Chapter 20: It Seems that She Got Married

Lin Ran walked into Ye Zhongjue’s office with a weird look on his face. Ye Zhongjue looked up from his desk for a second and returned his attention to the task at hand.

Lin Ran stood there preparing himself for a while. Finally, he ventured, “Boss, so I heard this gossip today.”

“Uh-huh,” Ye Zhongjue responded noncommittally.

“Boss, don’t you want to know what it is?”

“What is it?” Ye Zhongjue asked without ever looking up.

Lin Ran’s mouth gave a slight twitch. It was almost impossible to bring about a change in his boss’s emotions.

“It’s about you. Someone said you had driven a Volkswagen to work…” Lin Ran dry laughed a little and continued, “But I know it can’t be true. It’s obviously a rumor!”

“It’s true!” Ye Zhongjue said placidly, as if it was no concern of his.

“What?” Lin Ran opened his mouth so wide an egg could have fit in.

The truth was, to make his assistant story more plausible, Ye Zhongjue had bought the white Volkswagen from a secondhand car dealer when Mo Suqing went back home to take her household register.

Now that he had gotten married with Mo Suqing, it dawned on him that it was even more crucial not to reveal his true identity. Besides, he didn’t really care what kind of car he drove.

“What are you doing here?” Ye Zhongjue asked flatly, his voice betraying no emotions.

Lin Ran seemed to zone out for a moment, but presently he returned to reality and replied, “Oh right. About the woman you wanted me to look up, it seems that she got married recently. Are you sure you still want to know more?”

Lin Ran said carefully, observing Ye Zhongjue’s reaction.

Ye Zhongjue looked up.

“What does that have to do with anything?”

Lin Ran laughed nervously, “No, of course it doesn’t…”

Then, he looked at Ye Zhongjue and put on a serious face. In a businesslike tone, he started “Mo Suqing, a twenty-three female who graduated from college less than a year ago and is now working at a company called Trend Magazine. Her family is quite well off. Her father, Mo Zhenfeng, is the CEO of Mo Group. However, her mother died three years ago. Her father remarried and her stepmother took her daughter Bai Sulian with her. Bai Sulian is now Mo Sulian. She is a starlet and it is said that she doesn’t get along with Mo Suqing.”

“Mo Suqing had a boyfriend, Gu Jiannan. They had been together for seven years and everyone thought they would definitely get married. But somehow, Mo Suqing suddenly got married a few days ago and Gu Jiannan was not the groom. I didn’t get to find out who that guy is; I got hold of the news from her colleagues at Trend. They also told me that Gu Jiannan went to her company to confront her about the speed-marriage. However, Mo Suqing unmasked Gu Jiannan’s infidelity and accused him of having an affair with her step-sister in front of everyone. The security forced him to leave, yet he keeps coming back and waits for Mo Suqing at the entrance of Trend. This is basically her romance life.”

“As for her relations with colleagues and friends…” Lin Ran thought for a while before continuing, “Overall, Mo Suqing doesn’t have any good friends except for her colleague roommate and best friend, Leng Xiyao, who is also a gossip columnist like Mo. Leng Xiyao doesn’t seem to come from a common family, but I didn’t go into it. Anyway, the two girls are very good friends. Every time Mo Suqing is in trouble, she stands up for her and comes to her aid. Mo Suqing doesn’t socialize much with her other colleagues.”

Lin Ran finished his report without pausing and then added, “This is what I have found so far, Boss. Do you want me to check up on anything else?”

Ye Zhongjue was lost in thought. He remembered that when they were having lunch after registering the marriage, Mo Suqing borrowed his phone to call some woman.

She must have called Leng Xiyao.

And according to Lin Ran, the reason she had agreed upon the speed-marriage must have simply been the fact that she had known about Gu Jiannan and Mo Sulian. That was why she had been so drunk and not like herself that night.

Seeing that Ye Zhongjue didn’t seem to hear him at all, Lin Ran raised his voice and asked again, “Boss, did you hear me?”

Ye Zhongjue abruptly turned his head and looked at Lin Ran.

He considered for a moment and said slowly, “Find out more about that ex-boyfriend of hers.”

Lin Ran was puzzled. He couldn’t understand why his boss would want to know more about Mo Suqing’s ex.

Ye Zhongjue looked down and thought for a little longer, before adding, “If possible, give the Gu Group some problems to grapple with, so Gu Jiannan can’t trouble Mo Suqing anymore. Am I clear?”

“Uh…” An egg could have fit into Lin Ran’s open mouth. This is so not like my boss!

Ye Zhongjue was a little uneasy by his reaction. He snapped, “Do you have an issue? If not, do as you’re told!”

“O-okay!” Lin Ran hurried out of the office.

Ye Zhongjue slowly rubbed his forehead. Gu Jiannan, a name he knew too well.

Seven years ago, if it hadn’t been for this guy, he wouldn’t have backed off.

Ye Zhongjue stood up and walked to the window. Lighting up a cigarette, he sank into the memory.

Seven years ago, his father had wanted him to study abroad. However, he had insisted on signing up for schools here. In the end, he had had a face-off with his folks.

During the period after leaving home, he had met the love of his life.

She was Mo Suqing, an innocent girl with a good heart whom he could not have turned his eyes from and had fallen deeply for. It was a typical love at the first sight.


When Mo Suqing went to work that day, Gu Jiannan was still there waiting for her. However, there was Leng Xiyao too.

Gu Jiannan noticed Mo Suqing only when the two of them had gone inside. He shouted after them, but could not go past the security. Mo Suqing ignored him completely.

She never wanted to have anything to do with Gu Jiannan.

If he could have so easily betrayed their seven-year relationship, she could be cruel too and not give him any chance. If she gave him another chance, she would certainly make herself a joke.

Mo Suqing was about to step into the office when she saw her colleague Zhang Yubin. He was always very nice to her, so Mo Suqing gave him a smile and a nod.

Zhang Yubin pulled a long face. He had just returned from a business trip today and had heard people talking about Mo Suqing’s marriage.

In the past, he had thought there was always a chance for him even though Mo Suqing had a boyfriend, because they were not married.

But now, she got married and the guy wasn’t even that boyfriend of hers. How could he swallow this?

He looked at Mo Suqing fiercely and said with a hoarse voice, “Mo Suqing, I heard that you are married?”

Mo Suqing nodded, all smiles, “Yes. What’s wrong?”

“Well…” Zhang Yubin managed a smile. “Nothing. I just found out from the other guys. Congratulations!”

Mo Suqing knew he hadn’t really meant it. Zhang Yubin had been courting her for a long time. She had known his intentions, but she had not wanted to reveal it. They were co-workers, after all.

Now that she suddenly got married, it was understandable he was unhappy.

I should just leave him alone and avoid him as much as possible in the future.

“So, Yao and I will go in now.”

“Sure,” Zhang Yubin nodded with a stiff look on his face.

Leng Xiyao and Mo Suqing resumed walking. Zhang Yubin watched after them in silence.

Leng Xiyao walked into the office and whispered in Mo Suqing’s ear, “To be honest, Zhang Yubin is also boyfriend material. I can see that he really cares about you. He is a good guy too – I bet he’s much better than someone whom you’ve randomly picked!”

Mo Suqing gave her a hard look. “Who told you he is someone I’ve randomly picked?”

“Isn’t it so?” Leng Xiyao looked confused. “Don’t tell me… there is something I don’t know?”

Mo Suqing was reminded of the disorientating night when a drugged man and a drunk woman had become intimate with one another.

Blushing, she shook her head to clear her mind, not wanting to meet Leng Xiyao’s eyes.

“What are you thinking? I’m going to organize the information for the articles… There’s nothing you don’t know!”

Mo Suqing hurried over to her desk, fearing Leng Xiyao would keep questioning her.

For two consecutive days, Mo Suqing would always find Gu Jiannan at the entrance, waiting, but each time she evaded him. Therefore, Gu Jiannan never once saw her.

However, on the third day, Gu Jiannan did not show up. Mo Suqing was a little surprised, but that was all.

She walked into the office. Leng Xiyao immediately pulled her into the restroom.

“What? Why did you take me here?” Mo Suqing looked at her, perplexed.

Leng Xiyao gave her an elfish look. “Are you playing dumb or what? Why would I drag you here if not for Gu Jiannan’s absence today?”

“Why does it matter to me whether or not he is at the door? After all, I have nothing to do with him now!”

Mo Suqing said expressionlessly. Leng Xiyao tsk-tsked. “The saying is true about a woman’s heart being as unfathomable as the sea! Although I myself hate that son-of-a-bitch Gu Jiannan, but Suqing, you really blew my mind when you got married! You totally made him miserable, that you did!”

Mo Suqing shook her head. “I didn’t get married to get back at him. After what he has done, it’s impossible for me to forgive him. If I keep feeling heartbroken, I will only make myself feel pathetic. Getting married… is just my way to free myself. I can’t stay in that home of mine anymore, Yao…”

Then, she sighed, “I thought you knew me…”

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