Chapter 209: A Very Huge Blow

Ceng Hanyu was dumbstruck.

She’s really ignoring me?

He could not believe that the very same woman who always smiled at him was being so cold towards him now.

Ceng Hanyu’s heart felt like a thousand arrows had just pierced through it, clenching his fists as he watched Selina leave with the other man. He felt dismayed in the very next instant.

The road to getting his girl back will be a long and arduous one!

He heaved a sigh of relief when he finally saw Selina wave goodbye to the other man and return to her tiny cabin. He glared at the other man’s back angrily. Well, at least he knows how to give us space. Or else, I would’ve beat him up so bad!

He was once again at a loss for what to do when he returned to his loft. He had never pursued other girls before, and he did not even know where to start when Selina was being so indifferent.

After a while, he decided to call Leng Xiyao for help again.

Leng Xiyao was very glad when she heard that he had found Selina, but at the same time, she felt a little downhearted when she compared herself to them. Other couples could be together like this, but Leng Haoyun was still unconscious.

She gave Ceng Hanyu some pointers. Firstly, she told him to be sincere. If he was not sincere, nothing he do would work, because Selina would be able to feel it. Secondly, she said he had to plan for them to meet coincidentally and create a romantic atmosphere, reminding him that he had to work very hard and be very insistent. Lastly, she told him to give Selina a sense of security, because she knew that Selina had never felt it when she was with Ceng Hanyu in the past.

Ceng Hanyu gave a tiny scoff after Leng Xiyao finished talking.

He glanced at Selina, who was in the cabin beside him. It was very cold where they were, and it often snowed here. Selina came out to get something from the front yard before she went back into the cabin.

Ceng Hanyu looked at the cabin as he thought about what Leng Xiyao said. Showing my sincerity is not an issue, but as for creating a romantic atmosphere… Right, flowers! Roses! Don’t all women love roses?

He remembered Anne telling him that no woman could resist roses, because they represented love.

Okay! Roses it is!

Selina just finished making her lunch. She prepared her own food since she was not used to the food here. Her stomach felt so uncomfortable after she ate the food here on the first day! She thus went to the town to purchase some groceries so that she could make her own food.

She heard a knock on the door after preparing her meal. It was an incessant knocking. Selina initially thought it was one of those men who tried to chat her up while they were skiing. They wanted to pursue her, but she had rejected all of them. She never would have guessed that it would actually be Ceng Hanyu. He was never the sort to come to her of his own accord.

Five years ago, she was the one always chasing after him, and he only started taking care of her when she could not walk. She never dared wish for Ceng Hanyu to chase after her to the ends of this earth after she left.

She thought her eyes were fooling her when she opened the door, but her expression turned cold when she realized who it was.

Although she did not expect for Ceng Hanyu to come knocking at her door, she was reminded of the day when he asked her why she lied to him...

“What are you doing here?”

Ceng Hanyu looked at her gently, a hand hidden behind him. Selina was rather baffled at this. She had never seen him like this before.

He slowly revealed the rose he was holding behind him and gave it to Selina.

“For you!”

Selina was caught by surprise with the rose, but she decided to cruelly reject it anyway.

“I don’t need it!”

Ceng Hanyu watched her, and he suddenly felt that Selina, though angry now, was much livelier than before. He did not want her to go back to being grim and looking upset all the time.

He looked at her and carefully asked, “You really don’t want it? I’ll throw it away then?”

Selina’s expression changed as she snatched the rose from him. “Give me that. I need to freshen the air in here a little!”

Ceng Hanyu smiled. That’s good! Why is she so adorable like this!

He tried poking his head into the house. He sniffed the air and thought it smelled like hotpot.

He was then reminded of what Leng Xiyao told him, that he had to be very insistent at times like these.

He decided to pluck up his courage and ask, “What’s that in the house? Smells good!”

Selina wanted to ignore him after she took the rose from him, but it felt too impolite to do so. She thus answered placidly, “It’s lunchtime, so that’s the smell of food!”

“Is it hotpot? I think I smell hotpot!” Ceng Hanyu smiled at her as he leant against the door, refusing to budge.

Selina stared at him. “Are you a dog or something? How can you even tell what it is from just the smell? Anyway, what I’m eating is none of your business.”

Thinking on his feet, Ceng Hanyu answered quickly, “Of course it is! Having hotpot alone is no fun at all! The more the merrier!”

Selina frowned at him. He wants to have lunch together?

She wanted to reject him, but the possibility of him continuing to harass her like this crossed her mind instantly.

She already expected him to send men to look for her, and she knew she would be located, since she was still a part of Sin Eliminators. However, she did not expect to be found so quickly, and for Ceng Hanyu to even come to her personally.

She was not ready to face everything at this point!

“You can go in first. I’ll be back in a while!” Selina then left.

Ceng Hanyu was almost jumping for joy. He never thought that she would agree to let him in so easily!

He quickly entered and started seasoning the food, preparing the bowls, washing the vegetables... He then smiled and turned to look when he heard a sound at the door.

The smile on his face instantly froze.

Selina brought with her a number of people, two of whom he recognized. They were the old lady who rented out these cabins and the other guy, Eric, who was with her earlier.

What did she mean by doing this?

Ceng Hanyu suddenly remembered what he said earlier. He said that it was no fun eating hotpot alone at all, and he also said ‘the more the merrier’!

Did I just do myself in?

Selina seemed to give him a satisfied look as she went to collect the bowls and cutlery.

Ceng Hanyu felt extremely awkward during the lunch. He had wanted to enjoy the hotpot meal with Selina, and he wanted for the both of them to have a nice meal together.

Little did he expect for Selina to invite so many others.

He had lost all his appetite as he watched the rest engage in lively conversation. His heart was weeping. The more the merrier? I won’t say that ever again!

Selina sent all of them off after the meal, and although he did not want to leave, he could tell from Selina’s gaze that it was not the best time. He thus decided to retreat and try again next time!

Ceng Hanyu returned to his cabin deep in thought. What should I do next?

Right! Create opportunities where we can meet coincidentally! But we’re staying right beside each other, so rather than creating an opportunity, it’s probably better for me to just sit and wait for a chance!

Ceng Hanyu watched the cabin beside him for the entire afternoon, but Selina did not come out of the house.

He thought, Maybe it’s too cold today.

The next day, Ceng Hanyu went to the loft immediately after getting up, only to be shocked at what he saw.

Selina was going out with that pretty boy Eric. They looked like they were going skiing together.

Ceng Hanyu was angered. Why didn’t she ask me to go skiing with her? Why did she have to ask that little white face instead? Unforgivable!

After fuming for a while, he quickly packed his things and chased after the two of them.

Ceng Hanyu called Eric ‘little white face’ simply because he was caucasian and he was extremely fair-skinned. Eric’s figure looked nothing like a gigolo at all. [1]

Ceng Hanyu did not like it that the man seemed to be trying to get into Selina’s good books, so instead of his name, Ceng Hanyu would rather call him ‘little white face’.

Eric was an American, and when Ceng Hanyu called him ‘little white face’ for the first time, Eric did not understand it at all. He thus asked Selina to explain the term, but she simply shot a cold look at Ceng Hanyu before telling Eric that it meant ‘handsome’.

Eric smiled at that, while Ceng Hanyu turned glum.

Ceng Hanyu wondered to himself if the two of them had been spending all their time here together before he arrived. He felt consumed with jealousy.

He put on a blue jacket and left his cabin quickly.

When he arrived at the ski slope, he spotted Eric and Selina from afar.

Anger rose in him when he saw the two of them holding hands. I haven’t even skied with Selina like that before!

He then realized he had, in fact, never once skied with Selina.

Damn it! I’ve missed out on so many things in the past!

Ceng Hanyu put on his skis and went in the direction they were in. He just so happened to be a skiing expert, so he was able to catch up to them very quickly.

Selina was surprised when she saw Ceng Hanyu. A flurry of emotions stirred in her. She felt that Ceng Hanyu had changed greatly.

While she was in a daze, Ceng Hanyu had already come in front of her. Selina suddenly felt very conscious that she was holding Eric’s hand.

She smiled at Eric and withdrew her hand from his. “I’d like to ski on my own for a while!”

There was a subtle change in Eric’s expression when he saw Ceng Hanyu, but he did not say anything and simply let go of Selina to let her ski on her own.

Selina watched Ceng Hanyu ski down the slope skilfully. He was looking at her as if to say, Look at me! I’m great at this!

With her attention on him, Selina got distracted and lost control as she was going downhill. She was new to this, and this was why she had Eric guide her so closely.

The skis seemed to have a life of their own as Selina simply stood on them, at a loss for what to do. She continued picking up speed as she went downhill.

[1] ‘Little white face’ is the literal translation of a derogatory term used to refer to gigolos.

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