Chapter 158: Forever Alone and Totally Useless

Leng Xiyao fumed at Jian Jie’s sarcastic tone.

Jian Jie knows that I like Uncle!

Anger emanated from her as she stared daggers at Jian Jie.

Mo Suqing pulled Leng Xiyao closer to her and glared at Jian Jie. “What’s wrong with you, Jian Jie? Why are you still here when I’ve already escorted you out!”

Not only did Jian Jie not get mad, she started admiring her fingers and caressing the back of her hand.

Speaking in a languid tone, she said, “You’ll be going down very soon, Mo Suqing. In the meantime, I’d like to have a few words with this forever alone person here. Doesn’t she love to bicker with others?”

Like a proud peacock, Jian Jie raised her brows to challenge Mo Suqing.

Leng Xiyao looked at her angrily, like an agitated little panther cub. “You’re the one who is forever alone, Jian Jie. I think there’s something wrong with your head. Ye Zhongjue would never fall for someone as twisted as you!”

Going with the flow, Mo Suqing nodded in agreement. “Not to mention, not only is she forever alone, she’s also forever ignored!”

Leng Xiyao chuckled.

She laughed as she added, “That’s right! Forever alone and totally useless. That should be the right phrase to describe a certain someone!”

Jian Jie’s face reddened at first, but as Mo Suqing and Leng Xiyao continued their banter, her expression darkened.

She shot a furious look at Mo Suqing. “Enjoying yourself, aren’t you, Mo Suqing? You won’t be enjoying this for much longer!”

Leng Xiyao was irked by those hateful eyes, and pulled Mo Suqing with her towards the ward.

“Let’s go! Suqing, don’t talk to this madwoman!”

Jian Jie’s abhorrence for the two grew as she looked at their departing figures...


Apart from this incident, Leng Xiyao also told Mo Suqing about something else.

Leng Xiyao pulled Mo Suqing to a corner right after they entered the ward. Ye Zhongjue looked up and witnessed this, but did not think much of it and continued reading the documents he was holding. However, his interest was piqued when he heard something like ‘weird old man’ and ‘on the day of uncle’s engagement’. He sent a text message to Ceng Hanyu, but continued looking down at his documents.

Leng Xiyao looked like she was in a great mood as she spoke.

“Suqing, do you know that it’s the second time I’m meeting a weirdo today? I met a weird old man on the road earlier. He insisted that he was lost and that he couldn’t find his way back. However, there were even a whole bunch of bodyguards following behind him. Did he seriously think I was blind or something?”

Mo Suqing was more careful now after her experience of being abducted. She said, “Be careful, he may have some hidden agenda. You never know what a person is thinking. It’s better to be more careful! I’ll get Ceng Hanyu to send you back later!”

Leng Xiyao rolled her eyes. “There isn’t one day where he doesn’t give me a ride!”

Leng Xiyao visited almost everyday ever since Mo Suqing decided to take care of Ye Zhongjue in the hospital. Ceng Hanyu would send her back every single time even though she had told him it was unnecessary. However, Ceng Hanyu insisted on doing it.

Over the past few days, Leng Xiyao had gotten much closer with Ceng Hanyu and did not mind it as much as before. She let him do as he pleased now, and it was for her safety anyway!

“But don’t worry, Suqing. I actually know the old man!”

Mo Suqing was puzzled. “You know him?”

“Yup!” Leng Xiyao plopped right onto the sofa.

“I found him rather familiar at first glance, and when I thought about it, I realized that he actually attended Uncle and An Huilin’s engagement party. He seemed to be acquainted with Ceng Hanyu. Do you remember?”

Mo Suqing thought about it. She seemed to have some sort of an inkling.

“I somewhat recall. What of it though?”

Leng Xiyao shrugged. “Nothing. He said he was lost at first and asked for directions. I helped him a little initially but I got reminded of who he actually is when he started bombarding me with questions. He’s definitely not a friend of Uncle’s, so it must be a relative of that An Huilin woman. I lost all my respect for him right at that moment.”

“And then?” Leng Xiyao had a sneaky smile on her face, and Mo Suqing felt that something was amiss.

Leng Xiyao gave an evil grin. “I gave him the wrong directions, so he probably got further and further away from his destination!”

Leng Xiyao rolled on the sofa in laughter while Mo Suqing was left utterly speechless. This girl can really hold a grudge. Anyone who even knows An Huilin will likely get in trouble if they meet her.

Ye Zhongjue observed everything with slightly raised eyebrows.

He wondered what Leng Xiyao would think if she found out that the old man is actually her biological grandfather. Her expression will be priceless. As for An Huilin, shouldn’t Leng Xiyao be calling her Auntie instead?

I better get Ceng Hanyu to reveal everything to Leng Xiyao as quickly as he can. Who knows what else might happen next?

Leng Xiyao could tell that Ceng Hanyu and Ye Zhongjue had something to discuss when the former arrived, so she left the room with Mo Suqing.

Ceng Hanyu immediately after they exited. “What’s so urgent?”

“You should ask Old Man An where he is now!” Ye Zhongjue spoke without emotion. He did not even raise his head to look at Ceng Hanyu.

Ceng Hanyu was about to make a call when Old Man An called him.


“Grandpa An, what happened?”

“When are you going to tell Anne the truth? I feel that Anne doesn’t seem to have a favorable impression of me. I’m not sure if it’s really just my nerves or if I’m reading too much into it!”

“What happened?” Ceng Hanyu glanced at Ye Zhongjue, but he continued speaking. “You went to see Anne?”

“I miss her so much, so I decided to take a stroll around where she lives. I just so happened to see her waiting for her ride, so I went up to her and pretended to ask for directions. She was friendly at first, but I may have asked her too many questions, because she then pointed me in the opposite direction instead. I didn’t think much of it, but I only knew what she did when I ended up in the suburbs and the people there told me I was going in the wrong direction.”

Ceng Hanyu could not hide his smile. It sounded exactly like something Leng Xiyao would do.

Why would she do that to Old Man An though?

“There’s no need to panic. I’m planning to look for an opportunity to tell her about this within the next few days. It won’t be much longer.”

Ceng Hanyu looked back at Ye Zhongjue after ending the call.

“You called me over just for this?”

“Yes!” Ye Zhongjue said, “I heard Leng Xiyao telling Suqing she gave the wrong directions to Old Man An.”

Ceng Hanyu looked up in resignation. He really had to tell Leng Xiyao the truth soon.

“Actually, I’ve been wondering how I should reveal this so that it’ll be easier for her to accept it. She grew up in the Leng family, and I’m sure it will be difficult for her if we suddenly tell her that she isn’t a part of that family at all!”

Ye Zhongjue put his documents away and looked up at Ceng Hanyu calmly.

“That might not be the case. Though Leng Xiyao grew up there and she’ll definitely care deeply for the Leng family, how are you so sure that she actually wants to be a part of that family?”

Ye Zhongjue looked at Ceng Hanyu steadily, while Ceng Hanyu’s expression turned a little sour.

“You’re saying that because of Leng Haoyun, she might actually wish that she wasn’t part of the Leng family?”

“Yes!” Ye Zhongjue nodded. “It’s so obvious, so I’m sure you could already tell. You just refused to believe it. You’ve been acting all wishy-washy over this. You say you’re afraid of hurting her, but have you considered the other side of the coin? What if you hurt her even more because you’re not revealing the truth to her?”

“But...” Ceng Hanyu’s face seemed to contort as his mind raced through the possibilities.

“But she’s my fiancee, I...”

“So you’re planning to keep this from her until after An Huilin and Leng Haoyun get married, and only when Leng Xiyao doesn’t stand a chance, then you’ll tell her that she isn’t part of the Leng family, and that it’s nothing wrong even if she had fallen in love with Leng Haoyun? Hanyu, you’re being rather selfish. The choice should be Leng Xiyao’s alone, and you should not be deciding for her like this. If you really have her interests at heart...”

Ye Zhongjue heard a sound at the door.

Ceng Hanyu froze. He quickly walked over to open it.

He was faced with none other than Leng Xiyao’s blank expression and Mo Suqing’s shocked look.

She had to find out in such a way.

Ceng Hanyu looked at Leng Xiyao nervously, unsure of what to do. He did not know what to say to make her feel better.

“What did you guys hear?” Ceng Hanyu asked Mo Suqing feebly.

Mo Suqing looked at him and said, “Basically everything!”

Leng Xiyao gave Ceng Hanyu a pointed look before running off in the other direction.

Ceng Hanyu was at a loss, turning back to look at Ye Zhongjue for help.

Ye Zhongjue spoke quickly. “Go after her! She must be shocked and confused now!”

Ceng Hanyu took a deep breath and set off in pursuit.

Mo Suqing looked at the direction they went in with a trace of worry in her eyes.

Is this good or bad?

Yao had always thought that it was incestuous to have feelings for Leng Haoyun. She loved him deeply, but it hurt her so much. She could never have that sort of love, and she could only swim in the depths of sorrow.

Unable to do anything about it, she could do nothing but dream.

Now that she knew that the man she loved was not her biological uncle, she can go ahead to bravely pursue that love.

But having grown up in the Leng family, how would that not be a hurdle for her!

She loves Leng Haoyun, but she had never imagined that she would not be a part of the Leng family. Mo Suqing wasn’t sure how traumatic the news would be for Leng Xiyao.

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