Chapter 201: More Worrying than My Son

An Huilin would recognize Leng Xiyao anywhere, even if she turned into ashes.

Her love for Leng Haoyun had already warped into a kind of possessive obsession.

This was the reason she hated Leng Xiyao, but in her heart, Leng Xiyao was already dead.

It was only until she saw the report that she realized Leng Xiyao was still alive, and that she was Uncle An’s granddaughter. She could not take this lying down!

An Huilin began plotting her escape from then on.

There was heavy security in the mental institution, and it was almost impossible for her to escape the place.

She waited for two months before an opportunity finally came. She knocked out the janitor and escaped the institution.

The current An Huilin was almost as mad as a hatter.

I won’t let Leng Xiyao live this time. This was the only thought that motivated her.

Leng Haoyun could not locate An Huilin even after he swept through the entire A City.

An Huilin had really hidden herself well this time. But he knew he had to find her before she did anything to Leng Xiyao, or else the distance between him and Leng Xiyao would only get further.


Leng Xiyao’s secretary entered her office in a panic as she was looking through some documents.

“Chairman An, something’s happened at the construction site!”

Leng Xiyao looked up calmly, repeating what her secretary just said to herself.

“Something’s happened...” she mumbled, frowning.

There was a feeling of foreboding in her chest. We’re building a plaza, so it’s unlikely for any collapses to occur, but if my secretary says this, then...

She tried to calm her secretary down.

“Don’t panic, tell me everything slowly, and I’ll see how we can take care of it!”

Trying to calm down, the secretary said, “The land area of that plaza is huge, so there are some construction workers who basically live on-site. But one of them died suddenly yesterday night, and the cause of death is as yet unknown.”

A sudden and unnatural death! Leng Xiyao frowned. Why would something like this happen!

“I’ll go on-site to take a look!” She stood up, grabbed her jacket and left immediately, her secretary following closely behind.

Soon after, they arrived at the city’s east, the location where the plaza was supposed to be built.

Leng Xiyao asked the supervisor to take her to where the death happened, and he explained everything as they walked.

He looked rather terrified and flustered. “I don’t know what happened either. We only found out someone died after waking up this morning, and it was right below that statue we’re building. It didn’t look like he had sustained any injuries, but we’ll need the coroner to verify this. The police haven't arrived yet, so I contacted the company quickly. What should we do? Even if the plaza is built, members of the public might not want to visit if they learn about what happened here.”

Leng Xiyao’s brows creased. Deaths were always an inauspicious omen, no matter where.

She told the supervisor, “Let’s first keep the news from spreading and prevent anyone else from hearing about it. We’ll look into this after the police investigation!”

“Mm!” The supervisor nodded, leading her forward.

Leng Xiyao’s mobile phone rang after she took a couple of steps.

It was an unknown number, but she decided to take the call.


A restless voice spoke, “Yao, it’s me. Are you at the construction site?”

Leng Xiyao nodded and looked around, but she did not see Leng Haoyun anywhere.

She then asked, “Where are you? How did you know I’m here?”

Leng Haoyun sounded like he was running as he panted lightly between his breaths.

“That’s not important. Anyway, stay where you are and don’t move. I just heard about what happened at the site, and I think something’s fishy. I’ll explain everything when I get there. I’m nearby now, so just stay where you are and wait for me! Don’t move!”

Leng Haoyun ended the call immediately after, causing Leng Xiyao to be rather puzzled.

He asked her not to move, but he did not say why. Hearing how anxious he sounded, something major had probably happened.

After a moment of contemplation, she spoke to the supervisor in front of her.

“Let’s wait a while here. President Leng is coming over, and he asked us to wait for him!”

The supervisor nodded. That was probably a good idea. Chairman An looks just like a young girl, too young to know how to handle things.

It was still better for men to take care of matters like death and the like.

The both of them stood where they were for a while, before Leng Xiyao caught sight of Leng Haoyun running over.

He anxiously looked Leng Xiyao up and down, as if afraid that something would happen to her.

Leng Xiyao glanced at him in puzzlement. Neither of them mentioned what happened in England, and it seemed like nothing had actually happened between them. One could not even tell that they had not met even once for the past month.

“Are you okay?” Leng Haoyun asked in concern.

Leng Xiyao shook her head. “I’m fine, why did you come? And what did you mean on the phone? What’s fishy about this? Do you actually know something about the death of the worker?”

Leng Haoyun glanced at the supervisor before pulling her to a side.

“What’s wrong with you?” Leng Xiyao tried to struggle free of his grip. “Why are you being so crazy!”

Leng Haoyun shook his head at her.

“Do you know where An Huilin went after you left A City?”

Leng Xiyao’s expression turned cold instantly!

“Didn’t she marry you? What has that got to do with me? If you’re here just to ask me this, please go back!”

Leng Haoyun looked at her in exasperation. “Yao, don’t be stubborn. Listen to me. I chased after you when you left the hotel, but Ceng Hanyu had already taken you away, and I didn’t marry An Huilin!”

“There’s no need for you to explain!” Leng Xiyao’s tone was icy.

“It’s none of my business who you marry!”

Leng Xiyao wanted to leave after that.

Leng Haoyun grabbed her arm. “Yao, stop throwing a tantrum. Listen to my explanation. It was An Huilin who asked Jian Jie for help, and she dispatched personnel from The Dark Night to attack you. You know this right?”

Leng Xiyao pursed her lips, remaining silent. She only found out right before she gave birth to An Baobei. But all this had nothing to do with her now.

Seeing her keep quiet, Leng Haoyun continued.

“I committed An Huilin to a mental institution in A City after I found out, but I think she might have found out about you recently, and she actually escaped. I know she’ll definitely be looking for you once she’s out, and her heart is so warped that I’m afraid she’ll hurt you. I’ve been looking high and low for her these few days, but I couldn’t locate her even after I’ve overturned the entire A City. I rushed over the moment I heard about what happened, because I suspect An Huilin is involved. I won’t let her hurt you this time!”

Leng Xiyao remained silent with her lips pursed.

An Huilin was committed to a mental institution? Didn’t he want to marry her? How could he do something so cruel? Was it like how he rejected me at the time? 

All of her sudden, she grabbed Leng Haoyun in a panic.

“Does An Huilin know about An Baobei? Didn’t you say she’s out now? Will she do anything to An Baobei?”

Leng Xiyao was anxious now. Leng Haoyun did not think about this possibility at all.

He frowned and called An Baobei immediately.

“Baobei, where are you?”

Leng Xiyao observed him closely as he spoke, as if afraid she would miss out any clues. What would I do if anything happened to An Baobei?

An Baobei looked at Mo Yanxi, who was talking to other kids, and answered in puzzlement, “Daddy, what’s wrong? I’m still in school now! I’m busy so I’ll talk to you later!”

An Baobei sounded like a grown-up, as if he was so much busier than Leng Haoyun.

Leng Haoyun spoke quickly, afraid the boy would end the call.

“Baobei, don’t end the call. Listen to Daddy first!”

Leng Haoyun sounded anxious but serious at the same time, and An Baobei could tell that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong? Daddy, what happened?”

“If there’s anyone else who’s there to pick you up today, don’t follow them, no matter what. Stay in school, and wait for me and Mummy to come pick you up, okay?”

An Baobei nodded, knowing that it was extremely important for him to do what Leng Haoyun said.

“I know, Daddy. I’ll be careful!”

“Mm!” Leng Haoyun heaved a sigh of relief. He probably had to worry less about his son compared to Leng Xiyao!

Leng Xiyao looked at him anxiously after Leng Haoyun ended the call.

“How is it? What’s Baobei doing?”

“He’s fine!” Leng Haoyun patted her on the shoulder. “Baobei’s in school now, and I asked him not to leave with any strangers. He’s very mature and I believe he can take care of himself. As for you...”

Leng Haoyun paused as Leng Xiyao’s expression turned cold. What is wrong with this man. I can’t even compare to a child?

“Whatever! I’m not going to waste anymore time with you here. I’m going over to have a look!”

Leng Xiyao then walked forward.

Leng Haoyun frowned. He was very worried. There was an ill feeling of foreboding, just like what he felt five years ago, and he just could not relax.

He will not let Leng Xiyao be more than five steps away from him, or else he would be ill at ease.

He followed closely after Leng Xiyao.

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