Chapter 208: Finally Found You

Ceng Hanyu was very surprised when he realized it was Mo Suqing.

Why would Mo Suqing be here? And how did she get herself involved with the mafia? What happened after she left A City?

A thousand questions were running through Ceng Hanyu’s mind, but he knew that saving Mo Suqing was now the priority.

He would be saving Ye Zhongjue by doing so, and he wanted to know what happened in all these years. Why did she pull the trigger at Ye Zhongjue, give birth to the children and choose to leave heartlessly in the end?

Ye Zhongjue refused to talk about what happened at the time, but Ceng Hanyu could feel the palpable sorrow and pain inside of him.

Ceng Hanyu saw Mo Suqing look up to glance at him, but she looked back down immediately after.

She had changed a lot in five years. She did not look like her past self, someone who was frail and weak. The current Mo Suqing seemed to emanate a chilly aura instead.

Before Ceng Hanyu could say anything, the henchman spoke. “We’ve heard that she’s the weapon designer for The Dark Night, but she refuses to work for us, otherwise she’d be a great addition to our group. But it feels like such a waste of talent if we kill her just like this...”

The henchman kept shaking his head as he spoke.

Ceng Hanyu pondered for a moment. When did Mo Suqing become a weapon designer for The Dark Night? Did she join them five years ago, or was she already a part of that organization way before that? He could not wrap his head around it at all.

He then said to the henchman, “Go get some water!”

The henchman was confused at the order, wondering what the water was supposed to be for, but he still walked out to get the water since he did not dare refuse Ceng Hanyu.

Ceng Hanyu then stood up and walked to Mo Suqing. “I’m here to save you, come with me!”

Mo Suqing did not recognize his voice, and she looked cautiously at him as she asked, “Who are you?”

Instead of answering her question, Ceng Hanyu asked her another one. “Who do you think I am? Are you waiting for Su Jincheng to come save you instead?”

Mo Suqing was rather stunned. Who is this guy?

She wanted to investigate some matters and it was her idea to sneak into the mafia base this time. Although Su Jincheng did not agree, he still approved it after she left to work on this alone. If she guessed right, this base would be blown to smithereens in a few minutes, and Su Jincheng would probably be right outside at this very moment. Why did a third party suddenly appear now?

Ceng Hanyu watched her in frustration. “Stop looking at me like that. I’m really here to save you!”

“I don’t need you to save me. Also, who in the world are you?”

Ceng Hanyu was annoyed. Why am I wasting my time arguing with Mo Suqing when Selina is still missing? He took off his mask and put it back on quickly, allowing Mo Suqing to take a quick look at his face.

She staggered backwards in shock and cried out, “Ceng Hanyu!”

“Shh!” Ceng Hanyu shushed her. “Someone else will be coming over soon, so it’s up to you whether you want to leave with me or not!” Mo Suqing was still in a surprised state.

Seeing her hesitate, he wanted to ask her why she abandoned the children and Ye Zhongjue so heartlessly, but he heard footsteps outside the room before he could say anything.

He then spoke harshly. “Are you going to tell us who sent you? Do you understand that death will be your only way out if you refuse to work for us?”

The henchman brought a bucket of water back to the room as he thought Ceng Hanyu was going to torture Mo Suqing, and that he needed the water to wake her up if she fainted. Mo Suqing did not look like the type who could withstand torture.

Irritation suddenly filled Ceng Hanyu as he glanced at Mo Suqing. Why did it feel like she became even more stubborn after five years?

He walked to the henchman and instructed, “You may leave first. You can continue with the questions after I finish!” The henchman nodded and left.

Ceng Hanyu looked at Mo Suqing. “Are you leaving or not? This is your only chance!”

Gunshots could be heard right after he spoke, and the henchman ran back in a fluster. “Master Doria, the base is being attacked. Let’s go!”

Ceng Hanyu glanced at Mo Suqing. She did not look surprised at this turn of events at all.

So she already knew that this would happen.

He waved dismissively and said, “I’ll stay to keep an eye on her, you go on ahead to help the rest!”

The henchman pondered for a moment and exited the room.

With the gunshots sounding more intense in the background, Ceng Hanyu was speechless as he regarded Mo Suqing. This woman actually had the guts to do something like this?

He would never have guessed what she had been doing for the past five years.

He tugged on her arm and dragged her out without asking for her opinion a second time.

The entire base was in a mess, and he was able to successfully escape through the gate that led to the prison.

When they got out, he saw a man with a poker face standing some distance away. Su Jincheng walked towards them as he saw Mo Suqing.

“You alright, Suqing?”

Mo Suqing shook her head to signal that she was fine, before turning to Ceng Hanyu and saying, “You should go too!”

Ceng Hanyu stared at her. I can’t believe she was mucking around with Su Jincheng all this time. It’s no wonder we couldn’t find her.

Su Jincheng wanted to stop Ceng Hanyu from leaving, but Mo Suqing prevented him from doing so.

“He saved me, consider him a friend!”

Ceng Hanyu sighed inwardly to himself in frustration. Friend? What was Ye Zhongjue to her then? An enemy?

She probably doesn’t need my help since someone else is protecting her!

Ceng Hanyu left quickly, but he heard Su Jincheng say something as he left.

“I’ve told you so many times not to do this. It’s too dangerous. But you just refuse to listen. Why are you so stubborn?”


Ceng Hanyu located his men from Sin Eliminators and instructed them to continue searching for Selina.

He hesitated for a long time, but decided not to share the news about Mo Suqing with Ye Zhongjue and simply kept it to himself.

They were enemies five years ago, and they are still on opposite sides now. He would literally be sending Ye Zhongjue to his death if he told the man about Mo Suqing now! It was better to bide his time on this!

Three days later, Ceng Hanyu received some news about Selina.

She rented a tiny cabin in the Alps in Switzerland, and she went skiing alone very often.

Initially, Ceng Hanyu refused to believe this, because he felt that such a lifestyle was not something Selina would enjoy at all.

But it was indeed Selina when he saw the photo that his men sent over. Although it was just her side profile, he would recognize her anywhere.

Ceng Hanyu left for Switzerland immediately.

Even after his subordinates found the location of her home, he did not dare enter. He stood a distance away from the door for a long time before an old lady passed by.

“Are you here to ski, young man? Do you need a place to stay?”

Ceng Hanyu shook his head at the old lady’s smiling face. “No, Granny, may I ask if there’s a beautiful lady staying in this house? That lady might be my girlfriend!” He then pointed towards the door of the tiny cabin.

The old lady laughed at him. “Your girlfriend! It belongs to me. I stay here and I own many of these. Most of them are being rented to the tourists. This lady you’re talking about probably arrived four or five days ago. She’s really good at skiing, and many young men have their eyes on her too!”

Ceng Hanyu’s expression turned glum when he heard that others had their eyes on Selina.

The old lady laughed again. “You have to be gentle to the ladies, young man, or else you won’t be able to get a wife!”

Ceng Hanyu scratched at his ear, feeling instantly embarrassed.

“Granny, it’s chilly here. Are there any cabins available for rent? It’s best if it’s nearer to that one!”

He pointed back at the tiny cabin. There was a two-storey one right beside it, with a loft on the second floor.

The old lady smiled and said, “Yes, there are. That one right beside the tiny cabin is more expensive because it has a loft, so it’s seldom booked!”

Ceng Hanyu thus rented it immediately.

In the afternoon, he spotted Selina at a distance as he stood at the loft.

He felt downcast as soon as he saw the other man beside Selina.

The old lady was right. Men were attracted to this woman anywhere. This won’t do, I have to make a move! Ceng Hanyu got dressed and left quickly.

Selina had already spotted Ceng Hanyu, but she continued talking to the man beside her instead. This man was Eric, and he was here to ski too. He was familiar with the place because he visited often, and he had been kind to her when she had just arrived. He was an interesting person to hang out with as well.

Ceng Hanyu caught Selina glance at him once, only to see her turn back to the other man and continue their lively conversation. He was being ignored!

This annoyed Ceng Hanyu, but he could not help feel upset when this was the very person he had missed so dearly for the past few days.

Recalling what she wrote in her diary, he suddenly felt that he had no right to get angry at all. She had been chasing after him all this while, so this time, it was time he chased after her.

He would not leave her hanging this time. He would not allow her to be lonely and upset again.

Her heart will no longer be in solitude.

That was because he understood everything now! He finally knew how she felt!

Ceng Hanyu tried to calm himself down as he made his way towards her.

“Selina, I’m here!”

Eric realized that the man who was looking at Selina was now walking towards them and saying hello to Selina.

It seemed like they already knew each other from before, and the man was not just an admirer of hers!

Selina looked up at Ceng Hanyu.


She then walked away with Eric, ignoring Ceng Hanyu completely.

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