Chapter 181: On Behalf of Someone Else

An Huilin then explained that Leng Haoyun absolutely let himself go after returning home that day. He was out all day and got drunk every night. From an outsider’s point of view, he did not look very different, just slightly more haggard and aloof.

But every night when he returned, he would start drinking and smoking instead of sleeping and taking a good rest. He even asked Aunt Zhang to leave him alone.

An Huilin cried, “He might end up killing himself like this!”

Initially, she had wanted to leave Leng Haoyun to his own devices and let him wallow in his own self-pity. Since he did not marry her, there was no reason she should involve herself in this. However, her heart broke when she saw him abuse himself like that.

This might just be the fate of having an unrequited love.

Eventually, An Huilin was able to convince Mo Suqing to go with her to the Leng’s villa.

Mo Suqing was helping out only because of Yao. She knew that if Leng Haoyun ever decides to kill himself, Yao would never forgive her.

Guan Zixuan was by Mo Suqing’s side throughout the journey, and when they arrived at the Leng’s villa, the both of them followed An Huilin upstairs.

They were immediately assailed with a heavy, smoky odor when An Huilin opened the door to Leng Haoyun’s room.

Guan Zixuan grimaced at the stench as he made out a dark figure somewhere in the room. He quickly walked in to pull the curtains apart and fling the windows open to allow the air to circulate.

Mo Suqing frowned at An Huilin. “Didn’t you say that he drinks at night? It’s so early in the day now, what is he even thinking!”

An Huilin looked at Leng Haoyun with a pained expression. “He didn’t go to work today. He probably isn’t feeling so great...”

Mo Suqing said, “Just because you’re in a bad mood doesn’t mean you should be allowing yourself to sink into such a pitiful state!”

Mo Suqing contemplated for a moment before turning to Guan Zixuan. “Give us some space, I want to talk to Leng Haoyun in private. The both of you can wait outside.”

Guan Zixuan nodded at her and walked out without complaint. An Huilin looked at the person sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed. He looked like a living corpse. Unwillingly, she dragged herself out of the room.

She was betting everything on Mo Suqing now. Since Leng Xiyao was dead, she decided to look for whoever was the closest to her to try and get them to talk some sense into Leng Haoyun.

Mo Suqing entered the room and closed the door behind her.

Leng Haoyun glanced up at her once when she arrived earlier, but was back to being immersed in his self-pity.

Mo Suqing walked over and stood in front of him. She remained silent for a long time.

She only spoke when she could no longer endure the sight of Leng Haoyun looking like he was half-dead.

“Leng Haoyun, whose attention are you trying to get? You were the one who rejected Yao, so why are you acting like this now? Without Yao, there’s nobody to stop you from doing anything. You’re free to do whatever you want, so why are you putting on this show?”

Leng Haoyun did not make a sound. Mo Suqing then thought of something else that might elicit a reaction.

She took out a bullet from her bag and threw it at Leng Haoyun. She said, “This is the bullet that hit Yao. You can keep it!”

Stunned, Leng Haoyun picked up the bullet that landed on him. He stared at it before commenting in a low voice, his tone demonic.

“This is from Sin Eliminators!”

“That’s right!” Mo Suqing did not seem surprised that he recognized it. The fact that she revealed this to him meant that she was confident it would bring him out of his trance.

It did not matter even if this meant that he would be fuelled by the thought of taking revenge for Yao!

“It is from one of Sin Eliminator’s sniper rifles. Ye Zhongjue and Ceng Hanyu had left no stone unturned when they investigated Sin Eliminators, but they didn’t manage to find any leads. This model is also sold to many others, so this can only mean one thing. Someone is trying to pit Sin Eliminators against Red Kill, and Yao was nothing but a sacrificial lamb.”

This caught Leng Haoyun’s attention as he looked up at Mo Suqing.

She then continued, “Of course, there’s also the possibility of Yao being personally targeted if she had offended anyone. But what do you think is more likely?”

Mo Suqing spoke without emotion. “Instead of trying to find out who killed her, you’re here wasting your time getting drunk. Can you even face Yao like this?”

She then turned to leave. An Huilin saw her come down the stairs and rushed up to ask if it went well.

Mo Suqing simply ignored her and left with Guan Zixuan.

When An Huilin went upstairs, there was no one in the bedroom. Instead, she heard the sound of the shower.

She waited in the room for about half an hour before Leng Haoyun finished showering. He no longer looked dishevelled. He had changed into a new outfit and was clean shaven. He was back to being that chilly and imposing man.

He gave An Huilin a cursory glance.

“Don’t come here anymore, you’re not welcome here!”

An Huilin was enraged. “Haoyun, how could you say that. Do all these years of friendship amount to nothing?”

“Friendship?” Leng Haoyun shot her a look. “There’s no friendship left between us the moment Yao got shot. If I find out you had anything to do with this… you’re dead meat!”

An Huilin shivered under Leng Haoyun’s glare. There was no warmth in those dispassionate eyes. She thought about the agreement with Jian Jie and shuddered inwardly.

Not wanting to say anything else, she left the Leng’s villa.

After An Huilin left, Leng Haoyun called Aunt Zhang and told her to change all the passwords and locks used in the house. He reminded her, “Don’t let An Huilin in next time, she’s not welcome here!”

Aunt Zhang nodded profusely as she thought to herself, Young master should have done this earlier. I’ve never liked that An Huilin woman.

“Understood, Young master!”


Mo Suqing was bombarded with questions by Guan Zixuan on the way home.

“What did you say to Leng Haoyun? Will he really pick himself up after this?”

Complex emotions passed through Guan Zixuan when he saw Leng Haoyun earlier.

How deeply did the man love her for him to torture himself like that after losing her?

Or was it simply because we don’t know how to cherish what we already have, and we’ll only regret it when we lose them?

Mo Suqing glanced at him. “Zixuan, you seem pretty invested in Leng Haoyun’s situation!”

Guan Zixuan laughed. “I’m worried on behalf of Leng Xiyao! We were friends once!”

“You mean to say you’re no longer her friend?” Mo Suqing asked with raised brows.

Guan Zixuan paused awkwardly before saying, “I still am, I still am!”

Mo Suqing smiled at this. “Look at you, all nervous for nothing. I’m fine even if Yao is gone, so you don’t have to tread so carefully!”

Guan Zixuan did not realize that Mo Suqing had said this so light-heartedly without any hint of sorrow.

He fell silent, not knowing what to say. Though he did not show it, he felt rather sad that Leng Xiyao was gone.

Though he had feelings for Mo Suqing, he had established a friendship with Leng Xiyao. They bickered a lot, but that did not mean that they were not friends!

Seeing the moody Guan Zixuan lower his head, Mo Suqing reached out to comfort him by patting his shoulder.

“Don’t be too sad! I don’t mean anything, I just miss those times when the two of you would bicker. Yao is gone now, and there seems to be an empty space beside me all the time...”

Guan Zixuan took her in an embrace and consoled her by soothing her back.

“Don’t be like this, there’s no way for the dead to come back, so you’ll only get more upset the more you think about it...”

Guan Zixuan did not know what else to say when he felt Mo Suqing giggle.

“Why are you giggling?” He was astonished at how quickly Mo Suqing’s mood changed.

She raised her brows and straightened herself up. She then whispered in his ear, “I forgot to tell you that Yao isn’t dead!”

“What!” Guan Zixuan was shocked at the news.

Mo Suqing signalled for him to be quiet, giving him a look that said she will explain it later.

When they returned to the Shallow Sea Area, Guan Zixuan could no longer hold it in.

“Leng Xiyao is really okay?”

Mo Suqing blinked at him cheekily. “What do you think!”

Realization then dawned upon Guan Zixuan. Though Mo Suqing looked quite upset in the beginning, it did not seem like she had just lost a close friend of hers. Furthermore, she did not even look sad at all recently.

He even tried so hard to make her laugh when Leng Xiyao’s death was all a sham!

“What happened?” He asked.

“It’s all Yao’s idea. She doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s alive, especially Leng Haoyun!”

Mo Suqing’s eyes suddenly dimmed. “I remember what Yao told me when she woke up. She said she wanted to leave A City, and that Leng Xiyao was dead. She wanted to continue living as Anne from then on. I will never forget that hollow and emotionless gaze of hers when she said it!”

“So this was why you guys said she died, and even held a funeral for her? Don’t you know that it’s inauspicious to do that?” Guan Zixuan frowned in disapproval.

Mo Suqing looked at him. “I know that, but Yao insisted on it so that everyone would think she was dead. I was afraid that you might let the cat out of the bag, so I didn’t tell you!”

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