Chapter 171: We Are Not Blood Related

An Huilin felt herself being thrown into a vehicle before it drove off. The bumpy ride almost made her vomit, but the gag prevented her from doing so. She had no choice but to swallow her bile.

An Huilin could feel the blindfold drenched with her tears. She had never been put through anything like this before. She could not move an inch with her hands secured tightly behind her.

The vehicle stopped after about an hour or so, and the men dragged her out roughly before throwing her on the ground. She heard the vehicle speed off right after. An Huilin was still blindfolded, but they had released her hands. She quickly took off the blindfold, only to realize there was nobody else around. She took a step and bumped into something on the ground. Looking down, she realized it was her handbag.

Overwhelmed with relief, she picked it up and tried to book a cab. She looked around and realized she was in the suburbs, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

An Huilin began to calm down only when she arrived back home. All of that felt like a dream to her. She was abducted suddenly, and then released so quickly.

She recalled that the man who questioned her mentioned something about an organization called The Dark Night, so she searched for it on her phone. The results indicated that The Dark Night was a criminal organization that operates internationally.

An Huilin almost dropped her mobile phone in her shock.

Did Jian Jie have ties to this organization? Why was she able to get the drug? I have to ask Jian Jie about this!

When An Huilin was kidnapped, Leng Xiyao returned to the Leng’s villa. Nothing changed even though she had not been back for a few days, but Leng Xiyao knew that her mindset was different now.

She realized something when she found out about the source of the drug and how it worked. If the drugged victim thought they were together with the one they loved, did it mean that Leng Haoyun actually loved her?

He was calling her name that night.

Leng Xiyao was uneasy. Could she turn the tables if she took the initiative to confess to Leng Haoyun? What if things ended differently if she did that?

She did not wish to lose Leng Haoyun.

Aunt Zhang went up to her happily when Leng Xiyao walked in. “Little Miss, you’re finally back. Why did you not come back home these few days?”

Leng Xiyao smiled gently. “I’m staying at the hostel. Aren’t I back now?” She then saw Leng Haoyun walk out of the study. Aunt Zhang tactfully made her exit.

Leng Haoyun walked up to Leng Xiyao to greet her. “You’re back...”

Leng Xiyao gave a tiny smirk. “I already know.”

“Know what?” Leng Haoyun frowned at her.

Leng Xiyao took a deep breath before taking a seat on the sofa.

“I know that you’re getting married with An Huilin on the 25th next month!”

There was an imperceptible change in Leng Haoyun’s expression as it darkened slightly. Did she come back here just to ask me this?

Instead of speaking, Leng Haoyun sat down on the other end of the sofa.

Leng Xiyao had already thought of what to say before coming here, and she had decided to tell her uncle about her feelings. However, now that her uncle is right in front of her, she seemed to cower in fear.

One really needed great courage to own up to their feelings!

“You came back just to tell me this?” The impatience in Leng Haoyun’s voice made Leng Xiyao feel bitter.

She looked at him squarely. “Uncle, are there any other options? I don’t think you like An Huilin at all!”

Leng Haoyun looked away from her.

“Then what do you think is going on in my mind? And what do you mean by other options?”

Leng Xiyao looked up at Leng Haoyun’s profile. “Uncle, don’t you know what I’m trying to get at?”

Leng Haoyun kept his poker face on and did not turn to look at her, but Leng Xiyao could tell that his lips were trembling slightly.

“I don’t!”

Leng Xiyao was suddenly triggered by his response.

“I don’t know what Uncle thinks, but I’m here today to tell you that I have feelings for you. I’ve fallen for you since a long time ago, and I don’t want you to marry An Huilin. Will you listen to me, Uncle? This is the other option. Do you understand now, Uncle?”

Leng Haoyun stiffened at this. She has never told him she likes him, apart from the time when she was drunk. He knew this, but he did not want her to get hurt. Why didn’t she understand?

Leng Haoyun paused for a long while before answering.

“I’m your uncle!”

“But we’re not blood related!”

“Do you think others will accept this?”

“Why do you have to care about what others think?”

Leng Xiyao’s words made Leng Haoyun pause to ponder.

Do I really care? No, I don’t. I just want to protect her and keep others from giving her strange looks.

She had confessed to me, but I’m unable to tell her how I feel. It’s not that I don’t love her.

It’s because I love her too deeply that I’m too afraid of hurting her.

He had already decided to marry An Huilin. Furthermore, the things that An Huilin found out must be kept a secret from Leng Xiyao.

He would rather Leng Xiyao think that he does not love her.

The words seemed to be stuck in his throat.

“It’s not that I care about what others think. I just can’t accept this love...”

Leng Xiyao was infuriated. “Then that night...”

Leng Haoyun’s expression instantly turned grim. He cut off her mid-sentence as he said, “Could we not talk about that anymore? Since it’s already over, I don’t wish to harp on it. I’m your uncle, so please know your place!”

Leng Xiyao paled. She never expected that he would say this and tell her that she should know her place.

A wave of bitter emotion overwhelmed Leng Xiyao as she felt like an absolute fool. No longer daring to make eye contact with Leng Haoyun, she ran out the door in tears.

Leng Haoyun stood up instinctively, wanting to go after her, but decided against it in the end.

Do I make her stay? Do I continue to give her hope only to destroy it by my own two hands?

Leng Haoyun had to force himself to stay in the house as images of her smile, her tears, her drunken antics and how adorable she acted ran through his mind.

He heard from Aunt Zhang that Little Miss returned that night, but she seemed to have left on the same night. He felt like he was hit by a bolt of lightning when he heard it.

She must have seen me and An Huilin together in the room. This was probably why she left and did not return for some time.

He interrupted Leng Xiyao earlier as he did not know how to explain it to her.

He had mistook An Huilin for Leng Xiyao, and had a one night stand with her.

He felt guilty, like a husband cheating on his wife, when he saw Leng Xiyao.

Leng Haoyun stood stock-still in the living room, as if he was punishing himself.


An Huilin had a million missed calls from Jian Jie last night. The two of them were meeting up today instead.

They had initially agreed to meet for dinner the previous day, but An Huilin had left Jian Jie hanging and was unreachable through the phone.

An Huilin decided to apologize to Jian Jie by taking her to Silk Empire International for a meal. It just so happened that Jian Jie was nearby and she entered the restaurant first.

Jian Jie texted An Huilin after securing a private room, and An Huilin sped up in her car.

When An Huilin was about to enter the room, she heard Jian Jie talking on the phone. She paused when she heard ‘Dark Night won’t suspect me’.

Jian Jie indeed had some dealings with The Dark Night. She thus decided to continue eavesdropping at the door instead of entering.

Jian Jie spoke impatiently. “Did Dark Night say anything even when he found out I was the one who instructed Song Pingting to kidnap Mo Suqing? Be careful with the investigation this time, and inform Mo Suqing anonymously. Make sure nobody finds out, and no one will ever suspect us. Don’t forget that Ye Zhongjue caused your brother’s death. How are you going to face your brother if you choose to back down now! We can’t give up at this point!”

After hearing the response on the other end, Jian Jie said, “Fine. I’ll introduce you to Dark Night after we settle everything. With your skills, you will be of great use to Dark Night.”

With that, Jian Jie ended the call.

An Huilin waited for a while longer before stepping in, in case Jian Jie might suspect that she heard anything.

She was nervous. She never knew Jian Jie had such dealings even though she had known Jian Jie for so long. It seemed like Jian Jie was the one behind Mo Suqing’s kidnapping. She suddenly found Jian Jie to be rather vicious.

Even so, she had to act like nothing had happened.

An Huilin greeted Jian Jie with smiles as she entered.

“Sorry, Jian Jie! I’m so sorry about yesterday. I had to go take care of something urgent, and my mobile phone died. Please don’t be angry!”

Jian Jie’s eyes flashed.

“It’s okay, let’s eat.”

Heavy thoughts were weighing on both their minds. Jian Jie had been rather despondent recently.

She could not do anything to Mo Suqing. On one hand, Dark Night had warned her against it, on the other, Ye Zhongjue was protecting Mo Suqing fiercely. Furthermore, Guan Zixuan seemed to be stuck to Mo Suqing during the day.

Mo Suqing was nearing the end of her first trimester, and Jian Jie could not do anything at this point. The only option for her now was to pit Mo Suqing against that other person.

Seeing Jian Jie smirk, An Huilin’s heart lurched as fear slowly enveloped her.

An Huilin felt extremely uncomfortable throughout the entire meal, and she bade goodbye to Jian Jie as quickly as she could after they were finished.

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