Chapter 178: Where Did His Brains Go

Ye Zhongjue pondered for a moment. “Do you know if Leng Xiyao might have angered anyone? They might have hired killers to make a move on her!”

Mo Suqing frowned at this. If hired killers were targeting Leng Xiyao, and they used weapons from Sin Eliminators, weren’t they trying to drive a wedge between Red Kill and Sin Eliminators by doing so?

Whoever was the mastermind behind this would likely be extremely vicious and cruel.

She looked up at Ye Zhongjue. “Could it be someone from The Dark Night? I heard Selina say that you guys weren’t exactly on good terms with them!”

Ye Zhongjue tapped her on the nose playfully. “You know this too? But we can’t be sure. The killer used a sniper rifle from Sin Eliminators, and most people think it was us!”

Mo Suqing heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s a good thing Ceng Hanyu took them away quickly. If Leng Haoyun had seen the bullet, he wouldn’t just let it be!”

Ye Zhongjue pursed his lips in thought. “That might not be the case. Leng Haoyun is intelligent, so he would analyze it before jumping to conclusions.”

Mo Suqing silently harrumphed. “I doubt he can think clearly when it comes to Yao!”

Hearing her tone of voice, Ye Zhongjue laughed. “You’re right! He’s brainless, and I’m much smarter than he is!”

Mo Suqing stared at him in mock annoyance. “Yes, you’re indeed smarter than him. You can lie and cheat your way through anything!”

Ye Zhongjue stroked her hair gently, smiling at her with love.

“Right!” Mo Suqing exclaimed suddenly. “Do you think An Huilin might have been the one who hired the killers? Since she hates Leng Xiyao.”

Ye Zhongjue thought about this for a while. “It’s not impossible, but chances are slim. I’ve looked into An Huilin’s background right after Leng Xiyao got hurt. Even though she looks cold and aloof, she’s from a simple family, and there was nothing out of the ordinary. If someone like her decides to kill anyone, there must have been some sort of trigger to cause it. Also, even if she wanted to hire killers to take Leng Xiyao’s life, it’s difficult for her to find such a skilled killer in such a short time. If even Selina could not react in time to pull Leng Xiyao out of harm’s way and had no choice but to take the bullet for her, then the killer is definitely someone top-tier who is very experienced in that field.”

Seeing Mo Suqing deep in thought, Ye Zhongjue continued, “Considering An Huilin’s background and social circle, the question would then be how she was able to contact the killer. Though it’s unlikely that it’s her, we can’t confirm this as a fact yet. Therefore, everyone can be a suspect!”

Mo Suqing looked up at him lovingly. “So, Mr. Ye, do you think I might be the mastermind behind this?”

Ye Zhongjue carried her up and gave her a gentle kiss. “Yes! But this mastermind seems to be a little dazed and confused!”

Mo Suqing giggled. Ye Zhongjue smiled at her as he said, “Dear, you’ve put on quite a bit of weight...”

Mo Suqing’s face instantly darkened. What a way to kill the mood.


Meanwhile, Villa Number 11, Shallow Sea.

Zheng Hao was standing respectfully beside Su Jincheng. He said, “Boss, I’ve looked into the matter and also stopped the spread of some information that might end up harming us.”

“What’s going on with the whole Leng Xiyao saga?” Su Jincheng asked Zheng Hao with nary a change in his expression.

Zheng Hao was slightly conflicted. Jian Jie was a friend, but he could not lie to his boss either.

“It was Jian Jie who helped An Huilin target Leng Xiyao!”

“No surprise there.” Su Jincheng’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

Su Jincheng asked him to investigate the matter thoroughly after Leng Xiyao got injured because she was Mo Suqing’s close friend. Su Jincheng would not let anyone harm a single hair on Mo Suqing as long as he was around in A City.

Now that Leng Xiyao was targeted, it was highly likely for Mo Suqing to be next.

Through their investigations, they found out that the one pulling the strings was none other than Jian Jie.

Su Jincheng grinned. “I believe that Jian Jie might be trying to get rid of those around Mo Suqing before making a move on her. Either that or she’s trying to use Leng Xiyao’s death to threaten Mo Suqing. But did she forget that as the head of the organization, I’m still here?”

Zheng Hao looked terrified. He quickly spoke up for Jian Jie.

“Boss, I’ve asked her about this. She said it was An Huilin who threatened her. An Huilin knows that she’s part of The Dark Night, so she had no choice but to help her out this time!”

“Then why didn’t she kill An Huilin? She’s planning to let that woman continue threatening her?”

Zheng Hao did not know how to answer this.

After a while, he said, “She said… she said that she was good friends with An Huilin, and she couldn’t bear to do it!”

“Huh… so she chose to make a move on somebody else’s friend instead. Vicious!”

Zheng Hao paled. “Don’t be upset, Boss. I believe Jian Jie had no other intentions, so please let her go this time!”

Su Jincheng sighed in annoyance. “I’m letting her off the hook this time. Remember to give her my warning. Help me set up a meeting with Mo Suqing within the next two days, and make sure to make it look like a coincidence. I don’t want to make her suspicious! Understand?”

Zheng Hao nodded. “Understood, Boss!”

Su Jincheng rubbed his brows. “There’s nothing else here, so go on with your duties!”


Mo Suqing received an unexpected call from Ye Zhongjue in the afternoon the next day.

“Dear, accompany me for a gathering tonight!”

“Can I not go?” Mo Suqing pouted rather unwillingly.

“You don’t have to come, but there’ll probably be a lot of women there, since my dad wants me to attend. Don’t regret it if I end up being surrounded by a bunch of ladies!”

Mo Suqing smirked. This man has some tricks up his sleeve now.

“Fine! I’ll go. But I won’t look good in a gown now that I’m more than four months pregnant. I’ll look rather bloated, so what do we do about that?”

A laugh sounded through the phone, and Mo Suqing could hear the smile in Ye Zhongjue’s voice when he answered.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve already prepared something for you, and you’ll love it for sure. I’ll get Lin Ran to send it over shortly.”

“Okay. Where is it? I’ll meet you there in the evening!”

“No need, I’ll pick you up later!”

“Mm! Okay!” Mo Suqing was all smiles as she ended the call.

Lin Ran arrived with the gown in less than thirty minutes.

Only when Mo Suqing tried it did she realize that Ye Zhongjue had impeccable taste. Mo Suqing had put on weight because of her pregnancy, and she kept harping on how she would not be able to fit into her old clothes after she gives birth.

The customized gown that Ye Zhongjue ordered had rows of tassels around the waist area, elegantly concealing the waist, and the neat ruffles at the bottom of the gown gave it a stylish, minimal look.

The lavender gown made Mo Suqing look rather slender, and it added a hint of mystery to her. Mo Suqing looked enchanting, far from how one would expect a pregnant lady would look.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Mo Suqing stuck her tongue out playfully. She then tried on the footwear that Lin Ran brought with him.

It was a pair of wedge slippers designed with delicate crystal beads. It did not have a very high heel, but since Mo Suqing was already quite tall herself, she did not look awkward wearing this with the gown. She looked beautiful in the outfit.

Satisfied, Mo Suqing smiled. She realized that Ye Zhongjue was very thoughtful. He knew that she should not be wearing heels that were too high since she was pregnant, and the design of the slippers was simple but elegant, something that was appropriate for the occasion.

Mo Suqing put on her make up happily and Ye Zhongjue arrived shortly after she was done.

When she saw him, Mo Suqing pulled on his collar, pretending to be a queen of sorts.

“Dear, be honest with me. If there are so many women there, is your dad trying to get you a mistress?”

Ye Zhongjue was almost lost for words when he saw how stunning she was.

“I can’t bear to take you out with how beautiful you look!”

Mo Suqing cupped her hand over his mouth. “Dear, you’re being naughty! Avoiding my question and distracting me! Since you can’t bear to take me out, then you can go alone. I’m not going with you!”

Ye Zhongjue put on a sad face, acting as if he was shocked by what she said.

“Dear, you’re really going to push me to those women? Not afraid that they’ll devour me?”

“They’ll be devouring a demon!”

Mo Suqing laughed, and Ye Zhongjue reached out to tickle her.

“Little runt, I think you’re in need of a little lesson!”

Mo Suqing giggled while she was being tickled, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Dear, I won’t dare do it again!”

Ye Zhongjue’s heart fluttered. He carried her and took in her fragrance, enjoying it with his eyes shut. Mo Suqing was getting more and more coquettish, and he loved it!

They mucked around playfully for a while before finally leaving.

At the Walton Hotel.

Ye Zhongjue alighted from the car and walked over to the other side to open the door for Mo Suqing. He made a knightly gesture and supported her as she stepped out of the vehicle.

Mo Suqing was rather embarrassed at this, but Ye Zhongjue reassured her quietly, “It’s okay, I’d prefer to hold you since you’re pregnant now!”

Mo Suqing blushed, making her look rosy and enchanting. Ye Zhongjue looked at her with so much love and gentleness that anyone could tell he wanted to pamper her forever.

The valet drove off as Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing walked into the Walton Hotel as he held her close.

Mo Suqing said she did not want to put on a shawl since she found it uncomfortable, but it was rather chilly outside. She had refused the jacket that Ye Zhongjue wanted to put on her, saying that they were going to enter the hotel very soon.

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