Chapter 166: Charming and Handsome Driver

Guan Zixuan fumed at this. Have you ever seen such a charming and handsome driver?

Mo Suqing looked at Guan Zixuan knowingly. See, you’re nothing but a driver in Yao’s eyes.

Before Guan Zixuan could say anything, An Zhenguo could already tell that something was amiss from the expressions of those around them.

“Come on in, I’ve seen you on television before!”

A wide, charming smile appeared on Guan Zixuan’s face.

“Hi Grandpa, I’m Guan Zixuan!”

“Zixuan, nice name. Come on in!” Having reunited with his granddaughter, the usually serious Old Man An was in a very good mood.

Various different dishes were served by a domestic helper as they walked into the villa.

Old Man An smiled at Leng Xiyao sweetly. “Anne, Hanyu told me you like these, so I’ve prepared them for you. Try them!”

Leng Xiyao nodded, touched by his gesture. This was the very first time she had experienced the warmth from a relative, since Leng Haoyun’s care for her had long been seen as romantic gestures instead of just the love from a family member.

They stayed at the An family home for the entire day, and Old Man An could not bear for Leng Xiyao to leave.

“Anne, when are you going to come and visit Grandpa again?”

Not wanting to disappoint him, Leng Xiyao said, “I’ll call and chat with Grandpa, and I’ll also come over when I’m free.”

Old Man An nodded in response. “Okay. If you don’t mind, you can even stay here. I’ve already prepared a room for you.”

Leng Xiyao felt awkward and hesitated slightly as she answered. “Grandpa, let’s just see how it goes. I’ll definitely come visit when I have the time.”

Old Man An did not push the matter any further and simply stood at the door to bid them goodbye. Leng Xiyao almost cried when she left.

She kept chiding herself inwardly. There’s no need to be so emotional, it’s not like we’re not going to see each other ever again, right?

Initially, Leng Xiyao still harbored some skepticism over whether she really was from the An family, but seeing the An family home and the photo of Old Man An’s son and daughter-in-law were enough to quell all her doubts.

She was the spitting image of her mother, and they looked exactly like twins. It was no surprise that Grandpa An could recognize her when he saw her for the first time.

She also found out that An Huilin was actually a distant aunt of hers when she asked how An Huilin was related to the family. She made a snide remark to herself when she learned about this. How could this actually happen to me?

However, Grandpa said that An Huilin was from a branch of the An family, and that her relationship with their family wasn’t exactly close-knit. Now that he’s getting older, there were also some in the family who were eyeing to be in charge.

Of course, no one dared to act yet with Ceng Hanyu around.

Leng Xiyao felt rather bad about it. It was this very man who had helped her protect the An family for all these years, but she was still unable to accept the fact that she was supposed to be his fiancee.

When they were in the car, she suddenly asked Ceng Hanyu, “Where is Big Sis Selina? Why didn’t you get her to come along today?”

Ceng Hanyu averted his eyes and looked out the window as he thought about what happened the previous night. Selina ignored him for the entire night, and she was already gone in the morning when he woke up. He sent some men to investigate and knew that she was still in A City, so it was obvious that Selina was ignoring him on purpose.

His answer was rather brief. “She left early to run some errands.”

Leng Xiyao simply nodded and responded with ‘Oh’.


When Leng Xiyao received the letter of acceptance from A University three days later, she got so excited that she could not sleep.

On the morning of the next day, Leng Haoyun was planning to give her a ride to the university.

He was waiting downstairs when he heard Leng Xiyao walking down, but his face darkened immediately.

“What are you doing?”

Leng Xiyao dragged a suitcase down the steps as she answered, “Staying in the hostel!”

“Why are you so wilful? Leng Xiyao, I’ve already agreed to let you go to university, but you’re not a kid anymore!”

“That’s exactly why I have the right to make my own decisions!”

Leng Xiyao met his eyes without any fear.

Leng Haoyun sat on the sofa angrily. “No means no. You have to stay at home if you want to study, otherwise I won’t agree to it!”

“I’m a grown-up and I don’t need you to agree. Don’t treat me like I’m still a teenager, Uncle!”

Leng Xiyao continued making her way out with her suitcase.

Leng Haoyun looked at her, irritated. “How about you go ask around to see if there’s anyone who even treats you like a proper grown-up. You’re acting exactly like a kid throwing a tantrum!”

Leng Xiyao stopped. She knew that she looked young, and there were indeed many who thought she was still underage. But I’m already an adult!

Seeing that Leng Xiyao continued walking out, Leng Haoyun chased after her.

“Stop right there, Leng Xiyao!”

Leng Xiyao looked at him coldly, “I’m standing still. May I know if there’s anything I can help you with, Uncle?”

Leng Haoyun gave in eventually. She’s really my nemesis!

“Let’s go! I’ll give you a ride!”

“So you agree for me to stay in the hostel?” Leng Xiyao looked at him, wide-eyed.

Leng Haoyun snatched her suitcase from her. “Let’s just go! Stay if you want to, but give me a call everyday, or else I’ll show up personally!”

Leng Xiyao thought about it before nodding. “Mm, I’ll call you everyday so you’ll know I’m safe.”

Leng Haoyun shook his head in resignation. Although he yielded this time, he did not feel great about it.

Leng Haoyun only left for the office when Leng Xiyao’s matters were settled.

Earlier, when they were about to leave for the university, Jian Jie was somewhere near their villa, observing everything.

She took out her mobile phone after Leng Haoyun’s car disappeared from the horizon.

“Hey, Jian Jie, what are you doing?”

Jian Jie sounded displeased when she spoke.


“Moving?” An Huilin was puzzled.

Jian Jie sounded very annoyed. “Moving the things in my office, where else would I be?”

An Huilin asked, “What’s wrong? Tell me what happened.”

Jian Jie calmed down a little when she heard the concern in her friend’s voice. “It’s a long story. See you later at Blue Mountain Coffee!”

“Okay, I’ll head over first!”

An Huilin flagged down a car as she ended the call, and made her way to the cafe called Blue Mountain Coffee.

An Huilin had been waiting for quite a while before Jian Jie arrived, pulling a long face.

She took a big gulp of the coffee right after sitting down.

An Huilin’s brows creased at this. “Isn’t it bitter? There’s no sugar added!”

Jian Jie shook her head. “It’s fine!”

She wanted to murder someone now!

She was fired from her job right after being reprimanded by Dark Night and prohibited from creating any further trouble for Mo Suqing.

Yes! They fired me! And they had the gall to say that submitting a resignation would be for my own good! She never thought that Ye Zhongjue could be this cruel. Even if he did not care about the fact that she had saved him once in England, she felt that he should still have considered the dynamics between their two families, since the Jian family and the Ye family had a long-standing relationship. But he didn’t! Instead, he fired me because of that woman!

An Huilin looked at her with worry. “Jian Jie, what’s wrong? You look really upset!”

Jian Jie laughed bitterly. “Really? I got fired, can you believe it?”

An Huilin was shocked. “What? You joined Mighty Empire because of Ye Zhongjue, not because you had nowhere else to go. Even if your family business can’t compare to Mighty Empire’s, it’s still pretty powerful in A City. Who would dare fire you?”

Jian Jie continued sipping on her bitter coffee, a gloomy smile on her face.

“It’s Ye Zhongjue of course. It is none other than my dear Jue! He didn’t even seem to care! Does he think I’ll stop here if he treats me like this? He and Mo Suqing will not have a happy ending!”

Jian Jie’s face distorted with anger.

An Huilin shook her head and gave a hollow laugh. “Seems like we’re in the same boat! Leng Haoyun told me he wanted to cancel the marriage!”

Jian Jie frowned. “What did you say then?”

An Huilin smiled wryly. “What can I say? I told him I’ll consider it, and that I’ll give him an answer after a week. After today, I’ll just be left with three more days. I don’t know what to say to him. Do I really give up on this? But I can’t! Jian Jie… We finally got engaged. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?”

Jian Jie said, “You did well! You should definitely have stalled for time. But are you silly? You’re really planning to give up? You’re just letting him call the shots?”

She pondered for a moment. “I have an idea!”

“What?” Suppressing her sorrow, An Huilin looked at her attentively.

From her handbag, Jian Jie took out a tiny bottle. The bottle looked exquisite and had a beautiful, delicate design. It looked like a miniature version of a perfume bottle.

She passed it to An Huilin, saying, “This is called Without a Trace. If you can spike Leng Haoyun’s drink with this, you know what happens next...”

An Huilin stared at Jian Jie as she deciphered the hidden meaning in her words. “This is an aphrodisiac!”

“Shh! You’re being too loud!” Jian Jie glared at An Huilin. “I’m helping you out here, so don’t make a fuss. In my opinion, all of this wouldn’t have happened if you had acted earlier. There’s nothing he can do once you get pregnant with his baby. The child is always more precious than the mother; this has always been the case since millenia!”

Jian Jie was slightly disgruntled. She was initially planning to use it on Ye Zhongjue, but never did she expect that firing her would be the first thing he did after entering the office.

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