Chapter 197: A Family of Three Having a Meal

Leng Haoyun stood right outside the entrance of the An family home, afraid to step in. How would he explain to An Yichen if what he suspected was true?

A mere child should not have to bear the brunt of what happened between him and Leng Xiyao.

Leng Haoyun paced to and fro for a while before finally picking up the courage to enter the house.

A domestic helper stopped him at the door. She looked at Leng Haoyun cautiously. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

After a moment of contemplation, Leng Haoyun said, “Is Young Master at home? Miss An asked me to come over and take him out for a while. She said that she wouldn’t have the time to keep him company for these few days.”

The helper did not trust him, and she continued to regard him with suspicion. “Really?”

A young voice spoke before Leng Haoyun could answer.

“Uncle Leng, why are you here?”

The helper turned to look at An Baobei. “Do you know him, Young Master?”

An Baobei nodded. “Mm, I know him!”

He then said, “Go on ahead, I want to talk to Uncle Leng!”

The helper looked at him as she was put in a difficult position. She did not dare to disregard his instructions, since the boy was the only male heir in the An family.

She left unwillingly, glancing back to the both of them from time to time as she walked into the house.

An Baobei looked up at Leng Haoyun only after the helper had entered the house.

“You came looking for me?”

“Mm!” Leng Haoyun nodded. “I’m here to look for you!”

An Baobei frowned, looking mature beyond his years. “How did you know I live here?”

Leng Haoyun was caught unawares by his question, but he answered steadily. “That’s because I know your mummy!”

“You are?” An Baobei looked at him as he wondered about this, his disposition just like that of an adult.

“I’m a shareholder of the An Group, and I’ve known your mummy for a long time!”

“How long?”

“Probably from the day she was born!”

An Baobei’s brows furrowed deeply. “That’s long. Why didn’t she tell me about you then?”

Leng Haoyun’s eyes dimmed slightly. He then looked at An Baobei with all his sincerity. “That’s because I didn’t know she was pregnant with you five years ago, and she might be blaming me for that.”

“Then, why are you here today?”

“I’d like to take you out for a while. Do you want to come with me?” Leng Haoyun decided to be honest with the boy. He did not want to lie to the boy even though he was still a child, and Leng Haoyun wanted to cherish every moment spent with him, because he knew that the boy would not leave Leng Xiyao’s side in future.

She was an obsession of his, and that would never change.

Leng Haoyun could tell that An Baobei was tempted by his offer, and that conflicted expression of his looked extremely adorable.

It was obvious that the boy wanted to go, but he was also afraid to do so because Leng Haoyun was still a stranger who might do him harm.

Leng Haoyun pondered for a moment before handing his mobile phone to the boy. “How about this, you give your mummy a call and see if she allows you to come play with me?”

An Baobei looked at the phone as thoughts raced through his mind. If I told Mummy, she would probably disagree anyway.

He then nodded. “Okay! Can you take me to the amusement park then? Mummy can’t accompany me on some of the rides, so could you accompany me for those?”

Leng Haoyun broke out in a smile. He would love to do so!

“Let’s go, Uncle Leng will take you there now!”

Leng Haoyun looked at An Baobei when they were on their way, and he finally asked the boy, “How old are you?”

An Baobei looked cautiously at him. “Why do you want to know?”

A tiny smirk formed on Leng Haoyun’s lips. This child has such a guarded nature.

“It’s nothing, I was just curious!” He then kept his eyes on the road and continued driving.

An Baobei was no fool. He could tell that this man was definitely his mum’s acquaintance.

However, the man did not seem to harbor any ill intentions towards him, so he agreed to go out with him.

To keep his mum from worrying, he switched on the location tracker on his phone so that she would still be able to locate him.

He then began thinking about all the rides that he could sit on later, looking forward to those that he could not enjoy when he visited with his mum yesterday.

Leng Xiyao studied the project Leng Haoyun mentioned for the entire morning, looking at the details of its profit and loss margin, and what issues they might face during the construction process.

After an entire morning of thorough research, she decided to take up the project eventually.

She gave the An family home a call during lunch.

It was the domestic helper who answered, and she told Leng Xiyao that there was a gentleman who took her son out to play, and it sounded like he addressed the man as ‘Uncle Leng’.

Leng Xiyao paled at this. She already knew that Leng Haoyun would look into what happened these past five years and it was inevitable that he would find out about everything once she decided to compete with him out in the open.

She knew that An Baobei’s existence could not be kept a secret forever, but she did not expect for Leng Haoyun to be so quick! He had found An Baobei on the very next day after she made her reappearance!

Leng Xiyao would have never thought that Leng Haoyun had already met An Baobei on the very day they returned to the country.

She opened the location tracking application and it showed An Baobei’s current location.

An Baobei had the habit of switching on the location tracker on his phone whenever they were out, so she would be able to locate him wherever he was.

Although he’s still a child, he is very guarded against strangers. How did Leng Haoyun convince him to leave?

Leng Xiyao was puzzled. Could it really be because blood is thicker than water?

Leng Xiyao left the office in a hurry and made her way towards the amusement park.

An Baobei was at the very same park they visited a day ago.

Slight regret filled her as she thought about what happened. He’s just a child, I should’ve just taken him on the rides he wanted to try.


Leng Haoyun spent the whole day at the amusement park with An Baobei. Everyone who passed them complimented An Baobei, and they were even approached by a talent scout who tried to convince the both of them to be in a commercial.

Leng Haoyun did not want to do so, and he politely declined.

However, the scout kept showering them with compliments, saying that both father and son looked dashing!

Leng Haoyun was rather pleased, but An Baobei looked at him in confusion. Father and son? Do I look like Uncle Leng?

Initially, Leng Haoyun wanted to do a DNA test with the boy, but he scrapped the idea in the end.

Even if An Baobei was his son, if Leng Xiyao was unwilling, he would not fight her over the rights to raise the child either. What he wanted was to be together with her and the child.

So, he decided not to take any action and to let Leng Xiyao tell him only when she was ready.

Although she could not forgive him as yet, he believed that he would be able to move her one day!

Right after Leng Xiyao arrived at the amusement park, she realized that the location tracker indicated Pin Xiang Xuan instead.

Frustration flickered across Leng Xiyao’s face. She wanted to vent it on someone else right at this moment. In the past five years, it was rare for her to have such an outburst of emotion.

When Leng Xiyao arrived at Pin Xiang Xuan, Leng Haoyun and An Baobei were seated at the same table they were at when they visited before. Leng Haoyun was helping An Baobei remove the bones from the fish.

Leng Xiyao felt a wave of sadness wash over her as she looked upon this scene.

She saw An Baobei look at Leng Haoyun with those bright and clear eyes that were full of admiration. She wanted to cry. She simply couldn’t provide An Baobei with what Leng Haoyun could give him!


She was still in a daze when Leng Haoyun caught sight of her.

He looked at An Baobei. “Look who’s here?”

An Baobei saw Leng Xiyao as he turned to look, joy overflowing from him in an instant as he ran towards her.

“Mummy, you’re here!”

Leng Xiyao put on a serious face. “An Yichen, didn’t I tell you to be careful of strangers? Are you going to just leave with anyone?”

An Baobei was filled with guilt when he saw Leng Xiyao get angry, and he was almost crying.

“Mummy, I didn’t do it on purpose!”

Leng Haoyun then walked over.

He looked at Leng Xiyao. “Yao, are we strangers?”

Leng Xiyao pulled An Baobei to her and looked at Leng Haoyun angrily. “Are we not? Who allowed you to get close to my son? Also, I’ve said this countless times. I’m Anne. Leng Xiyao is dead, she’s dead! Why don’t you understand?”

Leng Haoyun did not have much reaction to what she said and he looked calm as he reached out to An Baobei and carried him up.

He then looked back at Leng Xiyao, continuing stubbornly, “Yao, you’re my Yao, and I’m never going to change that. Since the boy is here, shall we finish the meal before we discuss other matters?”

Guilt instantly assailed her as Leng Xiyao looked at An Baobei’s frightened expression. She had been too emotional and impulsive, and it had inadvertently frightened An Baobei.

She nodded after a moment of contemplation.

“Call me whatever you want, it’s nothing but a name anyway!”

She then walked towards the table.

Leng Haoyun stroked An Baobei’s hair as he mumbled to himself, “Then don’t harp on it so much!”

He shook his head in resignation as he carried An Baobei back to the table.

Leng Xiyao ate peacefully, as if nothing had happened.

An Baobei also ate in silence, as if he was afraid Leng Xiyao would get angry again.

Leng Xiyao looked at An Baobei and picked up some of his favourite food for him.

An Baobei stole a glance at Leng Xiyao, breaking into a wide smile as he quickly picked up the food she placed in his bowl and ate it. He looked so full of joy in that moment.

Leng Xiyao continued with her meal, feeling rather bad about herself.

I must have scared An Baobei earlier!

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