Chapter 161: A Hopeless Expression

Mo Suqing thought that Leng Xiyao did not want to say anything because Selina was present.

Therefore, with furrowed brows, she tried to pull Leng Xiyao out with her.

Leng Xiyao pulled her back instead, smiling as she said, “Suqing, why do you have such a hopeless expression on your face? Who annoyed you? Tell me and I’ll go beat them up. You’re pregnant now, and a pregnant lady always comes first!”

She then blinked mischievously at Mo Suqing, pouting her lips as she did so.

Mo Suqing laughed in resignation. This girl can turn anything into a joke.

But was she able to let go of the things weighing down on her heart too?

Selina spoke suddenly, interrupting their conversation.

“The both of you can continue, I’m going out to get some air!”

The smiling Leng Xiyao flew into a rage at this. Her emotions were so unpredictable that it surprised even Mo Suqing.

Leng Xiyao glared at Selina, like a cat trying to claw at someone.

“What? Aren’t you supposed to advocate for Ceng Hanyu? You’re going to leave when we’re about to talk about something? Not scared that you’ll be chided by Ceng Hanyu if you do so?”

Sarcasm laced Leng Xiyao’s words. Mo Suqing was slightly uncomfortable at this. How could Yao be so rude to her? Selina was just being considerate, why did Yao act so wilfully!

Or was she just too traumatized after finding out who she really was?

Selina looked at Leng Xiyao placidly. “Advocate? You think I’d be interested in this?”

She continued with a slight smile, “I think you’re confused. Ceng and I are friends, I’m not his subordinate. Even if I was, I wouldn’t be interested in helping him settle any personal matters either!”

Selina stood up to leave after speaking.

Only Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao were left in the booth. Leng Xiyao pointed at Selina’s back, a furious look on her face. Mo Suqing could not stifle her laughter as she witnessed this.

“Would this girl still dare be arrogant after such a setback?”

Leng Xiyao put her hand down angrily and pouted. “Where did Ceng Hanyu and Ye Zhongjue go? Are we going to eat or what!”

Mo Suqing felt that Leng Xiyao was somewhat back to her cheerful, unruly self.

She said jokingly, “You’re just venting on anyone, anywhere now.”

Leng Xiyao rolled her eyes and looked squarely at Mo Suqing. “You just want to see me fail!”

Mo Suqing answered leisurely, “Actually, I was quite tickled when I saw you fuming!”

That liveliness is so much better than a Leng Xiyao drained of all energy.

Leng Xiyao sat lazily on the chair. Her posture looked like that of a cynical and unruly gangster.

“Suqing, I’m serious, when will your Ye Zhongjue be back? I’m really hungry. I’m feeling much better now that I’m out, and I finally have an appetite. Don’t leave me hanging like this!”

Mo Suqing smiled and gave Ye Zhongjue a call.

“He’s coming back very soon. He asked the waiters to serve the dishes first. We can start first if we want.”

A waiter knocked on the booth door right after Mo Suqing spoke.

Leng Xiyao grabbed a pair of chopsticks and was about to start eating when she suddenly stopped.

She looked at where Selina was sitting earlier, feeling bad about what she did. “I didn’t know Big Sister Selina would say that. I was just in a bad mood, and I said whatever came to mind. I didn’t do that to her on purpose...”

Mo Suqing nodded. “I know, just don’t do that again. I don’t think Selina is angry. That’s just her personality. She can be like a ball of fire when she’s passionate about something, but she’s just like an iceberg when she doesn’t care.”

“Mm!” Leng Xiyao nodded in response. “I know. Get Ye Zhongjue and Ceng Hanyu to come back quickly. I’ll start eating first!”

Mo Suqing sent a WeChat message to Ye Zhongjue.

FarAway: Why r u guys not back yet? Yao is hungry but she insists on waiting for u guys!

Ye Zhongjue: Tsk tsk tsk, when did she become so cultured...

FarAway: Go to hell! U r so rude!

Ye Zhongjue: My dear wife, I was just joking. Don’t be angry! We r right outside.

Mo Suqing looked up to see two men walk in. The slight smile on Ye Zhongjue’s face became wider as he looked at her.

Selina returned just as Ceng Hanyu and Ye Zhongjue sat down.

Leng Xiyao stood up immediately after Selina sat, attracting everyone’s attention.

Mo Suqing’s heart almost leapt out of her chest. She’s not about to try anything funny now, is she?

Mo Suqing heaved a sigh of relief when Leng Xiyao spoke. She was reading too much into things and thought that Leng Xiyao would fly into a sudden rage again.

Leng Xiyao looked at Selina seriously. “Big Sister Selina, I was the one at fault earlier. I shouldn’t have vented my anger on you. I’m a little bit childish, and if I’ve done anything wrong or made you feel uncomfortable in any way, you can tell me directly. I’m really sorry about what happened earlier. Please don’t take it to heart!”

Selina’s face was devoid of expression as she said, “I remember the first time we met. You said I could call you Yao, right?”

Leng Xiyao nodded.

Selina then continued, “Okay, Yao, then let me tell you this. I’m usually not the type to hold grudges. Even if you did it on purpose earlier, it’s no big deal. It’s just that not everyone looks at things the same way. Yes, I can tell you’re a little childish too. But imagine if you killed someone, and then apologized after that. Do you think that would work?”

Leng Xiyao’s expression soured slightly.

Selina did not stop there, instead, she continued in a sterner voice.

“So, you’re the one who has to learn how to control your temper instead of asking me to forgive you. I can forgive you easily, but if you’re always this hot-tempered, you’ll end up offending many others in future...”

“Selina!” Seeing the color drain from Leng Xiyao’s face, Ceng Hanyu quickly stopped Selina.

Selina shrugged. “I’m just stating facts!”

She then began eating, totally ignoring Ceng Hanyu. Ceng Hanyu had a dreadful expression on his face.

Leng Xiyao addressed him suddenly. “What are you doing, Ceng Hanyu! Can’t you tell that Big Sister Selina has my interests at heart? I’m just embarrassed that I couldn’t even see the problem with myself. Why are you mad at her? Have you gone mental?”

Everyone was stunned at this.

While in the middle of picking up the food, Selina’s hand paused in the air. A hint of a smile was on her face. Even though she was that fiancee that Ceng Hanyu has in his heart, she suddenly liked this girl a lot!

Mo Suqing stared at Leng Xiyao in a daze. Yao, do you know that today’s meal is just like a roller coaster ride for me?

Ye Zhongjue felt rather merry as he saw Ceng Hanyu’s slightly defeated expression. He chuckled softly and reached out to hold Mo Suqing’s hand.

Mo Suqing looked at their interlocked fingers, blushing involuntarily. Ye Zhongjue’s eyes seemed to soften when he looked at her.

Leng Xiyao stood up and walked over to Selina in excitement. She looked at Selina with shining eyes.

Selina found her to be rather adorable and did not mind bantering with her.  After a short while, the two of them seemed to be new best friends.

Ceng Hanyu was in a gloomy world of his own as he ate. He felt rather upset. Why did everyone seem to turn a blind eye to me? Though he felt indignant, it did not show on his face.

Bouts of laughter could be heard from time to time as Leng Xiyao chatted with Selina.

Ceng Hanyu’s expression was dark. He would never have imagined that Leng Xiyao and Selina could hit it off so well. He had miscalculated this time.

They decided to make a trip to the hot springs after dinner.

The hot spring area was owned by Silk Empire International. Silk Empire International was very powerful, and both the view and the service there were amazing. They had everything a customer could wish for.

Ye Zhongjue and Ceng Hanyu went to the male spring, while the three ladies chatted in their own spring. Mo Suqing almost fell asleep, but she could still hear Leng Xiyao chattering away.

She smiled to herself. Seems like it was the right decision to get Yao to come out today!

She had cooped herself up at home ever since she learnt about her real identity. Mo Suqing was really afraid that Leng Xiyao would fall ill like that!

Mo Suqing was dozing off as Leng Xiyao chattered on...

Meanwhile, Villa Number 11, Shallow Sea.

Su Jincheng was sitting on the sofa, looking through the documents Zheng Hao handed him. One could say he looked terrifying.

Zheng Hao looked at him carefully.

“Boss, regarding what you asked me to look into, this is the information I have. If there’s nothing else...”

“Get Jian Jie here!” Su Jincheng interrupted Zheng Hao before he could finish.

Zheng Hao gulped in fear. He was scared stiff. Boss, why do you have to scare me like that? He was a little disgruntled.

“Yes, I’ll get to it now!”

Zheng Hao responded quickly and left. He was terrified of his boss when the latter was angry.

Su Jincheng stared at the documents, a trace of anger flashing in his eyes.

Jian Jie is too bold. How dare she do something in A City without my knowledge and prior approval.

Of course, he would not have batted an eyelid if there were no hiccups.

This thing is, he asked Zheng Hao to go find out more about the woman who had saved him that night, and he was shocked at who she actually was.

Her name was Mo Suqing, and she was Ye Zhongjue’s wife. When he was in America, he also learned that Ye Zhongjue was the man Jian Jie loved.

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