Chapter 211: Wanting to Murder Someone

Selina stared at him wide-eyed when she heard that he had read her diary. How could he read everything? I could murder him now!

Ceng Hanyu immediately felt something amiss. Did I say something wrong again?

He pretended to act all pitiful again, trying to beg for her forgiveness.

“Wifey, please don’t be angry. It was so difficult to locate you. Did you know that I even snuck into a mafia base to look for you? Luckily, you weren’t the one who was caught...”

He then fell silent at the thought of Mo Suqing. He had already told Ye Zhongjue about what happened, and he would let Ye Zhongjue decide on the next steps.

“You went to Italy to look for me...” Selina sounded very surprised. She did not plan to return when she left. Ceng Hanyu’s attitude towards her had hurt her greatly in the past, and she never expected for him to actually come looking for her.

She was still in disbelief over the turn of events. Not only did he come for me, he even saved me, and he had just proposed to me.

Ceng Hanyu could not suppress his smile as he looked at the dazed and confused expression on Selina’s face. What a silly girl. But I like it.

A wide grin appeared on him, but Selina suddenly turned cold. 

“Since you read my diary without my consent, this means that we don’t know each other that well yet. I’m wondering if I should reconsider being with you!”

Ceng Hanyu’s grin froze. Will I still be able to be together with her after she takes some time to reconsider?

Selina looked up sneakily at him, trying to suppress her laughter when she saw how glum he looked.

She ran to the door before Ceng Hanyu could react and stuck her tongue out at him. “Silly! I was just pulling your leg and you believed it!”

Ceng Hanyu was stupefied, but he heaved an inward sigh of relief. So she was just joking, this little lady...

He looked down at his leg and looked back at the door where Selina had just been, shaking his head at himself. The hero saved the beauty, but the injured hero is left all alone sitting in a wheelchair as the beauty runs away.


Leng Xiyao was helping to clean Leng Haoyun when she received Selina’s call.

This was what the caregiver was supposed to do, but the thought of having a young lady look at Leng Haoyun from top to toe made Leng Xiyao uncomfortable.

She had to give a better reason if she wanted to hire another caregiver, since the young lady was still doing her job properly.

After pondering over this, Leng Xiyao thus decided to do it on her own. They already have a child anyway.

Therefore, Leng Xiyao was now personally wiping Leng Haoyun daily.

Her mobile phone rang right after she took off his clothes.

She wanted to reject the call initially, but was reminded of what happened recently after she saw Selina’s name on display. She thus decided to take the call. She left the room after covering Leng Haoyun with a blanket.

Shortly after she left, there was slight movement from Leng Haoyun, and he opened his eyes slowly.

Leng Haoyun had actually been awake for a while.

He seemed to have felt someone touching his body, and realized it was Leng Xiyao who had been removing his clothes.

He did not know how long he had been unconscious for, but if she was helping to clean him up like this, it would mean that he had been out for quite a while.

He thought that if he opened his eyes while she was helping to clean him, it would probably make the girl turn away in embarrassment.

However, her phone rang before she could even do anything.

Leng Haoyun knew that if he continued to pretend to be unconscious, his body might react involuntarily when her hands started touching him. He was not confident that he had the willpower to control himself.

He was still a healthy male, and he practically lived like a celibate monk in the five years without her as he plunged himself into work.

Leng Xiyao heard Selina’s excited voice over the phone right after she picked up the call.

“Anne, Ceng Hanyu proposed!”

Leng Xiyao smiled knowingly to herself. He’s finally done it. I thought he would need another few years to think it through!

Compared to others, she could tell that Ceng Hanyu was slow to react in love, but he had to think things through on his own, and it was rather pointless for others to say more if he chose not to be honest with himself.

“Congratulations, Selina. He’s finally done it...”

Selina was then reminded of the fact that Leng Haoyun was still unconscious, and she felt a little dispirited at the thought.

“Sorry, Anne...”

Leng Xiyao knew why she said that, but she forced herself to smile as she looked towards the room where Leng Haoyun was in.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to feel sorry or afraid that you’ve said something wrong, I’m already used to this. I believe he’ll be able to wake up. Ceng Hanyu proposing to you is something to be happy about anyway! Don’t be affected by me. I’m really happy for the both of you now that you guys are together...”

Leng Xiyao then said, “He should do a proper proposal after he’s recovered. You can’t let him off that easily just because he’s injured now. He acted all high and mighty in the past. Remember to puncture a little bit of that arrogance!”

Selina laughed when she heard what Leng Xiyao said.

“Anne, you’re so naughty. Aren’t you afraid that Ceng Hanyu will beat you up?”

Leng Xiyao pursed her lips at this. “Am I more important to you or is he more important to you? If I’m more important, remember to come save me when he beats me up, or else I won’t love you anymore...”

Warmth filled Selina’s heart with Leng Xiyao’s loving teasing.

She never had a little sister, but she became good friends with Leng Xiyao almost immediately after they met. It was just a pity that they did not meet earlier.

Her heart felt full and happy now that she had Ceng Hanyu and Leng Xiyao by her side. There was really nothing else she could wish for.

After their chat, Leng Xiyao was reminded of the fact that Leng Haoyun was currently lying buck naked on the bed. That would be quite embarrassing if the doctor entered.

She thus ended the call with Selina.

The happiness from Selina’s laughter seemed to be able to spread through the phone to her. This was the sound of someone who felt blessed. She would ask for nothing else as long as An Baobei and Leng Haoyun were living well.

I wonder when he would be able to wake up...

Leng Xiyao walked towards the room absent-mindedly, only to be surprised at what she saw.

She panicked. Where is he?

Leng Haoyun, who had been lying on the bed, was nowhere to be seen.

She looked around in a fluster, checking the washroom to see if there was anyone in there.

She was almost in tears when she realized that there was nobody around.

Right, I should ask the doctor! She started blaming herself as she made her way to the doctor’s office. I shouldn’t have left the room earlier. What could have happened in those few short minutes?

Leng Xiyao’s eyes had already welled up with tears as she opened the door to the doctor’s office.

She stared in astonishment at the man sitting opposite the doctor.

Leng Haoyun is awake? And I wasn’t aware!

Leng Xiyao had hoped that she was the first person Leng Haoyun saw when he woke up, but little did she know that he would actually wake up while she was in the middle of a phone call. Not only did he wake up, he even had the energy to go to the doctor’s office on his own. Just how energetic is he? Shouldn’t he feel weakened since he just woke up?

Leng Xiyao’s emotions seemed to be on a roller coaster ride. She was shocked and surprised at everything that just happened.

She stood at the door in bewilderment, still as a statue.

Leng Haoyun saw those swollen eyes of hers and knew that she had been worried sick about him. He simply wanted to ask the doctor when he could be discharged.

He felt like he had been lying down for a long time.

Leng Haoyun stood up slowly and walked towards Leng Xiyao. “Yao, why did you come?”

She stared at him, the tears in her eyes sparkling like tiny crystals.

“Why didn’t you tell me when you woke up?”

Leng Haoyun knew that he had upset her. He should have known how much she worried about him...

Leng Xiyao ran out of the office before he could react. He turned back to glance at the doctor before chasing after her.

Leng Haoyun managed to stop her only when they were outside of the hospital, near the entrance of another building.

He hugged Leng Xiyao and said, “Yao, sorry, I’m so sorry. I thought you’d be taking a while before coming back in. Don’t be angry, okay?”

Leng Xiyao’s tears started to fall uncontrollably as he hugged her, and Leng Haoyun’s white hospital gown was drenched by her tears.

He was in a fluster now. “Yao, you can hit me or even bite me if you want. Don’t cry, I’ll feel so bad!”

Hearing how sincere he sounded, Leng Xiyao hit him on the chest with her fists. “It’s your fault, all your fault! You didn’t tell me when you woke up, and I thought that...”

Before she could finish, Leng Xiyao started sobbing. Leng Haoyun hugged her in an attempt to console her.

He then saw that there were passersby who seemed to be looking at them, and it was only then did he realize that he was still in the hospital gown.

He tugged at Leng Xiyao’s arm and said, “Let’s go back, Yao. Look at me in this gown, people are going to mistake me for an insane person!”

Leng Xiyao smiled in between her sniffles.

“They won’t mistake you for an insane person!”

“Huh...” Leng Haoyun was confused by what she said.

Leng Xiyao laughed. “That’s because you are insane!”

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