Chapter 192: Anne is Alive

Su Jincheng smirked as he saw Luo Qiqi throwing a tantrum. Why is she so hot-tempered!

“Oh, are you sure?”

Before Luo Qiqi could react, he rushed forward and scooped her up in his arms, his movements quick as lightning.

Luo Qiqi was infuriated.

“What are you doing, Su Jincheng! Put me down!” Luo Qiqi struggled to break free.

Su Jincheng trapped her by grabbing both her hands tight. Her legs were swinging wildly in the air.

To the passersby, he casually said, “Bad-tempered girlfriend, sorry about that!”

Luo Qiqi stared at him wide-eyed.

“Who’s your girlfriend!”

Su Jincheng spoke with indifference. “You are!”

What followed were sounds of a couple having a fight echoing through the streets of Munich.


At A City’s airport.

Leng Xiyao walked out of the airport with a young boy.

Seeing the familiar scene around her, she suddenly felt like she had been living in a different world.

It has been five years since she left.

The past five years had changed her greatly. She was no longer that naive girl who had practically zero idea of how the real world worked.

Leng Xiyao was dead, and she died five years ago. She was now Anne, the only heir of An Group and famous jewelry designer - Anne.

She knew very well what was lying in wait for her once she returned, but she was not afraid because the most important person was right beside her.

She looked down at the little guy, a gentle smile spreading across her face.

He was her baby, the one she loved the most in the world.

She never thought that she could survive after getting shot, much less keep her baby.

But he lived, and he was now the most important person in her life.

She was extremely grateful to Selina. It was Selina who saved her, giving her the courage and confidence to take a second chance at life.

However, the wound caused Selina to be bedridden for the past five years.

The bullet damaged her nerves, and she was paralyzed from the waist down. Selina was always confident and proud of herself, but she could only live life in a wheelchair now. It seemed like she was reluctant to even go for physiotherapy.

Others might not be aware, but she knew in her heart that Selina was doing it to keep Ceng Hanyu by her side. He would stay with her as long as she was not fully recovered.

Leng Xiyao did not rat on her. She could see that Ceng Hanyu loved Selina, but the two of them could not see things clearly from their own perspective. They cared deeply for each other, but both of them refused to admit it.

Leng Xiyao knew that Selina did not want Ceng Hanyu to take care of her because he felt like he owed her one for saving Leng Xiyao.

Leng Xiyao was still technically Ceng Hanyu’s fiancee.

If a woman could forgo her life to save your fiancee, staying by her side to take care of her would be the least one could do.

No matter what, Leng Xiyao was most grateful to Selina.

Old Man An went into a coma after he collapsed five years ago.

Nobody knew how long it would take for someone in a coma to wake up, and Leng Xiyao felt bad every time she visited An Zhenguo. Seeing her grandfather like that reminded her of that wedding ceremony five years ago, where her dear uncle got married.

She smiled at her son. The heavens gave me another reason to live.

An Baobei saw her smiling and asked, “Mummy, why are you smiling?”

Leng Xiyao answered, “Mummy grew up here, so I’m naturally happy to be back. This is why I’m smiling!”

An Baobei nodded as if he understood everything she said. An Baobei was his nickname, his full name was An Yichen.

Mummy must be really happy, she’s smiling so happily.

He knew that his mum had been rather unhappy for the past few years, and this was especially so when he asked about his dad. Initially, he was adamant about finding out more, but upon realizing that his questions upset his mum, he stopped questioning her, and he also decided to label his dad as a bad person.

Leng Xiyao held onto An Yichen’s hand as they travelled to the An family home.

A wave of emotion overwhelmed her as she took in the sights of A City.

A City had literally transformed in five years, and she heard that the person had also changed greatly after she left.

If even I could change so much, he should definitely have changed too. He should already be married with kids now, since he thought I had really died at the time!

No one would have expected for a pregnant lady to be able to keep the baby after getting shot.

She was hesitant about returning at first, but she knew she had to try her best to save her grandfather’s business. She will not let it be taken away by outsiders just like this.

If her grandfather woke up and saw that all his efforts were wasted, he would be even more upset.

Before returning, Leng Xiyao had prepared herself for whatever is to come, including how she had to face that person!

He was now the second-biggest shareholder in the An Group, and she heard that he had requested for the position of Chairman to be given to someone else since An Zhenguo had been lying in a coma for so many years.

The only reason Leng Haoyun did not make bigger changes was probably because Ceng Hanyu was still around.

But he got more aggressive as time went by.

His fangs were finally showing now!

Leng Xiyao had already filed a motion to take over the position of Chairman before returning to the country.

She was the rightful heir, and An Zhenguo had already transferred all the shares over to her.

Logically speaking, she should be the one who wielded the most power in the An Group.

If Leng Haoyun wanted to fight, she will accept the challenge!

Her purpose in returning this time was to throw down the gauntlet, but there was still a sense of unease in Leng Xiyao’s heart.

She knew very well what she was uneasy about.

But no one knew what the future holds, so she decided it was best to face it head on!

Recalling what some of the shareholders told her a few days ago, she smirked to herself.

They told her what Leng Haoyun said at the annual general meeting. He said that although the heir of An Group, Anne, was a jewelry designer of great international repute, she knows nothing about the business world. He said a young lady in her late twenties would not know a thing about how to work in the business world, and there was no way she could become the chairman of An Group.

Leng Xiyao merely laughed when she heard about what Leng Haoyun said.

Sad? Laughable? What could a jewelry designer do?

Who knows? The results would only be unveiled after the fight is over!

In the first year after leaving A City, she gave birth to An Baobei. After which, she continued to study jewelry design for two years and was able to achieve some results in the field.

In the fourth year, she focused on joining major competitions for jewelry design, and it was then that she really found her place in the field.

In the fifth year, she decided to study economics and financial management due to the trouble brewing at the An Group.

Though she was not exactly an expert, she was also nothing like what Leng Haoyun described, a young lady who knew nothing. She was no longer her past self.

A sad smile hung on her lips as Leng Xiyao braced herself for the storm that will come.


Leng Haoyun cooped himself up after Leng Xiyao left five years ago.

He would stay in Leng Xiyao’s room for what seemed like an entire night, and did not budge no matter what Aunt Zhang said.

When Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue fell out, Ye Zhongjue captured An Huilin after Mo Suqing left, forcing her to tell him everything. Fearing for her life, An Huilin told them everything Jian Jie did.

This included the fact that Jian Jie was a part of The Dark Night, and the fact that she was the mastermind behind Tang Zeng’s abduction of Mo Suqing. Even the bullet that she took for Ye Zhongjue in England was planned. He learnt that she helped An Huilin plan the attack on Leng Xiyao and that she saved Tang Zeng and found out that Mo Suqing’s mother was the other victim in the car accident Ye Zhongjue caused.

The current Ye Zhongjue was not much better than a living corpse, living in pain and agony every day.

When Ye Zhongjue told Leng Haoyun everything, he handed An Huilin over to him as well.

Leng Haoyun wanted to kill An Huilin at the time. How could he let her go scot-free with all the suffering she inflicted on Yao?

He thus had her sent to the largest mental institution in A City. He might be able to forgive her if she went insane one day.

It did not matter how long they had known each other. The fact that she hurt Yao was enough for him to make her life hell!

Upon returning home, Leng Haoyun went to Leng Xiyao’s room at night, as per his usual routine. He buried his head in her pillow.

He had been trying to numb himself for the past five years. He tried to hypnotize himself by telling himself that she was still alive somewhere in this world, and she did not return only because she did not want to see him.

Even though he tried to convince himself, he would always visit her grave on her death anniversary.

He regretted it now. Five years ago, he should never have hurt her on the pretext of protecting her.

He felt his world crumble after learning that she was carrying his child. It was Mo Suqing who personally gave him the bullet which took Yao’s life.

He had kept the bullet with him for the past five years, and it was always kept near his chest. The bullet gave him the feeling that it could connect Yao to him in some way.

If he knew what would happen, he would never have chosen to get engaged with An Huilin!

It was the greatest regret in his life...

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