Chapter 17: Women Go Nuts When They Go Shopping

Ye Zhongjue was becoming quite fidgety. He took out his phone and thought about calling her, when he realized he didn’t have her phone number.

Finally, after waiting for half an hour more without taking any action, Ye Zhongjue heard a rustle at the keyhole.

His head snapped up, an expectant look on his face. It must be her!

Eventually, the door opened.

Mo Suqing was carrying so many bags that she was having a hard time squeezing her way past the door.

Ye Zhongjue stood up and walked to the door. Mo Suqing let out a sigh of relief after he took over half the bags.

She went to the sofa, put the rest of the bags on the floor and flopped down on the sofa before sighing contentedly.

“Ah, what a day!”

Ye Zhongjue looked at the bags all over the floor, incredulous. He could not imagine how she could have possibly brought back all these stuff.

“You… you carried all of these back by yourself?”

“Yeah!” Mo Suqing nodded with her head against the sofa, looking exhausted.

Ye Zhongjue was a little shocked. It was true that women went nuts when they went shopping!

“Why didn’t you ask me to pick you up?”

Mo Suqing looked a little bewildered. Ask you to pick me up? I don’t know if we are there yet.

But, come to think of it, they did have slept together, so it wasn’t entirely true that they were not there yet.

“I didn’t think of that!”

She came up with a lame excuse after a long while.

Ye Zhongjue knew that she was lying, but he just looked at her without saying anything.

He didn’t want to rush anything. He believed that she would gradually accept and get used to it.

He looked at the goods on the floor and asked, “So, what did you buy?”

Mo Suqing sat upright on the sofa, full of energy all of a sudden.

“I just moved here yesterday and didn’t bring a lot of stuff except a couple of clothes. Also, you don’t seem to have everything I need on a daily basis, either. So, I got off work early today and went to buy a few items.”

“I see…” Ye Zhongjue nodded thoughtfully. He sighed inwardly. This is her definition of a few items?

“Okay! You must be tired. You go take a relaxing shower and I’ll clear everything away. Then, we can go have some dinner.”

“No!” Mo Suqing collapsed on the sofa. Go have some dinner? You’re kidding, right? I’m so tired!

“What, you don’t want to?” Ye Zhongjue asked in his cool tone.

Mo Suqing laughed nervously, shaking her head. “Of course not… I’ll go take a shower.”

She beamed at him, stood up, and walked toward the bedroom.

After she entered the bedroom, she gave a sigh of relief. Why was it that the air seemed to become stifling oppressed every time she was around him? It was as if he was charged with a powerful force.

Mo Suqing shook her head to dismiss the thought. She’d better take that shower now. Otherwise, someone would rush her.

When Mo Suqing walked into the living room after the shower, she found that all the stuff she had bought was gone.

She glanced at the man who was reading on the sofa in awe. Did he help clear away her stuff too?

She hoped he hadn’t put everything in the storeroom!

“Where did you put all my stuff?” Mo Suqing asked tentatively.

Ye Zhongjue looked at her expressionlessly. Then, he stood up and replied unhurriedly, “Where they belong!”

Mo Suqing was speechless. What kind of answer is that?

Ye Zhongjue didn’t wait for her to respond. He took the car keys on the coffee table and made a totally irrelevant remark, “Next time you go shopping, give me a call. I’ll go with you and carry the bags for you.”

Mo Suqing was astonished and didn’t know if she had heard him right. After a while, his words finally struck home. Did he just offer to carry her bags for her when she goes shopping?

Is he sure that he can be patient enough to do that?

“You coming or not?” Ye Zhongjue had reached the door when he found that Mo Suqing hadn’t moved.

Hearing him, Mo Suqing quickly followed suit.

She watched Ye Zhongjue lock the door and pressed her lips together. “But… I don’t have your number.”

Ye Zhongjue locked the door and casually put the keycard in his pocket. Then, he turned to look at Mo Suqing, his handsome face especially charming by the light of the hallway.

“Your phone!” he said lazily.

“What?” Mo Suqing felt herself constantly fail to catch up with his logic.

Looking at her silly face, Ye Zhongjue could not help but smile. “Didn’t you just say that you don’t know my number?”

“Oh, right!” Mo Suqing quickly lowered her head to find her phone, her face a little flushed.

When she fished out her phone from her purse, she stretched out her hand toward him with her head still bowed.

Ye Zhongjue cast a glance at her, took her phone, then pressed something in quick succession. Mo Suqing didn’t use a password to lock her phone, so he successfully entered his own contact information before long. Then, he dialed his number.

Mo Suqing, flushing, reproached herself inwardly for being such a pushover. Come on! It’s not like you have never seen handsome guys before. Will you just stop fangirling over him already? I am sure he is laughing at me right now… What a shame you have brought on yourself!

She was completely absorbed in her own thoughts that she didn’t know Ye Zhongjue had stretched out his hand toward her with her phone, until the husky, sexy voice of his rang in her ears, “Here!”

Her head snapped up. She quickly took the phone and walked toward the elevator, without even giving him a look.

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