no longer able to ignore it and convince herself to turn a blind eye to this.

She thus stood by her decision.

Mo Yanxi and Ye Yanchen followed behind him right after Ye Zhongjue arrived back home. The two of them followed him into the study.

His heart melted when he turned to see two pairs of pitiful eyes looking at him.

Ye Zhongjue was unsure what he should do. He regretted showing them Mo Suqing’s photo, otherwise this would not have happened, and the two children would not be asking for their mother now.

He still suspected that the woman was not Mo Suqing.

If she really was Mo Suqing, he would be willing to die for her. But he was worried for the children if she turned out to be an impostor.

Ye Zhongjue rubbed his forehead and said to Ye Yanchen, “A’jiu, take Xiaoliu out to play. Daddy will fetch Mummy back some time later, she...”

I shouldn’t be telling them that I suspect the woman was not their mother!

Thus, he said, “I believe Mummy will come back to live with us after some persuasion from me!”

Disappointment flickered in Ye Yanchen’s expectant eyes. Though he was still a child, he was able to tell that something was wrong.

He then asked, “Daddy, does Mummy not like us?”

The girl started crying at that question, causing Ye Zhongjue to panic.

He quickly carried Xiaoliu in his arms. “Xiaoliu, your brother is just joking. Your Mummy loves the both of you so much, why wouldn’t she like you? She just has to do some thinking on her own, and she would get in touch with us after that.”

Ye Zhongjue continued coaxing Mo Yanxi until she fell asleep in his arms.

He shook his head as he settled his daughter into her bed, only to see Ye Yanchen standing outside after he closed the door.

“A’jiu, Daddy knows that you’re very mature, but your sister doesn’t understand certain things, so don’t say such things in front of her next time, or else her imagination will start running wild...”

Ye Yanchen nodded, feeling guilty. He already regretted it when Xiaoliu started crying earlier, and he made a note to himself to think twice before saying anything in future.

After comforting his children, Ye Zhongjue entered the study to make a call to Ceng Hanyu.

He waited for a long time before someone answered the call.

Ceng Hanyu picked it up only when he was about to end it.

“Hello, Jue, what’s up?”

“What took you so long?”

He could hear the joy in Ceng Hanyu’s voice. It was obvious he was in a very good mood.

“What? You forgot that I’m injured after just a few days? My phone wasn’t near me, so I had to roll over there in my wheelchair just to pick up the call! Think about that!”

Ye Zhongjue almost rolled his eyes at Ceng Hanyu’s exaggeration.

“I wouldn’t mind it if you continued sitting in your wheelchair for the rest of your life and continue to be a cripple!”

Hearing the annoyance in Ye Zhongjue’s voice, Ceng Hanyu could immediately tell that he was not in a good mood.

He quickly said, “Jue, I’ve made a mistake, please don’t say that! I was just telling the truth!”

“You’d better be!”

“So, why did you call?”

After a moment of contemplation, Ye Zhongjue asked, “You sure it was Mo Suqing you saw at the Italian mafia base?”

“A hundred percent!” Ceng Hanyu answered confidently. As if afraid that Ye Zhongjue would doubt him further, he even added, “Though she looked rather cold, but she was definitely Mo Suqing, it was her for sure!”

Ye Zhongjue thought about that woman they met who said she had amnesia. He then asked, “Was she unable to recognize you?”

“No way!” Ceng Hanyu answered almost instantly.

“She even asked me to leave that base first. I’d know if she didn’t recognize me.”

Ye Zhongjue’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light.

According to Ceng Hanyu, Mo Suqing was now in The Dark Night, and she did not suffer from amnesia at all. If she remembered Ceng Hanyu, then she would definitely still remember everything that happened five years ago.

If that’s the case, then the woman they met was an impostor. But why did she pretend to be someone else?

Ceng Hanyu was slightly irritated when all he got was silence.

“Hello hello hello, Jue, where are you? Why are you asking me about this? Can you talk?”

Ye Zhongjue spoke after a while. “I met Mo Suqing’s doppelganger today, and she told me that she felt a sense of familiarity with A’jiu and Xiaoliu. She even said that it was Guan Zixuan who saved her five years ago. I don’t believe her fully, but she doesn’t look like she was lying either. Do you think she could be Suqing?”

This absolutely stunned Ceng Hanyu.

He thought about it before answering. “I’ve thought about what happened that night when I met Mo Suqing, and I’m very sure that it was her. Even though her aura was rather chilly, everything else about her screamed Mo Suqing to me. Most importantly, she recognized me!”

“Okay! I got it!” Ye Zhongjue ended the call right after this.

Ceng Hanyu wanted to hear what Ye Zhongjue had to say about this, but he did not expect for the call to be ended so abruptly. He only realized Ye Zhongjue ended the call when he heard the dial tone on the phone.

He’s ignoring me after he’s made full use of me!

Ye Zhongjue instructed Lin Ran to take A’jiu and Xiaoliu to his family home.

He then dialled a new number on his phone.

“Hello!” A crisp voice answered.

“I’m Ye Zhongjue!”

“Mm, I know!”

“A’jiu and Xiaoliu kept asking to see you after we went back home. They recognized you as their mummy because I showed them your photos...”

Xia Zi understood what he meant before Ye Zhongjue could continue.

“Okay! I can come over in the afternoon!”

“Mm...” Ye Zhongjue ended the call after answering in acknowledgment.

He had originally planned to go to America to look for Mo Suqing. He was confident that he would be able to find her if it was The Dark Night hiding her, but another Mo Suqing appeared out of nowhere to throw a wrench in his plans. She looked exactly like Mo Suqing, and she even knew Guan Zixuan. Though Ye Zhongjue knew something was fishy, he decided to stay to look into this first!

He heard the doorbell ring at about three in the afternoon.

As he had expected, the woman was at the door.

He nodded slightly to welcome her in. “Come on in!”

Xia Zi followed him into the house without a second thought. However, she felt something amiss immediately after she stepped inside.

Didn’t Ye Zhongjue say that the kids missed her? But they aren’t even here now. Having been in Interpol for quite a while, her listening and observational skills were both top-notch.

Seeing Ye Zhongjue look so calm, she decided to keep quiet first instead of confronting him directly.

They sat on opposite ends of the sofa, with a tiny coffee table in between them.

Ye Zhongjue watched her. She was so calm and collected that it was difficult to detect any traces of her lying. He was extremely sure at this point that Mo Suqing, whether an amnesiac or not, would never be able to act so calmly.

Ye Zhongjue decided to go straight to the point. “Who are you? What are you trying to do by approaching me?”

Seeing Ye Zhongjue’s determined visage, Xia Zi heaved an inward sigh. Busted before I can even do anything else.

She looked curiously at him.

“I thought it was the perfect lie, even our meeting was a coincidence. I didn’t plan that. How did you find out?”

There was no change in Ye Zhongjue’s expression as if he had already expected that she would admit to her lie quickly. “There was a woman who looked exactly like Mo Suqing five years ago and I had thought it was just a coincidence at the time, but I realized that the woman stayed at the Shallow Sea Area too. I thought the woman wanted to come between us, but something happened to Mo Suqing before I could look into the matter proper, and that woman disappeared at the same time as well!”

Xia Zi was a little shocked to hear him say that. “You’re so sure I’m not Mo Suqing just because of this? Why do you think that? Even Guan Zixuan couldn’t tell at the time. Do you know that I can even show you the scars if you had asked me for evidence of having given birth to Xiaoliu and A’jiu?”

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