Chapter 212: Not Listening to Your Older Brother

Leng Xiyao felt herself being lifted up into the air.

She cried out in surprise, “Ah!”

Leng Haoyun smiled at her playfully. “Little girl, you dare call me insane? If I’m insane, then you’re an insane person’s wife!”

Leng Xiyao stared at him in mock anger. “Don’t be ridiculous. Who’s your wife now!”

“You are!” Leng Haoyun answered, laughing as they returned to the hospital.


At the Ye family home.

Ye Zhongjue was trying to suppress his laughter as he watched his son and daughter.

Ye Yanchen looked at little Yanxi with an expression of disdain. “Xiaoliu, I’ve told you so many times not to bother with that An Yichen boy, but you refuse to listen! When will you ever learn to listen to what your older brother tells you!”

Mo Yanxi looked at her older brother. She liked her older brother, and she also liked An Yichen, but her brother did not allow her to play with An Yichen. How can she make a choice between the two like that?

Why do I feel like my brother has been bullying me recently?

Mo Yanxi pouted and sniffed. “Older Brother, Grandma said that An Yichen is not the same as you. Xiaoliu can like both you and An Yichen too!”

Ye Yanchen turned glum. “What’s so great about that An Yichen guy? You’ve only known him for a few days and you’re speaking up for him already. Grandma was just joking, but you actually believed it!”

Mo Yanxi was frowning, and she was almost about to cry.

Ye Zhongjue stepped forward and carried his daughter in his arms to coax her gently.

“Older Brother is just joking. Xiaoliu can play with An Baobei, Daddy and Grandma wouldn’t mind it at all. Your Mummy and An Baobei’s Mummy are good friends too, so I’m sure she would be happy about it!”

Ye Yanchen seemed to want to say something else, but he fell silent upon hearing his dad mention their mum.

Mo Yanxi fidgeted in Ye Zhongjue’s arms. The tiny girl looked at him suspiciously with an adorable little face.

“Daddy, will Mummy really be happy?”

“Mm!” Ye Zhongjue nodded. Joy instantly emanated from the little girl. She pouted and looked at her brother.

“Naughty A’jiu, how dare you lie to me. I’m not going to help you out next time if the teacher asks to meet your parents again!”

Ye Yanchen frowned slightly. He felt a little upset as he watched his dad carry Xiaoliu in his arms so lovingly. If only Mummy was around, he could hold her hand while Daddy carried Xiaoliu, and our family...

Ye Yanchen felt miserable as the image of a happy flashed in his mind. He had never seen his mum in person, and he only had photos of her. His dad told him that she would return one day.

Ye Zhongjue’s eyes dimmed when he recalled what Ceng Hanyu told him the other day.

Ceng Hanyu said that he saw Mo Suqing at the Italian mafia base while he was looking for Selina, and that Mo Suqing was now a part of The Dark Night.

Ceng Hanyu even told him to be careful if he happens to meet Mo Suqing again, because she was a completely different person now.

He knew Ceng Hanyu would never lie to him, but he felt that their feelings for each other would not have changed.

The only thing on his mind for the past five years was to tell Mo Suqing the truth about that car accident.

But she seemed to have vanished into thin air and there seemed to be absolutely no traces of her left.

He felt very emotional when he heard the news!

He would go to her even if she wanted him dead...

Ye Zhongjue looked at his children. They were obedient at times, but they could also be mischievous sometimes. He could not bear to leave them.

He cleared his throat. “A’jiu, I’ll take you and Xiaoliu to the supermarket to do some shopping, okay?”

Ye Yanchen looked at him with suspicion. Going to the supermarket? I thought Daddy hated crowded places?

Mo Yanxi looked at her dad curiously. Did Daddy have a change of heart today?

Ye Zhongjue felt rather uncomfortable at the questioning looks from his children.

He then cleared his throat again and said, “Don’t we need to prepare some daily necessities for your Mummy if she’s going to come back soon? I wanted the three of us to help her pick out the items...”

Ye Zhongjue had already decided to start looking for Mo Suqing in the next two days. He would be able to find a way to locate her if she is part of The Dark Night.

Ye Yanchen was surprised to hear this. Mummy is coming back?

“Really?” Mo Yanxi was so happy that she almost jumped out of Ye Zhongjue’s arms.

Ye Zhongjue nodded slowly as he watched how happy his daughter was.

“Daddy will go look for Mummy the day after tomorrow, and I’ll definitely bring her back if it’s possible!”

Mo Yanxi asked as she watched Ye Zhongjue, “Daddy, you never told us why Mummy left us.”

A flicker of gloom passed Ye Zhongjue’s face. This was a question he did not know the answer to himself. He wondered if Mo Suqing really hated him so to the point that she could abandon both her children.

No matter what he thought of this, that cruel woman was not here right now to give him an answer.

“She might have been… blaming Daddy all this time!”

“Did you do something to disappoint Mummy?” Mo Yanxi asked him seriously.

He was caught by her question. Disappoint her? Now that I think about it, I think I’ve indeed done a few things to disappoint her. I kept my identity hidden just to keep her by my side, and I lied to her.

But she had already forgiven me for this. It was probably that car accident eight years ago that she couldn’t forgive me for.

He never thought that the accident would end up changing his life to such an extent. If he knew that the victim was Mo Suqing’s mother at the time, he would have taken her place in a heartbeat.

There was no cure for regret in this world, and it was even more difficult to predict what would happen in the future.

Ye Zhongjue was afraid that the children would continue asking more questions which he did not have the answers to.

He thus said, “Let’s go, Daddy will bring the both of you shopping. Also, An Baobei is the son of Mummy’s close friend, so Mummy would definitely want you to be nice to him. A’jiu, stop trying to make things difficult for him next time, okay?”

Ye Yanchen nodded unwillingly. Even Daddy is asking me to stop making things difficult for that annoying guy. But he is really annoying! He was the annoying one!

Joy emanated from Mo Yanxi as she felt extremely excited on the way to the supermarket. Ye Yanchen, on the other hand, looked rather serious, like a little prince charming.

Ye Zhongjue suddenly wondered what Mo Suqing would think if she saw the children. She would probably like it that the girl was treated like a little princess and the boy was taught to be a little gentleman.

Would she return if she saw them like this?

Mo Yanxi skipped behind Ye Yanchen as they arrived at the supermarket, and the three of them made their way in quickly.


Xia Zi was unable to get in touch with Luo Qiqi after leaving Emperor City.

Many things changed in five years.

She learnt that Interpol refused to send help to look for her when she went missing years ago, and Luo Qiqi was so angry that she decided to quit and look for Xia Zi on her own instead.

No one knew what she did in the past five years. Everyone said that Xia Zi was already dead, but Luo Qiqi refused to believe it.

Xia Zi felt miserable when she heard about this. Luo Qiqi was like a sister to her, even though they were not blood related, they were close enough to be family.

Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi were supposed to be an inseparable pair!

After Xia Zi left Emperor City, she headed to America to look for Feng Liluo. Feng Liluo was an FBI informant, and he had grown up with Luo Qiqi and Xia Zi. Xia Zi had always known that he had feelings for Luo Qiqi, so she expected to be able to get some clues about where Luo Qiqi was if she got in touch with Feng Liluo.

However, Feng Liluo told her that he no longer kept in contact with Luo Qiqi, and that he had no way of locating her.

Xia Zi was disappointed at the news, but Feng Liluo gave her a suggestion. He told her to try her luck in A City, since it was where she had initially gone missing.

Xia Zi took his suggestion and left for A City.

Xia Zi did not know anyone in A City, and she had originally wanted to order delivery after she checked into the hotel. She decided against it eventually since she thought she might just be able to get some clues if she were to go out in person.

Luo Qiqi loved eating snacks in the past, and she would basically try every single one of the snacks available wherever they were. With this in mind, Xia Zi headed straight for the supermarket.

She and Luo Qiqi used to communicate through an online channel, but after going missing for five years, she thought that it was likely for Luo Qiqi not to be using that account anymore. Nevertheless, Xia Zi had been sending messages through the platform, only to receive no replies.

Xia Zi sent one more message before she left the hotel to inform Luo Qiqi that she was now in A City.

Xia Zi looked around expectantly in the supermarket, hoping for Luo Qiqi to miraculously appear in front of her. However, what she wished for did not happen.

Just as she was leaving, two young children caught her eye. For some reason, there was this indescribable emotion in her as she saw the two of them.

It felt like she already knew them, and there was a sense of joy and happiness when she saw them.

She was surprised at herself. Why do I feel this way? I’ve never given birth, so where did these feelings come from!

Before she could think further about it, the two children were already running towards her, yelling in excitement.


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