Chapter 16: He is the Light She Can Never Touch

Everyone around them instantly knew what had happened.

So the guy was a cheater. And he cheated on Mo Suqing with her sister before coming here to question her. What a shameless man!

“I can’t believe there’s such a shameless person. I feel disgusted.”

“I know! He is so brazen! Mo Suqing did the right thing when she got married. She should have broken up with the guy a million years ago!”

All of a sudden, Gu Jiannan became the target of multiple scornful eye-rolling from the female bystanders.

Leng Xiyao gave Gu Jiannan a glare before tugging at Mo Suqing’s sleeve and walking back in the company.

Mo Suqing turned her back on Gu Jiannan without looking at him.

Gu Jiannan attempted to follow, but the security stopped him. He yelled after Mo Suqing, not caring at all how people were making fun of him.

“Qing, please just hear me out!”

Mo Suqing was naturally not in the mood to work after this incident.

She quickly completed the drafts she was going to submit tomorrow. The moment it was time to get off work, she left the company with Leng Xiyao.

Soon after they went outside, Leng Xiyao saw Gu Jiannan hovering nearby.

She tugged at Mo Suqing, hailed a taxi, and both of them quickly got on the vehicle. Mo Suqing saw in the rear-view mirror that Gu Jiannan was calling after her. She laughed bitterly.

Whom was he doing all this for? He certainly hadn’t thought about her feelings when he had been sleeping with Mo Sulian.

Leng Xiyao consulted her watch and said, “Suqing, it is quite early. How about we go shopping at the mall? It’s been a long time since we shopped and we seldom get off work this early.”

Mo Suqing considered her suggestion. She had just moved in Ye Zhongjue’s house and still needed to buy a lot of daily stuff. Plus, shopping could also take her mind off unhappy thoughts.

She nodded. “Okay, let’s go shopping. I need to buy clothes and some other things.”

Leng Xiyao turned her head back in delight and addressed the taxi driver, “The Xingan Building, please!”

Ye Zhongjue had finished today’s work. He looked at the time. It was early. He wanted to go pick up Mo Suqing at her company, but then he thought of her outright rejection in the morning.

He became a little anxious all of a sudden, so he loosened the collar of his white shirt, revealing a sexy collarbone.

Then, he lit a cigarette and saw the smoke rings rise up slowly. He couldn’t remember the last time when he had been this anxious.

He knew very well how great an influence the woman had on him, and still he had done everything to keep her by his side.

The cigarette burned on. The smoke filled the entire office.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Ye Zhongjue frowned and then said in a husky and sexy voice, “Come in!”

The person on the other side of the door seemed to be trembling slightly when he or she opened the door.

“President Ye, it is time to get off work. Aren’t you going to go home?”

Ye Zhongjue raised his brows and took a look at the woman.

She was wearing an exquisite make-up that accentuated her perfectly-shaped eyebrows. It was obvious that she was concerned about him.

This was Song Pingting, Ye Zhongjue’s secretary.

Ye Zhongjue had always found her intelligent, competent and considerate.

“Has Lin Ran gone home?” he asked.

“Not yet.” Song Pingting replied.

“Tell him that I want to see him. You can go home now.”

Song Pingting opened her mouth, then closed it again. In the end, she didn’t say anything before walking out.

After a short time, Lin Ran walked into Ye Zhongjue’s office.

“Boss, Miss Song said you wanted to see me?”

“Uh-huh.” Ye Zhongjue nodded almost imperceptibly. He stubbed his cigarette out and said, “Do some research about a woman named Mo Suqing and her life in the last few years. As detailed as possible. Who she went out with. Her family. Her colleagues. Her friends. I want a thorough report.”

Lin Ran was a little taken aback. When had his boss become so interested in a woman?

He was always so cold to women that he had thought he liked men.

Lin Ran’s expression grew all weird and twisted when he thought of it. 

Ye Zhongjue looked at Lin Ran, who was still standing there, and asked coldly, “Is something the matter?”

Lin Ran quickly came to his senses and let out a nervous laugh. “No, not at all…”

Then, he slipped away.

After Lin Ran left, Ye Zhongjue guessed that she was probably home now. He gathered up his stuff and got off work. He didn’t work overtime as usual.

As soon as Ye Zhongjue left, Song Pingting appeared from a dark corner.

She knitted her delicate brows. Every day, the president did not go home until late in the evening. It was already unusual that he had not been at work yesterday. And today he even got off work early.

Could it be that something she didn’t know had happened?

Finally, she sighed heavily. No matter how much attention she gave him, he was like the light she could never touch. He was always shining brightly, and she could do nothing other than watching him from afar, quietly.

When Ye Zhongjue got home, he found that no one was there. Apparently, she hadn’t come home yet.

Ye Zhongjue was a little disappointed. Where was she? Was she slow to come home because she was still not used to the idea of their living together?

Ye Zhongjue shook his head dejectedly. He turned on his laptop and started to work.

Two hours later, Mo Suqing was still not home. Ye Zhongjue began to grow anxious.

He kept looking over at the door and even working could not distract him.

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