Chapter 167: No Turning Back

An Huilin hesitated. She had never thought of doing something like that. She acted proudly in the past, and even if Leng Haoyun did not love her, she would not give up.

But looking at the current situation...

Seeing An Huilin waver, Jian Jie egged her on. “It wasn’t easy to get my hands on this. Do you want it or not?”

An Huilin paused for a second before reaching out. “I want it!”

Jian Jie put the bottle in her hand, an intriguing expression forming on her face.

What she did not tell An Huilin was that the drug would dull the victim’s senses and make him think that she was the person he loved, so he would not realize it was actually An Huilin even if the drug worked.

Looking at Jian Jie’s expression, An Huilin nervously asked, “Does this really work?”

“Mm, of course. I won’t lie to you. It’s your last chance so you better make use of it. Don’t cry when Leng Haoyun says he wants to cancel marriage then!”

Instantly triggered, determination flashed in An Huilin’s eyes.

“I’ll do as you say!”

Jian Jie smiled, not saying any more.

Leng Xiyao missed Leng Haoyun very much on her first day at university. But she reminded herself that he was going to marry An Huilin soon, and that he did not seem to behave any differently even after she had confessed.

Instead of humiliating herself, she would rather not compete!

Everything was smooth-sailing in Leng Xiyao’s mind, but the reality was far from what she had imagined.

She missed Leng Haoyun very badly on the first night she stayed in the hostel. She had never been away from him once, and the only time she stayed out was when she went to Ceng Hanyu’s house after getting drunk.

She missed him more deeply as the night grew darker, and she felt as if they had been apart for a very long time.

That feeling did not diminish even on the second day, but her ego did not allow her to succumb.

Though Leng Haoyun told her to call, she did not do it yesterday.

Leng Haoyun did not call her either. So Leng Xiyao thought that he might have just said it but did not mean it for real.


Leng Xiyao eventually called Leng Haoyun on the third day, but what she heard on the phone was Leng Haoyun’s weak and feeble voice.

Leng Xiyao put down the phone and called Aunt Zhang instead. It was then that she found out Leng Haoyun caught a cold on the very day she left.

He did not think much of it, but he refused to go to the hospital even when his cold worsened over these two days.

Leng Xiyao was too worried about him, and she decided to sneak out of class, bringing nothing but her wallet with her.

There was only one thing on her mind: I want to go home!

She could not concentrate on her class if she did not see Leng Haoyun.

Meanwhile, at the Leng’s villa.

Being ill, Leng Haoyun did not go to the office. It was also the day when An Huilin was supposed to give him an answer, and he had only given her the extra time because they had known each other for so long. He would demand for the marriage to be cancelled whether she agreed or not.

Leng Haoyun was standing by the window when An Huilin arrived. Because he was ill, he looked rather miserable. It was very different from his usual imposing aura.

Seeing Leng Haoyun looking sluggish and lethargic, An Huilin asked out of concern, “What’s wrong? You look awful!”

Leng Haoyun shook his head and spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Nothing, it’s just a cold!”

“Sit down, I’ll get you some water and medicine!”

“I’ve already taken medicine!” Leng Haoyun looked up at her coldly.

Yao did not contact me for three days, and she ended the call so quickly earlier probably because she heard that hoarse voice of mine.

Leng Haoyun walked to the front of his desk and sat down, while An Huilin had already made her way out.

She came back in shortly after.

In her haste, she did not notice Leng Xiyao behind her.

Leng Xiyao frowned when she saw her enter the villa and wanted to leave, but she decided against it eventually.

When she entered, she saw An Huilin using the water dispenser.

Right before she went in, she saw An Huilin take something out of her handbag.

Leng Xiyao then saw her pour something into the glass of water she just filled before taking it to Leng Haoyun’s study.

Leng Xiyao thus followed, but she did not expect for Aunt Zhang to appear beside her suddenly.

In her joy, Aunt Zhang declared loudly, “Little Miss is back!”

Leng Xiyao frowned at her, saying, “Aunt Zhang, why are you outside!”

Aunt Zhang smiled as she answered, “Young Master instructed me to tell Miss An that she doesn’t need to get any medicine, so I went outside but I couldn’t find her anywhere. It just so happens that I saw you standing out here. Why aren’t you going in!”

“Oh! It’s fine, you go on ahead!” Leng Xiyao said.

Leng Xiyao kept her eyes on the study after Aunt Zhang left.

The door was slightly ajar. She was in a dilemma now. If An Huilin was here and went to get medicine, it should be the medicine that she put in the water earlier. If that was the case, Leng Haoyun would already be well taken care of!

Leng Xiyao suddenly felt a wave of disappointment wash over her.

Uncle had no need for her anymore.

Leng Xiyao thus trudged out of the villa.


In the study, An Huilin passed Leng Haoyun the medicine and the water.

Leng Haoyun glanced at the medicine and shook his head. “Put the medicine aside, I’ll take them later. It’s similar to the ones I took earlier in the morning!”

Concern could be seen on An Huilin’s face.

“Drink some water then, you’d probably feel better!”

Leng Haoyun held the glass of water and asked An Huilin, “Have you thought about the marriage cancellation? If you don’t request for it, I would be the one to do so. When that happens, you’d be put in an awkward position!”

An Huilin bit her lips. Why is he still thinking about this when he’s already so unwell!

She spoke calmly, “Drink some water first. I’ll let you know after you take a sip!”

Leng Haoyun glanced at her before lifting the glass to his lips and taking a big gulp.

With a glint in her eyes, An Huilin said, “Drink up, it’s good for your throat!”

Leng Haoyun slowly finished the entire glass of water.

An Huilin heaved a sigh of relief.

“You can tell me your decision now, right?” Leng Haoyun looked at her, asking calmly.

An Huilin became slightly anxious as she looked at his poker face. What if he doesn’t change his mind even after we’ve done the deed? Even though she was ovulating today, she shuddered to imagine how Leng Haoyun would treat her if she did not get pregnant with his child.

But if she does not go through with this, she would no longer have any opportunity. At the thought, she decided to stay firm to her decision.

There was no turning back.

It would probably be worse if she decided to pull back now.

An Huilin tried to act natural and said, “I drank some water earlier when I went to fill the glass, I’ll tell you after I make a trip to the washroom!”

Leng Haoyun stared at her for a while before nodding.

“Go on!”

An Huilin’s palms were sweating profusely when she walked out of the study.

After quite a while, An Huilin was not back yet. Leng Haoyun thus decided to have a look at the documents on his desk.

He had been thinking when to settle these matters. If he wanted to be with Leng Xiyao, this had to be settled, and it had to go through the proper legal processes.

It was actually the will left by Leng Xiyao’s parents. They had transferred their shares of The Unparalleled to him and asked him to take care of Leng Xiyao.

He had done his job, but he now wanted to transfer those shares to Leng Xiyao. If Leng Xiyao happened to see this, she would definitely overthink with how sensitive she was, and she would likely think that he raised her only because her parents had made a deal with him.

Leng Haoyun felt very hot, as if his temperature suddenly rose. He walked over to the restroom and washed his face with some cold tap water.

He was in the restroom when An Huilin walked back in.

It’s about time that the drug took effect, but where did Leng Haoyun go?

She heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing the tap water from the restroom.

Looking around the room, she saw the documents on the desk. Curious, she walked over to take a look as she noticed that the documents looked like something that was notarized by a lawyer.

After briefly scanning through it, she whipped out her phone and snapped pictures of it quickly.

There were only a few pages, and she put them back in place after getting the pictures. She then went to the bookshelf and pretended to browse through the books.

When Leng Haoyun came out, he saw An Huilin looking at the bookshelf.

Frowning, he spoke in a low voice, “Can you tell me your decision now?”

Though he sounded frustrated, it seemed like his mind was still rather clear from his voice. She was debating if she should turn around.

She stood there for a while, unsure what to do. Leng Haoyun’s breathing suddenly became heavy.

Worried, she turned back to ask, “Haoyun, are you alright?”

Leng Haoyun waved his hands to signal that he was fine. “It’s nothing. I’m a little dizzy and I feel a bit hot. I don’t know why but it feels like I’m on fire...”

An Huilin said quickly, “I think you’re running a fever! I’ll take you back to your room!”

Leng Haoyun tried to disagree, but An Huilin gripped his arm and refused to let go. She could tell that his vision was beginning to blur and wondered if he could hold on for much longer.

It seemed like he would not be able to hold on for long!

Leng Haoyun felt his vision blurring and his mind fogging up. Why do I see Yao here? Isn’t she supposed to be at the university?

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