Chapter 207: Hurting from a Trivial Love

2015, January 1.

I’ve tried very hard to hide the fact that my legs had recovered, but my mother found out eventually.

My mother, Melissa, is an elegant and beautiful woman. She is very astute and intelligent, and I could never compare with her.

Though she reprimanded me for hiding the truth after finding out that my legs had recovered, I asked her to continue to lie for me. My mother didn’t have the heart to reject me, so she decided to leave instead. She decided to go travel the world, saying that she didn’t want to be involved in this.

I felt upset, but I was still a coward. I didn’t dare tell Ceng Hanyu the truth because I had a cowardly heart.


Selina wrote about her feelings and how uneasy she felt as she tried to protect that love in the following pages.

Ceng Hanyu felt as if his heart was being squeezed as he continued reading her diary, his tears dripping onto the pages. He had never known that he could make Selina feel that way when she used to be so full of pride.

He continued reading her diary and finally flipped to the first entry for this year.


2017, January 1.

It’s another new year and I’ve already been able to stand for three years now, but I haven’t told him yet. Ceng Hanyu doesn’t know the truth, and I think I’d really have to applaud myself for my acting skills.

I actually hid the truth for three whole years.

Leng Xiyao said she wanted to return home, and I know why.

Others think that she’s returning because An Group is in a crisis, but I know very well that she’s returning because of that man. She had been in love with that man for more than ten years, and I know that sort of feeling better than anyone else.

If she goes back, there might be a chance for them. Nobody can predict what would happen in love!

2017, August 9.

I’ll have to admit that I’ve lost. Sadness overwhelmed me when Ceng Hanyu said he wanted to go back. But how could I stop him when I’m also worried about the girl?

When would such days end? I keep worrying that he would leave and not come back. I think it would really happen this time.

I asked myself if I was brave enough to go look for him in China if he leaves and never comes back, but I know that my answer was a ‘no’. I’ve already used up all of my courage and I have no more energy to spare.


That was the very last entry in the diary.

It was August 9 today, and Ceng Hanyu surmised that she had been writing in her diary when she heard the car, which was why she walked out to the balcony. She did not expect that it had been someone else who was driving away.

When he saw her, she left in such a hurry that she did not even have the time to keep her diary.

Ceng Hanyu’s heart so badly. He never thought his heart could hurt that much. It hurt even more than when he had to make that decision when Selina and Anne both got shot five years ago.

He could not stand it this time.

He never knew that she loved him so much to the point that she was willing to throw away that dignity of hers. How could I do this to her?

I was too full of myself. I thought she lied to me and played me for a fool, and I even thought that she may have done so for revenge. But I’ve never thought that she loved me this much, and that she was just afraid that I would end up leaving her.

He hated everything he did five years ago and how he treated her in the past. If he had just kept his emotions in check, things would never have turned out like this. I’m to blame for everything!

Ceng Hanyu hugged the diary and slowly fell asleep, but he was quickly shaken awake by the sound of his mobile phone ringing.

His subordinate had something to report.

“Boss, the Italian mafia caught an agent, and her features look very much like Selina. I can’t confirm it yet, but I’ve heard that she was caught earlier in the night. What should we do? We’ve heard that the Godfather here is extremely cruel, and agents who have been caught will always end up dead, and they usually die a very horrible death...”

His subordinate was hesitant to continue. Ceng Hanyu shot up immediately. “Where? Send me the address and I’ll be there!”

Treating the diary like a treasured object, Ceng Hanyu carefully put it into the bedside drawer before he dashed out.

His subordinate had already sent him the location, and Ceng Hanyu quickly put on a black windbreaker as he went up to the upper level of the castle.

There were three private jets parked at the small-scale airport on the upper level of the castle built for emergency use. Nothing was more important than saving a life, and this was an absolute emergency.

Ceng Hanyu looked at the location again before he boarded the jet. A huge door at the side opened slowly as the plane glided along the runway in darkness, it then took off into the night.

When Ceng Hanyu arrived at the location, he realized that it was the secret base of the Italian mafia in the country. Agents from Sin Eliminators were all on standby there, and though one hour had already passed, nothing seemed to have happened.

He did not want to wait any longer. He would never be able to forgive himself if anything happened to Selina. He gave instructions to his subordinates and asked the snipers to look for a good vantage point before sneaking into the base.

Ceng Hanyu entered from the sewers which directly led into a tiny garden in a courtyard. He quickly ran into one of the buildings to hide after coming out of the sewers and looked around to orientate himself. There was only one way to enter and exit this place, and it was surrounded by four towering buildings. The entire place looked rather gloomy and suffocating.

He then heard footsteps and quickly turned into a dark corner. A man walked out.

Without pausing, Ceng Hanyu rushed forward and knocked the man out before dragging him into the dark corner. He changed into the man’s clothes and heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that the man was also wearing a mask that covered half his face. That would save him a lot of trouble.

After disguising himself, he walked in the direction the man came from. When he reached the second floor, one of the henchmen walked towards him.

The henchman sounded surprised as he asked, “Master Doria, I thought the Godfather asked you to take care of that woman we caught? Why are you back so soon?”

The gears turned in Ceng Hanyu’s mind. According to what the henchman just said, the masked man was on his way to see the woman. He had to find out if she was in fact Selina.

He did not want to make enemies with the mafia, and it would end up being a zero-sum game if that happened.

“I was thinking of getting someone else to go with me. I have something else to take care of later, so how about you go ahead and ask the questions in my place first. I don’t think that we should torture her to death yet even if we’re unable to get anything out of her. I have a feeling that she must know something important. Let’s go!”

The henchman seemed very surprised at what he just heard, but his surprise turned into happiness in the very next second. “You think so too, Master Doria? That was what I thought, but I never dared say it in the past because I was scared of angering the Godfather. I was afraid that he would say I was overstepping my boundaries if I questioned his decisions!”

“But!” He paused suddenly and looked at Ceng Hanyu. “Master, why does your voice sound different today...”

Ceng Hanyu coughed. “Is that so? I didn’t realize that. It’s probably just a cold!” He then deliberately coughed two more times.

Ceng Hanyu could guess the general direction where the woman was being held by looking at where the henchman was headed.

When they arrived at the opposite building, they went downstairs instead of going up. He then realized that there were two basement levels specially built to hold captured agents, traitors, killers, and the like. In each basement level, there were two rooms at both ends that were used as interrogation rooms.

Ceng Hanyu walked towards one of the rooms and said, “Bring her here and we’ll ask the questions in there!”

The henchman nodded and quickly made his way to one of the other rooms.

Ceng Hanyu waited for a while before he saw the henchman dragging a woman into the room.

The woman had a familiar figure, but her head was kept low and he could not make out her appearance clearly.

However, he was very sure she was not Selina since her height and her hairstyle were very different. One could put on a wig, but it was impossible to fake one’s height. He heaved an inward sigh of relief at this. Luckily it’s not her!

But the next second made him catch his breath.

She was not Selina, but there was no way he could stay calm after seeing the woman’s face.

He could never leave her in the lurch. She was Ye Zhongjue’s life!

After she shot Ye Zhongjue, he refused to let Ceng Hanyu look for her to demand an explanation. He really loved her so much that he could die for her. Ceng Hanyu did not try to change Ye Zhongjue’s decision since he knew that everyone reacted differently when it came to love.

Ye Zhongjue had loved Mo Suqing for so long, while he had only just realized how deeply Selina had loved him. If he was already in so much pain, Ye Zhongjue’s heart would probably feel like it had been pierced through a thousand times.

He knew that the stubborn man was still waiting for that woman, and that woman was right in front of his eyes.

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