Chapter 177: Jumping Into the Fire

Every word An Huilin said seemed to slice through Leng Haoyun’s flesh.

“I was locked in her room for the entire night. I’m sure it’s obvious to you now who you actually slept with!”

An Huilin’s laugh sounded more and more vicious as she saw the emotions in Leng Haoyun’s eyes. Don’t want to marry me? Then I’ll make your life miserable!

Leng Haoyun’s face began to pale.

He then squeezed An Huilin’s arm so hard that she cried out in pain.

“Say it! Say that it’s not true! You’re lying!”

Ice-cold fury filled Leng Haoyun. He looked like he was ready to murder someone.

An Huilin struggled free from his grip. “You’re hurting me! You can go look into it yourself if you don’t believe me! There’s no use getting angry at me! Leng Xiyao died carrying your child. How do you think she’ll feel if she sees how you’ve just reacted upon learning that it was actually her that night?”

In his anger, Leng Haoyun swept the documents off his desk and threw a book right at An Huilin’s head.

“Get out! I’ll make sure you suffer a fate worse than death if I ever see you again!”

The color drained slightly from An Huilin’s face before she beat a hasty retreat.

She never expected Leng Haoyun to react so strongly to the news. If he knew that she was the one behind the attack on Leng Xiyao, he would never forgive her. She initially thought that she had covered her tracks extremely well, but she could no longer be so sure.

Leng Haoyun exited the office long after An Huilin left.

His eyes were red and his hair was in disarray. He looked like he could fall apart any moment.


Mo Suqing asked Guan Zixuan to get the door when the doorbell rang. Guan Zixuan almost could not recognize Leng Haoyun in that sorry state.

In just a month, Leng Haoyun had lost so much weight that his eyes and cheeks had sunken in. He looked wan and haggard, the chilly and imposing aura of his was lost.

Guan Zixuan had been trying his best to comfort Mo Suqing. Judging by how close she was to Leng Xiyao, he reckoned that she probably hated Leng Haoyun.

Leng Haoyun should be fully aware of this, but he still came here to look for Mo Suqing. Why is he jumping into the fire? What exactly is his purpose of doing so?

However, seeing how dispirited Leng Haoyun seemed, Guan Zixuan felt rather sorry for him and decided to let him in instead.

Mo Suqing was sitting on the sofa talking to someone on the phone. When she saw that it was Leng Haoyun, she ended the call abruptly.

She looked at him without emotion.

“What are you doing here? You’re not welcome here! Leave!”

Her icy tone did not elicit any sort of reaction from Leng Haoyun. Guan Zixuan scratched his nose at this. I guess it’s my fault I let him in then!

Unmoving, Leng Haoyun kept his eyes on Mo Suqing.

“Tell me! Yao isn’t dead, right?”

Mo Suqing stared at him coldly. “Leng Haoyun, you must be insane! What if she’s not dead? You want to continue hurting her feelings if so? She’s human too, and she has feelings and desires. Please stop being so cruel.”

“I didn’t mean it...” Pain and conflict appeared on Leng Haoyun’s face.

“Mo Suqing, tell me that this isn’t real. I have a feeling that Yao isn’t dead...”

“Enough!” Mo Suqing was angered, and she cut Leng Haoyun off unceremoniously.

Guan Zixuan rushed to her and tried to calm her down.

“Suqing, don’t get upset. Be careful for the baby!”

Mo Suqing glared at Leng Haoyun. “You have the gall to come to me for this? She’s dead! She’s really dead this time, and she won’t come back. Happy now? Don’t come here and disturb her peace!”

Leng Haoyun’s lips trembled, as if he was struggling to get words out.

Mo Suqing continued staring at him, remaining silent.

With much difficulty, Leng Haoyun said bitterly, “An Huilin said that Yao was… pregnant...”

Pain and conflict once again flashed past Leng Haoyun’s eyes. He wanted it to be true, but at the same time, he was also afraid that it would be true.

If it was true, then it was Yao he slept with and An Huilin was not lying. The person he got so jealous of was none other than himself. If it was not true, then he would just continue hurting all his life.

But now that Yao was gone, both these possibilities hurt him equally.

Mo Suqing smirked when she heard the word ‘pregnant’.

“Hah… Pregnant. I can’t believe you have the guts to bring this up. Would you not have married An Huilin if you knew that she was pregnant with your baby? She endured so much for you, and I can’t help but wonder if that was all worth it!”

Mo Suqing’s words made Leng Haoyun stagger backwards. This meant that An Huilin was telling the truth. The baby was his, and Yao had been carrying his child...

Leng Haoyun closed his eyes in pain, refusing to face reality.

Mo Suqing spoke steadily. “Satisfied now?”


Leng Haoyun clenched his fists and cried out, sounding like a wounded animal who had just lost its partner.

Mo Suqing shook her head at this. Love hurts us all deeply, but no one is able to keep themselves away from its allure.

She then spoke slowly. “Leng Haoyun, I’ll ask you this one more time. Why did you reject Yao? Was it merely because of your identities? Or is it because you didn’t love her one bit, and that you solely treated her like your niece? But why is it that I see something more than familial love? If you loved her, why did you insist on marrying An Huilin? Can’t you be brave like Yao was?”

Leng Haoyun opened his eyes slowly. “I’ve let her down. I love her, and I’m not afraid to admit it. It’s just that I want to protect her. I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to handle the criticism of others. It was only until she confessed to me while drunk did I dare to take another step forward. But never did I expect for An Huilin to threaten me with something that could hurt Yao when I brought up the matter of getting divorced, so...”

Mo Suqing gave a sardonic but bitter laugh.

“So you rejected her, abandoned her because you were threatened by something? Let me guess what it was you were threatened with. It’s the document which contains information about your older brother asking you to raise Yao, and where he transferred the shares for The Unparalleled to you, right?”

Leng Haoyun froze at this. “How did you know?”

“What do you think?” Mo Suqing smirked. Leng Haoyun wanted to protect Yao, but all he did was hurt her in the end.

“She already knew about this...”

“How else do you think I’ll know about this! Since you’re here, let me tell you something else. She didn’t actually lose her memory after her car accident!”

This absolutely stunned Leng Haoyun.


He had always thought that Yao lost her memories and that she slowly fell in love with him after the accident, but he did not realize that her memories had always been intact.

“That’s right, she remembers everything!” Mo Suqing answered.

“Yao pretended to have amnesia because she was really hurt when you slapped her. She thus pretended to act differently so that you’ll treat her well. I’ve said my piece, so you can leave. Please don’t come looking for me in future, because I’ll only be reminded of Yao if I see you, and I’ll resent you further!”

Mo Suqing then turned away, directing her gaze towards the balcony. She fell asleep some time later and was not aware of when Leng Haoyun actually left the place.

Guan Zixuan had also left when Mo Suqing finally woke up. Ye Zhongjue had already returned.

He looked pointedly at Mo Suqing, speaking with a voice laced with jealousy.

“Dear, how about I hire a nanny so she can take proper care of you? Even if Guan Zixuan is free now, he’s a celebrity, so he can’t possibly be free for the entire time that you’re pregnant. Also, he’s male and there are some things that might be inconvenient for him to do for you. What do you say?”

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes at him. He can’t even say that he’s jealous and he’s trying to beat around the bush.

The thing is, she trusted no one else after being kidnapped once. A hired nanny might also be threatened and bribed, so she still trusted Guan Zixuan most!

Mo Suqing shared her thoughts with him. “I understand your concerns, but just let Zixuan come over if he is free. I’m too bored being alone. And a nanny can also be bribed, so who knows, she may do something bad to me too. If that happens, it would be difficult to locate me too. Zixuan is a friend and I trust him. Isn’t it great like this? There’s no need to hire a nanny, and Zixuan will leave when you return. He lives right here in Shallow Sea anyway.”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head in resignation and tenderly stroked her hair. He doted on her so much and just could not bear to do anything to displease her. He did not mind it one bit. He wanted to give her everything she wanted in this life.

Mo Suqing rested her head on Ye Zhongjue’s chest. She looked up at him suddenly.

“I almost forgot. Dear, about Yao getting shot, have you managed to find out anything?”

Ye Zhongjue shook his head. “It’s a little complicated. Yi’an gave me the bullet right after Leng Xiyao’s operation for me to look into it. The bullet is confirmed to be from one of those produced by Sin Eliminators in recent years. It’s just that the movement of the firearms is rather complex, and we’ve also sold some to major organizations, who would in turn sell the firearms to other smaller groups or individuals. There are just too many possibilities.”

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