Chapter 2: An Impetuous One-night Stand

All of a sudden, the door opened.

Ye Zhongjue was in one of the cubicles in an instant. Holding his breath, he listened to the movement outside.

It seemed to be a woman.

“Asshole! Bitch! I feel terrible… So terrible… Ugh…”

Ye Zhongjue frowned. Why, it sounds like a drunken woman throwing up, rather than those bastards looking for him.

The vomiting continued. He opened the door of the cubicle just a crack and peeked out of it.

A woman with shiny black waist-length hair came into sight. She looked… so beautiful.

However, beautiful as her back suggested, she was also a stupid drunkard that had walked in the wrong restroom!

Ye Zhongjue tried to suppress his burning desire before opening the door and walking out.

His forehead was beaded with cold sweat; his expression became even more sullen. Sons of bitches… how dared they drug him with something so strong!

His every step appeared extremely constrained, his breathing labored.

Mo Suqing hadn’t realized she was drunk until now. She bent over the sink and began vomiting, completely oblivious that someone was coming from behind her.

Ye Zhongjue was just walking past Mo Suqing when he heard light footsteps approaching.

Ye Zhongjue cursed inwardly. Such measured footsteps can’t be right. They must belong to those bastards.

He cast a glance at the woman bending over the sink, turned off the faucet and dragged her into the nearest cubicle without demur.

As soon as the door was shut, he heard someone talking outside, “Boss, I don’t think Ye Jue is here…”

Another person’s voice boomed out, “The bartender said he hadn’t left. Where else can he be except here? The drug is very strong; in a minute, he will fuck anyone including his own mother…”

He gave the most obscene laugh.

Sons of bitches! Ye Zhongjue cracked his knuckles and thought gloomily.

“Boss, someone is in that cubicle!”

“Come! Let’s take a look!”

Ye Zhongjue scowled. He looked at the woman whose mouth he had been covering and who was struggling to break free.

Her face had makeup smudges all over it, so it was difficult to make out her real appearance. However, a woman getting herself drunk in a pub couldn’t be an angel either!

Thinking this way, Ye Zhongjue hardened his heart and stopped trying to control the growing desire.

He covered Mo Suqing’s mouth with one hand and used the other one on her soft waist to swiftly pull down her trousers and panties.

Mo Suqing was so drunk and disoriented that she had not the slightest idea what this man was doing. She just kept struggling subconsciously.

Without warning, a spasm of pain shot through her body. She bit into the hand that covered her mouth.

The bite hurt a lot, but it didn’t stop Ye Zhongjue from satisfying his hunger. It was sheer bad luck that she walked into the wrong restroom and bumped into him in this state.

The hoarse groan of a man and the low moan of a woman came out of the cubicle on and off.

The two men from outside burst into laughter. One of them commented, “Boss, looks like people are having fun in there. Are we going to interrupt them?”

The other man was silent for a while before speaking, “Let’s go. Ye Jue is probably not here. Let’s go look for him outside!”

Ye Zhongjue felt a wave of relief when their footsteps faded away.

However, there was no way to quench the roaring flame. He ignored the struggling and sobbing woman while continuing doing it…

After a long while, Ye Zhongjue finally came out of the cubicle, pulling Mo Suqing along. His expression could not be any darker. Those bastards! What kind of drug did they use? It had been a long time, but the effect didn’t seem to be wearing off. If anything, it became stronger.

He gave the woman a sidelong glance, face still darkened.

There is no difference between doing it once or multiple times, is there? Okay then!

Ye Zhongjue half dragged, half pulled a staggering Mo Suqing all the way to the nearest hotel, Walton Hotel. He was a VIP member.

He threw his VIP card in the direction of the receptionist and, without looking back, strode toward the elevator with Mo Suqing in his arms.

Once in the room, Ye Zhongjue took Mo Suqing to the bathroom. He hardly knew how he could have done it in Blue Phantom when she looked so hideous.

He swore tomorrow he would kill them for the goddamned drug.

Ye Zhongjue pushed Mo Suqing under the showerhead. She responded by trying to get away from the falling water.

But, with Ye Zhongjue’s powerful hands locking her in place, she could do nothing but let the water pour down on her face.

Ye Zhongjue reached over and pushed her wet hair aside, revealing a makeup-free face that was light-complexioned, innocent and beautiful.

Ye Zhongjue froze the instant his gaze fell on her, utterly stunned.

Its her? Seven years had passed, but her appearance hadn’t changed much.

There’s no way he wouldn’t recognize her. It’s really her!     

Joy, fury and confusion found Ye Zhongjue all at once.

Joy found him because it was her; fury found him because he was angry with himself for having treated her like this; and confusion found him because a girl like her would never go to a pub and get drunk to this extent.

Can it be that seven years have turned her into a different person?

Ye Zhongjue’s heart ached badly for her. Enduring his own discomfort, he quickly washed her body clean, covered her with a towel and carried her to the bed.

Ye Zhongjue looked at her cleansed face. It was as attractive as he remembered. On an impulse, he kissed her red, small mouth.

The kiss rekindled the fire that he had barely kept under control.

With the effect of the drug in full swing, Ye Zhongjue’s eyes became blood-red.

He could no longer think clearly. Desire overcame reason, and he buried himself deep inside her.

He kept telling himself that he would be a responsible man. He would be responsible for her.

The night progressed; pleasure and passion formed a duet.

The first thing that occurred to Mo Suqing when she woke up in the morning was that her whole body felt like a car had run over it. That was how sore and hurt she was.

She frowned. Fragments of the night before swept over her wave after wave.

Mo Suqing was entirely stupefied. Was it really her last night?

She remembered she saw Mo Sulian and Gu Jiannan went into the hotel. Then, she and Leng Xiyao went to Blue Phantom for a drink. But after that…

She seemed to have gone to the toilet and some guy seemed to have shown up out of nowhere. And then, there was pain. A throbbing, excruciating pain. Moreover, it seemed that it had rained and that she was soaked through.

Mo Suqing could only vaguely remember what had happened afterwards. In fact, she dared not be honest with herself about it.

Then, she carefully pulled the sheet back. When she saw the purple marks all over her body, she was dumbstruck.

Mo Suqing couldn’t move at all, as if she had been hit by lightning.

She had only one thought. Did everything from the night before actually happen?

Did she seriously sleep with some stranger?

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