Chapter 200: This is Fate

Leng Haoyun was defenceless against that boy.

The little girl from the Ye family was Mo Yanxi, one of the Ye twins.

Mo Suqing gave birth to a twin boy and girl, and Ye Zhongjue named them Ye Yanchen and Mo Yanxi. They were born on September 6th, so the girl’s nickname was Xiaoliu, while the boy’s nickname was A’jiu. [1]

It was a miracle that they survived. They were very premature, and Jian Jie had kicked Mo Suqing in the stomach before she gave birth.

It was also because of the kids that Ye Zhongjue could pull through all these years. Leng Haoyun and Ye Zhongjue had gotten much closer during this time, maybe because they could sympathize with each other.

Leng Haoyun brought An Baobei to the Leng’s villa one day, and Ye Zhongjue just so happened to take the twins there for a visit as well.

An Baobei could not stop smiling from the very moment he laid eyes on Mo Yanxi.

Leng Haoyun found out later that his son and Mo Yanxi were actually classmates, and that he loved to play with the girl in school.

He sighed inwardly to himself. Is this fate?

He realized that the boy would look rather downcast if Mo Yanxi was not there when they returned to the Leng’s villa.

Leng Haoyun wondered to himself, Is this really fated to be? I’m his father but I’m literally being ignored.

Fortunately, his son was growing closer and closer to him daily, and the boy was very willing to spend time with him.

An Baobei was very mature for his age.

Leng Haoyun picked him up everyday after he returned to the country. He asked the boy casually once, “Do you wish that I was your dad?”

But An Baobei actually answered, “I know you’re my dad!”

At the time, Leng Haoyun was stunned at his reply, wondering how he found out.

An Baobei then explained that he already had his suspicions from the beginning. He first saw a photo of Leng Haoyun in his mother’s study, and he was able to meet Leng Haoyun in person after returning to the country.

He started suspecting that Leng Haoyun was his father from then onwards.

That day after their meal at Pin Xiang Xuan, he secretly made a call to his mother’s mobile phone and left it in her pocket with the call connected before he entered the car. So, he had actually overheard their entire conversation, and he was simply waiting for them to tell him the truth.

Leng Haoyun was rather astounded after listening to the boy’s explanation.

He never expected for a little boy to be so mature and calm, totally unlike children his age.

Since the boy already knew, Leng Haoyun did not have to spend much time and effort explaining it to him either. He had never actually thought of how he would go about revealing this to the boy.

Leng Haoyun’s lips turned up into a smile as he thought of An Baobei.

His son and his lover, he won’t give up either of them!

Leng Haoyun ordered his men to search for An Huilin right after he ended the call with An Baobei.

He suddenly regretted his decision of letting An Huilin live.

He initially thought that she would not be able to hurt Yao anymore, since Yao was dead.

So, if he let An Huilin die just like that, it would be a mercy for her.

What he did not expect was that Leng Xiyao did not die, and that she would actually appear before him five years later.

This time, he would protect her at all costs!


As Leng Haoyun was sweeping the entire city for An Huilin, Leng Xiyao saw her son’s happy face and got curious.

She led him to the sofa and sat the both of them down.

“You’re so happy that Daddy’s coming to pick you up?”

An Baobei frowned, unsure why she asked such a question. After a while, he realized that his mum was actually jealous!

What do I do? Mummy’s jealous face is so cute!

But it’s because I’m going to meet my future wife that I’m so happy. How do I tell Mummy about this though!

Seeing Leng Xiyao look upset, An Baobei tugged on her hand and spoke seriously.

“Mummy, answer me this. If my wife and you both fell into the water, who do you want me to save first?”

Leng Xiyao was puzzled at his question.

He’s just a little boy and he’s already talking about his wife? 

“Mummy, answer me!” An Baobei looked at Leng Xiyao in all seriousness.

Leng Xiyao playfully pinched his chubby cheeks.

“To ensure you continue having a happy relationship, I think it’s better for you to go save your wife!”

“You won’t get angry, Mummy?”

Leng Xiyao answered without hesitation, “Why should I get angry? Mummy will just swim to the shore on my own!”

An Baobei narrowed his eyes at her.

“Mummy, you don’t have a sense of humor!”

Leng Xiyao carried him up and placed him on her lap.

“Then tell me why you’re asking me that question. It has nothing to do with what I asked you at all!”

An Baobei laughed suddenly.

“It does! I’m going to Daddy’s house to see my future wife!”

“Your future wife?!” Leng Xiyao’s jaw dropped.

“Yes!” An Baobei answered seriously. “It’s because of my future wife that I’m so happy about it. I don’t want to play with Daddy, he doesn’t know what children like. Playing with him is not as fun as playing with my future wife!”

Leng Xiyao was stunned. He’s thinking about his future wife already?

She then asked, “Can you tell me who is the lucky girl my son has his eyes on?”

In her heart, she was actually wondering to herself who the unlucky soul was. The kids were still too young!

Just the thought of it made it seem sinful!

An Baobei had a face full of excitement and happiness once he started talking about his future wife.

“It’s the daughter of Daddy’s friend. Her name is Mo Yanxi, and her nickname is Xiaoliu. Her name is so nice right?”

An Baobei started pouting as he got reminded of something else.

“It’s just that her older brother Ye Yanchen is always trying to find fault with me, he’s so annoying. Every time I’m playing with Xiaoliu, he would have a frown on his face and he would take Xiaoliu away!”

Leng Xiyao was dumbstruck. Why is my son so cute?

She then asked in curiosity, “They have different surnames? One is Mo and the other is Ye?”

They had the same surnames as Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue, and she felt that this was too much of a coincidence, but she did not think too much about it.

Ceng Hanyu was the one who told her that Mo Suqing had lost her babies at that time.

An Baobei did not know what was going through his mum’s head, and he answered without hesitation, “One of them has their mum’s surname, while the other has their dad’s surname!”

“Who’s her dad then?” Leng Xiyao asked without thinking.

“Uncle Ye Zhongjue. He’s the big boss of a big company, just like Daddy!”

Leng Xiyao was astonished. Twin boys and girls, one has the surname of the mother, while the other has the surname of the father. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence? Are they really Mo Suqing’s children?

However, what she saw on television a few days later killed all her suspicions - she saw Ye Zhongjue and Mo Sulian attend a banquet together.

She chided Ye Zhongjue inwardly. How could I forget about Mo Sulian!

I’ve never seen such a shameless slut! Why’s she always out to snatch Suqing’s men!

Of course, there’s no use saying all this now!

After asking An Baobei those questions, Leng Xiyao finally broached the main topic.

“Baobei, how did Daddy reveal the truth to you?”

An Baobei looked at her, puzzled. “Weren’t you the one who asked Daddy to tell me?”

“I let him tell you, but I don’t know how he did it exactly.”

“Daddy didn’t tell you?” An Baobei frowned. He seemed to only realize it now that the three of them had never gone out together after Leng Haoyun had revealed the truth to him.

His parents had not seemed to have met after that either. An Baobei looked downcast as he thought about this.

Leng Xiyao laughed dryly. “That’s because I didn’t ask...”

It was obvious that she was lying, and An Baobei knew it too, but he did not have the heart to call her out on it.

“Mummy, actually I already knew. I was the one who told Daddy about it, that I already knew he was my real father...”

An Baobei then told Leng Xiyao about what happened on the day he overheard their conversation.

Leng Xiyao was rather shocked to hear his explanation. She suddenly felt that her son had the potential to become a secret agent!

He could actually connect a call and secretly put her phone into her pocket to eavesdrop on their conversation, and this was all done without her knowledge.

She was rendered speechless!


In the An family home, Leng Xiyao continued asking An Baobei various questions. She suddenly felt as if she did not know her son well enough!

On the other hand, Leng Haoyun was pulling out all stops to capture An Huilin. He dispatched the Red Kill personnel in A City, and he even asked for Ye Zhongjue’s help on this.

He knew that taking revenge on Leng Xiyao would be the only reason An Huilin escaped.

However, there was still no news of her after they searched for two whole days.

What he did not know was that An Huilin had been rather resolute even when she had been committed to the mental institution for the past five years. She told herself that she was there to take care of the mentally ill, and she kept telling herself that she was normal, and that she was only there to be a caregiver.

Of course, she knew that this was Leng Haoyun’s way of punishing her.

He never would have expected for An Huilin to be able to remain sane after five years.

One day, she came across a news report on television that said the richest man on the planet, An Zhenguo, had actually found his long-lost granddaughter five years ago. The report said she had been overseas all this time and had just returned to the country to oversee the An Group.

The camera panned towards Anne after the report ended.

An Huilin recognized that face immediately. It was Leng Xiyao.

[1] ‘Xiaoliu’ means ‘little six’ while ‘A’jiu’ means ‘number nine’.

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