Chapter 168: Stumbling Upon an Ingenious Idea

As An Huilin held onto Leng Haoyun’s arm, she could tell that his vision was clouding.

He took her in a sudden embrace, mumbling, “Yao...”

An Huilin was stunned by this, but she did not push him away and allowed him to continue hugging her.

“Yao…” She could feel his warm breath beside her ear. An Huilin indulged herself in his embrace even though she was aware that he thought she was Leng Xiyao.

“Haoyun...” An Huilin called out to him.

Leng Haoyun stiffened immediately, pushing An Huilin away. “You’re not Yao. Yao doesn’t call me that!”

He shook his head vigorously, but it was still Leng Xiyao standing in front of him.

Frantic, An Huilin instantly changed her tone of voice to imitate Leng Xiyao’s. “Uncle, it’s me. I just wanted to call you by your name.”

She then hugged Leng Haoyun.

She spoke softly in his ear, “Uncle, you’re running a fever. Do you feel very hot? I’ll help you to your room, okay?”

An Huilin supported Leng Haoyun out of the study as she coaxed him gently.


After exiting the Leng’s villa, Leng Xiyao started running madly. A scene where An Huilin fed Leng Haoyun his medicine kept appearing in her mind’s eye.

She could feel her tears in the wind, and she hated herself for being like this. Her heart would hurt at the thought of An Huilin and Uncle being together in future, and she felt like she could die once she thought about this irrefutable fact.

Leng Xiyao kept running until she was drenched with sweat and her legs gave out. She squatted down and started sobbing.

After crying for a while, her heart gave a sudden lurtch. That uneasy feeling she felt in class was back.

After pondering for quite some time, she decided to go back.

When Leng Xiyao stepped into the study, there was nobody there. There were documents splayed on the desk, but her uncle and An Huilin were nowhere to be found.

Leng Xiyao rubbed her swollen eyes and walked towards the desk, her gaze going towards the open documents. The words ‘share transfer’ and something like ‘Leng Haoyun to be the legal guardian of daughter, Leng Xiyao’ had attracted her attention.

She picked up the documents, her face paling when she began to read through them.

Leng Xiyao was aghast after looking through the documents. Was all that care and concern nothing but a deal?

She felt like her world was falling apart as she thought about how her uncle showered her with so much love and affection. Was it all because of the benefits he received? How can this be!

Leng Xiyao wanted to tear up those documents in her hurt and frustration, but she knew that it would not be the only copy that existed.

Holding back her tears, she put it back in its original place and forced herself to calm down. The more she thought about this, the more painful it would be for her.

Even if Uncle raised me because Mum and Dad transferred the shares to him, the concern he had shown was still real. That’s right, it must be real!

Leng Xiyao tried to reason with herself.

She walked out, stopping outside the door for a moment. Unable to stop feeling upset, she eventually decided that she should ask Leng Haoyun for an explanation.

Leng Xiyao realized that the door was ajar when she was right outside Leng Haoyun’s room. An Huilin was in a bathrobe and she was helping Leng Haoyun change out of his clothes. Leng Haoyun’s face blushed red and he seemed to be mumbling something.

However, Leng Xiyao could tell that he was extremely unwell.

Leng Xiyao’s heart went out to him. What am I doing? They’re going to get married soon, so isn’t this normal?

But isn’t Uncle ill? Why isn’t An Huilin being understanding!

Leng Xiyao was getting increasingly conflicted that she forgot about why she even wanted to look for Leng Haoyun in the first place.

She went downstairs and called Aunt Zhang over.

“Aunt Zhang, go and get Miss An to go to my room. Tell her that I’ve left a letter for her before I enrolled into the university, and that it’s on my bedside table. Tell her that she has to go get it immediately, understood?”

Aunt Zhang nodded and was about to head upstairs before Leng Xiyao stopped her again.

“Go back to your room after she comes out. Whatever you hear tonight, don’t come out. Got it?”

Aunt Zhang nodded at Leng Xiyao. “Don’t you worry, Little Miss, I’ll do exactly as you say!”

In her eyes, her little miss was the real master in the Leng family, and An Huilin was considered an outsider.

Leng Xiyao stood at the corner of the stairwell as she watched Aunt Zhang head to Leng Haoyun’s room, pricking up her ears to listen.

She heard Aunt Zhang say, “Miss An, Little Miss said she left a letter for you on her bedside table, and she’s asking you to go read it now.”

An Huilin sounded extremely impatient. “Got it, got it! Continue with your other duties!”

Instead of leaving, Aunt Zhang insisted, “Little Miss asked you to go read it right now!”

An Huilin’s tone turned unfriendly. “I said I got it so stop bothering me. I’ll go get it now, happy?”

Leng Xiyao heard a door open. It was likely that An Huilin had left the room.

She poked her head out and saw An Huilin enter her room, closing it behind her.

Leng Xiyao scoffed inwardly. Entering my room and closing the door behind you. I wonder what you’re trying to do inside. Not to worry, I’ve planned the program for an entire night just for you. I’ll see what you can do.

When Aunt Zhang went back downstairs, Leng Xiyao spoke to her without any expression from her corner of the stairwell. “Open the door to my room at six thirty tomorrow.”

“Okay, Little Miss!” Aunt Zhang then returned to her room.

Leng Xiyao quickly made her way to the door and locked it from the outside.

An Huilin bent down, searching for the letter Aunt Zhang mentioned. However, she could not find anything.

It was at this moment that she heard the lock click. She turned around in a panic, but nothing happened.

She then rushed to the door and realized that it had been locked from the outside.

An Huilin was incensed. How dare Aunt Zhang foil her plans. She had always treated Aunt Zhang like a lowly servant and did not think she amounted to anything. She did not expect for Aunt Zhang to play a trick on her like that.

An Huilin thought it was Aunt Zhang who locked her in.

She thus yelled at Aunt Zhang loudly.

“Aunt Zhang, open the door now or else I’ll tell Haoyun tomorrow and get him to fire you! Can’t you just do your job as a servant? Trying to stub your toes in matters that don’t involve you, I think you have a death wish!”

There was no response to her yelling. She knocked on the door furiously, and nothing happened either. Banging so hard on the door only served to hurt her fists.

An Huilin was irate, but she was trapped!

Provoking An Huilin and hearing that hysterical voice of hers made Leng Xiyao chuckle to herself in satisfaction. She then steadily made her way to Leng Haoyun’s room.

Since he was down with a cold, Leng Xiyao wanted to check on how he was doing. Once she stepped in, a force grabbed her from nowhere.

Leng Xiyao yelped before realizing it was actually Leng Haoyun. His face was extremely red and he looked very uncomfortable.

His breathing was heavy, and Leng Xiyao blushed when she felt his hot breath beside her. Though they shared a close relationship, they had literally never been this close.

Leng Haoyun’s hands started roving around her body as he took her in his embrace. Even if Leng Xiyao was slow, it was obvious that there was something wrong with him currently. But it was too late for her now.

Moreover, she would be even more upset if it was An Huilin here now.

Leng Haoyun carried her to the bed roughly, trapping her in his arms as he continued mumbling, “Yao… Yao...”

At that moment, all of Leng Xiyao’s defences broke.

Leng Xiyao curled up when he penetrated her. It was so painful that even her scalp felt numb. But when she saw Leng Haoyun in agony, she reached out to hug him...

The night passed rather eventfully.

Leng Xiyao woke up at five o’clock the next day. She did not get to sleep much as Leng Haoyun had his way with her for almost the entire night. Furthermore, she knew very clearly that she had to leave this very morning.

She got down from the bed carefully, afraid of waking the sleeping man beside her.

She was aching all over and saw the bruises on her body, but she dressed quickly and left without even taking a shower.

She went to the study to pick up the glass which Leng Haoyun drank from yesterday. An Huilin must have added some sort of drug to the water.

She had guessed what the drug was for, but she did not know if it had any sort of side effects.

She had to look into this. If An Huilin was deranged enough to do this, using the drug might actually end up harming the victim.

There was still some water left in the glass, so Leng Xiyao poured it into a small bottle and took it with her.

She did not return to the university immediately, instead, she called Ceng Hanyu to pick her up.

It was about six thirty when Ceng Hanyu arrived at the location Leng Xiyao mentioned. He saw her huddled up and shivering, like a tiny homeless animal.

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