Chapter 163: Petite, Feeble Girl

Leng Xiyao’s reaction rather confounded Ceng Hanyu. She was speaking up for Selina even when she was the one who had beer splashed all over her.

Leng Xiyao raised her brows and continued.

“Ceng Hanyu, even if I am a daughter of the An family and your fiancee, you’re nothing compared to Big Sister Selina. It was obviously an accident, so why did you yell at her? You shouldn’t be taking it out on her if you’re upset. Big Sis Selina already said she didn’t do it on purpose, and I believe her. Understand?”

Leng Xiyao walked towards the frozen Selina after she finished, gently taking her by the arm and leading her outside.

In his frustration, Ceng Hanyu could do nothing but smile wryly. He became everyone’s target all of the sudden, but what bothered him was that he could not pinpoint the root of his frustration.

Ceng Hanyu then sat down and began downing bottle after bottle of beer. Ye Zhongjue sat back down quietly, not saying anything but keeping his eyes on Ceng Hanyu.

Mo Suqing was about to say something, but felt that it was better that she did not in the current situation.

She took a large gulp of the fruit juice and felt the icy drink go down her throat.

Ye Zhongjue squeezed her arm lightly, his expression giving her peace of mind.


Leng Xiyao knew that Selina was crying, so she did not look at Selina the entire time on the way to the washroom. Leng Xiyao simply led her by the arm.

She found Ceng Hanyu to be awful. Even she could tell that Selina was not feeling great, but Ceng Hanyu still yelled at her like that. Unforgivable!

Selina felt much better after splashing some cool water on her face.

She looked at Leng Xiyao, who was still averting her gaze. She had really taken a liking to the girl now. Even though she was Ceng Hanyu’s fiancee, she had no airs. She was also very sincere when speaking up earlier.

Selina had decided that she would treat Leng Xiyao as her little sister from now on, and that she would protect the girl from any bullies.

She took a deep breath before turning to Leng Xiyao.

“I’m fine now, Yao!”

Leng Xiyao was relieved when she saw the genuine smile on Selina’s face. She blinked mischievously. “That fast? Really? I even wanted to console you, but I guess I won’t be of much use now. I’m so sad!”

Selina put on an awkward expression on purpose. “Oh no, what should we do then? You can’t show your prowess now. I feel bad!”

Leng Xiyao laughed. “I know! Find me a bunch of handsome men, and I’ll forgive you!”

“Really?” Selina teasingly continued, “What if the handsome man complains that I’ve introduced an alcoholic to him, what do I do then?”

Leng Xiyao pouted at Selina. “I’m no alcoholic! I’m a petite, feeble girl, okay!”

At this, Selina laughed out loud. This girl is adorable!

Leng Xiyao put on a straight face. “I mean it, Big Sis Selina. Remember to tell me if Ceng Hanyu bullies you again, I’ll beat him up!”

Selina nodded as she tried to mask the bitterness she felt.

She knew that Leng Xiyao had nothing but good intentions, but she could not help but feel upset when reminded of Ceng Hanyu’s attitude towards her.

Leng Xiyao walked towards the sink and said, “I should also wash my face and freshen up a little. I still want to drink!”

Selina was amazed at what she just heard. So she’s washing her face because she wants to drink more? What a peculiar girl!

When Selina and Leng Xiyao returned, it was almost as if nothing had happened. Everyone simply continued with what they were originally doing, either sipping on their own drinks or having a drinking match.

This time, Ceng Hanyu was downing the alcohol in lone misery. Ye Zhongjue and Mo Suqing were whispering sweet nothings to each other, while Selina and Leng Xiyao were having a merry drinking match.

After their drinking match, Leng Xiyao was dead drunk and her mobile phone was ringing non-stop.

Mo Suqing wanted to take Leng Xiyao back home with her, but seeing that the caller was her uncle, she thought better of it and answered the call instead.

Leng Haoyun insisted on picking her up after learning that Leng Xiyao was drunk, so Mo Suqing gave him the address of the place.

When Leng Haoyun arrived, Leng Xiyao laid in Ceng Hanyu’s arms. Though drunk, she was still mumbling, asking for more alcohol.

Leng Haoyun’s expression stiffened. He quickly walked over to Leng Xiyao and pulled her away from Ceng Hanyu.

Ceng Hanyu held onto Leng Xiyao’s arm, his eyes darkening. Mo Suqing spoke quickly to ease the tension in the air.

“Ceng Hanyu, Yao’s uncle is here to take her back. We should get going as well!”

Mo Suqing placed heavy emphasis on the word ‘uncle’ on purpose, causing Ceng Hanyu to release his grip.

Leng Haoyun picked Leng Xiyao up like a bundle and made his way out.

Selina smiled, silently mocking herself.

Leng Xiyao kept tossing and turning as Leng Haoyun tried to settle her in the car.

Leng Haoyun finally fastened the seatbelt for her and was able to drive for a short distance before Leng Xiyao started dry heaving. She looked like she was about to vomit.

Leng Haoyun pulled over immediately and carried her out.

Leng Xiyao began vomiting by the roadside. Leng Haoyun passed her a bottle of mineral water and wiped her mouth clean with a piece of wet tissue.

He then carried her back into the car.

Leng Xiyao probably sobered up a little since she vomited, but she was still mumbling to herself.

Leng Haoyun took note of her condition as he drove.

Leng Xiyao started singing and beating on the windows as if they were drums.

Leng Haoyun frowned, but he had to continue driving.

After a while, Leng Xiyao stopped singing and started talking instead. Leng Haoyun was stunned by what he heard.

“Uncle… Uncle… Don’t you know that I like you? Can’t you tell...”

Her head drooped like an upset child.

She then started crying loudly.

“You knew I wasn’t your niece… Why did you… Uuu… Why did you have to get engaged? Don’t you know how much I hate An Huilin? I hate her more than you’d ever know!”

Leng Xiyao suddenly pointed straight ahead, her arms outstretched. “Yes! I hate you, I hate you! An Huilin, you vile woman! How dare you compete with me over a man! I’m going to beat you up and thrash you!”

Leng Xiyao started punching the air in front of her as she spoke. Leng Haoyun literally facepalmed as he took in the sight.

He could do nothing but shake his head in resignation.

Don’t you know that I’m protecting you, silly? Even though we’re not really related, everyone else sees us as uncle and niece. I don’t care about that, but you’re still young, and you shouldn’t have to carry such a burden. I care for you, silly girl, do you know that?

He was about to alight from the car when they arrived at the villa, but was immediately distracted by a certain drunk individual who was mumbling drunken nonsense.

“Uncle, I like you… I really like you… I already had feelings for you since a long time ago, don’t kick me out… Uuu… Could you not marry An Huilin? I’m so upset, so upset...”

Leng Haoyun carried her out of the car and saw the streaks of tears on her face.

Her hazy eyes seemed to possess him in that moment, and he started kissing her.

Thud. Something hit the ground.

Leng Haoyun’s lips were beside Leng Xiyao’s when he turned to see Aunt Zhang staring at him in shock, open-mouthed.

Acting as if nothing happened, Leng Haoyun carried Leng Xiyao and walked past Aunt Zhang.

He said coldly, “You didn’t see anything.”

Aunt Zhang could only nod in her daze.

Leng Haoyun entered the villa quickly, while Leng Xiyao was still mumbling to herself.

Leng Haoyun carried her to her room and placed her gently on the bed. He looked at her plump, red lips and thought about what just happened outside. It was as if he acted without his own volition when he gave her another peck on the lips.

It was just a tiny peck, but Leng Haoyun’s heart raced as a wondrous feeling enveloped him.

He took another look at Leng Xiyao, who was already sound asleep. He decided upon something there and then, and left the room quietly.


Leng Xiyao woke up with a splitting headache the next morning. She tried to recall what happened last night as she lay on the bed.

The five of us went drinking, and I seemed to have scolded Ceng Hanyu for Big Sis Selina before getting drunk. But I remember seeing Uncle somewhere, and I think I told him that I liked him.

Leng Xiyao sat up at that thought. No way, did I really confess to Uncle last night?

Stupefied, Leng Xiyao’s mind went blank. Some images flashed through her mind, but these bits and pieces did not give her the full picture.

She wrapped herself up in the blanket and rolled around the bed. How embarrassing! My reputation is gone now!

Morevover, Uncle is already engaged with An Huilin. If I really did that… It’s just… Even she despised herself for it.

No, this won’t do. I need to do something!


Mo Suqing got a call from Leng Xiyao early in the morning.

Leng Xiyao sounded very excited on the phone.

“Suqing, Suqing, I have huge news for you. You’ll be shocked at this!”

Mo Suqing was used to Leng Xiyao’s antics, and she calmly asked, “What is it?”

“I want to go study at A University! How’s that? Shocking enough?”

Mo Suqing wondered what Leng Xiyao was thinking. She wanted to go back to school?

“Didn’t you already graduate a year ago? What are you going to study?”

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