Chapter 179: A Pregnant Lady Who is Bloodthirsty and Violent

In reality, tonight’s gathering was nothing like what Ye Zhongjue described, with ladies abound.

It was actually a large-scale business gathering in A City, and the top businessmen were all gathered here tonight. Ye Wentian wanted Ye Zhongjue to take Jian Jie to the gathering, but Ye Zhongjue refused and brought his legal wife instead.

Aside from the heads of the top two business empires in A City, Ye Zhongjue from Mighty Empire and Leng Haoyun from The Unparalleled, there was a new player who was purportedly attending the gathering tonight. It was none other than Su Jincheng from the Tianyue Group.

Though Tianyue Group was quite well-known in A City, Mighty Empire and The Unparalleled still held more influence since the Tianyue Group had been focusing on expanding their business in America in recent years.

Now that Su Jincheng had returned to the country, it looked like he had the intention to focus on expanding the business locally.

Being the one who set up this gathering, it looked very much like he was openly challenging Mighty Empire and The Unparalleled.

Ye Zhongjue had never been afraid of such challenges, but he usually stayed away from such gatherings. The fact that he even brought Mo Suqing along this time had surprised everyone.

It was a lively gathering as A City’s business elites streamed in. Leng Haoyun and Ye Zhongjue were the only ones who had yet to arrive.

A sudden but slight commotion at the entrance attracted Su Jincheng’s interest as he looked down from the second floor.

Leng Haoyun was alone, a cold and imposing air surrounding him as he walked in.

He was in a black tuxedo, and he dressed in black from head to toe. Even his shirt was black.

Su Jincheng frowned and turned to Zheng Hao.

“What’s wrong with Leng Haoyun?”

“Don’t you know, boss? Leng Xiyao is Leng Haoyun’s niece, but I’ve heard that they’re not blood related!”

Su Jincheng’s expression changed imperceptibly, and his voice turned chilly when he spoke.

“Go back and warn Jian Jie not to trifle with dangerous people like that next time. If anything goes awry, she’ll have to deal with it herself!”

“Yes, Boss!” Zheng Hao acknowledged respectfully before returning to his position beside Su Jincheng, standing still and observing everything that was happening on site, ready to jump into action if needed.

Leng Haoyun sat himself down on a sofa after entering. No one dared approach him as they were repelled by that gloomy, glacial aura that seemed to envelope him.

Everyone seemed to be stealing glances at him, but nobody went up to him because he was just too imposing.

There was another commotion at the door after some time, and the buzz from the crowd did not seem to abate this time.

Everyone looked towards the entrance, including Su Jincheng and Zheng Hao.

Su Jincheng was surprised when he saw Mo Suqing. Never did he expect for her to be so charming.

Mo Suqing was in a lavender gown, looking mysterious and elegant. Her make up was not too heavy, and it served to add to her allure and charm.

Ye Zhongjue was in a midnight blue suit, bringing out his steady composure. Though he looked aloof and distant, everyone noticed the tenderness in his eyes when he looked at Mo Suqing.

They were the perfect pair, a match made in heaven.

Ye Zhongjue held Mo Suqing close and made her giggle as he whispered in her ear from time to time, making all the other women jealous.

Jian Jie had her fists clenched from the very moment she saw Mo Suqing and Ye Zhongjue walk in.

All the glory and envious looks should have been directed at her, but it was stolen by that woman. She hated it so much.

Biting her lips, she resolved to work faster on her current investigation. She wanted to collect as much information as she could so that she could knock Mo Suqing down with a single blow!

She will not give Mo Suqing any chances to start over!

Ye Zhongjue led Mo Suqing to a sofa and sat her down.

He went to pick up some food for her. She was getting more and more gluttonous ever since she got pregnant, just like a child. This was also why Ye Zhongjue wanted to pamper and indulge her.

Mo Suqing felt someone sit beside her shortly after Ye Zhongjue left. She was shocked when she realized who it was.

Isn’t he the man I saved at the Shallow Sea Area on the very night I was kidnapped?

Why is he here?

Su Jincheng smiled amiably when he saw that Mo Suqing had her guard up.

“You don’t have to look at me with such a piercing gaze. I happened to see you here, so I came over to say hi. You did save my life, right?”

Mo Suqing remained vigilant as she continued observing Su Jincheng.

“Don’t you know that it’s getting harder to tell the good guys and bad guys apart these days? Even if I did save your life, it’s hard to tell if...”

Su Jincheng raised his brows and gave her a questioning look.

“Hard to tell if I’ll have some corrupted thoughts in my head?”

Seeing the dazed Mo Suqing made Su Jincheng laugh out loud.

“That’s highly possible too! But I’m not someone who’s ungrateful, and I believe in returning more than I owe, so there’s no need for you to be so afraid. I can’t do anything since we’re in public anyway!”

Su Jincheng then extended his right hand for a handshake. “Hello! I’m Su Jincheng!”

Mo Suqing felt slightly ashamed when she saw Su Jincheng being so magnanimous. She felt bad for having assumed the worst.

She gave an awkward chuckle before extending her own hand and introducing herself. “Mo Suqing!”

A great force pulled her back just as her hand touched Su Jincheng’s.

She turned to see that it was Ye Zhongjue.

Mo Suqing then lowered her head and pretended like nothing happened.

Ye Zhongjue would chastise her if he learnt of the fact that she had harbored a dangerous man in her home that night. Now that it was over, she hoped that this Su Jincheng person would keep it under wraps so that she would not have to explain herself.

Ye Zhongjue grabbed her hand and took it in his own, studying Su Jincheng with a cautious gaze.

“Is anything the matter, President Su? I don’t believe the two of you have met!”

Ye Zhongjue said this on purpose, hinting at Su Jincheng that he should not approach Mo Suqing in future.

Mo Suqing became nervous at this, silently hoping that Su Jincheng would not reveal anything to Ye Zhongjue. Please don’t say anything, don’t say a thing!

Her expression of solemn despair made Su Jincheng secretly snigger. She looked like she might kill herself if he told the truth.

This woman is interesting. He knew that it would be best for the both of them if what happened that day was kept a secret, and he knew exactly what not to say.

His voice was hoarse as he spoke. “You’re mistaken, President Ye. I just wanted to ask about you, so I came over to say hi. I didn’t expect you to have such a big reaction. Indeed, it’s the first time I’m meeting this woman!”

Su Jincheng shot a knowing look at Mo Suqing, and she heaved a sigh of relief. I’m guessing he probably wants to keep it under wraps too. Or else, I would have killed him on the spot.

One might ask how a pregnant lady could be so bloodthirsty and violent, but this was all because she was influenced by the man beside her!

“Great! I’ll introduce her to you now. She’s my wife, Mo Suqing. So, please don’t address her as this woman anymore!”

Ye Zhongjue kept his eyes on Su Jincheng, and although they were both silent, Mo Suqing could feel the tension in the air.

Su Jincheng smiled.

“I’ve just learnt Miss Mo’s name as well, but thank you for the reminder, Mr. Ye!”

This seemingly innocuous banter continued for some time, and Mo Suqing felt a little sleepy after a while.

Due to her pregnancy, she often felt drowsy, and she did not take a proper nap earlier in the day, causing her to feel even more lethargic in the evening.

Just as Mo Suqing was about to fall asleep, the music began, signalling the start of the dance.

Su Jincheng stood up and walked over to Mo Suqing. He bent over with a welcoming gesture.

“May I ask the beautiful Miss Mo for a dance?”

Ye Zhongjue’s expression turned ghastly. He never expected for Mo Suqing to agree to dance with a man whom she had literally just met.

Mo Suqing stood up with a smile and turned to blink cheekily at Ye Zhongjue before she took the other man’s hand and slid onto the dance floor.

If Mo Suqing was not pregnant, Ye Zhongjue would probably have blown his top right there and then!

He would need to teach this little devil a lesson tonight. How could she dance with a business competitor!

For her sake, he tried to tamp down his jealousy.

Once they were on the dance floor, Mo Suqing said, “Don’t tell anyone about what happened that night! Ye Zhongjue must never know!”

Su Jincheng looked at that adorable face of hers and decided to tease her.

“What happened? I don’t even know what happened!”

Mo Suqing was annoyed with his reaction, but Ye Zhongjue can never find out!

“That night when I saved you. Ye Zhongjue doesn’t want me anywhere near dangerous people like you, and he’ll skin me alive if he ever knows that I saved you!”

Su Jincheng laughed softly. “I find that Ye Zhongjue is also an extremely dangerous individual!”

“He’s different!” Mo Suqing pursed her lips. “Are you listening to me! I’ve saved your life once! If you continue to act like this, I may just reveal the truth about you!”

Her attempt to threaten seemed rather dimwitted at best, and she looked so lovely that he wanted to continue pranking her.

“About me, what about me? You seem to know a lot huh!”

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