Chapter 193: Father and Son Meet

It was getting late, and Leng Haoyun wrapped himself up in the blanket as he thought of the board meeting to be held tomorrow at the An Group.

He did not know what he was doing all this for, but without her around, he simply could not stop.

What awaited him was nothing but endless solitude and loneliness. He would be devoured by his agony and everything would come to naught.


Leng Xiyao’s son woke her up the next morning.

The adorable An Baobei looked at her. “Mummy, you said you’ll take me to the theme park!”

Seeing her son look so excited, Leng Xiyao stretched and got up.

She had been focusing on her career these past few years, spending very little time with her son. Although An Baobei was still very young, he was very mature for his age.

He seemed to understand when his mum seemed to be unhappy, and that she was working hard all for him.

He was extremely understanding towards Leng Xiyao.

Leng Xiyao knew that he yearned for parental love.

But not only was she unable to shower him with the love of a father, she did not even do well as a mother.

She felt sorry for An Baobei at times, sorry that she owed him so much.

She decided that once things settle down in An Group, she would spend some quality time with her little angel.

Before returning to the country, she had promised An Baobei that she would take him to a theme park.

Since the board meeting would be held tomorrow, they could go today.

Leng Xiyao freshened up and saw An Baobei waiting for her with a face full of excitement. It suddenly hurt her to see him like this.

She went to him, squatting down in front of him.

“Baobei, Mummy is going to spend the entire day with you today. Excited?”

Unadulterated joy emanated from him as he nodded happily.

Leng Xiyao caressed his face and said gently, “Okay, we’ll leave soon!”

Leng Xiyao dressed herself in light blue sportswear, and put on matching clothes on An Baobei.

They seemed to attract everyone’s attention when they were at the theme park.

They looked too outstanding, and An Baobei looked extremely adorable. Everyone who stopped to say hi had sung praises of An Baobei.

A motherly smile appeared on Leng Xiyao’s face as she held onto An Baobei’s tiny hand.

This was her son, and she was proud of him. Though young, he was already so mature, and she knew that he was always taking care of her feelings.

She knew what it was that made him seem older than his peers, but there was nothing she could do about that.

Leng Xiyao spent her day with An Baobei, taking all the rides they could in the theme park.

After they alighted the viking ship, Leng Xiyao started vomiting. An Baobei wanted to take more rides, but he felt bad when he saw his mum feeling so sick.

His tiny face was full of concern. “Mummy, let’s go back. You’re not well!”

Leng Xiyao felt like her heart was being pricked by a thousand needles when An Baobei was being so understanding.

I can’t even give my child something simple like this. Why can’t I even do this well?

Leng Xiyao forced a smile and stroked his hair.

“It’s fine. Mummy’s okay now. Mummy promised you to take you here and have fun, so I won’t go back on my word!”

“Mummy, I don’t want to play anymore...” An Baobei pouted as he looked at Leng Xiyao sadly. He did not want his mum to feel sick because of him.

Leng Xiyao shook her head in resignation. She suddenly felt useless, unable to fulfil such a simple wish from her son.

She took a sip of water and stood up, leading An Baobei to the ferris wheel.

Looking at him gently, she asked, “Baobei, we’ll take gentler rides instead, okay?”

Light reflected off the tears that had welled up in his eyes as he nodded.

They went to shoot at balloons after riding the ferris wheel.

It was already afternoon when they exited the theme park.

Leng Xiyao asked, “Baobei, what do you feel like having for lunch? Mummy will treat you to a sumptuous meal!”

Being a child, An Baobei got all excited at this.

“Mummy, didn’t you say that there was a restaurant in A City that had delicious food?”

An Baobei made an exaggerated face as he spoke.

Leng Xiyao laughed at how adorable he was acting.

But she could no longer laugh when she thought of that place.

An Baobei was referring to Pin Xiang Xuan, the place that she visited frequently with that person.

But if her son wanted to go there, then she had to take him there.

Leng Xiyao smiled.

“Okay, Mummy will take you there for a nice meal!”


When Leng Xiyao walked into Pin Xiang Xuan, the manager stared at the both of them in wide-eyed wonder.

What an adorable little child, and his sister looks so pretty!

The manager started working here only after Leng Xiyao had left the city, so he was not aware that she was actually a frequent visitor in the past.

He left them alone after taking them to their seat and taking their orders.

Leng Xiyao drank too much water at the theme park and she felt like visiting the washroom.

She told An Baobei, “Baobei, wait here for Mummy while I make a quick trip to the restroom, okay?”

His head bobbed as he nodded. “Go ahead, Mummy, I’ll stay here!”

Leng Xiyao laughed at how he was trying to act like a grown-up. My son is so adorable!

Leng Haoyun stepped into the restaurant immediately after Leng Xiyao left for the restroom.

He had a strong urge to come to Pin Xiang Xuan for lunch today instead of getting delivery. That urge was so strong that it seemed to devour him whole, it was just like how he felt when he would think of Leng Xiyao from time to time.

He spotted a young boy as he entered.

The boy looked very elegant, and although he still had baby fat on his face, it made him look extremely adorable.

He was in light blue sportswear, and looked like he was about four or five. He was sitting there like a little knight.

Leng Haoyun seemed to freeze in his tracks.

If Yao had given birth to their child, he would be around this age now.

His heart ached at this.

He had been telling himself that Yao did not die. But everything else told him that she was dead, and he caused her death because he was not able to protect her.

Leng Haoyun then turned to leave.

It was at this moment that the mobile phone in front of An Baobei rang.

An Baobei reached out for the phone, but his hand was too short and he knocked over the cutlery on the table.

He was momentarily stunned as he stared at the shattered cutlery on the floor.

Oh no, I just wanted to help Mummy answer the call. How did this happen?

He climbed down from his seat carefully. It looked rather dangerous as he was still rather tiny, and he was stepping on the floor littered with shattered cutlery.

Leng Haoyun automatically went towards An Baobei.

He grabbed An Baobei and looked at him calmly.

He tried his best to look at An Baobei with a gentle gaze, but that naturally imposing aura of his and his sudden movement had already frightened An Baobei.

An Baobei stared at this man who was holding onto him.

What does he want? I hope he won’t beat me up!

Right! I broke these, so this uncle must be someone working here, and he must be angry with me!

An Baobei frowned. “Uncle, let me go, I didn’t do it on purpose. I can pay you back for this!”

He spoke in a tiny voice belonging to a child, but what he said made a lot of sense.

Leng Haoyun then realized that the boy had mistaken him for an employee.

He turned to look at the boy, still gripping his arm.

It looked like he was catching a thief red-handed.

Damn it! Frustration appeared on Leng Haoyun’s face. He wanted to prevent the boy from hurting himself but was misunderstood instead.

Did I really look that terrifying?

 He tried to speak in a gentle tone and loosened his grip slightly.

“Little guy, I didn’t do it on purpose, and I’m not here to ask you to pay me back for this. I was just worried that you would hurt yourself with the shattered cutlery. Your skin is still very fragile!”

An Baobei felt that Leng Haoyun did not seem to mean any harm.

An Baobei was confused. Did I misunderstand this uncle?

But he looks so fierce!

Also, why did he call me a little guy? I really don’t like that!

He pouted angrily. “I’m not a little guy! I have a name, I’m called An Yichen. Can you remember it, Uncle?”

Leng Haoyun was tickled as he saw An Baobei answer him so matter-of-factly, even telling him his full name.

Who did this cute little guy belong to? Why is he so cute!

“Nice to meet you, An Yichen, my little friend. I am Leng Haoyun, you can call me Uncle Leng!”

For some reason, Leng Haoyun wanted to have a conversation with the boy. He felt a sense of familiarity with him.

An Baobei’s face crinkled up.

Why did this uncle call me a little friend! I’m all grown up now! I can help Mummy do so many things!

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