Chapter 172: I’ll Go Even If It’s a Trap

A month passed in the blink of an eye.

It passed uneventfully, as if it was the calm before the storm. It would be Leng Haoyun and An Huilin’s wedding two days later.

All the reporters in the city were aware of this, and everyone was jumping for an opportunity to report on the latest happenings.

An Huilin was a shareholder of the An Group while Leng Haoyun was the president of The Unparalleled. The pair were practically a match made in heaven. The public was excited to see this union of the two huge empires.

After what happened on that day, Leng Xiyao did not return to the Leng’s villa again, and Leng Haoyun did not go looking for her either.

An Huilin called Leng Haoyun at work.

“Haoyun, I’d like to take Yao out for a meal tonight. We’re getting married soon, so shouldn’t I be showing some affection as the auntie?”

Leng Haoyun responded coldly, “There’s no need!”

An Huilin did not mind it, laughing as she said, “I have to. I haven’t seen Yao recently. She’s coming to our wedding right? I’ll just treat her to a meal, I won’t do anything else to her. You’ll be there too so there’s nothing to worry about, is there?”

Leng Haoyun pondered for a moment before agreeing. “Just let me know the location after you’ve reserved a space!”

He ended the call immediately after.

An Huilin unconsciously gripped her phone. Even though he was callous now, she will emerge the final winner after they get married. A smug smile formed on An Huilin’s face as she thought to herself.

Class just ended for Leng Xiyao when Leng Haoyun called her.

Selina came to pick her up today as Ceng Hanyu had some errands to run at the last minute. She had been hanging out with Selina very often these days since Ye Zhongjue had been very strict with Mo Suqing. The doctor said there was a higher chance for a miscarriage in the first three months, and Ye Zhongjue basically protected her twenty four hours a day. He did not even let Mo Suqing take a single step out of the house.

Leng Xiyao would always be in a great mood when she hung out with Selina, and she even told Selina about what happened on that fateful night.

She treated Selina just like an elder sister, and she could feel that Selina also treated her as well as she would a younger sister.

Leng Xiyao’s mobile phone rang just when she entered the car. She hesitated when she saw it was her uncle calling, but answered it eventually.


“Finished your classes?”

“Yup, all done!”

“Auntie would like to take you out for a meal tonight.”

“Sure. Let me know where and what time I should be there!”

Leng Xiyao ended the call as quickly as she could. She was rather surprised that she could actually remain so calm. She thought she would cry or become hysterical.

She did not expect to have such mental strength, nor did she expect that she could be so apathetic. Do we really have to turn ourselves into unfeeling individuals so we won’t hurt?

Leng Xiyao did not know the answer to that, nor she did not want to know right now.

Selina looked at her impassive face. “Who called?”

“My uncle!” Leng Xiyao looked out the window as she answered.

Selina did not press further, and began driving to the An family home.

On the way there, Leng Xiyao turned rather pale and she looked more and more uncomfortable. Selina asked if she wanted to go to visit the hospital for a quick check-up, but Leng Xiyao kept refusing to do so.

She was rather lethargic and found it hard to concentrate recently. Nevertheless, she was determined to turn up for An Huilin’s dinner invitation. Even if it was some sort of trap, she was not going to back down.

When they arrived, Leng Xiyao started dry heaving by the roadside as soon as she got out of the car.

Concerned, Selina asked, “Anything wrong?”

Leng Xiyao waved her hand and said, “My appetite isn’t very good recently, so it’s probably just some stomach issues. Let’s go in!”

Selina frowned but she left it at that.


Selina was too worried about Leng Xiyao to let her go to the dinner alone at night.

She knew about the dinner as Leng Xiyao told her about An Huilin’s invitation.

Ceng Hanyu kept reminding her to take note of everything that was remotely related to An Huilin, because the aphrodisiac used was connected to her in some way.

Leng Xiyao was adamant on going alone at first, but she relented upon seeing how worried and insistent Selina was.

An Huilin was already there when Leng Xiyao and Selina arrived.

In the private room, Leng Haoyun’s jacket was hanging at the side. He had already arrived, but he was not inside at the moment.

An Huilin flashed Leng Xiyao a complacent smile when she arrived.

Leng Xiyao frowned at this. She pulled out a chair and sat down with Selina.

An Huilin got a little jealous when she saw how beautiful Selina was. She spoke with a hint of malice. “Look at this! Yao even brought a friend along! Afraid I’ll eat you up?”

Leng Xiyao scoffed. “I’m not scared of you since I’m already here. Think you can frighten me? Dream on!”

An Huilin was about to blow her top at the disrespectful Leng Xiyao when Leng Haoyun walked in. In an instant, a smile appeared on An Huilin.

“Since everyone is here, I’ll get them to serve the dishes!”

She then left the booth to instruct the waiters on this.

Leng Haoyun was seated beside Leng Xiyao, but Leng Xiyao was determined not to make eye contact with him tonight.

Selina tried to make herself inconspicuous by remaining absolutely silent.

When the dishes were served, An Huilin started picking up the food and placing it on Leng Xiyao’s plate in an attempt to act like she cared.

Instead of eating whatever An Huilin had gotten for her, Leng Xiyao decided to use the entirely new set of cutlery that was placed on the side before beginning her meal.

An Huilin was rather enraged at this, but she did not dare make a sound with Leng Haoyun around.

When braised carp was served, Leng Xiyao was instantly nauseated by the smell of the fish.

She ran out covering her mouth, with Selina following closely behind.

An Huilin asked her a deliberate question when Leng Xiyao returned from the washroom.

“Yao, judging by how you reacted earlier, do you think you might be pregnant?”

The other three froze at what An Huilin just said.

All the color drained from Leng Xiyao’s face. Pregnant? She did not take any precautionary measures after that night. Now that she thought about it, her period was also late this month.

She glanced at Leng Haoyun and saw his trembling lips. He looked rather terrified.

Leng Xiyao was at a loss for what to do. Concern flashed in Selina’s eyes. She had noticed Leng Xiyao seemed out of the ordinary in the day, and she was more lethargic, prone to nausea and easily fatigued recently...

The more Selina thought about it, the more worried she got.

An Huilin felt rather smug when she brought it up, but she realized that if Leng Xiyao was pregnant, the father of the baby would be Leng Haoyun, since she was the one who spent the night with him.

This made everything obvious.

An Huilin’s expression turned grim in the next instant.

Leng Xiyao was pregnant with Leng Haoyun’s child while she was the one getting married to him! She cannot let this happen!

Nobody spoke after An Huilin’s question.

Leng Xiyao no longer felt like eating. She stole another glance at Leng Haoyun and realized his fists were tightly clenched, making her lose all her appetite.

Leng Xiyao put her chopsticks down abruptly. “I’m done. I’ll go first. Thanks for the treat, Auntie!”

Leng Xiyao stood up immediately to leave. Selina followed quickly after her.

Leng Haoyun did not know that An Huilin was rubbing her hands together in unease right at this moment.

Leng Xiyao cannot have that baby!

Just when Leng Xiyao left the room, Selina rushed forward to stop her.

“Is it true...”

Leng Xiyao shook her head in her confusion. “I don’t know!”

Selina contemplated for a moment and pulled on Leng Xiyao. “I’ll take you to the hospital for a check-up now. If you’re really pregnant, you can’t keep the baby!”

“No!” Leng Xiyao instinctively refused even though her pregnancy was not yet confirmed.

Selina was slightly exasperated. “How about we go for a check-up first!”

Selina was able to pull some strings in the hospital, and the results were out immediately.

Leng Xiyao was pregnant!

Selina looked at Leng Xiyao incredulously. “Leng Haoyun’s?”

Leng Xiyao nodded in response.

“Judging from his reaction earlier, he doesn’t seem to be aware of it!” Selina was hopping mad. She felt so sorry for the girl.

Leng Xiyao said, “He might have thought that it was just a dream!”

Selina stared at her wide-eyed. “I’ll go tell him now!”

Leng Xiyao held her back, looking like she was about to cry at any moment.

“Don’t do that, Big Sis Selina! I don’t wish to humiliate myself any further!”

“So you’ll just let him get married with that woman?” Selina asked with a murderous glint in her eyes.

Leng Xiyao lowered her head and fell silent. Please forgive me for being such a coward. I already tried once, and the result could not be further than what I had initially imagined it to be. She did not want to make a fool of herself a second time.

Furthermore, she felt like she no longer had a chance from how passive Leng Haoyun acted today.

“Let’s go home!” Leng Xiyao took a while to decide, pulling on Selina’s hand as she spoke.

Selina had little choice but to respect her decision and take her back home.


An Huilin gave Jian Jie a call the very next day, wanting to meet her.

Jian Jie thought An Huilin was getting the jitters before her marriage, and thus agreed to meet up. She did not know that An Huilin had literally spent an entire night thinking about what to do before deciding to meet her.

Jian Jie was a little surprised when she saw An Huilin in a very secluded private room at the cafe they chose to meet in.

“What are you doing, Huilin? Why is there a need to meet in here!”

An Huilin waited for the waiter to leave before locking the door from the inside. She walked over to sit opposite Jian Jie before she spoke. She was extremely direct, shocking Jian Jie with her very first statement.

“I know who you are!”

An Huilin kept her eyes on Jian Jie, but Jian Jie refused to admit anything. She pretended not to understand and picked up her coffee to sip on it, attempting to mask her anxiety.

“What do you mean?”

An Huilin smirked. “Jian Jie, considering our relationship, do you need to keep this from me?”

“The Dark Night...” An Huilin spoke slowly and deliberately, enunciating every word. Jian Jie was so shocked that she spilled her coffee.

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