Chapter 205: Too Full of Yourself

As Ceng Hanyu entered Selina’s room, he noticed that the corner of the blanket was lifted, just like how it was before she left.

He walked over as images of the time spent with her played in his head like a movie.

He crashed onto her bed, feeling as if he could still make out her lingering smell.

He remembered how she looked when she left. Though she spoke with sarcasm and her tone was cold, her eyes seemed to have been laced with a hint of disappointment.

Ceng Hanyu could not wrap his head around it. She was the one who lied, so why did she have such an expression? Was she right to have done that? Didn’t she know that she had hurt me greatly by doing that?

What happened to all that trust between them? Where did it go?

He was very flustered when she left, because she was too proud.

Her legs had recovered, but the fact that he had witnessed everything in that particular way would definitely be a huge blow to her dignity. Though Ceng Hanyu was still confused as to why she would lie about her condition, he was still very concerned about her safety.

He lay on Selina’s bed for a long time before he heard a knock on the door. He jumped up immediately.

Disappointment washed over him as he opened the door to see the butler.

“Anything the matter?”

Ceng Hanyu asked placidly.

Seeing Ceng Hanyu in Selina’s room, the butler heaved a sigh of relief.

He then asked, “Young Master, will you still be going back?”

Ceng Hanyu paused at the question. All he could think about was Selina, and whatever was happening back at home had already been placed at the back of his mind.

He thought for a moment. “I’m not going back yet. We’ll look for Selina first!”

“Then how about Miss An?” The butler asked, unsure. He knew that Anne was under immense pressure back at home.

Ceng Hanyu sighed. “I’ll think of a way. Go on with your duties!”

He then closed the door and leaned against it, sighing again.

He felt like he was trapped in a house with a leaking roof on a very rainy day.

He could not leave Anne in the lurch and he could not ignore Selina, but he could not break himself into two either.

Finally, he gave Ye Zhongjue a call.

It was in the middle of the work day back at home, and Ye Zhongjue could already guess what Ceng Hanyu had to say once he saw the man calling.

“Hello! What’s up?”

“Jue, help me out on something!”

Ye Zhongjue knew what it was, but he still asked.

“What’s going on? Tell me!”

“I’ve heard about what happened back at home after Anne returned. I initially planned to come back today, but Selina went missing. I have to find her first, she’s very emotionally unstable now!”

Ye Zhongjue asked in a rather cold tone, “How did she go missing? I thought you were taking care of her? She can’t move her legs, so could she have been abducted?”

Ceng Hanyu gave a bitter laugh and shook his head.

“Jue, you’re overthinking it. She drove off in a car herself! I’m just worried about her safety!”

Ye Zhongjue asked in belief, “She drove off on her own?”

“That’s right. I’m not making this up!” Ceng Hanyu’s tone carried a hint of indignation.

“Her legs had recovered three years ago, but she said she had been lying to me all this time. If I didn’t see it for myself today, I don’t know how much longer she would have kept up with the act!”

Ye Zhongjue was stunned at this. If Selina’s legs had already recovered three years ago, why did she choose to lie to everyone?

He had gotten his answer the very moment the question crossed his mind.

He did not know the current Selina well, but he could understand her intentions.

Love changed people in various ways, and some of us would even be willing to give up all that arrogance and dignity we had.

If anyone asked him how he would act when he was in love, he might probably have said that even if the other person slapped him, he would ask her if her hand hurt instead.

This was love!

“Have you thought about why she kept it from you for such a long time?”

“Why she kept it from me?” Ceng Hanyu repeated the question to himself thoughtlessly.

Ye Zhongjue sighed. Selina probably wanted for Ceng Hanyu to figure it out himself, which was why she did not tell him the reason.

“Think about it. You don’t have to worry too much about what’s happening back at home. I’ll help out with Leng Xiyao’s matters here, and I won’t let anything happen to The Unparalleled and An Group.”

Ceng Hanyu was rather startled at what Ye Zhongjue told him. He asked him to think about it.

Ceng Hanyu then said “Thank you!” and ended the call before Ye Zhongjue could say anything else.

He walked towards the bed and lay on it in silent confusion.

He was then reminded of Leng Xiyao, and decided to give her a call. He thought that he may be able to get some clues from Leng Xiyao, since the girl had always been on good terms with Selina.

Leng Xiyao was by Leng Haoyun’s bedside when the call came.

She exited the ward to answer the phone. “Hello! Hanyu, what’s up?”

Ceng Hanyu found it difficult to broach the topic. “Anne, I can’t come back to help out this time.”

Leng Xiyao laughed. “I thought something major had happened! I’m fine. Mighty Empire will also be helping out on some projects, so don’t worry about me!”

Ceng Hanyu then asked, “Is Leng Haoyun alright?”

Leng Xiyao gave a bitter smile as she answered.

“He’s okay. He’s just asleep, and we don’t know when he can wake up.”

Ceng Hanyu felt guilty all of a sudden. Why did I have to bring this up to upset her?

He quickly tried to comfort her. “Anne, don’t be too upset over this. Take care of yourself and everything will be fine.”

“Mm, I know!” Leng Xiyao nodded as a tear fell from the corner of her eye.

Ceng Hanyu suddenly asked, “Anne, do you know that Selina’s legs have recovered?”

Leng Xiyao was shocked at the news. Selina’s legs have finally recovered? This was the greatest piece of news she had heard in a while!

“Really?” She almost cried out with tears of joy. “That’s great! When did she recover?”

“Three years ago!” Ceng Hanyu answered.

Leng Xiyao was puzzled at this. Three years ago? Wasn’t Selina still in a wheelchair three years ago?

She frowned and asked, “Hanyu, what happened?”

Ceng Hanyu then told her everything that happened today.

“I initially planned to go back today to help you out at home, but when I finished packing and I wanted to go say goodbye to Selina, I saw her standing at the balcony. It didn’t look like she was just able to stand either. When she saw me, she didn’t look guilty at all. She simply told me that she had already recovered three years ago and that she could already stand. Before I could ask any further, she left...”

“Are you looking for her now?” Leng Xiyao asked.

“Mm!” Ceng Hanyu answered.

“If you’re calling me, then it’s definitely not just about what’s happening at home. I know you well enough to know that you must have already called Ye Zhongjue before you called me, right?”

Ceng Hanyu felt a little awkward at this, as if someone had just seen right through him.

“Mm, I wanted to ask you why Selina kept this from me for such a long time. Why did she not tell us even when she had recovered? Is she happy seeing all of us worry about her?”

At this moment, Leng Xiyao really wanted to fly over there just to open up Ceng Hanyu’s skull and see what it was that was going on in that brain of his.

“Don’t you get it? She feels bad if we’re all so worried about her, but what’s more unbearable is you leaving her. Do you understand?”

Leng Xiyao stunned Ceng Hanyu with her words.

Was Selina really afraid of me leaving her? Couldn’t she tell that I’ve already made the decision of being with her in this life?

Leng Xiyao continued impatiently. “Are you telling yourself that she should already have known about your feelings? But do you remember how you treated her in the past? You ignored her and you were cold to her, you never told her how you felt, and this made her worry that you’ll leave her one day. Do you think she knows that you love her? Why don’t you tell her so?”

Dismay washed over Ceng Hanyu in an instant.

“I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that she would think like this!”

“That’s because you’re too full of yourself. I think you feel that Selina won’t ever leave you, and that’s why you kept her waiting all this time!”

“That’s not true!” Ceng Hanyu got emotional all of a sudden.

He buried his head in the blanket and curled up in his pain. I really didn’t mean for this to happen. I’ve never been someone who knew how to express my love, and I didn’t know that not telling her would actually hurt her so much.

He had always thought that Selina had been aware of his feelings!

Leng Xiyao did not want to waste any more time with him. She knew that he had to think it through on his own on matters like this.

“Well, then you had better go look for Selina and explain everything to her. You shouldn’t be telling others about how much you love her because it’s no help to the situation at all. Also, can you tell me who gave birth to Ye Zhongjue’s children? Why didn’t you tell me about that sooner? How is he going to face Suqing like this!”

Leng Xiyao was a little emotional now.

They treated each other like sisters would, but both their love lives seemed to be in shambles.

Ceng Hanyu said, “They are Mo Suqing’s.”

“They’re not...” Leng Xiyao was surprised to hear this. Didn’t both the babies die?

“They were saved! I have to go now.” Ceng Hanyu then ended the call.

Leng Xiyao was still in a state of surprise. She stood at the corridor as thoughts raced through her mind. So they really are Suqing’s children. I even thought Ye Zhongjue was so heartless as to get together with Mo Sulian right after Mo Suqing left.

Fortunately, things were nothing like what she had imagined them to be.

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