Chapter 199: You’ll Always Get Hurt in Love

Leng Xiyao took cautious steps towards him. If she guessed right, he was the one who made this happen.

Was he here trying to find ways to help Grandpa when he was out of the country? But how did he accomplish something that I couldn’t for the past five years?

As Leng Xiyao got closer to Leng Haoyun, her grandfather’s doctor, Professor Lan, stepped out.

He looked at Leng Xiyao in pleasant surprise.

“Miss An, you’re here! It’s all thanks to this gentleman that your grandfather was able to wake up! He organized a seminar for a group of experts on this, and even invited an old physician who practiced traditional chinese medicine to do acupuncture on your grandfather. I thought it wouldn’t help at first, but after about ten days or so, your grandfather actually woke up. Isn’t that amazing? Miss An, come in quickly!”

Leng Xiyao looked at Leng Haoyun, complex emotions whirling in her heart.

She followed Professor Lan to the ward her grandfather was in.

Since he had regained consciousness, there was no more need for some of the machines, and he could already eat normally.

Leng Xiyao’s heart hurt as she saw that haggard and sallow face on her grandfather. Grandpa, you’ve suffered so much these past five years. It’s my fault for being incompetent and for not being able to find ways to help you wake up!

Professor Lan was behind her. He sighed at the absolute miracle he was able to witness. It was highly unlikely for stroke patients who had been in a coma for five years to be able to wake up.

But Leng Haoyun made it happen.

Leng Haoyun asked him not to tell Leng Xiyao about it when the former first approached him, and Professor Lan was hesitant about it initially, but after seeing that Leng Haoyun sincerely wanted to help the old man regain consciousness, Professor Lan let him try his methods. He did not think that Leng Haoyun would actually be able to succeed.

It was a miracle in the medical field!

Leng Xiyao sat at Old Man An’s bedside for a while before she got up and went to Leng Haoyun.

She said, “Come out, let’s talk!”

A slight smile appeared on Leng Haoyun’s face.

It was her who initiated the conversation this time.

My efforts have not been wasted!

The two of them exited the hospital and walked on the pavement.

After a while, Leng Xiyao spoke. “I’ll have to thank you this time. I’m really glad that Grandpa could wake up, and of course, I’m grateful to you!”

Leng Haoyun answered her seriously, “Yao, you should know that I don’t need you to thank me for this. Your problems are mine too, and if you wish for your grandfather to wake up, that would also be my wish. I would help you fulfil what you wish for!”

Leng Xiyao turned to look at him. “I… I don’t know how I should be addressing you now. Should I be calling you Uncle, or President Leng, or Leng Haoyun? Whatever is between us isn’t a problem that can be solved so easily!”

Leng Haoyun’s expression turned a degree colder. “Then how do we solve it? You’re the one who said we can’t be together because of Grandpa An and Selina. So, what if I help them get well? I can do anything for you! Can’t you give me a chance?”

A sudden wave of sadness washed over Leng Haoyun as he looked at her. “Do you know that I’m willing to do anything for you? What I’m afraid of is that you’re unable to accept my feelings, or if something happened to you. Do you know how I lived my life these past five years? You disappeared and made me think that you were really dead. I couldn’t sleep at all for the past five years.”

“I remember seeing you get shot over the security cameras, and that image has already been burnt into my brain, it’s something that I can never forget! I’ve been tortured relentlessly by that pain. If you still have some feelings for me, why don’t you give us a chance? Do you need me to dig my heart out for you? Or are you still mulling over the fact that I chose to get married?”

Tears had already welled up in Leng Xiyao’s eyes, but hearing him mention his marriage and all that happened five years ago, everything seemed to replay itself in her mind.

She regarded Leng Haoyun coldly.

“I admit that I’m upset about all that, but after five years, my heart had been hardened like steel. It’s stronger than what you imagine it to be. Nobody is able to break it down, not even myself. It’s not that I’m not giving you a chance, it’s that I didn’t even think about giving myself a chance. Get it now?”

“What about An Yichen? The child is innocent. Don’t you want to give him a complete family?” Leng Haoyun looked incredulously at Leng Xiyao.

He never expected for Leng Xiyao to be this cold-hearted. She was no longer the Leng Xiyao who cared deeply for him.

But he was the one who had destroyed everything between them!

Leng Xiyao paused for a moment.

“I know that Baobei is still a child. You can still give him fatherly love. You can always go back and tell him that you’re his dad, or I can tell him that, it doesn’t matter. If you wish, you can come over to visit him anytime. I won’t object to that!”

Leng Haoyun was dumbstruck by what she just said. She isn’t willing to give me a chance no matter what?

He then asked, “I never thought you could be this cruel and heartless. Was I really wrong? Was I wrong to want to protect you?”

Leng Xiyao turned to him. “No! You weren’t at fault. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you. It’s because I fell for you that everything happened!”

Her words felt like a thousand arrows piercing his heart. Leng Haoyun paled instantly. Was falling in love with me a mistake from the beginning?

Why do I feel so upset! Was it because I loved her too deeply?

How can she be so cruel? Did she have to inflict all that pain on me again before she is satisfied?

If that was really what she wanted, he would gladly accept it.

Leng Xiyao did not want to see Leng Haoyun like this. To her, he was always that cold, imposing individual who would never show a flicker of emotion no matter what happened.

He was always the brightest star among the crowd, able to attract everyone’s attention.

She did not want him to change for her, and she knew that they could not turn back time either. She already made her choice five years ago when she chose to leave and pretend she was dead.

It was close to impossible for anyone to try to change her mind after these five years.

Why did he have to force himself into a corner like this? Isn’t it good for all of us that we’re separated?

She spoke through gritted teeth. “There’s no need for you to do anything else. I’ve told you, Leng Xiyao is dead, but you’re the one who refuses to believe it!”

Her back was towards him as she continued.

“You can go visit An Baobei in future. An Baobei is his nickname, don’t keep calling him An Yichen. He might end up feeling upset if he finds out that you’re his dad but you keep calling his full name like an outsider would. I have to go take care of Grandpa now. Before I return, you can take care of An Baobei. I’ll let the An family back at home know about this arrangement. You can choose to tell An Baobei the truth in whatever way you deem fit. I won’t mind it if you tell him the truth!”

Leng Xiyao turned back into the hospital after speaking.

Her tears fell as she walked. This was the largest leeway she could allow.

Even if Grandpa woke up, she still could not face up to herself. She could not convince herself to do otherwise with Selina still in that state. It was all because of her that Selina ended up paralyzed. If she did not insist on going to that wedding, nothing like that would have happened.

It was no longer an issue of whether she could forgive Leng Haoyun.

Then again, what did he do wrong? If he didn’t like me and chose to get married with An Huilin, would that be wrong too?

The problem lies with me!

Leng Haoyun went back home shortly after they had that conversation.

They did not meet for a long time after that.

She was not aware of how Leng Haoyun broke the news to An Baobei, but before she returned with her grandfather, the boy already knew that Leng Haoyun was his father.

Leng Xiyao did not ask about it, nor did she want to know about it. An Baobei did not say much, but she could tell he was very happy.

Everytime Leng Haoyun picked him up, he parked his car outside of the An family home, never taking a step into the house. It was like she said, she did not mind him visiting the child, but it was impossible between them, so he did not meet her.

Leng Xiyao laughed inwardly at herself. This arrangement isn’t all that bad either!

Leng Haoyun kept an acceptable distance from her, but he would remind her of his presence from time to time.

An indescribable emotion would well up in Leng Xiyao’s heart every time she saw An Baobei rushing out to meet him.

Is he going to ignore Mummy now that he has Daddy? She felt that An Baobei was getting more and more cheerful, just like how children his age should be. While she was getting a little more downcast as days went by.

Just as Leng Haoyun was preparing to go pick up An Baobei one day, the mental institution called.

An Huilin had gone missing!

Leng Haoyun’s heart almost stopped. How could she have escaped?

It felt more fishy the more he thought about it. An Huilin has been in there for five years with no issues, so why was she suddenly able to escape now? He could not help but suspect that she already knew that Yao was back in the country.

He suspected that she knew Yao was alive, and that she was now the only rightful heir of the An family.

That must be it!

Leng Haoyun’s concern grew by the second. He thus called An Baobei to postpone their day out.

“Baobei, Daddy has something to take care of, so I can’t pick you up today. Sorry about that!”

“Mm, okay!” He could tell from An Baobei’s voice that he was a little upset.

Guilt assailed Leng Haoyun instantly.

“Baobei, Daddy will come pick you up next time and I’ll bring you to play with the little girl at the Ye’s. I’ll invite them over for a meal too, okay?”

An Baobei brightened up the moment he heard about the little girl at the Ye’s.


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