Chapter 189: The Final Shot

Ming Jinhua was relieved.

Such happiness can be seen only when you’re together with the one you love.

It seems Jue has found true love. Maybe they shouldn’t have objected to this in the first place.

She laughed as she heard Ye Zhongjue tease Mo Suqing. “Jue, Mum is going to be jealous if you’re so protective of your wife...”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head in resignation at her teasing.

“Mum, stop teasing her like this. She’ll get embarrassed!”

Ming Jinhua turned to see Mo Suqing’s face turn as red as a beetroot.

The three of them were in good spirits. Mo Suqing sat beside Ming Jinhua on the sofa, while Ye Zhongjue sat opposite them.

Ye Wentian was sitting on the large armchair.

Ming Jinhua was an understanding woman, and although she was already fifty, she looked like a beautiful, elegant and knowledgeable woman merely in her thirties.

It would never be awkward with her around.

She held Mo Suqing’s hand in hers as she asked, “You’re Suqing, right?”

Mo Suqing nodded. “Yes, Mum.”

“I’ll call you Suqing from now on, okay?” The more time Ming Jinhua spent with Mo Suqing, the more she liked the girl. She felt that Mo Suqing had a gentle temperament, unlike Jian Jie who was spoilt and arrogant. To her, Mo Suqing was an adorable girl who was very understanding, and someone who blushed easily when teased.

Having a daughter-in-law like her wouldn’t be so bad. My son’s taste is pretty good.

Mo Suqing peeked at her shyly before nodding quickly.

She was extremely anxious on the way here, and she never expected to feel so at ease with Ming Jinhua.

With Ming Jinhua’s kind words, Mo Suqing felt extremely relieved.

Ming Jinhua then asked, “How many months in? You look like you’re going to be due really, really soon!”

Mo Suqing shook her head. “I don’t know why but my tummy started getting really huge at the five-month mark, and it just kept growing and growing. I think the baby might be very big. I’m only seven months in.”

“Seven months?” Ming Jinhua paused. “Could it be twins? Your tummy wouldn’t be this big otherwise.”

Mo Suqing shook her head again. “I don’t know. The doctor wanted to tell us, but I stopped her from doing so. I want to surprise myself when the baby is delivered!”

“That’s fine too!” Ming Jinhua looked at Mo Suqing with a motherly warmth.

Ye Zhongjue’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

It was Lin Ran calling.

Mo Suqing looked at him pleadingly as he stood up, as if telling him not to leave. Even though his parents were not difficult, she felt less anxious with him around.

Ming Jinhua did most of the talking, while Ye Wentian simply listened to the conversation.

But it’s still the first time meeting his parents, how could he leave me alone like this!

Ye Zhongjue gave her a reassuring look to comfort her, as if he was telling her, Don’t be afraid, I’ll be back real soon!

Knowing that Mo Suqing might feel awkward if he leaves, he did not exit the living room but moved to a corner to answer the call.

“Hi, Boss!”

Lin Ran spoke as the call connected.

“The woman who looked like Sis-in-law stays at villa number 6 in Shallow Sea. The place is registered under a man called Feng Liluo. Boss, what do we do?”

Ye Zhongjue frowned. Feng Liluo. Why did that woman look exactly like Mo Suqing? What are they planning?

“Let’s just observe for now. We’ll discuss this tonight. I’m at my parents’ place now!”

“Got it, Boss!”

Unease rose in Ye Zhongjue’s heart. His parents had no further objections, but that feeling of foreboding grew stronger and stronger.


At the international airport of Emperor City.

Guan Zijue looked at the uneasy Guan Zixuan.

“Are you sure you want to leave so suddenly like this? What do I say if Mum and Dad ask about it?”

“Just make something up and stall for time. I have to go back. There’s this uneasy feeling I have, as if something major is about to happen. I just can’t seem to calm down.”

Guan Zijue looked suave in his military uniform, a fine specimen of a dignified soldier.

“Is she really that important?” He frowned slightly as he asked.

Guan Zixuan fell silent for a while before answering him.

“No matter what, I have to go back this time. I’ll leave things to you, Big Brother.”

Guan Zixuan then turned to leave.

Guan Zijue sighed as he watched his younger brother leave.

He did not know what love is, but it confused him when he saw his younger brother do so much for it. Could love really make one forget everything else?

The usually inattentive Guan Zixuan seemed like an entirely different person when it came to love.


It was six in the afternoon when Jian Jie received a call from her subordinate telling her that An Huilin had been taken away.

Jian Jie froze at the news, rushing to the villa in the suburbs as quickly as she could. However, there was already no one left when she arrived.

Jian Jie was furious. Who dared mess with my plan!

She then made her way back to the villa at Shallow Sea.

Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue should be arriving home soon.

As Jian Jie was on her way back to Shallow Sea, Su Jincheng received a call from Zheng Hao.

He just returned from a trip to America, and Zheng Hao informed him that An Huilin had been hanging around the Shallow Sea Area recently.

His eyebrows twitched. Something told him that things were not as simple as they seemed on the surface. To others, Jian Jie looked like a harmless girl from a rich family.

But he knew clearly how cruel and vicious she could be since he was the one who had trained her.

She seemed to be disregarding his authority and acting on her own these days.


Jian Jie saw Ye Zhongjue’s car turn into the Shallow Sea Area.

She felt a twisted feeling of satisfaction.

Will I finally witness the moment?

The document she sent Mo Suqing contained information about who Ye Zhongjue killed in the car accident three years ago.

There were two victims, one of them was Tang Zeng’s younger brother, Tang Mo, while the other was none other than Mo Suqing’s mother, Xia Yanran.

She learnt of this after saving Tang Zeng and getting her subordinate to look into the accident.

A vile laugh escaped her lips. Even the heavens are on my side. There will be no happy ending for Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue!


Ye Zhongjue went to take a shower immediately after they returned home.

Mo Suqing flipped through a book absent-mindedly as she rested on the sofa.

Suddenly reminded of the parcel in the morning, she made her way towards the shoe rack to retrieve it.

She found it weird that there was no address on it.

Frowning, she took it into the bedroom and opened it with a letter opener.

All color drained from her face as she looked at the document inside.

It was a picture of her mother at the scene of the car accident.

Who would send this to her?

Feeling upset and slightly afraid, she slowly pulled the entire document out.

She already knew what it meant after reading it halfway.

She flipped to the last page to look at the name of the perpetrator.

It made her freeze. This shocking piece of news made her gasp for breath. 

She looked at it again, and again...

It was Ye Jue!

Her husband, Ye Zhongjue, was the one who killed her mother. At the time, her father, Mo Zhenfeng, was given a huge sum of money and nothing much happened after that.

Hatred was apparent in Mo Suqing’s eyes.

She never thought that life would play such a cruel joke on her.

The man she shared her bed with was the killer, he was the killer!

Anger and resentment rose in Mo Suqing’s chest. She was screaming silently. My mother was killed by my husband.

She was furious, furious at how the heavens seemed to be making fun of her. How she hated the fact that she was with Ye Zhongjue, and she hated Mo Zhenfeng even more for not telling her the truth about her mother’s death.

Mo Suqing’s fists clenched tightly.

There was only one thing on her mind now, and it was to take revenge for her mother.

After his shower, Ye Zhongjue was looking all over the place for Mo Suqing, finally discovering her in the bedroom. There was no answer even when he called out to her multiple times.

With furrowed brows, he walked in and asked, “Dear, why aren’t you answering...”

Mo Suqing turned to him in anger. Ye Zhongjue was momentarily stunned by her reaction.

He then saw Mo Suqing holding a gun in her hand, her eyes full of hate. They were red and swollen from crying, and she was trembling in anger.


“Don’t call me that!” Mo Suqing yelled in her hysteria, staring at Ye Zhongjue with angry, loathing eyes.

She never thought things would turn out like this.

Ye Zhongjue then realized that there was a photo and some documents scattered on the floor as he moved a step forward.

His gaze stopped at the photo, and something instantly clicked in him.

He looked up at Mo Suqing in disbelief.

Mo Suqing raised the gun in her hand and pointed it directly at Ye Zhongjue.

She asked in a hoarse voice, “Ye Zhongjue, I’ll ask you something. Was it you driving the car at the time?”

She said every word with great difficulty, as if every single one of them was being engraved permanently onto her heart.

Conflict ran through Ye Zhongjue. He wanted to deny it, but he did not want to lie to her either.

But he knew very clearly that what he said next will seal their fate.

“It was… me!”

A gunshot rang out immediately after he spoke.

Mo Suqing shut her eyes as she pulled the trigger, the bullet flying straight at Ye Zhongjue’s heart.

Blood splattered everywhere!

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