Chapter 198: Your Focus is All Wrong

Leng Xiyao stood up to leave immediately after the meal. Seeing his mum get up, An Baobei followed suit and quickly chased after her.

Leng Haoyun shook his head at this. He got up slowly and followed after the both of them.

Although she had changed greatly, that obstinance in her was still very apparent!

Hearing her son follow after her, Leng Xiyao lips turned up in a loving smile. My baby knows exactly what to do!

She reached out to take An Baobei’s pudgy little hand.

An Baobei broke into a smile instantly and looked up at her. Phew! Mummy isn’t angry with me!

As they exited Pin Xiang Xuan, warmth flooded Leng Haoyun’s heart as he watched the two of them. It felt as if his empty heart was instantly filled with the comfort he had been seeking for the past five years.

Leng Xiyao settled An Baobei in the car before she turned back to look at Leng Haoyun.

He looked much younger as he stood there in his white shirt and grey jogger pants.

There was a saying that males bloomed like a flower when they are forty, and he was definitely blessed by the heavens in this aspect. He did not change much even after so many years.

Even now, he was able to attract looks of admiration from passersby.

She noticed that some young girls even stole second glances at him from time to time.

He stood there unmoving as all his attention was placed on no one but Leng Xiyao alone.

In all honesty, she did blame him for what happened. If he had chosen differently then, things may be very different now.

Leng Xiyao stood there looking at him, her expression betraying nothing.

Leng Haoyun sighed and made his way towards her.

When he reached her, he said, “Let’s sit down and have a proper chat!”

Leng Xiyao glanced at An Baobei, who was in the car. She said, “No, Baobei is still in the car. I can’t leave him alone there. Let’s just talk here!”

Leng Haoyun observed her, trying to find cracks in her facade. But he realized that she was entirely different from the Leng Xiyao of the past, who used to have everything written clearly on her face.

“Fine, let’s go to my car instead. It’s… not very good to stand right here on the road!”

Leng Xiyao nodded after a moment. She could be considered a public figure now, and if she ended up quarelling with Leng Haoyun in the open, rumors would start flying everywhere if reporters caught them. This would only be detrimental to the company’s overall image.

Leng Haoyun remained silent after the both of them got into his car.

Leng Xiyao decided to keep quiet as well. She wanted to see how he would start the conversation since he was the one who initiated this. I won’t be the one giving away this time!

I’ve had enough! I couldn’t be with the one I loved five years ago, and when I found out that there was in fact nothing that prevented us from getting together, he chose to be with An Huilin instead. Wasn’t that just a huge slap in my face?

After she got shot, she felt like she was just a fool for the past ten years for harboring those feelings!

As if he felt the anger emanating from Leng Xiyao, Leng Haoyun quickly spoke.

“What’s wrong?”

Leng Xiyao kept her eyes on the car in front of them instead of looking at him as she asked, “Go on, what’s up?”

Leng Haoyun was rather stunned. Leng Xiyao then turned to him. “What do you want to talk about? Our story ended five years ago. What are you trying to do by approaching me and my son?”

Leng Haoyun gazed at her deeply. “Is An Yichen my son?”

There was a subtle change in Leng Xiyao’s expression. She fell silent because she knew this could not be kept a secret forever. The child’s age fits, and the fact that they are indeed related could not be changed.

Leng Haoyun frowned. “Does your silence mean you’re admitting to it? But I’d like to hear you say it!”

Leng Xiyao got impatient and stared at Leng Haoyun angrily. “Leng Haoyun, what do you want? So what if he is? Even if the both of you are related, he is only my son, and he is the only reason I was able to continue living these past five years. But all you want to know is that if he’s your son?”

Leng Haoyun’s brows furrowed deeper.

“Yao! If he’s my son, are you going to deny the fact that you gave birth to him because you still loved me? That you gave birth to him for me?”

Leng Xiyao gave a mocking laugh.

“Leng Haoyun, who do you think you are? So what if he is your son? You really think that you can do whatever you want just because I had feelings for you, like five years ago? I’ll tell you now, love is nothing to me!”

“Do you think I can forgive you when Selina’s still in a wheelchair, and when my grandfather is in a coma? Or do you think that there’s a chance that I may still accept you and that we might be able to get together? Leng Haoyun, you’ve gotten so naive after five years!”

Leng Haoyun’s expression turned grim.

He then asked, “So, you’re admitting that he’s my son then?”

Leng Xiyao felt exasperated. It felt like she was preaching to deaf ears.

Leng Haoyun, what are you even thinking? Did you even listen to what I just said?

Why is he placing the focus elsewhere!

Leng Xiyao felt that even the most dignified individual would get annoyed at Leng Haoyun.

“Leng Haoyun, were you even listening to me? Do you know what my point was? Even if he’s your son, us getting together is impossible. Do you understand? Please don’t come looking for me again, okay?”

Hearing Leng Xiyao tell him not to look for her again made him rather upset.

After a while, he said, “I can’t do it...”

Leng Xiyao was furious now. “Leng Haoyun, just what do you want?”

Seeing her anger, Leng Haoyun felt guilty all of a sudden. His head drooped like a child who did something wrong.

“I won’t disturb you. I’ll take care of everything that you think is preventing us from getting together, and I’ll look for you only after I’ve  settled everything. During this time, you can oversee the land in the city’s east and start on the construction work. You don’t have to think too much into it. I’ve already taken care of everything regarding that piece of land, and there are basically no problems at all, also...”

He paused shortly before continuing, “You just need to know one thing, that is the fact that I will never hurt you. Everything I do, I do with the intention of protecting you, and I would never hurt you on purpose!”

There was a subtle change in Leng Xiyao’s expression before she alighted the car.

She never knew how he felt and he had never told her that he loved her. But they already have a child, and even though he had never said explicitly that he had feelings for her, he had always been helping her.

She knew all this, but pretended to not care about it. What else could she do about this?

There was nothing she could do now, and all she wanted to focus on was to protect what her grandfather had painstakingly built throughout the years.

In the days that followed, Leng Xiyao’s time was preoccupied by the construction project in the city’s east. To prevent any mishaps and mistakes, she would even personally visit the site at times.

Leng Haoyun kept his promise. Just like what he said, he did not bother her after that day.

She heard that he left the country, and she did not think too much about it either. She did not have any say over what he wanted to do anyway.

She settled An Baobei into a local school as well.

The boy seemed rather upset on the first day of school, but he seemed to enjoy going to school more and more as the days passed.

Leng Xiyao was relieved when she saw how much he looked forward to school.

An uneventful month passed just like this.

Leng Xiyao was looking through some documents at work one day.

As Chairman, she did not have to come into the office daily. But because of her young age, some of the directors still doubted her ability.

So, she put her heart and soul into the company and took care of all matters to the best of her ability. She would be able to relax a little after completing the plaza project.

Her phone rang shortly after she asked her secretary to order lunch.

She quickly picked up the call seeing that it was from the doctor taking care of her grandfather.

She could not believe what the doctor told her.

“Miss An, your grandfather had woken up for a bit, but because he’s still very weak, he fell asleep soon after. If you have time, come over and visit him. He probably misses you a lot. He kept holding onto me when he woke up, asking about you!”

Leng Xiyao nodded profusely at this. She almost cried at the news.

Her eyes welled up with tears.

She had prayed for this moment for the past five years. The heavens had finally answered, and her grandfather had finally woken up.

Without hesitation, Leng Xiyao asked her secretary to book the earliest flight to England!

She did not have lunch before her flight, but she did not have the appetite to finish the on-board meal after just one mouthful either.

After arriving, she immediately hailed a cab and headed for the hospital!

Old Man An was all Leng Xiyao could think about, but what she did not realize was that there was too much of a coincidence.

Leng Haoyun disappeared after she told him about what happened to Old Man An, and her grandfather woke up a month later.

She never thought that these could be linked, until she saw the man at the hospital.

Leng Haoyun stood outside the entrance of the hospital, looking at her.

He was the first person Leng Xiyao saw when she arrived.

In that very moment, her heart seemed to skip a beat. Everything seemed to fall into place now...

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