Chapter 187: Been Through So Much

Jian Jie’s eyes narrowed as she smiled sweetly at An Huilin. “What? Scared? I thought you weren’t afraid of anything! What happened to that high and mighty An Huilin now?”

An Huilin stumbled from the sofa to the ground as she tried to back away to safety. An expression of utter hopelessness appeared on her face when her back hit a wall.

She started chuckling suddenly.

“Jian Jie, are you going to kill me?”

Jian Jie did not lose her smile. She simply looked at An Huilin silently.

She finally spoke after a while. “I can’t really bear to kill you though! We’ve known each other for such a long time, and I’m not as cruel as you are. I’m a kind soul, unlike someone who kept threatening me...”

In the next second, she whipped out a gleaming cleaver and hacked at An Huilin’s neck. An Huilin slumped to the ground instantly. An enchanting smile appeared on Jian Jie’s face.

Ye Zhongjue is mine, no one can take him away!

Whoever it is, I’ll kill them if they get in my way!


Ceng Hanyu’s subordinates who had been tailing An Huilin reported to him immediately when they realized that An Huilin’s phone signal could not be detected.

“Boss Ceng, that woman has gone missing! The tracker installed on her phone isn’t working either!”

“Where are you guys?” Ceng Hanyu spoke with an impassive voice.

“At a residential area in the suburbs of A City. Most of the residents here are rich folk who want to escape from city life!”

“How big is the area?”

“It’s quite big, there are probably a hundred or so families here!”

“Search every single one of them and find An Huilin. It’s highly likely that she’s connected to somebody from The Dark Night.”

“Understood, Boss!” His subordinate began the search immediately after ending the call.


Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue returned home right after the check-up was completed.

Worried that there might be some reporters camping near the house, Ye Zhongjue had Lin Ran send the both of them home. There would be someone else around to help fend the reporters off if that happens.

Lin Ran was rather anxious after he saw the videos circulating online.

“Are the both of you alright, Boss?”

Lin Ran asked as soon as Ye Zhongjue got into the car.

Ye Zhongjue shook his head and answered after Mo Suqing settled in the car, “We’re fine, but we can’t have this happen a second time. While you’re looking into what we learnt from Yi’an this morning, look into what happened earlier as well. There must have been someone who leaked it to the media, otherwise there wouldn’t have been so many reporters appearing at the same time. Find out who it is. Whoever it is, that individual will be a danger to us!”

“Got it, Boss!”

Mo Suqing tugged at his sleeve and asked softly, “What happened in the morning?”

Ye Zhongjue stroked her hair gently. He wanted to get to the bottom of the matter before telling her about it.

“It’s nothing major. You must have been scared earlier, since we haven’t dealt with any similar situations ever since you’ve gotten pregnant. It’s all my fault, I didn’t know there would be reporters there. I’ll take note in future, it won’t happen again!”

Mo Suqing smiled at him. “I’m fine. I’m not scared as long as you’re around.”

Ye Zhongjue raised his brows at this.

Mo Suqing blinked at him.

“You won’t let me get hurt, right?”

Ye Zhongjue nodded and took her in an embrace. “Mm, I’ll always protect you!”

Lin Ran felt like a third wheel. Boss, can’t the both of you do this at home instead?

They arrived at the Shallow Sea Area shortly.

Lin Ran stopped at the entrance for Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing to alight.

When Lin Ran drove away, someone else was observing the entire scene while sitting in a white Maserati nearby. Jian Jie stared at the couple with her brows deeply furrowed.

She then whipped out her phone, made a call, and berated whoever it was on the other end.

“Why are the entertainment reporters so useless? I said to knock into them, knock into them! Did you not understand? Why did I just see them arrive back home perfectly fine?!”

A wretched male voice answered, “I’m an entertainment reporter, an entertainment reporter! You didn’t see how vicious Ye Zhongjue looked at the time. My life is more important than a job! I’d suggest you get someone else to do the job, I won’t be taking the final payment either!” With that, he ended the call.

Jian Jie threw her phone aside in anger. There’s nobody reliable. I guess I’ll just have to do it myself.

Her initial plan was to get rid of the baby first, but the baby was basically what kept Mo Suqing safe at the moment.

No way! Jian Jie gripped the steering wheel in agitation. She decided to go to the Ye family home to sound them out before taking any further action.

She slammed her foot on the accelerator and sped off.

At Villa Number 6, Shallow Sea.

Luo Qiqi was standing at the balcony, and she saw the white car leave through her binoculars.

She called Xia Zi over.

“A’zi, A’zi, come over quickly. Jian Jie has left!”

Xia Zi frowned. All she saw was the trail of dust left by the speeding car.

“Hasn’t she always been camping there recently? Why did she leave so suddenly?”

Luo Qiqi pouted. “I don’t know what she’s trying to do. How about I follow her, and find an opportunity to do something to her car on the way. What do you think?”

Xia Zi answered coldly, “I don’t think that’s smart at all? It’s too easy for you to be discovered like that. Don’t you know that she’s a great agent? Her skills are top-notch!”

Luo Qiqi continued pouting. “A’zi, don’t traumatize me like that. Haven’t I already been through enough?”

Xia Zi looked at her injured hand, smirking.

“You’ve been through so much!”

Luo Qiqi stared at her wide-eyed.

“A’zi, you’re bullying me! I hate this life… wuu...”

Xia Zi was speechless. Why am I wasting time with this child!

“Qiqi, stop messing around. Let’s go and take a look at what that woman is trying to pull.” Xia Zi left immediately after.

Luo Qiqi stuck a tongue out at her, but followed right behind her.

They did not place any trackers on Jian Jie’s car, but having monitored her for two whole days, it was easy for them to find her since they were rather familiar with the routes Jian Jie took.


At the Ye family home.

Ye Wentian and Ming Jinhua faced the unexpected guest sitting on the sofa. Though Jian Jie was a generation younger, she exuded such a resentful aura which made the older couple feel like they really owed her something.

They watched Jian Jie grow up, and they thought she would end up together with Ye Zhongjue when they went abroad for their studies seven years ago. No one expected things to turn out this way.

Ye Wentian and Ming Jinhua were sitting opposite Jian Jie when the helper brought some water over.

Ming Jinhua smiled at Jian Jie. “Jian dear, have some water!”

Jian Jie forced a smile.

“No, thanks. Auntie Ye, I’m here to ask about something.”

Ming Jinhua looked to Ye Wentian, heaving a resigned sigh.

Pressure weighed down on Ye Wentian. To prevent history from repeating itself, they will need to talk to Jian Jie properly about this. Jue was way too stubborn, so he and Ming Jinhua would have to do the job.

He spoke steadily. “Go ahead, Jian dear!”

Jian Jie did not expect Ye Wentian to be so direct. He was already inviting her to talk about the matter when she had not even begun to touch on the topic.

Ye Wentian had a wealth of experience and had gone through the vicissitudes of life. Jian Jie could not help but feel slightly afraid when facing him.

“I’ll go ahead then, Uncle Ye. Both you and Auntie should be aware that I have had feelings for Jue ever since we were little, and I know the both of you were supportive of this. But, I’m sure the both of you have also seen the news about that woman getting pregnant with Jue’s child. I wanted to know what your thoughts are on that.”

Ming Jinhua and Ye Wentian exchanged a look. They had to face Jian Jie sooner or later.

Ming Jinhua cleared her throat slightly and answered Jian Jie gently.

“Jian dear, you’d be able to see that she’s heavily pregnant. She’s probably at least seven months into the pregnancy now. If Jue likes her so much, and the baby is due soon, both Uncle Ye and I don’t see any reason to object to that...”

Anger flashed across Jian Jie’s face. “So you’re planning on accepting her? How can that woman be a good match for Jue? Weren’t the both of you supportive of us in the past?”

Jian Jie looked at the older couple in disbelief.

Ye Wentian turned serious. “Jian Jie! You have to look at the big picture. You know about what happened to our family, and you’re well aware of why we objected in the beginning. But there’s no use in us still objecting to it if they already have a baby. Do you really think Jue will accept you? If the both of you get along well, we can help out a little, but it’s obvious that Jue only has eyes for that girl. There’s no use even if you insist on being together with him. Silly girl, there are tons of better men out there!”

Jian Jie gritted her teeth in her ire, unable to control her anger and tone, she almost yelled at the old couple. “But Jue’s the only one that I want!”

Ming Jinhua felt rather awkward at this. Why did it have to come to this!

“Jian dear, don’t be like this! These are feelings we’re talking about, no one can force it upon anyone else.”

Upset, Jian Jie sniffed. “Fine, I know what Uncle and Auntie thinks now. I won’t bother the two of you. I’ll take my leave!”

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