Chapter 190: The Birth of Twins

Blood dyed his bathrobe red.

Panic flickered across Mo Suqing’s eyes as she covered her mouth in shock. The blood continued flowing and Ye Zhongjue reached out, as if trying to take her hand.

Mo Suqing discarded the gun on the floor and exited the room as fast as she could.

Ye Zhongjue looked at her departing figure and said weakly, “Careful...”

Just as he was shot, Ye Zhongjue’s mobile phone began to ring non-stop.

On the other end, Ceng Hanyu was getting impatient. However, no one answered the call.

He felt very uneasy, so he called Gu Yi’an.

It was Gu Yi’an’s day off today, and he was about to climb into bed for a rest when Ceng Hanyu’s call foiled his plans.


Ceng Hanyu spoke in an urgent tone.

“Yi’an, go to Shallow Sea immediately and check up on Jue. I think he’s in danger. I sent someone to tail An Huilin and we found out that she ended up being kidnapped by Jian Jie. After our men saved her, she admitted that Jian Jie is part of The Dark Night, and it was her who asked Jian Jie to plan the attack on Yao. Also, I found something at Jian Jie’s place. The woman Jue killed in the accident was actually Mo Suqing’s mother. Go and check up on them. That crazy woman Jian Jie wouldn’t let such a great opportunity slip!”

There was an imperceptible change in Gu Yi’an’s face before he rushed off, not even bothering to put on his shoes.


When Mo Suqing exited the villa, she felt the entire world was collapsing in on her.

Was this how fate toyed with us? Why did it have to be so cruel?

She trudged forward in her pain. She did not want to remind herself of how Ye Zhongjue looked, afraid that those hopeless eyes of his may make her sympathize with him.

She felt a pair of eyes on her as she walked out.

Looking up, she was met with none other than Jian Jie’s cruel smile some ways away.

Mo Suqing froze. “You...”

“What about me! Are you surprised to see me here?”

Seeing that look of satisfaction on her face, sudden realization hit Mo Suqing. “You were the one who sent it?”

Jian Jie stepped forward. “Of course. I should share such a wonderful piece of news with you, shouldn’t I? I would be letting your love down in that case!”

Mo Suqing stared at her. “Jian Jie, you’re despicable!!”

“Despicable?” Jian Jie laughed. “Make sure you stay tuned for even more despicable part later. This is nothing compared to what’s to come!”

Mo Suqing paused, instinctively wrapping her arms around her tummy and backing away. “What are you trying to do?”

“What do you think?” Jian Jie closed in on her.

“I heard that your baby is really valuable. Even Uncle and Auntie Ye agreed for you to bring this bastard child into the Ye family! How could that be! Tell me, why is that so?”

Jian Jie looked crazed. Mo Suqing continued backing away in fear, but she tripped and fell backwards, and her stomach began to hurt.

Jian Jie stepped forward to kick her in the stomach.

“I’ll kick this bastard to death, you won’t have anything backing you up after this!”

Mo Suqing was in so much pain that her tears began flowing. She was trying her best to protect her stomach, but Jian Jie gave it a second kick.

Before Jian Jie could land the third kick, a sweet voice sounded.

“Jian Jie, what are you doing?”

Jian Jie turned to see two strangers behind her.

Xia Zi looked at Mo Suqing who was laying on the ground in pain. She wanted to kill Jian Jie. How could she be so vicious?

When Luo Qiqi looked at Mo Suqing, she was shocked at what she saw. She looked exactly like A’zi, could it be...

We should save her first!

Luo Qiqi kicked at Jian Jie, but Jian Jie was able to dodge it. Luo Qiqi then trapped Jian Jie with a quick swipe of her arm.

All of Xia Zi’s attention was on Mo Suqing as she rushed forward, not realizing there was a gun aimed right at her from behind.

Su Jincheng thought Xia Zi wanted to harm Mo Suqing, and he opened fire without much thought.

Xia Zi yelped silently as she was hit in the back. This instantly angered Luo Qiqi, who rushed at Su Jincheng.

Mo Suqing wanted to say something, but she saw a jade pendant hanging on Luo Qiqi’s waist. It seemed rather familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere.

Xia Zi wanted to pull Mo Suqing to safety, but Jian Jie attacked her from behind.

Gritting her teeth in pain, she fought Jian Jie.

Su Jincheng saw Mo Suqing in agony, and he knew she needed help. He decided to run away from the fight. He turned into a corner and Zheng Hao took his place instead.

Zheng Hao had disguised himself to look like Su Jincheng, and because it was night, Luo Qiqi did not realize that it was a different person.

Su Jincheng returned to the scene shortly, and he saw Xia Zi and Jian Jie engaged in a fierce fight. Xia Zi looked like she was at the end of her rope, and Jian Jie had spit out a lot of blood. Having been shot, Xia Zi was not in great shape either.

Su Jincheng did not have much time to think through what he saw. All his focus was on Mo Suqing as he carried her off and headed for the hospital.

Lin Ran made his way to the Shallow Sea Area after receiving a call from Gu Yi’an, but he happened to witness Su Jincheng carry Mo Suqing into a car just as he arrived. He thus followed behind them without a second thought.


In the midst of the fight, Xia Zi’s facial prosthetics began to come loose. Her chin was beginning to wrinkle.

Xia Zi was holding onto Jian Jie’s arms, and both of them had been greatly weakened by the fight. Jian Jie saw Xia Zi’s face out of the corner of her eye, and with much effort, was finally able to struggle free of her hold.

Xia Zi felt her consciousness slipping, and reality seemed to blur for her.

She wanted to take a nap so badly, but she knew that she could not fall asleep!

She felt Jian Jie tear her facial prosthetics off, and it felt like she had yelled out.

She then fell to the ground, and Jian Jie looked like she was being dragged away.

Xia Zi did not see that it was Guan Zixuan who arrived. He was the one who kicked Jian Jie away from her.

Guan Zixuan saw Xia Zi lying on the ground. She looked exactly like Mo Suqing, her face extremely pale.

He then looked at her tummy. He was shocked to see it flat. The baby’s gone?

He squatted and lifted the corner of her shirt. He saw a scar that looked like it was from a cesarean delivery.

Guan Zixuan hugged her. Suqing, what happened to you?

He then felt something gooey in his hands. It was stained with blood.

Stunned, he quickly carried Xia Zi to safety, thinking that she was Mo Suqing. What he did not know was that Xia Zi had an operation done recently, and it left a scar on her abdomen.


Luo Qiqi caught up to the man who was running away, but when he turned, she realized it was an entirely different person.

She grabbed Zheng Hao, asking fiercely, “Where did that man go?”

“How would I know?” Zheng Hao acted all innocent.

“Then why did you run!” Luo Qiqi was irate. How could she have lost the man like this!

“Then why were you chasing me? I was of course running away from you!” Zheng Hao answered matter-of-factly.

Luo Qiqi gritted her teeth. She could murder someone now.

When she rushed back to the scene, it was Jian Jie she saw lying on the ground and traces of blood all over the place.

Both Mo Suqing and Xia Zi were gone.

Luo Qiqi wanted to leave, but she decided to drag Jian Jie all the way back to her villa and lock her in.

As Gu Yi’an sent Ye Zhongjue to the hospital, Guan Zixuan left A City with Xia Zi.

Mo Suqing delivered a pair of twins, a boy and a girl. The babies had to be sent to another operating theater as they were very premature.

Su Jincheng frowned as he saw the babies. He was not optimistic about their chances of survival.

Being premature and the blunt trauma from Jian Jie’s kicks would likely have lowered their chances of survival. He prayed for Mo Suqing to be safe.

On the other hand, the only thing on Lin Ran’s mind was to keep the babies safe. When Lin Ran arrived, he waited outside the operating theater with Su Jincheng.

Seeing the babies’ breathing being so shallow, and the only thing he thought of was to protect them, because they were his boss’ children.


Mo Suqing woke up to see Su Jincheng by her bedside.

Events of yesterday night seemed to overwhelm her.

Learning the truth about her mother’s accident, shooting Ye Zhongjue, and the baby... Right! What about the baby?

“Su Jincheng, where’s my baby?”

Su Jincheng realized she was awake only when he heard her hoarse voice. Reminded of how weak the babies were, he did not know what to tell her.

Mo Suqing’s eyes darkened. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to keep the child safe in such a situation! Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” She never expected that she would find out in such a way.

Su Jincheng thought that if he revealed that they were twins, the blow would be too great for her. He thus decided to tell her, “A girl...”

Mo Suqing closed her eyes and turned away, silent tears falling. Su Jincheng placed some tissues by her pillow and left the room, closing the door behind him.

When he returned to the ward later, Mo Suqing made a request.

“Take me away! I want to leave A City!”

Su Jincheng frowned, but agreed in the end. “Okay!”

When Ye Zhongjue regained consciousness, Mo Suqing was already on the plane leaving A City.

In his dream, she had left, and he could not grab hold of her hand no matter how hard he tried.

He forced himself to wake up from that dream, but to his dismay, Gu Yi’an informed him that Mo Suqing had left the city.

Ye Zhongjue stared at him in disbelief. Gritting his teeth, he shut his eyes in pain.

She won’t ever forgive me, will she?

But I can’t bear for her to leave. How about the child? Is she going to take the child away with her?

Did she really not feel for me anymore?

He never expected for that accident to throw him into an abyss of pain.

Getting to know Mo Suqing was like having a sweet dream… but it pained him so!

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