Chapter 174: It’s Best to Dress in White for a Funeral

An Huilin felt rather miserable after An Zhenguo’s arrival.

She knew that she was forcing herself on Leng Haoyun and that he did not want to marry her at all. So what if I threatened him? He still chose to marry me in the end.

Leng Haoyun remained dispassionate.

An Huilin was irked by his indifference at first, but she made herself feel better by telling herself that he could no longer change anything now that things were set in stone.

All the guests were congratulating them, and she was getting what she had asked for.

An Huilin’s smile grew wider and wider as the guests continued streaming in.

However, her smile froze when she saw Leng Xiyao. She knew the girl was attending the wedding, but the actual situation was very different from how she had imagined it.

An Huilin’s eyes squinted with disdain. Since you have the guts to attend my wedding, today will also be the day you die!

Leng Haoyun’s icy facade seemed to crack the moment he saw Leng Xiyao. He looked like he was at a loss for what to do. He had expected for her to attend the wedding, but he did not know if he actually wanted her to be here.

An invisible hand seemed to be squeezing his heart so hard that it felt like it was bleeding. It was so painful that he found it hard to breathe, but he could not yell out in his agony.

That was his Yao, the girl he loved, and the person he chose to give up on.

He was being selfish and insisted on doing things his way. In order to protect her, he had ended up pushing her into an abyss of pain.

It hurt him to see her like a lifeless doll. Every cell in him seemed to rupture, releasing an onslaught of chaotic pain.

Even so, he could only watch her as she forced herself to attend his wedding.

He suddenly felt that his actions were very cruel, insisting on doing things his way even though he knew it would hurt her so. If he was in her shoes, he would probably have killed the other man before locking her up for himself.

Leng Xiyao closed in on Leng Haoyun, her expression betraying nothing. Though she felt conflicted, she still chose to come to the wedding.

She refused to act like a coward.

Selina was right behind her like a loyal guardian.

Leng Xiyao flashed a bright smile at Leng Haoyun.

“Uncle, you look so dashing today!”

An Huilin’s face darkened. Isn’t that inappropriate coming from his niece?

Leng Haoyun remained silent, but his eyes never left Leng Xiyao.

Leng Xiyao’s smile was enchanting.

“Ooh, look, both of you are in white today!”

In mock surprise, she asked, “Don’t you know that it’s best to dress in white when you’re at a funeral?”

Angered, An Huilin stepped forward, reaching out in an attempt to give Leng Xiyao a slap.

Leng Xiyao raised her brows as if she was daring An Huilin to slap her.

Leng Haoyun grabbed An Huilin’s arm and shot her a frosty glare.

An Huilin thus caught herself before she could do anything embarrassing. It was a good thing Leng Haoyun tried to stop her, even though it was only for Leng Xiyao that he did so.

At least it prevented her from making a fool of herself right there.

She stared daggers at Leng Xiyao. Leng Xiyao, I’ll let you have your way and enjoy this for now. You don’t have long to live anyway!

“What’s up with the two of you? Uncle, um… and Auntie, am I not welcome here?”

She asked innocently, “Should I not have come here today?”

An Huilin wanted to retort, but they were in the public eye now and she had no choice but to swallow her words.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Leng Xiyao snapped her fingers. “I got something for you guys!”

She turned and smiled at Selina.

“Big Sis Selina, pass me the gift I’ve prepared!”

Leng Xiyao took out a bright red skirt from the paper bag which Selina handed to her.

“How’s this? Not bad, right!” Leng Xiyao pushed it into An Huilin’s arms. “You must be overjoyed at receiving something like this! It’s so much better than what you usually wear, so I’m sure you are secretly ecstatic!”

Leng Xiyao stole a sideways glance at Leng Haoyun before she turned to enter the main reception area.

It was only then did Selina realize the reason for Leng Xiyao buying something at the mall earlier.

An Huilin’s expression turned awful. She tried to control her emotions by telling herself that Leng Xiyao will meet with a horrible death very soon.

The wedding march was playing at the main reception area, and the ceremony was about to begin.

The master of ceremonies was rather excited for the event.

He was extremely grateful for the opportunity to be the host for this union between the two powerful families, and it was very likely that this would open doors for more hosting gigs in future.

Enthusiastic, he spoke with a genuine smile.

“On this joyous day, we celebrate the union of Mr. Leng Haoyun and Ms. An Huilin. Let us witness this delightful moment together!”

“Welcoming the groom, Mr. Leng Haoyun!”

A stony-faced Leng Haoyun walked up the stage, and the host commented on his charming looks.

“With how dashing Mr. Leng is, I’m sure many ladies wished that he was their prince charming! But he’s going to be breaking many hearts today by getting married!”

The host seemed to be enjoying that monologue of his when he felt a cold gaze upon him.

He turned to realize that it was Leng Haoyun staring at him. Shivering in fear, he quickly moved on.

“Next, let us welcome the beautiful and gorgeous bride!”

Applause sounded after the host spoke.

The crowd parted automatically.

However, what happened next made everyone gasp in shock. It was not An Huilin who walked in.

Instead, it was Leng Xiyao in a red chiffon dress that reached her ankles. Coupled with that innocent, bright face, she looked stunning.

She looked so heartbreakingly beautiful that one might even forget to breathe.

She walked towards the stage steadily while everyone held their breaths to watch the scene play out. Her exquisite dress swayed, making Leng Xiyao look like the embodiment of elegance as she moved.

The person walking out should have been the bride, but nobody made a sound even when such an incongruent sequence played out in front of their eyes. It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Stunned, Leng Haoyun could only look at Leng Xiyao in a daze. She was everything he wanted at this moment.

Leng Xiyao stopped in front of the stage and smiled at Leng Haoyun, her clear voice rang out, waking everyone from their stupor.

“Are you happy, Uncle?”

The crowd started murmuring when they saw the way Leng Xiyao looked at Leng Haoyun.

Leng Xiyao stood there without regard for the buzzing crowd, her eyes locked on Leng Haoyun bravely.

Leng Haoyun gazed deeply at her, unable to give her an answer.

Leng Xiyao continued. “I’ve heard that married couples are very happy because they are finally able to spend the rest of their lives with the one they love. How about you, Uncle?”

A sorry figure emerged at the entrance after Leng Xiyao spoke.

Seeing An Huilin’s vicious gaze being directed at Leng Xiyao made Leng Haoyun snap out of his torpor. If An Huilin made that information known to the public, what would everyone think of Leng Xiyao?

He glanced at An Huilin before looking at Leng Xiyao again, finding it hard to speak.

“I’m happy!” With difficulty, he forced those two words out of his throat.

Leng Xiyao smiled, but it was laced with sorrow and bitterness. She was almost about to cry.

“Then I will congratulate Uncle here!”

She enunciated every single word.

Hearing this, the audience immediately knew that she was that precious princess Leng Haoyun doted on. She looked very beautiful and really adorable, but congratulating him in such a way made the crowd think that he might actually be thinking about calling off this wedding!

The host said a few words to soothe the awkward situation, and very soon, things were back to normal again, with no one really minding that interlude.

Leng Xiyao moved gracefully to the side as An Huilin glared at her and adjusted her posture before walking towards Leng Haoyun.

That unworthy wench Leng Xiyao must die today. If Leng Xiyao did not get Selina to hold her back, she would not be in such a sorry state right now.

Since you’re out to embarrass me today, don’t blame me for being ruthless!

The desire to kill Leng Xiyao got stronger and stronger as An Huilin walked closer and closer to Leng Haoyun.

She knew that life will not be smooth-sailing in future if Leng Xiyao does not die today!

An Huilin finally walked up the stage to be with Leng Haoyun, and the host made his way down the stage for a foreign pastor to take his place.

The pastor regarded Leng Haoyun and An Huilin with a gentle gaze.

“The honorable Mr. Leng Haoyun, this beautiful lady in front of you will become your wife, someone for you to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part.”

“Are you willing to take Ms. An Huilin to be your wife?”

Leng Haoyun held the microphone, but he was staring at the red figure in the crowd.

Leng Xiyao’s heart sank as she looked at his trembling lips.

Just as Leng Haoyun was about to speak, Leng Xiyao cut him off after he said ‘I’.

She interrupted as she exclaimed, “Wait!”

The pastor jumped in shock, but his gentle smile returned quickly. “Does this beautiful lady here have any objections to this union?”

Leng Xiyao pursed her lips and asked, “Can I ask the groom a question?”

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