Chapter 176: Leng Xiyao had Died

“I beg you to please tell me! I’ve been on edge the entire day!”

Mo Suqing’s tears began to fall.

Ye Zhongjue did not know how to react. Mo Suqing was begging him to tell her what happened, but how could he say it to her?

However, he knew very well that if he did not tell her the truth, she would hate him in the future.

He thus spoke with difficulty.

“Leng Xiyao… was shot. Selina tried to protect her and she also got hurt!”

“What!” Mo Suqing stared at him in wide-eyed disbelief. She almost fell to the ground in shock. Her tears were unstoppable. How did that happen?

Ye Zhongjue quickly reached out to support her.

Since he has said this much, he walked over to her and decided to tell her everything.

“Hanyu said Leng Xiyao was pregnant, and they don’t know about her chances of survival yet. He asked me to take you to see her...”

Ye Zhongjue could no longer continue. He knew that Mo Suqing understood the meaning behind his words.

Fate was cruel. Why would a healthy individual get shot for no reason and end up lying in an operating room? He did not know how to explain this to Mo Suqing.

The sorrow on Mo Suqing’s face instantly turned sharp as she questioned Ye Zhongjue. “Pregnant? How could that be!”

Ye Zhongjue did not know how to comfort her, and he simply sighed. “Yes, Hanyu said it himself.”

“Take me to him right this moment! Immediately! Now! I want to see Yao now!”

Mo Suqing’s tone left no room for discussion. Ye Zhongjue thus grabbed his jacket and took her hand, leading her outside.

When they arrived at the hospital, they saw Ceng Hanyu squatting on the floor, head in his hands.

Mo Suqing wanted to go over, but Ye Zhongjue stopped her.

Mo Suqing was crossed. I can’t even ask for an explanation from anyone when something has happened to Yao?

Mo Suqing stared at him with resentment as Ye Zhongjue pulled her aside. She was crying throughout the entire journey, causing her eyes to be red and swollen. Ye Zhongjue could not do anything to alleviate her emotions.

Why is he stopping me when we’re already here?

“Let go of me. I’m going to question Ceng Hanyu about this. Isn’t Yao his fiancee? Why didn’t he protect her!”

“Enough!” The veins in Ye Zhongjue’s forehead were popping. Mo Suqing fell silent instantly at his sudden outburst.

Ye Zhongjue then turned gentle. “Suqing, listen to me and calm down. Don’t bother Ceng Hanyu now, I’m sure he’s as upset as you are. Both Leng Xiyao and Selina got shot at their vital points, and if treatment is delayed, they’d die from losing too much blood. However, the only doctor he trusts in this hospital is Yi’an, and he had chosen Yao over Selina. This means that there is hope for Yao, and that he had as good as given up on saving Selina.”

Seeing Mo Suqing calm down slightly, Ye Zhongjue continued. “Do you know what he said when he called me? He said that if anything happened to Selina, he'd take her remains with him and help her complete everything she wasn’t able to do in this life. Do you understand that he’s betting his life on this too? My gut tells me that he has feelings for Selina, and that what he feels for Leng Xiyao is borne from responsibility. It’s just that he doesn’t admit it himself. Such a situation forced him to make a difficult choice where he will never forgive himself if anything untoward happens to any one of them. Do you understand?”

At that, all Mo Suqing could do was to cry silent tears.

Ye Zhongjue hugged her tight. Speaking softly, he told her, “Dear, everything will be fine.”

The light of the operating theater indicated that the operation was still ongoing.

Mo Suqing wished that the light would never go off, since that will mean there is still hope.

Time ticked by slowly, and a perspiring Gu Yi’an suddenly emerged.

Ceng Hanyu shot up immediately, grabbing Gu Yi’an. “How is it?”

Gu Yi’an seemed rather vexed. “Leng Xiyao woke up once. She grabbed me and asked me to make sure her baby was safe. I’m trying my best now, and it’s lucky that you’ve saved quite a lot of Rh negative blood here. That increases our chances of success. The operation will end soon. I need to go get something first!”

Gu Yi’an then left hurriedly. From what he said, it sounded like the bullet had been removed, because it was unlikely that he would leave the operating room before doing so.

Ceng Hanyu was not able to relax even after he heard what Gu Yi’an said. The sorrow in his eyes seemed to deepen as he looked towards the operating room at the other end of the corridor.

Years later, Mo Suqing would ask him why he made such a choice, where he let Yi’an save Leng Xiyao and put Selina’s life in the hands of another. She would never forget his answer.

He said that he might have subconsciously already treated Selina as his other half. He was willing to die with her if she dies, and if she lives, he would spend the time with her. As for Leng Xiyao, it was more of the responsibility that had been placed on him years ago that pushed him to make a decision.


When Leng Haoyun awoke, he was greeted with a shocking piece of news.

Leng Xiyao had died!

Selina, who took a bullet for her, had also died.

Leng Haoyun obtained Leng Xiyao’s cremated remains from Ceng Hanyu. Leng Haoyun almost went mad with bereavement, but a word from Ceng Hanyu snapped him out of it immediately.

He told Leng Haoyun, “On her deathbed, Yao personally told me that she no longer wanted to be with you in this life, nor did she want to have any loose ends untied. This is why I cremated her since the operation had failed.”

Leng Haoyun felt like he was about to go insane. More accurately, he had turned into a monster. There had always been a caged monster in his heart, and this monster had escaped its shackles after Leng Xiyao had died.

Leng Haoyun did not attend Leng Xiyao’s funeral. However, Mo Suqing saw a man dressed in black sitting quietly in front of Leng Xiyao’s grave even after everyone had left.

No one could put the blame on anyone else. This was Leng Xiyao’s choice, and it was also Leng Haoyun’s choice.

Leng Haoyun cancelled his marriage agreement with An Huilin the very next day after Leng Xiyao’s funeral. Within one month, he ejected An Huilin out of the An Group and became one of the second largest shareholders in the An Group. An Zhenguo was still unconscious, and all of this happened with him being unaware. Ceng Hanyu was overseas at this point, and there was little he could do. The only one who could do anything to prevent Leng Haoyun from taking over the An Group was Ye Zhongjue.

Leng Haoyun had directed all his anger towards An Huilin at the An Group. If he was to take over, destruction was the only fate that awaited the An Group.

An Huilin rushed up to the An Group’s headquarters, and not even the security personnel were able to stop her.

She barged into the office and pointed at Leng Haoyun, yelling angrily at him. “Leng Xiyao had died, but you have no right to vent your anger at the An Group! Leng Haoyun, you must be mad. Leng Xiyao is dead, she’s dead and she won’t come back. Wake up! What’s the point of doing all this? So what if you eject me from the An Group!”

Leng Haoyun glared at her, terrifying An Huilin as his burning gaze seemed to bore through her.

“I told you she isn’t dead! She isn’t dead! If you dare spout anymore nonsense, I’ll throw you down this building!”

An Huilin was almost short of breath in her anger. “Since you think she’s still alive, then why do you keep targeting me!”

Leng Haoyun squinted at her. He stood up and walked right up to her. “I’ll help her complete whatever she failed to do in her life, and I’ll target everyone she hated. Do you get it now, An Huilin?”

His words had effectively triggered An Huilin. With Leng Xiyao dead, she had nothing to threaten Leng Haoyun with. But she was suddenly reminded of what happened that fateful night.

She laughed loudly, sneering at Leng Haoyun. “You think you’re invincible, Leng Haoyun? What else can you do apart from targeting me? Since you’re already in so much pain, let me help you along and share with you an even more shocking piece of news!”

“Get out! Out of my sight now!” Leng Haoyun did not wish to continue this pointless conversation with her.

Instead of leaving, An Huilin became rather smug.

“It’s something about Leng Xiyao. Are you sure you don’t want to know?”

Leng Haoyun stared at her coldly.

An Huilin did not seem to mind as she spoke. “Do you still remember that dinner we had with Leng Xiyao a couple of days before the wedding?”

Leng Haoyun pursed his lips, and An Huilin continued. “Do you remember I made a comment saying that she looked like she was pregnant? Let me tell you this. I’ve looked into it, and she really was pregnant!”

“Aren’t you curious who the baby’s father is?”

Leng Haoyun kept his eyes squarely on An Huilin as she covered her mouth, laughing softly.

“Don’t glare at me like this. I’m just being nice and telling you about it. Actually...”

An Huilin regarded him with a knowing gaze. “Actually, you’re the baby’s father. Ha ha ha...”

An Huilin laughed loudly. “I’m sure you didn’t know!”

Leng Haoyun took a step forward and grabbed An Huilin by her arms, his expression ghastly. “What are you even saying!”

Leng Haoyun’s strength hurt her, but she remained steady. Since he chose to cancel the marriage without giving any thought to her reputation and even chose to chase her out of the An Group, she would also make his life miserable.

“I’m sure you had no idea that I wasn’t the one you slept with that night!”

An Huilin raised her brows at him, and an unpleasant feeling of foreboding rose in Leng Haoyun’s chest.

What An Huilin said next was an utter shock to him.

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