Chapter 182: Mo Suqing, I’m Not Sick!

Guan Zixuan’s brows creased. “Where is she now?”

At this, Mo Suqing looked downcast. “Something happened to Grandpa An. He saw Yao getting shot right in front of him and fainted from the shock. He hasn’t regained consciousness, so Yao and Ceng Hanyu took him to England for treatment.”

This was also shocking for Guan Zixuan. Grandpa An looked rather spritely, and he had just reunited with his granddaughter too. The heavens were really playing a joke on them!

“Let’s go, don’t think about it anymore!” Mo Suqing nudged Guan Zixuan to return home.


After Ye Zhongjue left the house the next day, Mo Suqing was racking her brains on how she could get Guan Zixuan to leave in order to meet Su Jincheng. Before she could think of anything, Guan Zixuan called.

“Suqing, I can’t come over today. Take care of yourself and don’t leave the house. Be careful!”

Mo Suqing almost cried out in joy. She no longer had to think of an excuse to get him to leave!

“Okay, okay! I got it, I’ll take care of myself!”

On the other end of the call, Guan Zixuan frowned. Why did she sound like she was so happy about this?

He did not pay too much attention to it and ended the call anyway.

Mo Suqing put on her jacket quickly and went downstairs.

She stood at the door for a while to make sure that it was safe before continuing on her journey.

Su Jincheng was expecting her today, so he was already waiting for her downstairs. He chuckled as he saw her act like a burglar.

Mo Suqing waited and looked around, but she did not spot Su Jincheng. When she was about to lose her patience, a wall of human flesh appeared right in front of her. She almost fell backwards in shock.

Su Jincheng reached out to support her. He knew she was pregnant, and a bad fall might cause her to miscarry. If that happens, she will definitely kill me!

Mo Suqing looked at him after she steadied herself. She then realized he was the one who had scared her, and he was also the one who kept her from falling backwards.

She punched him in anger.

“Su Jincheng, you’re sick!”

Su Jincheng dodged her fist and answered in all seriousness. “Mo Suqing, I’m not sick!”

Mo Suqing could not believe that such a haughty individual existed!

Su Jincheng pulled on her arm in her maddened state.

“Stop struggling. I’m taking you to my place! I’ll teach you self-defense!”

Mo Suqing resisted him and shot him a cautious look. “Self-defense? I think I should be defending myself against you instead!”

Su Jincheng shook his head. “What are you even thinking? You’d be dead if I really wanted to do anything to you!”

Mo Suqing’s eyes narrowed. She thought about who he was, and realized that what he said actually made a lot of sense.

“Let’s go then!”

Mo Suqing looked at Su Jincheng in disbelief when he led her to the villa that was diagonally opposite hers. “Don’t tell me that you live here!”

“Of course!” He smiled playfully at her.

She shot him a look. “If it’s your house, why aren’t we entering? Waiting for me to open the door for you?”

Su Jincheng laughed at this. She was pretty fierce!

He walked in confidently while Mo Suqing tiptoed into the house, looking around as if she was trying to hide from something.

He did not mind it, allowing her to explore as she pleased.

Su Jincheng had yet to tell her the exact purpose of him taking her here.

When he brought two glasses of water over, Mo Suqing asked, “Hey, I don’t need water. Can you tell me why we’re here?”

Su Jincheng glanced at her. “This isn’t for you!”

Mo Suqing then watched as he gulped down the two huge glasses of water.

She made a face. “Su Jincheng, are you a buffalo?”

He chuckled. “I’m thirsty, can’t you tell?”

“Anyone can tell!” Mo Suqing retorted.

“Let’s not waste more time. I’ll take you to the second floor!”

She then rolled her eyes before following him upstairs.

She was surprised to see an indoor shooting range on the second floor, and she initially thought that the handguns there were just props. However, she was quickly reminded of Su Jincheng’s gunshot wound.

Were these real?

She recalled what Su Jincheng told her. By self-defense, did he mean to teach me how to use a gun?

Seeing the bewilderment on Mo Suqing’s face, Su Jincheng casually glanced at her as he picked up a handgun. “Exactly what you’re thinking!”

He pulled the trigger immediately after, and Mo Suqing covered her ears in shock.

He then tossed the handgun to her. Mo Suqing caught it, but she did not know what to do with it.

Su Jincheng laughed. “Just hold on to it. Nothing will happen if you don’t pull the trigger. I’ll teach you how to do it and you’ll be able to protect yourself next time!”

After a moment, Mo Suqing tossed it back to him. “I… I… I’m not learning this!”

Su Jincheng was insistent. “You have to learn it! This is self-defense, and it will only be of help to you in future!”

Mo Suqing frowned as she looked at Su Jincheng unwillingly.

Su Jincheng then walked over to another rack to get earplugs.

“This helps dampen the sound. It won’t be too loud if you have these in your ears, and you can remove them after you’re used to this!”

She looked at the earplugs, hesitating as she said, “Why do you want me to learn this? I know you have good intentions, but...”

He regarded her seriously. “No buts, just focus on your practice, and I guarantee that you’ll be able to hit your target at least ninety percent of the time after two months.”

He then continued. “I’m teaching you solely because you saved my life, and I want to repay that debt. I know you’re married, so I promise I’m not trying to do anything else. I’ve also heard that your good friend, Leng Xiyao, was shot and killed. So I thought it’d be good for you to learn how to use a gun!”

Mo Suqing’s expression hardened when she heard Leng Xiyao’s name.

She then looked up at Su Jincheng with renewed resolve. “Okay, I’ll learn!”

Su Jincheng’s smile returned.

“Great! Let’s start now!” He helped her put on the earplugs and started coaching her on how to use a gun. Since she was pregnant, the handgun he chose was one with a shorter range and weaker recoil.

Mo Suqing practiced for an entire morning till her arms were sore.

She was against this idea initially, but the more she practiced, the more interested she got. She even wanted to take the gun apart to take a look at what was inside.

She knew the basic structure of a handgun from looking through one of Ye Zhongjue’s books, and coupled with her general knowledge of guns, she felt that the pictures were coming to life right in front of her eyes, and she became rather enthusiastic about the subject.

From then on, Mo Suqing would sneak into Villa Number 11 whenever she had the time. She practiced her shooting and even worked on some amateur firearm designs.

Su Jincheng did not know what she wanted stationery for at first, but he got a huge shock when he saw Mo Suqing’s designs.

“You know how to design firearms?”

Mo Suqing gave an awkward laugh.

“That’s not possible, since I haven’t touched a gun before this. But I’ve seen books about designing firearms in Ye Zhongjue’s study. I’ll look through them from time to time and I’ve found them rather interesting!”

Su Jincheng looked at her with fervent emotion, as if he was looking at a treasure trove.

Mo Suqing frowned. “Hey! We’ve known each other for about a month now. Can’t you act more normal? Why do you look like you’re about to devour me?”

Su Jincheng guffawed. “Devour you? No way! I was thinking of getting you to work on something else. It’s much more useful than devouring you!”

Mo Suqing asked in curiosity, “Something else?”

“That’s right!” Su Jincheng smiled at her. “I realize your designs are clever and practical. I’m sure they’ll be popular if we put them into production!”

The exuberant Su Jincheng did not realize the change in Mo Suqing’s expression. She snatched her designs back from him and tore it up.

“Though I’m not able to prevent others from using firearms, I don’t wish for my designs to hurt others!”

Su Jincheng refused to give up. “Your designs are really good though. You’re really talented!”

Without emotion, Mo Suqing said, “No use trying to convince me on this. I won’t agree!”

Su Jincheng wanted to continue, but thought better of it.

He then spoke after a while. “Okay then, just focus on your practice. It’s solely for self-defense, and I won’t force you to design anything since you’re unwilling. Moreover, you haven’t been professionally trained, so your designs would definitely have some flaws in them, and it’s not possible for them to go straight into production anyway. So, you don’t have to worry. I won’t use your designs without your consent!”

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