Chapter 204: Selina Leaving Resolutely

Selina then finished the chicken thigh Ceng Hanyu put on her plate.

Ceng Hanyu felt comforted as he saw her smile.

She laughed...

He did not want to say anything that might make her unhappy during their meal, but his mobile phone rang right when they were eating.

After taking a look at the caller, he looked up at Selina and said, “I’ll have to take this call!”

Selina lost her smile as she watched Ceng Hanyu walk out.

She could tell that Ceng Hanyu seemed to have something to tell her, but for some reason, he was finding it difficult to say it.

She could no longer bear it, especially when she could feel Ceng Hanyu steal glances at her from time to time in order to gauge her mood. He looked like he had something to say, but it seemed like he was afraid of upsetting her if he did so.

Thus, she asked, “What do you want to tell me?”

Selina stunned Ceng Hanyu with her question.

How did she know?

He frowned and looked at her with concern before he finally spoke.

“I have to tell you about something, but don’t get angry after that, okay?”

Selina gave a tiny smirk. “Am I that bad tempered?”

Ceng Hanyu explained hastily, “No, I’m just afraid and worried that you might be upset!”

“Go ahead!” Selina said placidly, her face expressionless.

She could already guess that whatever Ceng Hanyu wanted to tell her, it had to be related to Anne in some way or another. It was the only reason that could make him act this way.

“Well!” Ceng Hanyu started to explain.

“Anne met Leng Haoyun when she returned to the country.”

“I know, I could’ve guessed that!” Selina answered without looking up at him.

“But of course, that’s not the point.” Ceng Hanyu paused before continuing.

“Anne met Leng Haoyun, and because Leng Haoyun feels so guilty about what happened, he tried his best to keep her by his side this time. He was able to find someone to save Grandpa An, and he had also acknowledged An Baobei as his son. However, An Huilin reappeared not too long ago...”

At this, Selina’s expression changed. “Didn’t Leng Haoyun kill her? Doesn’t he know that she wants Anne dead?”

Ceng Hanyu stood up and walked over to Selina to hug her, trying to comfort her.

“Don’t get too worked up, listen to me! Leng Haoyun committed An Huilin to a mental institution at the time, and he thought that this punishment was a heavy enough one. He thought she would go insane if she was trapped in there, but who knew that An Huilin could be so resolute. Not only did she not go crazy, she even escaped the facility after she learnt that Anne returned to the country. She planned to kill Anne and she almost succeeded at a construction site! Leng Haoyun was the one who pushed Anne away in the nick of time, and Anne is fine, but Leng Haoyun is now in a coma. Anne now has the pressure of overseeing both the An Group and The Unparalleled at the same time, and she’s all alone. I’m afraid that she...”

“I know you’re worried about her. Go back and help her out!”

Selina’s expression returned to being calm, and her answer was a logical one, it was an answer that any logical, understanding person would give.

For some reason, Ceng Hanyu felt uneasy at this. He could not put his finger on it, but something felt amiss.

“Okay, take care of yourself then. I’ll be back when I’m done settling everything there!”

“Mm!” Selina kept her head low as she acknowledged him.

The both of them then fell silent for a while.

Selina was the first to speak. “I’m sleepy. Take me upstairs and you can start packing!”

Ceng Hanyu then nodded and carried her upstairs.

Selina burrowed her head into the blanket as soon as Ceng Hanyu placed her on the bed.

Ceng Hanyu looked at Selina, who was now wrapped under the blanket, with concern. He sighed and left.

Instead of closing the door, he left it slightly ajar, thinking of coming back to see her again right before he leaves.

Selina heard him leave and she tried to sleep, but she did not feel the least bit drowsy even after tossing and turning for quite a while.

She knew very clearly that she should let him go back, since Anne was all alone now and she was also worried about how Anne would be able to handle the huge pressure.

But that did not help alleviate the bitterness she felt in her heart.

After lying on the bed for a while more, she slowly got up as she heard the sound of a car engine from downstairs.

She got down from the bed slowly, put on her bedroom slippers and walked to the balcony.

She had never expected for Ceng Hanyu to have seen everything she just did.

Ceng Hanyu looked at her in shock. He stood there, frozen stiff.

An expression of betrayal and anger appeared on him, and that dismal feeling of not being trusted assailed him.

Selina looked down from the balcony only to see one of the subordinates drive away.

Her brows creased before she turned around to see a man with an extremely surprised expression standing at the door.

Panic flashed past Selina’s face. She had imagined this very scene playing out multiple times, but never would she have guessed that it would happen like this.

She felt like a thief who was being caught red-handed.

The panic on her face dissipated quickly as she took slow steps towards Ceng Hanyu.

She looked extremely calm, totally unlike someone who just had their secret exposed.

It looks like it had already been quite some time since she could walk. Why did she lie to me?

“When did you come?” Selina looked at him with a rather composed expression.

The fire in Ceng Hanyu’s heart seemed to suddenly come alight.

He pursed his lips and paused for a long time before answering.

“Just now!”

The both of them then fell silent again. They simply looked at each other blankly.

Ceng Hanyu broke the silence as he finally asked, “When did your legs recover?”

He wanted to know the truth, but at the same time, he was afraid of hearing her answer. He was afraid that she would tell him that it was fine from the very beginning, that she had been lying for the past five years!

If that was really the case, he did not know how he could face her.

Selina stared at him as she said, “Three years ago!”

Ceng Hanyu frowned. Three years ago? Why did she lie to me if she had already recovered? Did she do this to make me feel more guilty?

“Why did you lie?”

Selina laughed sarcastically. “I thought you knew!”

“I don’t!” Ceng Hanyu was angry now. He did not understand why she had to lie to him. Is she happy to see me in pain?

“It’s fine if you don’t!” Selina said as she walked towards the door.

Ceng Hanyu grabbed her arm tight and yelled, “Selina!”

“What?” Selina looked at him with nary a change in her expression. “We can talk, but can you please let go of me?”

Ceng Hanyu glared at her. He released her arm and the both of them were now standing as they faced each other.

Selina kept quiet as she waited for Ceng Hanyu to ask his questions. He’s the one who stopped me, so what did he want to ask?

Is he going to ask me why I lied, whether it was because I was treating him like a fool? Or is he going to ask me if this was revenge for how coldly he treated me in the past?

Ceng Hanyu stared at Selina, his gaze almost boring through her.

He tried his best to keep his anger and emotion in check before he posed his question to her through gritted teeth.

“I just want to know why you lied to me when you had already recovered three years ago. Is it fun to lie to me?”

Selina looked at him like she was looking at a monster. She then laughed. It sounded passionate and enchanting, just like the Selina of the past.

“Yes, lying to you is very fun! Don’t you know that having you act like a fool made me so happy!”

Ceng Hanyu stared at her incredulously. “I don’t believe you!”

Selina shrugged. “It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not!”

Ignoring Ceng Hanyu, she made her way downstairs. He heard the sound of a car engine starting, and it was Selina who had left.

The butler witnessed Selina walk downstairs, make her way to the garage, get into the car and start the engine before she drove off. All her actions looked very smooth.

The butler was surprised at this. I thought Miss Selina couldn’t walk?

It had already been five years, and it’s a miracle that she could recover!

Before he could share the news with Ceng Hanyu, the latter was already coming down the stairs.

Ceng Hanyu frowned at him as he asked, “Where did Miss go?”

The butler stuttered as he spoke, “Miss just drove away!”

Ceng Hanyu’s expression changed. “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

He literally flew down the stairs and dashed out.

Selina was nowhere to be seen when Ceng Hanyu drove out. He smashed his fist into the steering wheel and made a call to his subordinate to get them to look for Selina.

Although she was skilled, she had been out of action for the past five years. If she reappeared now, it would be extremely dangerous as she would be a very easy target for others.

Ceng Hanyu started searching high and low for Selina, but when he finally found some clues as to where she was, she had already left England.

Ceng Hanyu felt a sense of defeat overwhelm him. How could I forget that she was a top agent? Maybe she doesn’t need my help at all.

She was good at evasion, and if she really wanted to leave, she could have easily gotten hold of a fake passport. He would never be able to locate her like that.

He returned to the castle alone at night.

Recalling their conversation in the day, he felt rather upset. She said she lied to me on purpose, but I refuse to believe her!

He would rather she lied because of something else.

Ceng Hanyu went upstairs and was about to retire to his room when he decided to go to Selina’s room instead.

They had been living together for the past five years, and she had only been gone for half a day, but he had already started to miss her.

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