Chapter 164: Demented Fans Who are Out of Their Minds

Leng Xiyao was surprisingly very serious about what she said as she continued speaking to Mo Suqing.

“I’m going to A University to learn jewelry design. I don’t want to continue mucking about anymore, and I want to pursue my dreams. Even if I don’t become a jewelry designer, I will know that I have tried, and I will have no regrets.”

Mo Suqing was not at all astonished when she heard this. She knew that although Leng Xiyao was playful, she would not joke about something like that.

In order for Leng Xiyao to make this decision, she must have thought about it long and hard.

“Since you’ve already decided, I’ll support you on this!”

“Thank you, Suqing. Muacks! Okay, talk later, I’ll need to fill up the application. I’m sure it’ll be quite bothersome.”

“Mm, go ahead. I believe in you!”

Mo Suqing suddenly felt a little downcast after she ended the call.

Yao was working to pursue her dreams, but she, on the other hand, was now without a job.

Because of her pregnancy, Ye Zhongjue did not want her to continue going to work. He was overly worried about her, especially ever since she had gotten kidnapped.

But she was so bored being stuck at home.

She would be left all alone when Ye Zhongjue left for the office.

Although Leng Haoyun owned Trend Magazine, she could not possibly keep applying to go on leave for the entire duration of her pregnancy either.

Mo Suqing thus decided to resign when she was taking care of Ye Zhongjue in the hospital.

Her plan was to look for a new job after she had her baby.

Mo Suqing was sitting on the sofa daydreaming when the doorbell rang. She was much more careful now, and looked at the camera display to check who it was before opening the door. It was Guan Zixuan, looking dishevelled and restless.

Mo Suqing opened the door unceremoniously.

“What happened to you? Why do you look like this? Did you get robbed or tortured? Why did you come here?”

Guan Zixuan smiled at her like a sly old fox.

“I was afraid that you’d be bored alone, so I’m here to keep you company!”

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes at this. “Don’t give me that! If you’re really here just for a chat, you wouldn’t look like that! Please take a good look at yourself before you tell a lie.”

Guan Zixuan gave an awkward smile as he scratched his head. “I’ve been found out! It’s just that my fans are too crazy!”

Mo Suqing scoffed, “Demented fans who are out of their minds?”

Guan Zixuan stared at her wide-eyed as he tried to defend his fans.

“They’re not! My fans are adorable and smart, it’s just that they can get a teeny bit crazy at times. Don’t bad-mouth them like this!”

“Oh,” Mo Suqing looked at him and deliberately continued, “Actually, you’ve misunderstood. I thought they were food. Cornflour, duck blood and vermicelli, leek leaf flour, sweet potato flour, wide noodles, thin noodles, hand-made noodles. I was wondering which of these would be most delicious. You were overthinking it!”

Mo Suqing spoke as if she was reading a tongue twister. [1]

Guan Zixuan was slightly stumped, and he trudged towards the sofa lazily. He sat down and mumbled to himself, “Was I really overthinking?”

He thought about it again. Wait! She described his fans as food!

He looked back at Mo Suqing, eyebrows raised. “Don’t say that! They’re not things, they are my fans who are very dear to me!”

“Mhmm!” Mo Suqing nodded, suppressing her laughter.

“They’re not objects!”

Guan Zixuan was staring at her now. “Why did you insult them!”

“I was just going along with your logic! Think about it!”

Mo Suqing settled into the other sofa, thinking to herself, It’s pretty nice having someone to talk to.

Guan Zixuan pondered over this for quite a while. “I think I was the first to mention that they’re not things!” [2]

Mo Suqing laughed and said, “See, you said it yourself first. And you didn’t believe me!”

“Oh… right! Suqing, when are you planning to promote me from being a male friend to being your boyfriend? It’s been such a difficult journey. I’ve tried so hard to pursue you but you still treat me as a good friend. My heart really hurts!”

He then clutched at his chest as if it was hurting.

Mo Suqing rolled her eyes again. He’s really born to be an actor. That didn’t look the least bit awkward or unnatural.

“Don’t you know I’m already married? I don’t need a boyfriend, so you can continue being my friend!”

Guan Zixuan appeared overwhelmed with sadness. “My heart has stopped beating… It knows it’s been rejected again!”

Guan Zixuan’s antics improved Mo Suqing’s mood greatly.

Trying her best not to laugh, she said, “You’d be dead if your heart stopped beating. If it’s beating weakly but you’re still alive, I might even be able to earn some money if I interviewed you!”

“You’re horrid! You’re actually trying to make use of me!”

Mo Suqing laughed. “Well, women are indeed vicious!”

Guan Zixuan stiffened and fell back onto the sofa, acting like he had really died. Mo Suqing was very amused.

It took a lot of courage for Guan Zixuan to finally show Mo Suqing how he felt, but he did not wish to show how dejected he really felt for fear of upsetting her.

Though he was aware she was married, it still hurt hearing her say that she had a husband. Even so, there was nothing he could do about it.

While Mo Suqing bickered with Guan Zixuan, Leng Xiyao told Leng Haoyun of her intention to take jewelry design at A University. After thinking about it for a moment, Leng Haoyun agreed.

Leng Xiyao was not that naive to think that she would be able to successfully enter simply by applying. If Leng Haoyun did not help to pull some strings, she most likely would not have the opportunity to attend university a second time.

After settling the application for A University, all she had to do was wait for the results.

Leng Xiyao decided to put the second part of her plan into action. She wanted to get Ceng Hanyu to take her to An Zhenguo.

If this was her only blood related relative, and he had never stopped searching for her, she definitely wanted to meet him.

It was not her grandfather’s fault that she went missing. Moreover, there was no need for him to feel guilty over what happened. His granddaughter was right here, but he did not dare acknowledge her. She felt that she was at fault for this, for acting so emotional when she heard the truth. Her grandfather would definitely feel wretched if he knew how she had reacted.

Although Leng Xiyao had decided upon this, she was still afraid of facing it alone.

She ended up calling Mo Suqing so that she had a friend for company. She felt that she would become braver with Mo Suqing around.

When Mo Suqing told her that Guan Zixuan insisted on tagging along, Leng Xiyao made no further comment though she found it rather unusual.

“Okay, it’s also safer for you if he keeps you company. I’ll wait for you at my place!”

Mo Suqing and Guan Zixuan arrived half an hour later, and they went straight to Ceng Hanyu immediately after picking Leng Xiyao up.

Just after the three of them left, An Huilin arrived at the Leng’s villa in her car.

She made a beeline for Leng Haoyun.

Leng Haoyun was waiting for her in the study. He glanced at her as she walked in, but looked away after giving that glamorous outfit of hers a quick once-over.

An Huilin smiled sweetly at him. “Haoyun, what is so urgent that you wanted to talk to me about?”

She was in a good mood today, because this was the very first time Leng Haoyun invited her over. She had not been to the Leng’s villa for quite a while now.

Instead of looking at her, Leng Haoyun directed his gaze towards the window.

“I have something to tell you.” He spoke without emotion.

“What is it?”

Leng Haoyun turned and made eye contact with her as he spoke. “I’ve decided to cancel the marriage. You can say you were the one who asked for it so that your reputation won’t be tainted!”

An Huilin paled instantly. She could not process what Leng Haoyun just said.

He invited me over just to tell me that he’s cancelling the marriage? How can he be so cruel?

This was a major fall from grace!

An Huilin could only look on in complete incredulity as Leng Haoyun continued mercilessly.

“This is the best way forward in my opinion. What do you think?”

He added, “We’ve known each other for so many years, so I don’t want to make things too difficult either!”

An Huilin was extremely distressed.

“What do you mean by not making things too difficult? Leng Haoyun, you shouldn’t be doing this to me if you value our relationship. Getting me to say that I asked for it in order not to taint my reputation? It’s already gone with all those years that I’ve spent waiting for you! Leng Haoyun, do you even have a conscience?”

Leng Haoyun frowned in front of the hysterical An Huilin.

“I’m going to repeat myself very clearly. I have never asked you to wait for me!”

n Huilin’s tears started falling. That’s all he has to say? He wants me to leave by saying that he had never asked me to wait for him?

“Is it because of Leng Xiyao?” It took great effort for An Huilin to hold back her tears.

“You don’t need to know this!” Leng Haoyun answered coldly.

“Ha ha ha...” An Huilin gave a hollow laugh which sounded almost like a cackle.

“Leng Haoyun, you’re really cruel, you’re really...” She gritted her teeth, at a loss for words. Leng Haoyun, on the other hand, did not seem to be affected at all. He treated her like a stranger would, and he could even bring up the matter of cancelling the marriage like it was nothing. He had really hurt her deeply this time!

[1] For those who might be confused, the word ‘fans’ is widely transliterated in popular usage, but the same word can also mean flour or noodles.

[2] The phrasing used for “they’re not things / they’re not objects” can also be interpreted to mean “they’re nothing / they amount to nothing”.

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