Chapter 184: A Second Mo Suqing Appeared

Mo Suqing saw Su Jincheng holding a gun when he returned.

Mo Suqing frowned. “What’s that for?”

“Take it!” He put it into her hand. “Remember to load it, you never know when it might be of use. Make sure you keep it properly hidden. We can’t own firearms in this country, got it?”

Mo Suqing nodded absent-mindedly before stuffing the gun somewhere inside her outfit.

They happened to meet Ye Zhongjue on the way back.

Ye Zhongjue was about to go out to look for Mo Suqing, since she was not at home when he returned. But just when he was about to do so, he saw the two of them walking side by side.

Ye Zhongjue’s expression turned grim.

Mo Suqing hurriedly explained, “I just went downstairs to empty the garbage. President Su saw me and decided to accompany me back since I’m pregnant!”

She then gave an awkward laugh.

Su Jincheng was dumbstruck at such a horrible excuse, but since she did not wish for Ye Zhongjue to know the truth, he decided to help her keep it under wraps.

“Yes, I thought it’d be better if I walked Mrs. Ye back since she’s pregnant.”

Ye Zhongjue was already seething, but hearing Su Jincheng say ‘Mrs. Ye’ made his anger subside considerably. He supported Mo Suqing and gently pulled her to his side.

He then regarded Su Jincheng with slight hostility. Su Jincheng was friendly and kind to Mo Suqing, but for some reason, Ye Zhongjue did not feel comfortable about the dynamics between the two.

“Thank you very much for your kind help, President Su. My wife and I will head back now!”

They then turned and walked back to their own villa.

Mo Suqing felt the gun under her dress and she turned to look back at Su Jincheng, only entering the villa after seeing that calm and serene gaze of his.

Ye Zhongjue was very obviously unhappy about what had happened. He said, “Don’t get too close to Su Jincheng next time. I think he’s dangerous!”

Mo Suqing pursed her lips. “I don’t think he means any harm...”

“That kindness of his makes me uncomfortable!” Ye Zhongjue’s tone was rather harsh, causing Mo Suqing to retreat into the room.

She looked around for a place to keep the gun, finally deciding to lock it in a drawer they seldom use.

Looking at how Mo Suqing seemed to be defending Su Jincheng, jealousy rose in Ye Zhongjue, making him rather frustrated.

In the days that followed, Mo Suqing basically did not go anywhere else as she would either be at home or in the hospital for her check-ups.

Two months then passed in the blink of an eye.

Mo Suqing had entered into her third trimester of pregnancy and her tummy was huge now.

She remembered clearly when she first felt the baby move. It was the very day Su Jincheng had walked her back. She and Ye Zhongjue had refused to speak to each other for a large part of the day, but they got very excited when she felt the baby’s movement.

She remembered Ye Zhongjue leaning against her tummy, and that face of surprise and excitement would be something she would never forget.


Gu Yi’an was making his way back home after his shift at the hospital.

Two attractive figures caught his eye, and one of them looked exactly like Mo Suqing, except that the aura around her seemed different.

He thought he was just too tired and that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

So, he shook his head to erase the image from his mind and took a closer look.

Indeed, the lady looked exactly like Mo Suqing. He looked at her flat tummy and knew instantly that she was definitely not the pregnant Mo Suqing.

But, how could there be two individuals who looked exactly like each other?

Before Gu Yi’an could go up to them, the two of them had already left. His brows furrowed in confusion and felt a sense of foreboding.

He felt rather uneasy these days, as if something major was about to happen. Everything seemed to be going pretty well recently, so he had no idea what caused him to feel this way. Unable to ignore that feeling, he decided to call Ye Zhongjue eventually.

Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing were reading books on the lounger in the greenhouse and cozying up to each other when he received the call.

Ye Zhongjue did not usually allow the pregnant Mo Suqing to leave the house. Now that she’s heavily pregnant, he had become her full-time nanny, taking care of all her needs since he could not be at ease if someone else did the job. He had been doing a rather good job and she had also put on a little bit of weight with all that tender loving care he gave her.

Being cooped up, Mo Suqing complained that the air in the house was getting stale without any flowering plants around. Ye Zhongjue thus built a greenhouse in their yard, and Mo Suqing enjoyed going there to relax and read a book after her meals.

Mo Suqing did not pay much attention when Ye Zhongjue answered the call.

However, he stood up immediately when he heard the words ‘two Mo Suqings’. He then walked out of the greenhouse with a solemn expression. “What’s going on? Why would there be two Mo Suqings?”

Gu Yi’an’s brows creased as he tried to explain what he saw. “I have no idea. I saw two ladies nearby right after my shift at the hospital, and upon closer look, I realized one of them looked exactly like Mo Suqing, but she seemed to have quite an icy disposition. They left before I could go up to them. I think you should be more careful. From the biology standpoint, if they look so alike, they must be twins. But you said Mo Suqing didn’t have any siblings apart from that stepsister of hers. So, this can only mean that someone is trying to act like Mo Suqing, and that face is highly likely a prosthetic. Do you understand what I’m trying to get at? Anyway, it’s best that you keep your eyes peeled!”

“Got it!” Ye Zhongjue’s expression turned frosty.

“I’ll get Lin Ran to look into this, so don’t worry.”

He then instructed Lin Ran to go to the hospital to begin investigating the matter.

“Boss, how do I start? I can’t possibly find someone like this!”

After a moment of contemplation, Ye Zhongjue answered, “Go get the security camera footage from places near the hospital. It’ll be best if you can find out where they live, what they do, things like that. Remember, don’t give yourself away before finding out who they are.”

“Understood, Boss!” Lin Ran carried out his duties immediately after ending the call.

Ye Zhongjue’s eyebrows twitched. For some reason, there was an unpleasant feeling in his heart.

It was time for Mo Suqing’s check-up today, and seeing her relaxing quietly in the greenhouse made him calm down a little.

He walked in and sat gently beside her. “My dear, what time should we go to the hospital for the check-up today? Now, or later in the afternoon?”

Mo Suqing thought about it for a while. “Let’s go now, I want to stay home in the afternoon!”

“Okay!” Ye Zhongjue smiled and helped her stand. They then drove to the hospital.

Sitting in a white Maserati, Jian Jie’s face darkened as she looked at Ye Zhongjue’s car exit the Shallow Sea Area. She had waited a long time for this.

She gripped the steering wheel hard as she stared at the Land Rover which was getting tinier and tinier. Mo Suqing, I’m going to make you suffer.

She then made a call.

“Okay, you can go to the city hospital now. You’ll be able to get the news you’ve been waiting for. Remember to tread lightly and don’t get discovered.”

Jian Jie laughed in disdain at something the person on the other end said.

“Remember who you are. If you think that you’re able to go against me in your current position...”

She did not continue, but the threat was obvious in her words, akin to a venomous snake’s dangerous hissing.

The person on the call seemed to say something respectful next, making Jian Jie break into a smile instantly.

“It’s good you know that. Go get that piece of news, don’t blame me if you miss your chance!”

Jian Jie gave a long and heavy sigh. She had spent more than two months preparing for this very day.

I won’t do anything for now if Dark Night does not allow me to touch Mo Suqing. I’ll wait till the day where she turns into enemies with Ye Zhongjue, then I’ll attack!

Her imagination was broken by a phone call.

It’s that idiot, An Huilin, again. Though annoyed, Jian Jie still answered the call. I don’t want this idiot to spoil my plans.

“What do you want?” Jian Jie spoke rudely.

An Huilin was not polite either. “Of course there’s something I want. Don’t forget what you promised me!”

Jian Jie’s eyes narrowed. Is this woman really an idiot or is she just shameless? She just knows my identity, that’s all. What makes her think that she can lord over me like this!

Jian Jie spoke again after a short pause. “Fine! Let’s meet up and have a proper discussion to get everything straightened out. What do you think?”

“Sure!” An Huilin answered.

Jian Jie gave a cunning smirk. You agreed to this, so don’t blame me for being cruel this time!

“I’ll send you the address!”

Jian Jie then ended the call. She will not allow anyone to threaten her like this, and An Huilin had gotten away with it only because they had known each other for a long time.

Su Jincheng was busy with work at Tianyue Group and had no time to keep an eye on her these days, so it was the best time for her to act!

At the thought, Jian Jie drove off quickly.

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