Chapter 170: On Very Different Wavelengths

Mo Suqing was able to cheer Leng Xiyao up with her words. Leng Xiyao suddenly felt that it was no big deal. “Thank you, Suqing. I feel so much better now. Come visit me when you’re free, I’ll bring you around the campus!”

Mo Suqing smiled. “Sure!”

“Okay, I’m a little hungry now, bye!”

“Go, go! Have your lunch!” Mo Suqing answered in mock annoyance.

Joyfully, Leng Xiyao skipped her way downstairs. Old Man An was drinking tea in the living room, and broke into a huge smile when he saw his granddaughter.

“Did you have a good sleep, Anne? Do you need anything else in the room?”

Leng Xiyao shook her head and pulled on his arm happily.

“Grandpa, I’m hungry, I want to eat something!”

An Zhenguo smiled and asked the helpers to serve up some dishes. He could not stop smiling as he looked at Leng Xiyao’s contented face.

“Anne, do you want to consider moving back here? Grandpa will prepare delicious food for you everyday!”

Leng Xiyao paused midway while picking up her food. She said, “I’ve enrolled in A University for their jewelry design course. The butler can come pick me up after my classes, what do you think about that, Grandpa?”

“That’s great!” An Zhenguo was grinning from ear to ear. He merely wanted to be able to see her from time to time, and having her come back here after class was more than he could ever ask for.

“How are you doing at school? Are any of your classmates bullying you? Tell Grandpa if anyone dares to do that, and I’ll teach them a lesson!”

Leng Xiyao laughed. “Grandpa, I just started a few days ago!”

An Zhenguo smiled. “Then, if anyone dares to bully my Anne next time, I’ll teach them all a lesson!”

Leng Xiyao was at a loss for words. Her grandpa’s mindset was totally different from hers.

They were on very different wavelengths!

For the next few days, she did not return to the Leng’s villa nor did she call Leng Haoyun. Similarly, Leng Haoyun did not call her either.

However, the news of Leng Haoyun and An Huilin getting married on the 25th of the following month was already widely known in A City.

Though Leng Xiyao was upset, she tried to console herself by telling herself that they were already engaged, so it was logical for marriage to be the next step forward, and that she should not be feeling upset at all.

Today was the 10th, so there were still about 40 days until the 25th of next month.

Leng Xiyao was quite restless and emotional, and Old Man An asked Ceng Hanyu if he had any ideas to cheer her up. Ceng Hanyu decided to get Selina and Mo Suqing to go over and keep her company.

Leng Xiyao, Selina and Mo Suqing thus spent the next few days together.

Leng Xiyao was trying hard not to feel so miserable, but the wave of emotions that engulfed her was extremely difficult to suppress.

She kept wondering if her uncle remembered what happened that night, whether he knew it was actually her.

If he knew, then why did he not contact her? If he did not, then why did he seem to be avoiding her?

Leng Xiyao felt like she was trapped in a corner with no escape.

Although Selina just got to know Leng Xiyao, they hit it off immediately. Everytime Selina was there, Leng Xiyao was extremely calm, very different from how she usually acted.

In the jewelry design course, Leng Xiyao was unable to complete any of the tasks assigned to the class. All she could do was bin every one of her designs in frustration.

Ceng Hanyu called one day. The components of the drug were finally revealed.

Gu Yi’an recognized it instantly after he scanned through its components.

This drug was called Without a Trace!

It was a type of aphrodisiac created by The Dark Night, and the drugged victims would mistake the other individual for the one they actually loved, and they would remember the events as nothing but a mere dream.

Gu Yi’an deprecated the name of the drug. Why even give it such a poetic name? They should be calling a spade a spade!

Gu Yi’an and Ceng Hanyu were already waiting for Leng Xiyao in the office when she arrived at the hospital.

Leng Xiyao rushed in, urgently asking Gu Yi’an, “So are there side effects from using this drug?”

Gu Yi’an regarded her calmly. “There are no side effects, but I’m curious as to how you got this. You can’t get this off the shelves. It’s something The Dark Night just invented today. It’s an aphrodisiac called Without a Trace. The drugged victim will think that whatever happened was merely a dream with whoever it was they loved. Do you understand what I’m getting at?”

Leng Xiyao went slack-jawed. Why did An Huilin have this if it was something invented by The Dark Night?

If the drugged victim treats it as a dream, then it meant that Uncle would have no idea what really happened that day.

She then said, “An Huilin drugged Uncle with this. I don’t know how she got it either!”

Ceng Hanyu shot up from his seat. “It’s better if you don’t poke your nose into this. An Huilin definitely has some ties to The Dark Night. Leave this to me. I’ll settle it and let you know when it’s done!”

Leng Xiyao simply nodded in response.


In the evening, An Huilin was planning to ask Jian Jie out for dinner. Although it was not exactly how Jian Jie had imagined it to be, the results were satisfactory as Leng Haoyun eventually compromised.

An Huilin was getting more and more confused by the day. She did not know if she really loved Leng Haoyun, or if it was pure disgruntlement that was egging her on.

An Huilin noticed that there seemed to be a car following her shortly after she drove out. She only heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the car turn onto another road, but what she did not know was that there was another car that continued to tail her.

When she arrived at the dinner location, she alighted the car and felt someone approach her from behind. However, she was knocked out before she could react.

An Huilin found herself in a pitch black room when she woke up. She realized she was gagged when she tried to call out for help.

She was tied very tightly to a chair, and the ropes did not loosen no matter how hard she struggled.

After some time, she finally heard some footsteps outside. It came closer and closer before stopping right outside the door, which opened shortly after.

An Huilin could make out a large figure in the darkness. It felt like he was emanating nothing but an aura of darkness and cruelty. He looked at her, not speaking. An Huilin’s heart was palpitating with fear. What is he going to do!

Though there was no light in the room, she felt that this man seemed to be able to tell what she was thinking.

After what seemed like an eternity to An Huilin, the man finally walked towards her, leisurely taking something out of his mouth.

An Huilin could smell the scent of leaves on the man, coupled with the slight odor of disinfectant.

The stranger’s crisp voice had a chilly undertone.

“I heard you drugged Leng Haoyun...”

An Huilin shrunk herself in terror when she heard him. How did he know? Did Leng Haoyun send him?

The man seemed to be able to read her mind.

“Do you know where that drug came from? It’s the newest drug from The Dark Night. Since you’ve taken it, don’t you have anything to say about it?”

The man gave a sudden, hollow laugh. His devilish aura made An Huilin tremble in fear. She spoke with trepidation, “It wasn’t me, a stranger gave it to me, really, I’m not lying...”

An Huilin’s answer remained the same every time the man asked her. In what seemed like annoyance at not being able to get any answers, the man decided to leave the room.


Ceng Hanyu straightened up as he saw Gu Yi’an approach. He extinguished his cigarette and walked up to Gu Yi’an. “How is it? What did she say?”

Gu Yi’an shook his head. “She refuses to budge. She keeps saying it was a stranger who gave it to her, and she doesn’t know who! Do you think we need to torture her?”

The man in the room earlier was none other than Gu Yi’an.

Ceng Hanyu pondered before disagreeing. “Let’s just let her go if we can’t get anything out of her. She’s about to marry Leng Haoyun next month, so it wouldn’t be wise to incur Red Kill’s wrath. We’ve made an agreement with Red Kill previously when we went to save Sis-in-law.”

Gu Yi’an frowned. “She’s already caught, but we’re just going to let her off like this?”

Ceng Hanyu nodded. “Let her go and get some men to monitor her in secret. Let’s see who she’s in contact with first. We have no better choice since Leng Haoyun is in the picture, and Sin Eliminators owes him one!”

Gu Yi’an sighed. “Fine, I’ll get them to release her then!”

Watching Gu Yi’an leave, Ceng Hanyu fell into deep thought. His ultimate goal was to protect Leng Xiyao. So, if An Huilin and Leng Haoyun can get married, Anne would most likely give up on Leng Haoyun.

He would come to regret this decision in the future, and he never could have known how deeply Leng Xiyao felt for Leng Haoyun...

In the darkness, An Huilin saw two figures enter the room. They blindfolded her and gagged her before dragging her out.

She was terrified. Since they could not get any information, will they kill me? An Huilin was regretting what she did. I should have just said it was Jian Jie when I had the chance!

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