Chapter 213: Xia Zi Posing as Mo Suqing

Xia Zi was dumbfounded. Mummy? What’s happening? Why did these two little kids call me Mummy?

Also, why do I feel so close to them?

Mo Yanxi and Ye Yanchen stood in front of Xia Zi, tears escaping their eyes. This has to be their mum. Their dad often showed them photos of her, so they recognized Xia Zi’s face immediately upon seeing her.

This is Mummy!

Ye Zhongjue turned the corner just as Mo Yanxi and Ye Yanchen ran up to Xia Zi.

His breath caught when he saw that face. It looked exactly like Mo Suqing’s.

He did not dare to take another breath, afraid that she would disappear again.

Was it really her?

Ye Zhongjue took careful steps towards Xia Zi. He was scared that one wrong move would make him fall into the abyss of despair.

Xia Zi recalled what happened five years ago almost immediately after spotting Ye Zhongjue. She remembered that there was a pregnant woman who looked exactly like her.

She did not have the chance to find out if she was indeed related to that woman from five years ago, so this time, she was bent on looking into the matter!

She had to find out what exactly happened.

Xia Zi assumed the role of somebody else in an instant.

“You guys...”

She lifted a trembling hand, acting almost exactly like how a mother would if she did not see her children for the past five years, with the exception of just a sliver of conflict and unease in her eyes.

Ye Zhongjue stopped right in front of her.

He looked at Xia Zi and greeted her in trepidation.


Xia Zi looked up at him, slightly flustered.

Her acting, however, was top-notch. She had decided to play the amnesia card, and the scenario was that she would pretend to be shocked and confused when she saw her children and that man from five years ago.

Her character would be shocked at how familiar they felt, but confused because she did not recognize them at all in the first place.

Ye Zhongjue did not take his eyes off her.

Mo Yanxi and Ye Yanchen were standing between them, and they looked from Xia Zi to their dad.

Daddy was not lying to us, Mummy is really here.

Xia Zi made sure there were no cracks in her expression as she stood in place, waiting for Ye Zhongjue to make the next move. She did not want Ye Zhongjue to detect that she was acting. She was determined to find out about her own birth circumstances even if she was not able to locate Qiqi this time.

Ye Zhongjue continued staring at Xia Zi, finding her aura completely different from five years ago. It was no surprise that Ceng Hanyu said she had changed.

Ye Zhongjue did not want to stay in the supermarket any longer. He took Xia Zi’s hand in his and carried Mo Yanxi in his arms before saying to Ye Yanchen, “Come on, A’jiu!”

He looked cold and imposing. No one knew what was going through his mind.

Ye Zhongjue settled the children in the car before he turned to Xia Zi, leading her to the roof of the building that housed the supermarket.

The building was sixty storeys high, and the sound of the wind on the roof was almost deafening.

Ye Zhongjue looked upon the people and the vehicles on the ground with a profound gaze.

Xia Zi’s expression remained the same, and she stuck to her strategy of keeping quiet before Ye Zhongjue made the next move. It was too easy for her to be found out if she said anything wrong at this point.

Ye Zhongjue finally turned back to look at that face which he had missed for the past five years.

His voice trembled as he spoke. “Why did you come back?”

Xia Zi looked at him placidly. “Why can’t I come back?”

Ye Zhongjue took a breath. “You don’t mind what happened five years ago?”

The gears turned in Xia Zi’s mind. Five years ago? What exactly happened five years ago? I’m not sure of what happened at all!

Since she was already committed to this role, she had to stick to it. Afraid Ye Zhongjue would ask about something else, she pretended not to care about it.

“I don’t know why you’re asking me about it, but I can tell you that I’ve forgotten about it. You’re nothing but a stranger to me now.”

Ye Zhongjue was stunned at her answer. Amnesia? Did she forget about me? But judging by how she acted earlier, it didn’t look like she forgot anything at all. Especially when she looked at Xiaoliu and A’jiu.

“Then why did you look at A’jiu and Xiaoliu that way?”

Xia Zi’s mind was racing. So the kids are called A’jiu and Xiaoliu? She could not put a finger on it either, but for some reason, she felt a sense of familiarity when she saw the children.

There was no need for her to lie about this. From Ye Zhongjue’s perspective, she would be their mother, and it was totally normal for her to react that way.

“They are strangers to me, but for some reason, I felt a sense of familiarity when I saw them. I don’t know why either!”

Ye Zhongjue was bewildered. Was this how a mother would feel when she looked at her own children? She had forgotten about them, but that relationship between a mother and a child could never be erased.

At this, Ye Zhongjue felt rather puzzled. Ceng Hanyu did not mention that Mo Suqing had lost her memory when he called. What is really going on here?

He then suddenly thought of Mo Suqing’s doppelganger who appeared near the hospital five years ago. He had gotten Lin Ran to look into the matter and they found out that she lived in the Shallow Sea Area before everything happened.

Would she be that doppelganger they saw?

Ye Zhongjue had been involved with the dealings in the underworld since he was a teenager, and having established the foundation of Sin Eliminators with Ceng Hanyu, his skills in observation and deduction could be considered superb.

He began to suspect that the woman in front of him now was not Mo Suqing. It was fine if she was really Mo Suqing, but if she wasn’t, then why is she approaching me? What is she planning?

Even if Mo Suqing did not lose her memory, she would probably not be very happy to see me right now, since he was the perpetrator of the car accident eight years ago.

Ye Zhongjue looked at Xia Zi with slightly narrowed eyes. “You said you’ve lost your memories, so where have you been in the past five years? What happened? Why are you back here in A City? Where are you staying at now?”

Xia Zi shifted her gaze from Ye Zhongjue to the building opposite. She did not expect for him to suspect her so quickly. Where did she go wrong? Or did he simply know that woman so well?

Since he asked, her answer might be able to remove his doubts about her identity.

She thus answered him. “I was in Emperor City for the past five years, and I’ve forgotten everything that happened before that. I can definitely tell you about what happened after I left. It was Guan Zixuan who saved me and he was the one who took me to Emperor City. We had almost gotten married, but I decided to come back to A City to have a look. I’m staying at a hotel now. Any other questions?”

What he heard stunned Ye Zhongjue. Guan Zixuan saved her and they almost got married? It’s no surprise I couldn’t find her then. So it was Guan Zixuan who took her away.

But why did her story not match up to what Ceng Hanyu said? This woman doesn’t seem to be lying either.

Ye Zhongjue’s brows furrowed.

He then asked, “Where’s Guan Zixuan then?”

He thought about contacting Guan Zixuan about this to corroborate her story.

With his feelings for Mo Suqing, Guan Zixuan was unlikely to lie to him.

Xia Zi’s emotions welled up involuntarily when Ye Zhongjue mentioned Guan Zixuan.

He must have been greatly disappointed in me with how I just left the hospital without a word. She was not a cold-blooded animal. After spending five years together, she did have feelings for him. However, she did not want him to take her for someone else. I’m not that pitiful.

“After learning about my intentions to return to A City, he failed to stop me from leaving, so he’s upset and we haven’t been in contact for a while now!”

Ye Zhongjue observed Xia Zi. This woman did not look like she was lying, and everything she said seemed to make perfect sense. It was also natural for Guan Zixuan to get angry if the woman he was about to marry wanted to leave him to know more about her own past.

Doubt remained in Ye Zhongjue’s heart even though everything sounded logical and plausible.

Mo Suqing was all he could think of when he first saw the woman, but he felt something amiss when he took her hand as they left.

He could not put a finger on it since she looked exactly like Mo Suqing. There is the possibility that this woman was her, and five years might have really changed her greatly to the point that he felt that she was a completely different person. However, instinct told him that such a possibility was close to zero.

This was because he knew there was a possibility that she was actually Mo Suqing’s doppelganger, so he was being cautious.

“If that’s the case, do you know how those children are related to you?” Ye Zhongjue stared at Xia Zi expectantly, as if he could not wait any longer for her answer.

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