Chapter 210: Are You Acting Pitiful

Ceng Hanyu could tell something was amiss and quickly skied to where Selina was heading.

Selina saw him right in front of her, but she did not know how to stop herself from crashing into him.

She had imagined similar situations in the past, wondering if Ceng Hanyu would come and save her if something happened to her. But now, she would rather get hurt than see him get hurt because of her.

The slope was too steep and Selina’s speed was extremely fast.

With a huge ‘thud’, Selina felt herself in a warm embrace. A tear escaped from the corner of her eye as she sank into Ceng Hanyu’s jacket.

She thought she heard a breath escape from Ceng Hanyu as the both of them rolled downhill from the momentum.

Ceng Hanyu hugged her tight, and she quickly got up when they came to a stop.

“Ceng Hanyu, are you okay?” Selina was almost crying now.

Ceng Hanyu hurt his leg and his face was scrunched up in a frown from the pain, but he forced himself to smile as he was afraid that Selina would be too worried.

“I’m fine, how about you?”

Selina shook her head and looked at him in concern.

However, Ceng Hanyu continued lying on the ground.

Selina then realized that there was blood oozing out from somewhere near his leg. The blood stained the snow a bright red, just like a red plum blossom in full bloom. Selina’s eyes welled up with tears.

“You’re a liar, Ceng Hanyu. Didn’t you say you were fine?”

It was at this moment that Eric skied down the slope. He looked at Selina in concern.

“Selina, you okay?”

Selina looked like she just saw a saviour. “Eric, help him out, I think Ceng Hanyu hurt his leg!”

Seeing how worried she looked, Eric’s eyes dimmed. He would not have let go of her if he knew this would happen.

Seeing Ceng Hanyu on the ground, he quickly helped him up.

Eric tried to carry Ceng Hanyu on his back, but he accidentally hit Ceng Hanyu’s leg while lifting him, causing Ceng Hanyu to suck in a breath in pain. Selina shot an angry look at Eric.

“Be careful, you just hit him!”

This surprised Eric. Why did it become my fault when I was just trying to help?

With how flustered Selina was, he did not want to do anything to frustrate her further. He thus quickly carried Ceng Hanyu out of the area.

Selina got Ceng Hanyu transferred into the small hospital in the town to get a proper diagnosis. They then returned to England together after Ceng Hanyu went through a quick operation and his leg was placed in a cast.

Because of the huge impact, the bones in Ceng Hanyu’s calf had been broken, and he had to stay in a wheelchair for a while.

England, Selina’s castle home.

Ceng Hanyu looked at Selina who was busying herself with things.

He said, “There’s no need for so many carpets, I’m fine! I can’t walk now, so the carpets won’t be of use anyway!”

Selina shook her head.

“No, this is just in case.”

Ceng Hanyu watched as she continued, his gaze gentle.

He then said, “Were we enemies in our past lives? Why can’t we seem to live a peaceful life when we’re together? You chased after me in the past, and you ended up hurting your legs. Now that I’m chasing you around, I’ve ended up in a wheelchair instead!”

Selina paused. She was reminded of how she kept the truth from him for so long when Ceng Hanyu talked about her getting hurt.

Ceng Hanyu seemed to be able to read her mind and waved at her.

“Selina, come, come over!”

Selina turned to look at him in puzzlement. “What?”

“Come over!”

Selina then walked over, not thinking too much about it. He was the patient who needed to be taken care of right now.

When she was right in front of him, he suddenly pulled her into an embrace. This shocked Selina, but she held onto the arms of the wheelchair to balance herself as she stared at him.

This crazy man. Doesn’t he know that his leg is injured?

She stared angrily at him. “You don’t want your leg anymore?”

“I don’t need it as long as you’re around!”

Selina was surprised, but she chided him, “You’re crazy!”

Ceng Hanyu blinked at her like a hurt puppy. “I’m injured now. How can you do this to me?”

Selina was utterly shocked at what he said. Did he just try to act all pitiful?

“You...” She stuttered.

Ceng Hanyu stroked her hair and spoke gently.

“What? Silly, I’ll always be by your side from now till forever. I won’t give up on us. You don’t have to worry anymore, because I won’t ever leave you. I won’t leave you hanging ever again...”

Selina was astounded. Did Ceng Hanyu really just whisper these sweet nothings in her ear?

He took Selina’s hand and placed it on his chest as he looked at her.

“You’re the only one in my heart. From now on, I’ll be bringing you with me wherever I go, because you’re my life, and I won’t leave you ever again.”

Selina saw Ceng Hanyu reach into his pocket to take out a shiny, diamond ring.

Selina was about to cry.

Ceng Hanyu continued looking at her with a gaze so gentle and loving.

“I don’t want us to keep chasing each other around like this, it’s such a waste of time. I’d like for us to say I love you to each other from now on. Selina, are you willing to be with me? Will you marry me?”

Selina’s tears fell.

She turned away from him. She had dreamt about this so many times, and she had never expected for it to turn into reality. She did not know how to react all of a sudden.

Nothing could compare to those three words - I love you.

He loved me. He really loved me.

Ceng Hanyu watched Selina and wondered if he had been too rash. Afraid that she would not agree, he explained hastily.

“I just wanted so badly for you to be by my side. I can’t go down on one knee now, and I know this isn’t romantic enough. I’ll do that when my leg recovers. Don’t be angry, and don’t reject me, okay?”

Selina deadpanned. What an idiot! Did I refuse him?

I just didn’t think that my dream would actually come true!

She thought Ceng Hanyu would never fall in love with her in this life, but this actually happened!

She turned back to him slowly and looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Idiot, did I refuse you? I just didn’t think that...”

Selina felt like she would burst into tears anytime now, so she fell silent and tried to control her emotions.

She sniffed loudly as Ceng Hanyu hugged her tight. “So you agree!”

He was over the moon. Selina nodded at him as she blushed.

Ceng Hanyu was so happy and he quickly put the ring on Selina’s finger, as if he was afraid that she would disappear in the next moment.

Selina smiled at him...

Ceng Hanyu kept looking at the ring that was on Selina’s finger, finding it extraordinarily beautiful.

He would be responsible for the woman in his arms from now on, she would be his life and he would never let her down...

Selina extricated herself from his embrace after a while.

Ceng Hanyu felt slightly disappointed when she left.

He looked at her and asked, “Wifey, can’t we cuddle a bit more?”

Selina instantly broke out in a cold sweat. This man is really shameless! He just proposed and he’s acting as if we’ve already gotten married! I’m speechless!

“Who’s your wife!” Selina stared at him.

Ceng Hanyu put on an innocent face.

“You are. Aren’t you my wife? Didn’t you just agree?”

Selina frowned at him. What was this man thinking? Wouldn’t we be husband and wife only after we get married?


“Fine!” Selina shook her head in resignation. “It’s up to you. You can call me whatever you want!”

Ceng Hanyu broke out in a huge grin. “Wifey, come and give me a hug...”

Selina rolled her eyes. Why did I not realize this in the past? This man was a literal child!

“I need to go get groceries...”

“Get the helper to go, please? Stay here with me. I took such great care of you when you were in a wheelchair, and I always checked in on you first...”

Selina was rendered speechless by Ceng Hanyu. She then said, “That’s all your fault. You looked so guilty that you made me think that...”

Selina stopped suddenly. Ceng Hanyu looked at her questioningly.

“Made you think what...”

“Made me think...” Reminded of the fact that she actually lied to him for three whole years, Selina did not want to broach the topic again. “Nevermind!”

A playful smile appeared on Ceng Hanyu’s face. It’s pretty fun to tease my wife like that. “Then I’ll help you say it, okay?”

“Made you think that I did all that because I felt responsible for what happened to you, since you got hurt because of Anne, right?”

Selina stared at him angrily. He already knew why, and he still had to ask. Annoying!

Seeing Selina’s pissed off expression, Ceng Hanyu decided to stop there. Did I go overboard?

“That’s not the case at all! I wasn’t aware in the past, and it’s all my fault. I didn’t tell you about how I felt, and I’ve already made the decision to be with you five years ago. I realized how important you were to me the moment you got shot. I had taken you for granted before that, and that made me ignore my feelings for you. I really have to say sorry to you!”

He continued as he watched Selina, who looked at him without much expression.

“I thought you knew that I had made that decision to be with you forever, but I never expected for you to keep the truth from me even after your legs recovered. You literally ran away when I found out. I saw your diary that very day, and it was only then that I learnt how you really felt...”

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