Chapter 202: Sacrificing Oneself for Love

Leng Haoyun knew that she did not mean what she said, and of course he did not mind it. He had already decided to accept whatever came his way. It had been five years now, and he was the one at fault five years ago. It was his unilateral decision that caused the tragedy then.

He did not want another tragedy to happen again five years later.

Leng Haoyun followed behind her. Seeing how stubborn she was, he felt as if everything returned to how it was five years ago.

When they arrived at the statue, Leng Haoyun looked up at the scaffolding. Someone very slim was standing there, and that person did not have the build of a construction worker at all.

He wanted to tell Leng Xiyao to be careful, but just as he said, “Yao...”, the head of the statue came crashing down towards her.

He looked up to see An Huilin smiling in satisfaction.

In a split second, he realized why he was not able to locate An Huilin.

She had been hiding at the construction site. There was no need for the workers to prove their identities on the site, and he had forgotten to check this place. He had checked everywhere, under bridges, in the slums… He looked everywhere except here.

Leng Xiyao saw the statue’s head falling towards her, but it was too late for her to get away.

It looked like a gigantic boulder that was going to hit her anytime.

Images of the time she spent with Leng Haoyun flashed through her mind.

She was suddenly filled with regret. If I knew this would happen, I would’ve forgiven him sooner. I can’t solely put the blame on him for what happened at the time!

Leng Xiyao wanted to say that she regretted everything, but she had no opportunity to do so now.

Right before the statue’s head hit her, she felt a force pushing her away.

She turned in shock, witnessing the huge piece of rock hit Leng Haoyun on the side of the head. He fell to the ground instantly.

Leng Xiyao panicked.

She rushed forward, her tears unstoppable.

As she hugged Leng Haoyun in her arms, she lifted a trembling hand, shocked to see it stained with blood.

It was at this very moment that she realized there was so much blood on his head...

She bawled like a madwoman, “Someone, someone save him!”

She looked crazed as she held onto Leng Haoyun. Some of the construction workers at the scene then helped to call the ambulance quickly.

There were other workers who dragged An Huilin away from the scaffolding and captured her.

It was clear that An Huilin had just attempted a murder, and she would minimally be charged with assault. Her actions also made everyone on-site suspect that she was involved in the death of the worker last night!

An Huilin did not look the least bit remorseful even when she got caught. She laughed like a lunatic and stared at Leng Xiyao with narrowed eyes. “Why did you come back? Didn’t you die five years ago? Don’t you hate it that Leng Haoyun married me even when you were pregnant? Do you think I’ll leave you alone now? I’ll definitely kill you today!”

A trace of sadness flickered in her eyes as she glanced at Leng Haoyun, who was lying in Leng Xiyao’s arms. She then suddenly pounced forward, causing the workers holding her back to almost lose their grip on her.

“Leng Xiyao, you slut! Haoyun would have married me if it weren’t for you! We’d be living happily together now, and he wouldn’t treat me like this!”

Seeing An Huilin in such a psychotic state, Leng Xiyao felt rather sorry for her.

She initially thought An Huilin was just a cold, chic and serious woman, causing others to keep a safe distance from her. It was only until An Huilin got together with her uncle did she begin to feel jealous and harbor resentment towards the woman.

Even so, she had never thought of harming the woman.

She never expected that this woman could be this vicious to actually want her dead.

Was it karma that she ended up like this, or did she deserve all this? She was just too obsessed and fell in love with the wrong person. She refused to let go even when she knew the man didn’t care about her at all.

Leng Xiyao wiped the tears from her face and stared squarely at An Huilin.

“An Huilin, I pity you. Do you know you look so sad right now?”

This instantly triggered An Huilin, causing her to break free of the workers’ grip as she dived for Leng Xiyao.

Fortunately, the supervisor acted fast, kicking An Huilin to the ground.

An Huilin was captured once again. She cried out in anger.

“Leng Xiyao, you bitch, you’re a slut! It’s all because of you! Who are you to pity me? Are you not pitiful then?”

Leng Xiyao looked at An Huilin calmly, Leng Haoyun still lying in her arms.

“It’s because he loves me, and he’s willing to do so no matter what happens. This is why I don’t think I’m pitiful!”

An Huilin was rendered speechless.

Both the police and the ambulance arrived right at this moment.

Right before Leng Xiyao boarded the ambulance, she instructed the supervisor, “It’s best we keep this news from spreading. Let the police deal with An Huilin, and I’ll get Secretary Liu to look into the matter!”

The supervisor nodded as he watched the ambulance leave.


After the operation, Leng Haoyun’s life was no longer in danger. However, he injured his head, so no one knew when he would be able to regain consciousness.

Leng Xiyao decided to invite that old physician who did acupuncture on An Zhenguo for help.

However, there was no improvement even after half a month had passed.

Leng Xiyao turned into an entirely different person after his accident.

Because of the accident, she also found out that Leng Haoyun had already written up his will.

The lawyer told her that he had the will drawn up the day after she returned to the country.

It basically stated that all his assets and shares would go to Leng Xiyao if anything untowards happened to him.

Leng Xiyao did not need any of that, but she knew that his intention of doing this was to leave whatever he had for her.

She knew that she cannot afford to collapse under the pressure at this juncture.

Even though she had tried her best to stop the news about Leng Haoyun’s accident from spreading, it had already made its way to the ears of the public.

The Unparalleled was left without a leader. Though this situation was similar to what happened to the An Group when Old Man An was in a coma, Ceng Hanyu had been around to take care of things. Currently, The Unparalleled could only be handed over to Leng Xiyao.

She had to oversee things in the An Group as well.

Having to oversee both of these huge organizations was an extremely heavy responsibility for her. She took care of the company matters in the day and went to the hospital to take care of Leng Haoyun in the evening.

Leng Haoyun had not woken up even after a month had passed.

Leng Xiyao felt numb. She did not dare vocalize what little hope she had left in her, for fear of it being unfulfilled if spoken.

An Baobei visited Leng Haoyun in the hospital often, and he had gotten more obedient after Leng Haoyun’s accident.

He never would have thought that the call with Leng Haoyun that day might very well be the last time they spoke over the phone.

He was very mature, and did not question his mum about what exactly happened on that day, nor did he ask her about why his dad ended up like that.

An Huilin was being punished by the law, and the truth finally came to light.

It turned out An Huilin only realized that Leng Xiyao was alive after seeing the news about her returning to the country.

She treaded very carefully after escaping from the mental institution, more so after she found out that Leng Haoyun was searching for her.

To prevent Leng Haoyun from locating her, she snuck onto the construction site as a worker and mixed with a bunch of men there.

She had never imagined that luck would be on her side, as she learnt that it was the An Group which was overseeing that very construction project.

During lunch one day, she heard some of the workers gossiping about the new Chairman. They said she was just a young lady, so she wanted to personally oversee many things in order to prove her ability to the rest.

An Huilin then began formulating a plan.

On that fateful night, one of the workers got aroused by her, and An Huilin decided to put her plan of luring Leng Xiyao onto the site into action.

She and the man were in a tight embrace near that statue when she used a steel needle to pierce the man’s head.

It was difficult for a layman to determine the cause of death unless a coroner examines the body.

Leng Xiyao was very calm even after she learnt about everything.

The fact that An Huilin turned into someone so vicious and cruel in just five years was something she did not expect.

Since she had killed someone, the law will not let that woman go unpunished, so Leng Xiyao did not have to bother with her anymore.

She had only one wish, and that was for Leng Haoyun to wake up. She would try her best to protect what he had during this time.

Old Man An could tell that his granddaughter was almost buckling under the pressure from having to take care of Leng Haoyun and the corporate matters in both companies. Thus, he decided to take on the mantle of Chairman once again.

No one dared challenge him as long as he was in the position. He was still able to command the same amount of respect as he did in the past.

Though Leng Xiyao had been Chairman of the An Group for only two months, that helped her build the foundation in taking over the group in the future.

Ye Zhongjue did not explicitly offer his help after Leng Haoyun’s accident, but he had provided some aid through their business when Leng Xiyao needed a helping hand.

This was not only because he was friends with Leng Haoyun. Considering how close Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao were, he would not leave her in the lurch either.

Leng Xiyao was able to heave a sigh of relief with all the help she received.

Leng Haoyun had personally handled most of the matters in The Unparalleled.

It was very difficult for her when she first took over, but she would do her best to keep it afloat no matter what happens...

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