Chapter 173: All that Pride, Fed to the Dogs

Jian Jie did not bother with the coffee that spilt all over her. She stared at An Huilin and asked, “How do you know about The Dark Night?”

Unflustered, An Huilin answered steadily, “That’s not the only thing I know. I’m also aware that you were the mastermind behind Mo Suqing’s kidnapping!”

An Huilin regarded her with a knowing look, alarming Jian Jie. The savagery in her eyes made it look like she was ready to murder An Huilin at any moment.

Jian Jie finally asked through gritted teeth, “What’s the point of telling me all this then? And how did you even know?”

An Huilin shrugged. “It doesn’t matter how I found out. I won’t tell anyone about it, but only if you agree to help me out!”

Without beating around the bush, Jian Jie quickly asked, “What is it?”

“It’s simple!” An Huilin’s smile at Jian Jie carried a trace of madness.

“I heard that… the assassins in The Dark Night are really skillful. Once someone is marked as their target, their fate will be sealed. Help me kill someone!”

Jian Jie asked, “Who?”

Smirking, An Huilin said, “You know her too...”


“Leng Xiyao!”

Jian Jie was momentarily stunned. “What? Leng Xiyao! Why do you want to kill her?”

In an instant, An Huilin’s gaze turned vicious. “She might be pregnant with Leng Haoyun’s child. How can I let her live?”

Jian Jie stared at her incredulously. Did An Huilin go insane?

“Since you know about The Dark Night, don’t you know about Red Kill too?”

“Red Kill?” An Huilin was puzzled. She had never heard of this organization, and the only reason she knew The Dark Night existed was because she heard the name from that strange man.

It was obvious from her reaction that this was the first time An Huilin heard this.

Jian Jie then explained, “Red Kill is the world’s most powerful mercenary organization. They have the top assassins!”

An Huilin frowned. “So? What has that got to do with killing Leng Xiyao?”

Jian Jie scoffed at her. “Didn’t you know everything? The one in charge of the Red Kill Mercenary Group is none other than your fiance! You don’t even know that. If I killed Leng Xiyao, do you think he’ll let me get away scot-free?”

This was a shocking piece of news to An Huilin. Leng Haoyun was the head of the world’s top mercenary organization, Red Kill?

“So? Still want me to do it?” Jian Jie stood up, looking down on An Huilin as if she was gloating.

An Huilin lowered her head and fell silent for a long time.

Jian Jie had no further patience to play this game with her and wanted to say something when An Huilin suddenly shot up.

“Kill Leng Xiyao on my wedding day no matter what, otherwise I’ll let the entire world know who you really are!”

Jian Jie stared at An Huilin. Having known each other for so long, she never imagined that the two of them would fall out just like this.

Tamping down the anger rising quickly in her, she said, “Fine! If you want me to kill her, I’ll make sure to pin the blame on you if anything goes wrong. Don’t resent me if so!”

After a moment, An Huilin simply said, “Just kill her first!”


The next two days flew by in the blink of an eye.

The headlines of all major broadcasting stations and newspapers in A City were about the marriage between the An and Leng families.

Though An Huilin was from a branch of the An family, the spotlight was still very much on her since she was An Zhenguo’s niece.

The Leng family was also very powerful and they would be considered second only to the Ye family in A City.

Everyone had their eyes on this union. Mighty Empire’s unrivalled position in the market would definitely be threatened if An Group and The Unparalleled started working together after this.

The public was hungry for some drama, but they did not expect for things to change so drastically after this.

Broadcasting stations started to report on it right away when the wedding ceremony began.

Selina was sitting in a car with Leng Xiyao, who looked like she was in a daze. She was watching the live coverage of the wedding ceremony as it played on the huge television screen mounted outside of a nearby office building.

As she had expected, the wedding is happening without a hitch.

When Leng Xiyao asked Selina to accompany her to the wedding, she was smiling and laughing, saying, “It’s Uncle’s wedding! I have to be there!”

Selina could tell that it was all a facade, however, there was nothing she could do.

An Huilin looked extremely glamorous in her white wedding dress, while Leng Haoyun looked dashing in a white tuxedo. Instead of adding gentle charm to his aura, his outfit made him look more imposing than usual.

Leng Xiyao could not tear her eyes away from that huge screen. It was heart wrenching for Selina to see her like this. Love hurts in unseen ways.

She did not want Leng Xiyao to attend the wedding, but she knew that the stubborn girl would have surely insisted on going.

Selina continued driving when the traffic light turned green, but Leng Xiyao’s eyes were still glued to the screen.

On the road, Selina received Ceng Hanyu’s call telling her that he would be going to the wedding as well. He knew Leng Xiyao was attending, and asked Selina to take good care of her and ensure she does not do anything foolish.

Selina responded with an affirmative before ending the call.

Leng Haoyun had invited Ye Zhongjue to his wedding, but Mo Suqing refused to let Ye Zhongjue attend it.

Mo Suqing asked him for the wedding invite in the morning right after Ye Zhongjue got out of bed.

Ye Zhongjue remained on the bed lazily. “I really left it in the office. I’ll take you with me if you don’t believe me.”

Mo Suqing frowned in obvious disbelief.

“I think you’re lying. You’re telling me you have to make a trip to the office before you go to the wedding?”

At a loss, Ye Zhongjue simply looked at her. He had expected for Mo Suqing to stop him from attending the wedding since Mo Suqing was definitely not going because of Leng Xiyao.

But it was too impolite to not turn up when Leng Haoyun had invited him. This was why he put the invite in the office and planned for Lin Ran to attend the wedding in his place.

He did not think that Mo Suqing would actually refuse to believe him.

Ye Zhongjue rubbed his forehead, perplexed. His dear wife was very charming, but her temper was getting more and more unpredictable after she got pregnant. He had to listen to whatever she said, or else she would be unhappy the entire day, and he just could not bear to see her like that.

“Okay!” Ye Zhongjue took her hand gently and guided her to the bedside.

“I promise you that I won’t go to Leng Haoyun’s wedding today, so don’t worry and stop your thoughts from running wild. If the baby knew that you have so many things on your mind, I’ll probably be blamed for not taking good care of you!”

Mo Suqing laughed. “What baby, it’s still an embryo!”

Ye Zhongjue answered seriously, “Well, you never know. My son must be different from the others!”

Mo Suqing stared at him. “How do you know it’s a boy!”

“I’d love a daughter too!” Ye Zhongjue was no longer as awkward and careful as he had been in the early days as he bantered happily with Mo Suqing.

Mo Suqing looked up at him. “Darling!”

Ye Zhongjue loved how she said it and responded in kind, “Darling...”

“I think you’re becoming more of a rascal recently. What happened to that pride of yours? Fed to the dogs?” In an instant, Mo Suqing’s disposition seemed to have changed from a sunny to a gloomy one.

Ye Zhongjue was nonplussed. She actually liked it when he acted all proud and callous.

In his bafflement, Mo Suqing took the opportunity to smack him with the pillow beside.

She then gave a spirited laugh before escaping!

Ye Zhongjue’s eyes were full of love as he looked at her.


When Selina and Leng Xiyao reached the parking lot, Leng Xiyao fell extremely silent and did not budge at all.

She calmly sat in the car, looking like she was not planning to leave. Her face was so serene that it scared Selina.

Selina’s eyebrows kept twitching for some reason, and she had a bad feeling about today.

However, she was not able to pinpoint the source of her unease.

Leng Xiyao was very emotional today, and her tranquil aura seemed to reflect the calm before the storm. She wanted to stop Leng Xiyao, but did not know how. All she could do was stay by her side to watch her and keep her company.


Ceng Hanyu initially planned to look for Leng Xiyao and Selina at the wedding itself.

But he received a call immediately after he started his engine and was about to leave. The men monitoring An Huilin had some information for him.

They found that An Huilin had met a particular lady twice, and there was no one else suspicious who appeared around her during this time.

Ceng Hanyu asked his men to send a photo of said lady. With just one look, he knew it was Jian Jie.

Ceng Hanyu’s brows creased. He knew that the two of them were very good friends, and Jian Jie was the Jian family’s precious daughter, so it was unlikely that she had any ties with The Dark Night.

He did not expect that An Huilin was such a secretive individual.

He resolved to find out who her backer was.

Ceng Hanyu then drove off to the wedding.


At the wedding, Leng Haoyun and An Huilin were welcoming guests at the entrance.

An Huilin was glowing, while Leng Haoyun looked absolutely displeased. Everyone near him could probably feel the chill that emanated from him.

He did not look like he was at a wedding at all, much less his own. Even though the guests felt that something was amiss, none of them dared to comment on this.

An Zhenguo was the only one not afraid of Leng Haoyun. He observed the groom before he spoke.

“Why does the groom look so glum today?”

An Huilin laughed awkwardly. “Uncle, he’s normally like this. He doesn’t smile much and he is very aloof!”

She tugged at Leng Haoyun’s sleeve, signalling for him to be more polite.

Not only did Leng Haoyun ignore her, his expression became rather stony.

An Zhenguo then gave an intentional laugh. “Is that so! I guess I’m too old and I can’t really see well now!”

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