Chapter 185: Brilliant Representation of a Prince Charming

Ye Zhongjue supported Mo Suqing as she alighted from the car, and they were swarmed by a mob of reporters as they exited the parking lot. A trace of anger flashed in his eyes. Who tipped them off?

The reporters were closing in, and Ye Zhongjue shielded Mo Suqing as they walked. The reporters did not pay any heed to the fact that Mo Suqing was a pregnant lady, they simply rushed forward and pushed the microphones in their faces.

Ye Zhongjue was infuriated. He would have brought some men with him if he knew this would happen.

Seeing someone about to knock into Mo Suqing, Ye Zhongjue quickly reacted to kick the reporter away.

He was now seething in anger.

The reporters backed away slightly as Ye Zhongjue looked like the devil’s incarnate with how dreadful his expression was. Mo Suqing was temporarily safe.

However, after an extremely brief pause, they began pushing forward with their microphones again.

Ye Zhongjue yelled at them. “What’s wrong with all of you? Can’t you see that my wife is pregnant? Where are your ethics as entertainment reporters? Do you guys even have a bottom line? Do you throw morals out the window just for a headline? I’ll make all of you pay if anything happens to my wife!”

No one doubted Ye Zhongjue when they saw his cruel visage. The reporters retreated slightly, afraid of becoming the scapegoat.

Ye Zhongjue continued supporting Mo Suqing as they walked. A small voice could be heard asking, “Since President Ye has revealed that this lady is none other than your wife, do your parents know about this too? Did she get pregnant without your parents’ blessing?”

Ye Zhongjue threw his mobile phone directly at that reporter!

The phone hit the reporter squarely on the face and the screen cracked as it dropped to the ground.

The cameras started flashing as the reporters began snapping photos, bedazzling Mo Suqing. But no one else dared ask Ye Zhongjue any other questions.

At this moment, the pictures where Ye Zhongjue hit a reporter and where he was supporting Mo Suqing had already been posted online.

The pictures caused fervent discussion among netizens.

Some said Ye Zhongjue was so protective of the woman only because she was pregnant with his child, while others argued that Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing had already gotten married earlier.

There were also some who said that the Ye family did not consent to their marriage, and that Mo Suqing had probably never been to the Ye family home at all. They speculated that the Ye family did not like her and did not wish to acknowledge her as a daughter-in-law, even going so far as to say that they were preventing Mo Suqing from fulfilling her dreams of marrying into a rich family.


The picture of Ye Zhongjue hitting someone to protect Mo Suqing made huge waves among the public. Everyone was talking about how the president of Mighty Empire Group actually hit a reporter over a woman, and about how he could be so arrogant as to disregard how much it can actually affect his reputation in the business world.

Mighty Empire’s stocks plummeted and public sentiment was against them.

Even so, there were still some who were on Ye Zhongjue’s side, saying that he did all that for the woman he loved, and that it was chivalrous and manly. There were some who turned into literal fangirls.

They felt that his actions were a remarkable representation of how a prince charming should be, a man with an indomitable spirit who wholeheartedly protected the one he loved.

After the brief hindrance, Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue eventually entered the hospital.

Meanwhile, Villa Number 6, Shallow Sea.

A hint of concern flashed past Xia Zi’s impassive eyes as she looked at Luo Qiqi.

“Qiqi, are you okay?”

Luo Qiqi pouted. “Of course, how could I not be okay when I almost got chopped up by a cleaver?”

Xia Zi scoffed at her.

They have been in A City for two months now and were finally able to get some leads regarding The Dark Night. The organization seemed to be planning something major.

At such a critical point however, Luo Qiqi refused to order takeout and kept insisting on making home-cooked meals back at the Shallow Sea villa.

With how insistent she was, Xia Zi had no choice but to agree. They arrived at Shallow Sea yesterday, and spent the entire day cleaning up the villa. Doing the chores could tire them out faster than fighting could.

Before Xia Zi got out of bed, Luo Qiqi was already up and raring to prepare breakfast. Xia Zi ignored her and closed her eyes to continue sleeping.

Before she could fall asleep, she heard a bloodcurdling scream from the kitchen.

Xia Zi rushed to the kitchen only to see Luo Qiqi clutching her left hand. It was bleeding profusely. It was difficult to stop the bleeding since injuries caused by cleavers are usually quite deep, and they did not have a first-aid kit in the house.

Thus, Xia Zi decided to bring Luo Qiqi to the hospital.

She then chided herself inwardly for forgetting that Luo Qiqi was an absolute idiot when it comes to cooking! Luo Qiqi was definitely the first to end up in hospital because she was trying to cook!

Back at the villa, Luo Qiqi was using the computer with her uninjured hand and looking through the forum she joined, while Xia Zi went straight to the kitchen to start cooking. Since the injured cooking idiot cannot do anything, they will both end up starving to death if she does not start cooking.

Either that, or she would have to force herself to swallow Luo Qiqi’s horrible dishes.

When Xia Zi was toasting the bread, she heard Luo Qiqi criticizing somebody.

“What is this? Manly? It’s more like unbridled arrogance to me! He looks exactly like those guys who’ve never been in a relationship, and the girl should be worried if she’s with someone like him who hit others so openly! No, I can’t take this anymore! I have to comment on this!”

Luo Qiqi was focusing on typing her comment with only her right hand, and she did not realize that Mo Suqing’s profile looked almost exactly like Xia Zi’s. Luo Qiqi naturally did not pay much attention to Mo Suqing since only her profile was photographed, and she excitedly entered her comment in the forum.

Xia Zi put the toasted bread and milk on the dinner table before serving the dishes. She understood Luo Qiqi well enough to know that the latter was probably trying to chop up some vegetables to stir-fry them, but accidentally chopped at her own hand instead.

The fragrance attracted Luo Qiqi to the dinner table, and she instantly forgot what she was doing on her computer.

She was almost drooling when she saw the dishes on the table, and her eyes squinted in a smile. “A’zi, I love you, I know you love me too!” She then reached out with her uninjured hand to grab the vegetables and stuffed them into her mouth.

Xia Zi witnessed the entire scene as she walked out of the kitchen. She was utterly dumbstruck. You grab food with your bare hands?

“Luo Qiqi!”

Hearing Xia Zi’s stern voice, Luo Qiqi looked up and laughed. “It smelled so good, so I just couldn’t help myself. Please don’t beat me up over this!”

She then shuffled off to the washroom.

When they started eating, Luo Qiqi went on a tirade.

“A’zi, you know about A City’s Mighty Empire right?”

“Mm!” Xia Zi nodded.

Luo Qiqi waved her chopsticks in the air as she spoke. “Do you know that he actually beat up a reporter over a woman, oh, they say it’s his wife! Don’t you think he’s just asking for it?”

“There was probably no one else around to help!” Xia Zi said calmly and continued eating.

Luo Qiqi was disgruntled. “Why are you so emotionless? A’zi, he’s no ordinary person, and his parents don’t seem to have consented to their marriage...”

She continued talking about what happened, as if it was her duty to finish the story.

However, Xia Zi said something that effectively stopped that monologue of hers.

“Anything to do with us?”

Her spirit dampened, Luo Qiqi answered with disinterest.

“Forget it. Let’s eat!”

Xia Zi sighed.

“Qiqi, I’m not doing this on purpose. It’s just that we’ve already been in A City for two months, and the leads we have are so minute. Headquarters have already contacted us and asked about the progress, and all I could do was to ask for more time. We need to settle this quickly!”

Luo Qiqi pouted. “Do you think that we’ll be able to track The Dark Night down this time?”

Xia Zi’s chopsticks paused in midair before she put it down and answered in a rather resigned tone. “I don’t know, but we have to try. We’ve been working on this for so many years.”

“You said there’s something off about Jian Jie, but I think she’s just a rich girl. Why would she have ties with The Dark Night?” The puzzled Luo Qiqi questioned.

The lead they had now was merely the fact that Jian Jie knew people from The Dark Night, and they did not want to shake things up at this point. Their strategy was to lie in ambush and wait for the best opportunity to strike, so that they can bring the entire organization down in a single blow.

“Precisely because she’s a rich girl and she knows people from The Dark Night. Isn’t that suspicious in itself? Think about it, what would she be lacking?”

“I don’t think she lacks anything!” Luo Qiqi frowned.

“That’s right!” Xia Zi spoke confidently. “She doesn’t lack anything, but she’s connected to The Dark Night. This means there has to be something she’s trying to achieve. If that’s the case, it’s likely that she wouldn’t just be a lowly foot soldier there. Of course, these are all just speculations, and if we have nothing else to work from...”

“Then we’ll take her back with us!” Luo Qiqi completed Xia Zi’s sentence for her.

“Mm!” Xia Zi simply nodded.


Meanwhile, at the Ye family home.

Ye Wentian felt both surprise and anger when he saw the news online. He was surprised at the fact that he was about to be a grandfather soon, but he was angry that Ye Zhongjue did not even bother to inform him or Ming Jinhua about it. He would still be kept in the dark if he did not see the news online.

Ye Wentian suddenly wondered if Ye Zhongjue kept this from him because he was worried that his own father might oppose it and do something to harm the baby. I’ll skin him alive if that was really what he thought! I’m not such a cruel man!

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