Chapter 175: A Bloody Wedding

“Of course!” The pastor smiled as he answered.

Leng Xiyao kept her eyes on Leng Haoyun, ignoring An Huilin’s presence. An Huilin was uneasy, staring at Leng Xiyao with a face full of spite.

“RIght now, I’m not Leng Xiyao, I’m just a child raised by the Leng family! I’m just a girl who doesn’t have any blood relation to you!”

The audience was abuzz with astonishment at this shocking disclosure.

Leng Xiyao continued, “I’m making my identity clear before I ask you this question, so I hope you’ll be able to consider carefully before giving me an answer!”

An Huilin was extremely distressed. If this goes on, the wedding will be ruined.

“Yao, stop messing around. Today is...”

A murderous glare from Leng Haoyun terrified her so much that she instantly fell silent.

Leng Xiyao glanced calmly at An Huilin before looking back at Leng Haoyun.

“Leng Haoyun, have you ever regretted your decision?”

She addressed him by his full name instead of the usual ‘uncle’ this time.

Realization finally dawned upon the crowd. The girl had feelings for Leng Haoyun, and it seemed like they were not actually related!

The surprised audience eagerly watched the drama unfold.

An Zhenguo was in utter disbelief. He knew that Anne would not want him to get involved, but his heart was filled with anguish for his granddaughter, and he could not stop his tears from falling. The world sees him as an unfeeling individual, but seeing Anne like this made his heart wrench in pain.

He now knew why she always evaded the topic every time he brought up the marriage agreement with Ceng Hanyu.

Leng Haoyun did not answer Leng Xiyao’s question.

A minute passed in silence.

Two minutes passed, and the air was still filled with silence.

A wry laugh escaped from Leng Xiyao’s lips after five minutes had passed.

“I understand!”

She then turned to leave, strutting off. Even though upset, she made sure to stand tall and proud!

That figure in red was the very source of Leng Haoyun’s pain.

Taking the opportunity, the pastor quickly continued with his duties.

He addressed An Huilin first this time.

“Miss An Huilin, do you take Mr. Leng Haoyun to be your wedded husband?”

An Huilin answered without any hesitation. “I do!”

When the pastor posed the question to Leng Haoyun, he looked like he was being trapped in a nightmare, unable to extricate himself from it.

Silence once again befell.

“Bang!” The sudden sound of a gunshot rang through.

A second shot could be heard immediately after!

The crowd was panic-stricken.

The gunshots threw everyone into disarray, and everyone was cowering with their heads lowered as they tried to escape.

An Zhenguo wanted to chase after Leng Xiyao as she left, but she was too quick for him, and he was not able to catch up. Seeing Selina follow closely behind her made him feel a little more relieved.

However, the sight that greeted him right when he exited the hotel made him faint in shock.

Selina had rushed forward to take the bullet for Leng Xiyao, and blood began to bloom on her white shirt, spreading from her chest.

Leng Xiyao was rooted to the spot as she witnessed Selina fall right in front of her.

She cried out, “Selina!!!”

The second gunshot hit Leng Xiyao. There was nobody else around to take the bullet this time, and Old Man An saw it happen with his own eyes.

The blood spurted out from her chest, as if it were delicate red lace billowing in the wind.

The macabre scene was rather enchanting.

Ceng Hanyu witnessed everything in his car. He could do nothing but watch the two of them fall one after the other.

Selina was mouthing something, and it seemed to be ‘I didn’t protect her well...’.

Ceng Hanyu’s heart quaked as he realized what she was trying to say.

He punched the steering wheel so hard that his hand started bleeding.

He cursed inwardly at himself for not being able to arrive earlier to prevent such a tragedy.

After learning about Leng Xiyao’s plans to attend the wedding, he rushed over as fast as he could. But he was held up by a road accident which caused a huge traffic jam on the way. Now that he was here, it was all too late.


Leng Haoyun jumped when he heard the gunshots. The disturbance took him out of his reverie, and he instinctively felt that something would go wrong.

Leng Xiyao just left, so would that shot have...

He shook his head to clear that thought from his mind. There can’t be such a coincidence, unless someone had planned this.

Without a second thought, Leng Haoyun dashed out, leaving An Huilin alone. His heart was beating madly as he anxiously waited for the elevator.

When Leng Haoyun finally exited the hotel, what he saw were two pools of blood on the ground. A crowd formed around the area, abuzz with discussion. However, the wounded victims were nowhere to be seen.

Leng Haoyun grabbed someone and asked, “Who got hurt?”

His lips were trembling with fear. He had never felt this terrified in his life.

Looking at the state he was in, the passer-by answered him patiently. “Two ladies were hurt, one in a red dress, the other wearing a white shirt. It was horrid. Judging from their condition, I think their chances of survival are slim. They were hit squarely in the chest...”

The passer-by shook his head as he spoke, and did not notice that Leng Haoyun stiffened when he mentioned that one of them was in a red dress. Leng Haoyun stood there stunned, his expression a mixture of sorrow, shock and hopeless grief.

The passer-by continued. “It was terrifying. An old man fainted nearby as well. A man appeared right after it happened and sent the three of them to the hospital immediately. I wonder if they’ll survive...”

Shaking his head, the passer-by walked away.

Leng Haoyun seemed to instantly lose all his strength. He backed away unsteadily, and staggered mindlessly back into the hotel.

Red dresses are very common, it won’t be my Yao. I don’t believe it’s her. I have to go take a look at the cameras to see what really happened.

Leng Haoyun ran to the security control room, almost stumbling to the ground along the way. He tried calling Leng Xiyao several times on her mobile phone, but no one answered.

When he burst into the control room, the security personnel looked at one another in surprise. Isn’t this President Leng?

Without a word, Leng Haoyun walked up to the screens.

He saw Selina take the first bullet for Leng Xiyao, but the second one hit her right in her chest. The blood was not obvious on her red dress, but all he could think about now was that she was gravely hurt.

The bullet had been aimed at her heart!

He could not believe his eyes, and the scene replayed itself in his mind’s eye. He clenched his fists so hard that the nails dug into his flesh, tearing it as his palms began to bleed.

He cried out in pain. “Ah!!!”

The security personnel in the room were shocked at his emotional outburst.

They then saw Leng Haoyun spit out a mouthful of blood before toppling over!

A few of them rushed forward in a jumble, calling out, “President Leng!”. They then supported him up and sent him to the hospital.


An Huilin was extremely pleased when she heard the news. Although her wedding was ruined, she had successfully removed a major pain in the neck.

Jian Jie’s cold and callous voice could be heard over the phone. “I’ve delivered on my promise, so make sure you hold up your end of the deal!”

“Of course!” A smug smile formed on An Huilin’s lips.

She was then informed that Leng Haoyun had spit out blood right after she ended the call with Jian Jie, and that he was sent to the hospital. Her smile froze as she rushed out.

I just want Leng Xiyao dead. Leng Haoyun can’t die. What would I do without him?

Once out of the hotel, she flagged down a cab and headed for the hospital!


Though Mo Suqing did not attend Leng Haoyun’s wedding, her eyelids kept twitching, as if it was a sign that something bad was about to happen. For some reason, she felt uneasy all day.

She decided to call Leng Xiyao eventually, but no one answered the phone even after several calls. She tried Selina instead, and the same thing happened.

Mo Suqing was on edge now, so she went to look for Ye Zhongjue in the study.

“Could you call Ceng Hanyu to ask why I can’t get through to Yao over the phone? Is he with her? It’s Leng Haoyun’s wedding day and I’m just afraid that she might do something foolish there!”

Mo Suqing was overwrought. Ye Zhongjue had been on the phone, but instead of putting it down, he simply looked at her. The worry in his eyes made Mo Suqing suspect that something bad had indeed happened.

Something terrible must have happened!

“What’s going on?!” Mo Suqing walked up to him, putting her hands on the desk as she waited for an explanation.

Ye Zhongjue finally ended the call and looked at her, wondering how he should break the news.

“Promise me that you won’t be too upset no matter what it is. Remember, you’re not alone now. You’re carrying our child!”

As Ye Zhongjue said this, that gnawing feeling grew stronger in Mo Suqing.

Something dreadful must have happened, or else Ye Zhongjue would not say something like this!

Her eyes had welled up with tears by now!

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